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tv   News  RT  December 21, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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hundreds of billions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes with the us is still winning a little support for recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital donald trump's now threatening to cut funding to un members who vote to condemn the move. a new report claims ten times more iraqi civilians may have been killed in the campaign to liberate mosul from islamic state and previously thought. and us three year old russian girl is returned home after being taken to iraq by her parents when they joined islamic state.
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thank you for watching the headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge the u.n. general assembly meets this the state a vote on a draft resolution rejecting washington's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the turkish president hopes the u.s. will lose the votes and says donald trump can't buy and chris democratic will reject erdogan added he expects the resolution will serve as a lesson for america well the u.s. is literally using its trump card against the move its u.n. ambassador warns that the american president will be watching anyone who votes against the u.s. position. when we make a decision about where to locate our embassy we don't expect those we've helped to target terrorists on thursday they'll be a vote criticizing our choice the us will be taking names.
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resulting in favor of the draft resolution please raise your hand. those against. the forty implodes in favor one vote against. as you consider the vote i want you to know the president and the us take this vote personally he will be watching this vote carefully and has requested i report back on those who voted against us thank you for your consideration. it's the right thing to do it is absolutely the right thing to do or president trump is threatening to cut funding to any members who won't support america's position on jerusalem. they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching
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those votes lead a vote against us will save a lot now we've heard these threats from donald trump and we've also heard threats from nikki haley now this comes just a few days after we saw some drama at the united nations security council resolution was put forward by egypt condemning the recent move of the united states recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and in response to that we saw it fourteen to one with every other member of the u.n. security council voting against the resolution but the usa stepping in to veto it this is some of what occurred at the u.n. security council of jerusalem as the future of. the should be determined through a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and a decision and actions which purport to alter the car turn a status of jerusalem have no legal effect to your any unilateral actions increase the risk of escalation to conflicts we support of the just cause of restoring the noojee to a national rights of the palestinian people who good to go out into seclusion can
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become and get out of control now the upcoming vote at the united nations general assembly is along similar lines the resolution criticizes the recent move by the united states to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital so as we see these threats from trump and these threats from nikki haley this talk of taking names this document claiming that donald trump will be taking it personally the way countries vote we're forced to ask ourselves if u.s. leaders are really acting diplomatically or if they are being reduced to rather threatening behavior in response to the upcoming vote in the general assembly here at the headquarters in new york. well israel's prime minister has lashed out against the vote branding the u.n. house of lies but the former u.n. secretary general head of communications edward mortimer told us the pressure tactics from the u.s. could be counterproductive. i think this
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idea. united states uses its power and wealth and the dependence of some other countries on its assistance when trying to get votes of the united nations this is not something entirely new i think what is perhaps. new and interesting about this situation is that the united states starts for a situation of complete isolation as you saw there was a fourteen to one vote in the security council and even countries that are normally very closely allied with the with the united states such as the united kingdom who spoke very strongly in favor of the resolution. other countries are afraid of the united states probably more than they are. of any other power it's not very surprising that the united states is the country best
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placed to use these bullying tactics but i think that. the way that they're used is not very subtle. it may well backfire i think that american influence in the world has been declining now for twenty years or so. i think this kind of behavior is likely to accelerate that decline. there is a degree of safety in numbers i think that the more countries that ignore this bullying tactic the less easy it will be for the united states to act on its threats i think one probably should not take it too seriously. ten times more iraqi civilians may have been killed than previously thought steering the u.s. led operation to liberate mosul from myself that's according to new research by dissociating press and use agent. the obtained from iraq he moves as well as
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nongovernmental organizations it says as many as eleven thousand civilians may have been killed during the nine month operation nearly a third of these allegedly showing u.s. led coalition bombing raids however just a fraction of that number is that knowledge by the coalition against the it has visited the city cheering and all the function. to see the presses bodycount surprise anyone who has actually been to mosul and who has seen what has happened to the city you can also argue that the death count that they've given become outdated already hours after they released their report we got a call from mosul from rescuers there saying that three more children had been killed where the explosive device buried in the wreckage of a house that they were playing on dead today to ease explosions happen almost every day rescuers tell us that this is a direct consequence of the battle of mosul itself nevertheless the e.p.a.'s body
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count is a semi official milestone in the self because the numbers we previously heard from official sources from the u.s. led coalition iraqis even the u.s. was a tenth of that barely a thousand civilians in realistic number the associated press found that three to four thousand of those civilians killed in mosul died to ash strikes carried out by the u.s. led coalition and the iraqi air force the u.s. led coalition had previously claimed responsibility for no more than three hundred or so civilian deaths saying that it didn't have the resources to send investigators to look at every reported incident susi the press didn't always numbers out of a hat they cited various human rights agencies as well as an official body count counts that monitored events in mosul as as well. with tip offs from iraq the
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morgues but as i say this number is unsurprising if you've been to mosul if used and seen what a city of two million has been tending to injuries as strikes corpses crossfire this is the reality of war what you will likely haven't heard of is the smell it's noisy aging repulsive and it's everywhere the sort of smell that makes us in stink sick the smell of rotting bodies this is what rescuers have collected just this morning three suspected isis fighters two women and two children. that's in iraq. launching missiles. at isis targets in
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and you can hear isis small arms fire. the helicopter and. over this six seven hundred meters away is the aftermath of. that hit minutes ago just before we got here this was a city of two million that had been. annihilated during the nine months of the battle of mosul the rescue as we talked to tell us that the city the city the old city of mosul that bore the brunt of the fighting in the devastation it still reeks of decaying bodies thousands and thousands of corpses still buried under rubble mixed with them or explosive devices that continue to claim people's lives. human rights activist mohammad circle believes the coalition's time takes mean large numbers of civilian casualties were inevitable that weapons are being used by the coalition especially by the us army does not discriminate between civilians or
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terrorist by civilians or isis if you look at the mosul as a city is very concerned very populated area is not an open open space where you can target easy terrorist groups so they were targeting houses they were targeting . small rows that were to small neighborhoods this again the question is raised again why it was not as a thing. independents and instigation by the u.n. to look into how the operation is being handled the human rights group amnesty international has joined calls to investigate the liberation campaign and revealed the two true cost in civilian deaths and added the number cited in this report come as no surprise. a three year old russian girl has been reunited with her family after she was found abandoned in iraq it's believed sophie his parents took her to the middle east when they joined ourselves after the little girl was flown back to
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russia it turned out she was the cousin of and for tina r.t. help bring these two sisters back home in august. trenka has been. busy. with a chimney to throw me over as it were the menu bar none does the work i thought. i did it. so. another way. they thought their children and grandchildren had disappeared forever islamic state devoured speedball while letting go very few few too. digenova team lost their father and they witnessed the death of their mother mum approach it cleaned. up again mom was a good mom a little more. this was a mom i knew my mom or dad. but the girls were incredibly lucky to even be found
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sent back to southern russia and reunited with their grandparents that's what they call a miracle. but someone else was still missing kids this summer says few year. persia now knows girls and after more than three months unbelievably syfy a was spotted in an iraqi jail. they're grateful to this man senators. who travel to iraq to handle the talks and paperwork. so sophie just arrived back in russia from iraq months after her cousins were already reunited with her grandparents so we're going to try and see if we can talk to the person who made it possible and sophia herself liverpool from the street in front of my city there are six of ten list.
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the puzzles. this simple letter was never heard until ziad and his team received a photo person of the. service is the latest to an image of a new they've been is that it turned out so feel long with the woman who had picked her up after a deadly mosul air strike ended up in a prison with islamic state wives in widows the woman told of house of fields mother had been buried under the mosul rubble arranging the girls' release and handover was tough to say the least it took over a month the papers were signed on a very special day for seven months afterwards given the diversity you have it that did. this with that goal with thirty so that the trio can be together again on home soil the fact the man. had lived here. so for him to see it the last of
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the. sophie is too young too shy or perhaps too traumatized to talk for now so the other's company is there to put. these nods were the only reaction from sophia so far a tiny gesture but a big sign she feels the future will be bright and filled with love ilya train co r t. a man has driven a car into a crowd of pedestrians in the australian city of melbourne eighteen people have been confirmed injured four of them critically and why does he be struck a number of pedestrians in an area packed with christmas. shoppers before crashing into a concrete barrier at a tram stop witnesses say between forty and sixty people were at the junction where the incident took place with a vehicle travelling at around eighty kilometers an hour the driver was arrested by an off duty police officer also sustained injuries.
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well the suspect has been identified as a search he two year old australian citizen of afghan dissent he is known to the authorities and also said to have a history of drug use and mental health issues police say so far there is no evidence to suggest the incident is terror related however the investigation is ongoing still in custody under arrest for these offenses for what we allege is i deliberate act at this time we don't have any evidence for intelligence to indicate a connection with terrorism having said that however we continue to support this investigation with counterterrorism command to ensure that the isn't that connection and there is no one going through it all this isn't the first car running incident in melbourne this year in january a twenty six year old man drove a vehicle into pedestrians killing six people and injuring more than thirty last act was also deliberate according to authorities and the man was also known for
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mental health and drug issues counterterrorism expert chris phillips things such incidents have grave consequences regardless of intention. we've always kind. of the control box that. happens every day you know to every city across the well but of course we just don't know what these you know what it's really just. now that we think that it's going to turn us into a corner all. across the world i'm all. for a few of those terms of on some do you. know that you're doing exactly the same thing but the not was pretty obvious and clearly there are some times so it's very difficult i'm sure you know results is just society just such a tragedy wherever and for whatever reason. chicago has his back crime levels i should say are branded as i point jim assigned more details on this after the break
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. that confidence in the system is collapsing and there is no turning back this is the collapse of the nation state and the central bank and the fractional reserve fiat's money system big calling is to banks what the printing press was to the catholic church it collapsed it in many ways this is the end of this era this is the new beginning this is about everyone having autonomy and sovereignty with their own money. here's what people have been saying about rejected and then it was doing exactly this full on ourselves with the only show i go out of my way to find you know really what it is that really packs
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a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of party americans do the same thing we are apparently better than the movies. and see anybody. never heard of love or doubt for the night my brother the world bank so very. briefly sent us an e-mail. welcome back police in the u.k. have to tame four men in a series of raids aimed at forging a suspected christmas attack well sources said the arrests came from intelligence received during an ongoing investigation one suspect owns a fish and chip shop which was raided by police and an bomb squad security officers evacuated residents from nearby homes police have until december the twenty fifth to decide whether to charge the four suspects who range between twenty two and forty one no connection with islamic states has so far be naive however the terror
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group has been threatening european cities including london with christmas at times most of the terrorist atrocities that hit the u.k. this year after being claimed by i still. discuss this development with former c.d.i. metropolitan police officer roger gray thank you very much indeed for joining us well let's have a look at these new raids then i mean do they show that the british police have adjusted to what many according to a new reality following this year's deadly attacks. well think as far as they
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possibly can what's going on in our country and throughout the world with regard to terrorism experts it's growing all the toyman also supposed to an extent they will be playing catch up with the doing i think in more as in yours the public extremely well but they are obviously intelligence hungry and always labor this point any scrap of intelligence is worthwhile and help to save probably quite a few laws on this occasion let's hope there's not too much more going on out there but they do have a massive task before us and also let's look at the wider context here as well roger i mean what about other european countries i mean we saw attacks in berlin and so forth i mean do you think that european law enforcement is also now better prepared. more we would hope so we would have seen on previous occasions certain european forces are seen to be lacking. in this guy love of things that are going on we seem to be doing a little bit better over here but everybody needs to sit up and take notice in the in the larger countries that have sort of land or core of land boundaries their
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intelligence needs to be in has a horror level showings of information is extremely important. and also let's look at this particular threat let's look at are still in particular they're now defeated in iraq and syria but what we don't see terrorists shifting their focus to europe or do you think the organization has now been too weakened. well i think there will be power brokers behind it that will still allow money to be funded from certain states to allow these these regrettable issues to go forward. one course of the question with regard to the mention of the recent purchase of a fish and chip shop which is then turned out to be connected to terrorism you know where all the funds coming from the allow people to stop this is up like this and is the fact that they've been founded conditional on the fact they are called upon to act on behalf of all i says is this perhaps the conditions are having to be here
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to india and finally roger what safety advice would you give people during the festive period. you have to be we were going to be very relaxed over christmas but we have to be our eyes on all of the toyman we have to be not sure why you from going to a nearby police office or telephone with any scrap of information that we would normally have thought that kabi real i think we've got to devolve the information put it forward and let the police decide whether it has values as a small part of a greater picture or already its own worth to leave it there roger great former senior metropolitan police officer thank you for your thoughts thank you. now it's already one of the most dangerous cities in the us and crime rates in chicago are now rising at a worrying level well the sparks and national trend which is seen figures dropping according to a new crime rate report one local government commissioner has branded the situation in chicago as a quiet genocide and says u.n.
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intervention is needed. problem hoping to appeal to the u.n. to actually come to chicago and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peacekeeping efforts well the commission of appeal was perceived by many as a direct invitation to the un to deploy troops to the city however chicago's police superintendent did point out that the international body has no jurisdiction there were violent crimes are among those on the rise including murder rape and aggravated assault. you are welcome. as you pursue the american dream. of being killed in chicago's imbeciles come by this has been going on for quite some time and the people were keeping quiet of the community members themselves to the same ones who are in the most in need of help but they are scared to get help
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or scared to ask for help. from one of the biggest street gangs selling drugs are my only option not so bad for my child at the time. how easy is it that i got to see you all. we need to create a culture of accountability a picking up a gun and using it. i never meant. to give her disappearance and. chose not to shoot this guy because she didn't want her family to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news.
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we flip on the news when people become numbers these are lives and these are human lives and unfortunately leadership has failed. i'll be back for the headlines at the top of the hour. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who p.m.a. to me to people this is the simple song alone even some company elsewhere they
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invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us the robust allowed for miss you guys you got to but it will end up going to go buy been this is us to quote them out. of what you found of the left bill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more and more it's about the hurt and the redistribution of all our west birds and their debt down towards the one dollar. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spend the city to twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else
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going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so will transfer. and thinks it's going to.
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hello there i'm max kaiser this. guy's report. oh yeah. max you know there's one thing that you have been saying and been quoted on many times in all the sort of financial media relating to bitcoin is that this black hole concept that. bitcoin is a black hole sucking in all these other investments and it is quite ironic that gold is kind of the result of those sort of universal forces universes the forces of the universe rather than universal forces black holes explosion ng exploding stars all that sort of stuff because you're black hole that is called because i'm black all. black hole is like and then all the raptor. i was on the college drank and some drank on my black hole said hey buddy what's
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going on here is america wraps up his a chart still mixed. by you referred to. here is the chart from zero heads and it's decline versus gold just going back to you know a few months yeah into this year so yeah it's only twenty seventeen. queen takes off gold falls remember when the queen hit one mr jonas of death this is called a crocodile if you get sucked into that you get. i mean this the rest of the script . oh yes i'll give it to you first because i'm. holding the script hostage so i'm taking over there is going to be no turning back up this toy black hole so remember when queen first passed the price of gold in that had been something that we had been waiting for for eight and a half.


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