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tv   Sophie Co  RT  December 25, 2017 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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have been injured so there are multiple versions of what's happened none of them confirmed yet of course it could be the bad weather conditions you can see you can see what it is like here i mean the brakes could have the brakes could have stopped working on that bus that's that's why you probably started moving maybe before the driver intended to also we know that the driver has been arrested so we're obviously will get more information about the causes of this horrific tragedy. after the policemen got done working with the driver the police of being quick to point out the they don't believe at this point any terrorism and has been involved in a you hearing that as well. yes yes it is true the police are saying that it is not a terrorist attack they have been very blatant about this again multiple versions it could be mean they are saying reportedly the driver was not drunk because in most schools if you are a bus driver you you tested you are tested before sitting in the driver's seat
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before every before every shift of your so. reports are saying that the driver it was all right he was good to drive the reports are saying that he's been working in this company for thirty years and that he's son he's also a bus driver in moscow so really we'll bring you more as we as we get it but you can see we also know that there have been medical helicopters flying around and taking people to also tell. you know buy or buy at and i will bring you more on that as we get it from the scene a really busy time of day there as well of course people maybe last minute shopping before the new year except the big celebrations here that's a business has just started yet it's a busy station it's just it's one of the one of moscow's main station that i should say also also we know that it is the beginning of the rush hour it's not that the streets are two packs i mean in the video that you're showing right now you can clearly see there are no traffic jams but that's usually the time when people start going home from work so so if if the tragedy was to happen later in the day
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probably there would have been more victims your world a lot of cameras were on the list of some very graphic pictures we were just showing there then that we've blurred out at least the security guys have got a lot to go on they're supposed to try and make a bizarre and tragic accident here today we'll let you get across more of what may have gone on just to clarify sources we don't know if it says exactly the police here but sources most sources say they don't believe there's a connection to terrorism here we want to get that clarified from the police of course so we'll let you go and get back to that as we just watch once again that presides scene of that bus accelerating going way off road across a big pavement and going down an underpass into a metro station we think at least five killed today bizarre and tragic scene. in the years often a time for reflection and a chance to look ahead at what's in store with out of mind arctic correspondence or
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an exclusive opportunity to get a world view earlier on today from russia's foreign minister. twenty seventeen draws to a close it's certainly been an eventful year for international diplomacy a pretty turbulent year for top level diplomats around the world and who better to discuss this with than russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov he gave us an exclusive interview covering topics ranging from syria to sanctions the south america one point joking that he really hoped he wouldn't be a band or sanctioned anywhere as a foreign agent a reference of course to the difficulties of the shuttle's experience broadcasting in some countries nevertheless a very interesting interview summarizing the highs and lows of this year and giving us a bit of an insight about what to expect in twenty eighteen as well. we're going to with the herd this year i don't think any sane person would want war on the korean peninsula estimates of huge losses of life have already been voiced not just by us
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but by american officials as well that's why i don't think any sane person would have such intentions and i would like to mention some details of a trend in the u.s. in september we received a signal that they wanted to start dialogue with north korea that there would be no military drills until next spring and that we could use that natural pause to build dialogue and while we were passing on that signal the americans declared they had unplanned drills that would be conducted in october surprisingly north korea didn't respond and it seemed to worse that the u.s. wanted to squeeze a response out of them. with this year the u.s. has been leading other foreign nations in demanding the adoption of special regulations on protecting journalists rights of the o.s.c. for many years russia is entirely for that the us is not the only country which has discriminated against r.t. r.t. has some difficulties in france where the channels just been launched r.t. journalists together with the sputnik news agency have been banned from the president's press pool we've raised this issue with our friend partners and we
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consider it indecent but we still haven't received a response in diplomacy. and life reciprocity is the major principle you should treat others the way you want to be treated we need to demonstrate to the entire world that the policy of bans is ridiculous. i mean among the undefeated terrorists there is just and for some reason the us coalition doesn't want to take any decisive actions towards it despite our multiple requests to do so and despite this group being listed among terrorist organizations by the un security council it probably means they have some plans for it to remain there in case they want to return to their regime change plan coming up after the break the us vice president's take a swipe at pakistan during a visit to afghanistan leaving the country as a breeding ground for terrorists to talk about that hopefully get some live comment on it to.
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the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle. for new thoughts by to tell you that the gossip the tabloids were filed . by. the hawks that we all know what.
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sixty minutes past for the afternoon moscow time now the u.s. vice president during a visit to afghanistan took a swipe at neighboring pakistan echoing donald trump's words the country provides a safe haven for terrorists that are the pakistani said it fired back by saying that his country wouldn't be lectured by anyone you know for too long pakistan has provided safe haven to the taliban and many terrorist organizations. but those days are over president trump has put pakistan on notice pakistan is a sovereign state and is not in the habit of taking newts is from anyone least to the united states. or the allegation was never to go to well i
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guess let's go live to tell it masood a retired lieutenant general of the pakistani army thinks the time today sir is the u.s. right then is pakistan harboring terrorists in your view. well i think you know united states has got into the habit of making false accusations against pakistan because they want to lump their failures on pakistan this is really the reality and unfortunately you know both the president and vice president have been making these statements for the last several years where as you know the heart in there they're hardly have control over fifty to sixty percent of the territory in the sun so on what basis are they talking that pakistan would be providing safe havens because there are plenty of havens in of oneness and itself so it's a self-defeating argument it shows the level of frustration that the.
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u.s. is suffering as a consequence of its failure in afghanistan there has been it has been seventeen years that they have been in afghanistan and they don't have anything to say that they did something good for of understand except to bring death and destruction what have us i don't like are you going to enough because they are. because they don't engage in a political engagement i mean it is essentially a political problem which needs a political solution whereas they are trying to impose their military might and their hands are just not prepared to accept the military might and pakistan and all you know china and russia have all been advising the us that they should engage politically whereas they just. refuse that because trump thinks that he has some special military. you know policy or tactics and that will make him vin
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this time which they haven't succeeded for the last seventeen years what you're saying seventeen years will be any change soon in the the policy. well i don't see any change of four now that is different that after the meeting defeat even in two thousand and eighteen there might then think in terms of engaging with the taliban but the sooner they engage with the taliban and try to come to some sort of a political solution i think that would be better then furthermore i think there is very serious problems within of understand like potence in drug trafficking and internal sort of squabbling between. you know the president and the chief of. mr abdullah abdullah and money so these are some very serious problems within afghanistan and they need to also address these problems which they have been ignoring in the past so unless the internal situation of understanding
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governance improves and the people are satisfied you know these problems in afghanistan will continue they will spill over in pakistan and pakistan will continue to remain a scapegoat for america. retired lieutenant general the pakistani army thank you. it's exactly a year since the lives of nearly one hundred families were changed forever after a russian defense ministry plane crashed into the black sea killing all ninety two on board among them a renowned russian choir was heading to syria to perform the triple from five four they were traveling in came down shortly after it took off it's thought pilot error time was to play.
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here's a little soap which will be with you for the simple hooligans but that's it it took you only some linkable see the book on which it was stupid. to put.
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and in sochi people are bringing flowers to the black sea shore and lighting candles to pay tribute to those who lost their lives a year ago for many the pain of course remains strong one woman whose husband died in the crash has been collecting stories of other widows to be recounting how they deal with the pain of their loss. to to learn their spears the souris documentary for us was a way to deal with the pain that hit us unexpectedly and the title of the documentary wives isn't random while we were filming we still felt like wives is very difficult school yourself a widow we saw our husbands off on another working tramp and they had several such trips a month they flew a lot and expectedly they didn't come back. and you cannot watch some of the stories that alone is collected their online not our arty documentary child as well .
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know sort of went up a shield on bunch of so i didn't also stay on with dish network only if i'm so about last. time i just was going to do. thanks much for nothing you can give just me to put you. in with reeves we're. going to the store of three mr peter aylett shock no not another never this one. let's go back now to our breaking news is coming from moscow today a bus has crashed into the stairway of an underground pedestrian crossing with police just now confirming to say at least five people dead all this is being well documented from security cameras and also people standing by as you can see there a warning you may find some of the images coming up here upsetting that's the moment it happened according to russian media citing security sources a technical failure and human error being considered as the main possible causes
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the video that seems to show that this is the one the bus starting from almost a standstill and then veering off in a very old direction off it goes down into that subway the driver is reportedly being detained with sources adding that according to initial medical examination he was sober at the time parts the driver's test and they've also been circulating in the russian media according to them the driver said the bus started moving and he tried everything to stop it emergency service has been deployed several helicopters there on scene to pull away over a dozen people have been injured moscow mare's also go in there security sources also told russian media that this is not being treated as terrorism but of course investigations bizarre and tragic are still ongoing for follow that story you can continue to follow it dot com service with the all the latest here in moscow i'm kevin i would if you're celebrating christmas let's try and lighten the mood a bit for me and the rest of the team to say best wishes for today and for twenty eight hundred thanks for watching us and we hope you will continue to do so as well
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in the coming twelve months this is our to international. aid. this is what happens to pensions in britain. as a report. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with a tax haven the secrets to trilling and united states dollars passed through most. in the amount of time that we've been in panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's an act of journalism looking at things
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that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of. documents were examining. all the people we basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of war newspaper. and probably other politician which were. other politicians the media would point to find targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was very striking there were no more americans and specially
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a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that this special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. the panama chronicles. i'd like.
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