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tv   News  RT  December 24, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EST

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the week's top stories and i think the u.s. is left all but isolated at the u.n. is the majority of nations voting against the president from his decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital a move that's triggered almost daily clashes in the region. the situation has. extremely volatile. also to come boris johnson visits russia for the first time as british foreign secretary and although relations are at a low point he at least tried to break the ice by attempting a bit of russian thank you very much sir if you were generous to you to tell that you welcome the. t.v.
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today specifically bolshoi. new research says the u.s. led operation to liberate the iraqi city of mosul from iceland may have led to ten times more civilian deaths than previously thought. but i welcome if you're going to live in a clock here in moscow you watch the weekly here on r.t. our look back at what has been happening over the last seven days now jerusalem is still dominating the news and on thursday the u.s. was dealt a strong rebuke by members of the united nations over it you know that for recognition of the city as israel's capital hundred twenty eight states to fight president trump over the status of the divided city despite pressure and threats from u.s. officials. when we make a decision about. where to locate our embassy we don't expect those we've helped to
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target turns on thursday they'll be a vote criticizing our choice the us will be taking names. they take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us while we're watching those votes let us vote against such will serve a lot. of those in favor of the draft resolution please raise your hand. there's a game. for team foods in favor of votes against the united states will remember this day in which it was singled out for attack in the general assembly for the very act of exercising our right as a sovereign nation america will put our embassy in jerusalem no vote in the united
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nations will make any difference somebody will now take a decision. about the use of the veto obstructed the security council a made unable to perform his duties and do dick kids a work of the international community it is considered a blatant violation of the rights of funds to be fought must be resolved through negotiation between the two parties are un members they threaten all the other members this is bullying and this john boehner will not bow to the duck.
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thank you well even countries which often clash on major issues joined voices to condemn the u.s. move on jerusalem rivals like saudi arabia and iran and also india and pakistan came together at the general assembly some of the geo political experts we heard from say that america's bullying tactics undermine the un think it's unfortunate that the united states finds itself under this kind of leadership which is undermining the standing of this country internationally if countries acquiesce to the us and if they accept being punching bag for the american administration and voting in accordance with directives from nikki haley then what's the point of
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having the united nations i think we all know. a new era in which a major. resorts true blood whale and bribery all you can see if your votes in the general assembly this is the first occasion on which the state to create a major. member of the security council has resorted to search measures i do think very poor believe the united states will have to carry through threats of this kind because they're called indicators traits in future situations or give them a vote against the united states they do so wrong and anger is still being felt in the palestinian territories with clashes in gaza and the west bank for a third week in iraq. write a novel that. was.
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positive. was that i thought it was. probably for the love of. god and god. god i should. reports now from our middle east correspondent paula slay he's in the west bank and also gaza journalist one could daddy both witness just how tense the situation is big. the situation here and extremely was no. great because i've been running down the road now and. holders have made their way to the right in see them off to my left i'm
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a car and look someone a certain way in firing tear gas and everybody's been running amok the streets are rich and. the soldiers are just you know to hear us that's. all the way into the pit. you can have the ambulances so they certainly will be a few who have been in the world and at the same time are just going by coming over to the back of the posse from here exactly what's going on but. we've taken private or we've taken cover in a in a petrol station. waiting . to be in for a situation where informants how can a man who often pick. up and. we're standing right here you can see that there's a number of injured people you can see the incense are carrying people with them
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you can see the israeli tanks that which in the last few minutes just made their way from up the road to emmaus into the precinct also from but they really have come all the way in now so. now. let's look at. today's day of rage that has been called for by various palestinian factions is well and truly underway there are youngsters who have been here for the better part of the last hour who feel hurling rocks and pavements at these waiting soldiers who speaks only been inching their way closer they've been filing tear gas in the stomach so really it's still quite a strong smell of tear gas that is hanging over us. the protesters and demonstrators come here today for the third friday raid. this
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friday was different other than the two fridays people were very close to the fence this time and we piece out very important leader act and polluted shins and activist joining the civilians during the protests as you see there are at least five ambulances waiting for any injury and ready to pick them up there are still hundreds of them protesters as you can hear we can hear live bullets i think there is another another injury right now and they're actually throwing gas bombs on the demonstrators as you can see despite all of the live bullets despite all the gas bombs despite all of the rebel berlitz by listening protesters what they're ingalls are the west bank already jerusalem are still protesting are still demonstrating people are still it's pressing their anger. now boris johnson has visited moscow for the first time in his rowers' britain's foreign secretary trip does come
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the relations between the two countries after the story. was following johnson's meeting with his russian counterpart. well we hadn't seen a u.k. foreign secretary in moscow for five years and i can tell you that i hadn't seen such a remarkable press conference at the foreign ministry villa behind me for a long time there were many jokes many ways to poke each other not necessarily in a bad way after listing all the essential topics that are usual for such talks ranging from north korea to ukraine and russia and the theories that it meddled with us and the votes all around the world and the u.k. as well came up with once before just to remind you the foreign secretary boris johnson said that he hadn't seen any evidence of russian interference even used the words not a sausage well mr johnson seems to have changed his mind today he said that he
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hadn't seen any evidence of successful attempts to interfere and i asked boris johnson to elaborate on that a little bit there was last on the free abundant evidence of. russian interference in the elections in. germany. from. america but as i say there is new evidence of any successful russian interference. in the u.k. other highlights of the press conference included boris johnson speaking russian a few times saying that he has committed to fall in response to another question by me the u.k. foreign secretary confirmed that once he was in tehran a couple of weeks ago he visited the russian embassy secretly to see the venue of the famous tehran conference during the second world war he was also asked about
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moscow travel advice that he received from one of the british m.p.'s which included warnings about drinking challenge gay. names and honey traps many other things so the question was about trust and the question was about whether he had encountered any of these threats so far in the russian capital. so i want you to know it's a measure of my of my trust. soon as i got into this. for a loose try mediately handed mike my hand my gloves i mean everything that was in my pocket secret or otherwise to sergei lavrov in the knowledge that he would look after it. would come to no harm more than just a few times boris johnson reminded of the differences in the views that london and moscow have on various international issues it seemed that he really felt it was
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essential to keep talking about this every time he said something positive about russia but at the end of the day the common message was from both top diplomats that dialogue needs to prevail. and as you mentioned there during the joint news conference with foreign minister lavrov boris johnson also tried out his russian language skills. i'm a rough so far. out of date committee process but. a diplomatic relationship that is not full hundred fifty years old and dates from the time when queen elizabeth sent an envoy to ivan the terrible right on the fourth. that i'm certain that i'm the first foreign secretary in the history of my own thoughts to be cool for its. national customers as i said earlier on of buying.
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british things fruit from kettle crisps to please. somebody has just given me a pass from the fed their only solution is a puzzle stew that you get i guess that's the fs be. so when it comes to trust our trust forests and trust him so much i'm ready to go in the forest but plenty. of bodies. thank you very much so get your general studio hospitality welcoming me in my teeth today specifically bolshoi. and during his time here he also found the time to reach foreign secretary also got down to red square as well as being sent from moscow's landmark c. and his team laid flowers to the tomb of the unknown soldier a second world war memorial next to the kremlin during the war britain and the soviet union fought together against nazi germany. broadcaster mary did you have ski things that
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johnson's visit will bring positive results but only time. you can see maybe some glimmer of hope on the horizon just in terms of the sort of growing report that there seem to be at that meeting between boris johnson and sergei lavrov but i also think that anything that is anything positive that's going to come out of that seriously positive will only emerge in time i think boris johnson is going to come back to london he's going to say you know i really put it to the russians and i didn't give an inch. and then be with time that we'll see another maybe we'll have a reciprocal visit and maybe just maybe things will start to unfreeze but then you know i'm an optimist and we're coming up to new year so here's hoping. now up ahead reporting on iraq research that says the liberation of mosul killed more civilians than previous need and the bereaved families of british troops make
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a tough decision a story still ahead on the book. is a civilization just a tiny bit more advanced than we are that they can already pick up jerry springer or any other sitcoms interview shows the nightly news they see what we're doing to our planet you know it isn't really a very pretty picture and so in addition to sending this chaotic messages that we use to communicate with one another we want to send a clear signal to the extraterrestrial that there's also some rationality on the world. local blogs selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to do socks for the tell you that every gossip the tabloids less support. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough
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to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all worth watching. welcome back to the weekly had the u.s. led operation to liberate the iraqi city of mosul from i saw may have killed ten times more civilians than previously thought that's according to research by the associated press music agency obtained data from iraqi morgues as well as non-governmental organizations and he says as many as eleven thousand civilians may have been killed during the nine month operation nearly a third of bees were said to have died during bombing raids the coalition no need knowledge is three hundred twenty six civilian deaths or correspondent gassier
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visited the city both during and after the operation. the associated press's county's arguably already out of date if you consider the people who have died as a consequence of the battle. just this morning we got a crew that three moved children were killed there were no exploded bear detonated under the wreckage of the house that they were playing on and such extrusions in every day occurrence whether barrons left by by isis or an exploded barebones strip by u.s. led coalition and iraqi jets nevertheless this count is ten times higher than the official estimates we got from the iraqi government the u.s. led coalition and even the united nations the associated press says that there was ninety eleven thousand civilian casualties through a three thousand by the u.s. led coalition. the rocky air force previously the u.s. led coalition said that it was responsible for moving three hundred twenty or so
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deaths said clearly it didn't have the resume assist the send investigators to look at every reported incident this you see the press cited as it services various human rights agencies as well as an official body count. death tallies and there were two paths for iraqi moods but the number of senses in time when surprising you've been to mosul if you've seen what a city of two million has been turned into injuries as strikes corpses. this is the reality of war what you will likely haven't heard of is the smell it's noisy eating repulsive and it's everywhere the sort of smell that makes us instinct sick the smell of rotting bodies this is what rescuers have collected just this morning three suspected isis fighters two women
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and two children. that's an iraqi. launching missiles. at isis targets in and you can hear isis small arms fire there targeting the helicopter and over there six seven hundred meters away is the aftermath of an airstrike that hit minutes ago just before we got here this is a city of two million that is being leveled. to rescue is this morning that is still digging bodies out of mosul that say the city of mosul which suffered the worst of the fighting the worst of the bombing is still lab zero rick and there's a small rodents hum a city for months and months on end more aghast of their reporting from iraq will
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human rights activist mohammed police the coalition's tactics meant that a large number of civilian deaths was inevitable. opens are being used by the coalition especially by the u.s. army who does not discriminate between civilians or terrorist or civilians or the isis if you look at them or sort of the city is very concerned very populated area is not an open space where you can target the terrorist groups so they were targeting the houses they were targeting. the small rooms that were to can smell neighborhoods versus again the question is raised again why does not sort of thing . independents and instigation by the u.n. to look into how the operation has been handled well and the international has joined calls to investigate the liberation campaign after the truth and for the
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true cost in civilian deaths to be revealed the human rights group says the numbers quoted in this report are no surprise. the families if you k. soldiers killed in iraq war have abandoned their legal battle to see former prime minister tony blair and other government officials tried for war crimes they've been advised by lawyers that courts would not be able to rule on their case almost fifteen years have passed since the iraq invasion one hundred seventy nine british soldiers were among the estimated half a million who perished in the conflict the official british inquiry into the war known as the chilcote report was finally published last year it blasted the government for rushing into the conflict based on flawed intelligence boyko one man who lost his brother in the war on numerous occasions of the mystic and the local way was of course the cost someone telling me on facebook not so long book and thought i was david mike wilson lost his identical twin brother lance corporal
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david wilson in iraq in two thousand and eight david was twenty seven he'd become a father to his daughter poppy weeks before his day. people say the twins have a rare twin bond kind of thing and i never really believe in this kind of thing i'm quite pragmatic. bought the reason. you realize it's me who switched off together with other families of the soldiers fallen in iraq might push for a civil case against tony blair but lawyers have told them that british courts can't make judgments on matters of foreign policy military decisions or the legality of war for the grieving relatives the legal route here in the u.k. has been exhausted condemned the loss of a loved one in a conflict that the chill court report concluded was based on flawed intelligence will never be forgotten. the damning report revealed that saddam hussein
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presented no immediate threat and that politicians spoke of weapons of mass destruction with a certainty that wasn't justified forging tony blair has been made immune from. prosecution in the high court seems that pretty much they can do what they want and get away with it west family the family was destroyed some of the families you know to this day you know some of them haven't recovered a lot of them still you know relive what went through you know from the day that they got that knock at the door it seems a bit pointless now that we know we were told to have weapons of mass destruction then we found out that it didn't and then when the chilcot inquiry came out of the blue sort of we got the. the outcome was kind of like will what was all this for you know and all sort of from a sort of nine years down the line does not closure at all it just all seemed very
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very pointless with all the legal avenues closed off the iraq war families campaign group is launching a petition demanding that parliament hold the politicians responsible for the war to account tony blair you know was you know even there the decision was his and he was in full fact. in full knowledge of the of all the facts that circumstances surrounding her and the reasons why we went in been privy to all of the information so dual him personally responsible for the petition is mike's initiative his way of continuing the fight even after losing the possibility of a legal battle for politicians and museums the iraq war may have been pushed into the archives for families like mike's the wounds of losing their loved ones are is rule as ever december and there were never a great time for us as a family but you know all those little aversion between so like the the nineteenth
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for example was the funeral the elevons when we brought him back in a store for them so it does feel like a little bit of a kick in the teeth you know consider which saw alone for the ruling. party darlington. even watching the weekly or not he don't forget you can keep cross all these stories to my website don't call me i'm back with more news and often. all. small were good i'm. stupid too it is.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. hope all isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more times for. the base this minute. water company is a profitable public firm that supplies cheap water has a more than half a million households a small percentage five point four six is already own by the french multinational
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suez. what it was like oh my god this is where i was asked and i was a big sum i guess of course i'm going to die so your duty is the simple message billy bob down of the dozen to get them out of this only get them to monitor this and. then now come in and share some more so to float up top with elizabeth that they'll be able to find he's not fitted maybe you know if you took the feed. in a moment for your kid then. eve you'd go b.c. . they met as an adult last suppose i says the. bit i was never jealous upon a better santa recent record if you eat out of a stick a man of the. d.a.p.
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is greece's largest water company it provides five point five million people with water. by the looks of the africa. it saved up. by norse anything that's the. better kept as the means of a physician make his helmet on a repair. i know most of i can see it will happen but they just tell minimise we think you might get. stop opie that is a strong us school system oh silly but enough about the. purity the strong less risk you raised for the punk of myself at least get it on to shape doll if it listen to you if you know know about.


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