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if. you would your case of course was to show that you have a so idea which you have i guess just a fable anyway he read it i should go to college x. illustration was a cool she only knew she knew what i had a chick flick and you get what the dogs reason is built for a school i knew going to school they would see out. there she was really pushing official something. to say it was my specific scrutiny. do you think television. she did was a student who was he would you believe the. offical tool to show. you which. states just by trying to spell speaking to students. but thank you. i'm so good. if you look at it with me though you. stated
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you feel. that. way you must do too so what is good sleep so i will see what you have to school you to work but also well this is the video you seem to be new to the us was before so that if you said she's directly of this quote a mobile which is a bird which you know just sitting is one of the dolly you with. her we used to do a wolf was a weasel would you take your number of these cues we would be in a day you would use we would use your u.g.g. if. you said we would. go down might do. to. them as i just know which is the you dish the stuff they don't want it in the next assuming you believe in that as distinct as the. dumb substitute that he skipped the muscled mr nice that what he said you snipped out of that at the sissified that mean. there's that was also the start of a good show the skills of
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a shift in mood that would have to stoop to the length of the mission if you took a. while you were. sleeping. last moment you can put a pencil it should be. removed by the. police would be nice to. see. the yellow shirt back to dispense a good effect the class will surely just stamp with the scum by shite most of the bites. and they are just sees me says yeah mom grew a shell of seats in the same place a bit like the best that he would suspend i am at the beck and demo machine in the back seat to meet that. ducking at the stop along a close sense. that yes it is
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a really good i'll move with it and she still yells i can do it was because. the do we can if it is completed until. there was still so see what we. consume is quite good at the length he took unsolicited and pushed it a distance of my distance minutes they're still there and said to play chase my. other two i didn't know which will to choose a singleton replaced it. wouldn't listen to those who. did that was who was funny was. those any day we do a chicken. shit about such a thing. no
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i believe they. leave. behind a. little child in the sea in. their own land from the island of course. they did to leave so they do still. look as if you do succumb to. education which wasn't such a nice three hundred sixty a pretty good shot up the side of the to the big meanie we've made
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a. little. mistake a little way a little first a minute it is insecure wait till. it comes to me when you take a little. new foster passions come out of my stick to military. facilities and to have a healthy relationship. in it mr dale dismantling a little family little stuff a little bit but it didn't change and i think it's something to something not to see you. still in the city under. the universal any other way to which school so close that the field got the word you started. seclusion of what's possible and it will hinge being it was the just
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me because most of the my description and my in the mail parcel of so far as a few samples bustled me. moving was didn't because it's my duty to get him some tools from the school of thought it was a little slow which will skew slowly chinos we've done this. school she should leave the body of. the. female. that was. that.
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would show for. him. it was. the place it on that i'd go with the most. only most significant way she. felt it was. still. a little bit a feeling like you. let . go.
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oh wow well. let's keep. let's. let. i see the good shape on the articles from little stuff from sports to you must be to pick a school which we can thank you so much as the football game with regular table just because you have to question your pregnancy i suppose what i'm getting a just peace in the west i believe it is unity must be a bitch but i must must the way it's still plenty of situation for you in school
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number which then you should be sure it's a visible needed that would be to make it ok to get tickets if cotto she was going to benefit personally it's just. that i know that i don't need a lot of ice and you know when employed employed why do you think that way oh cool .
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small room good. studio to it he. says. he spoke. into. the soul who for. twenty eight seen what will see are central banks adding bitcoin to their strategic reserves alongside gold so big gold buyers like china and russia will be adding bitcoin to their strategic reserves song the banks possibly about as well and they could completely change their fortunes in the global economy by switching over to crypto switching over to bitcoin and then that will set a precedent for other countries a policy. that
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comes to call russia no one's ever no one has ever heard of and never even heard about most.
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oh she poised just the way you. like you. think that she may be the most chilling it was like i mean i think you. know i was
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she was i was. in shape to commit evil yes yes this was east germans used. to believe she. should be safe for me to say this for sure. but. you should listen. to sad sad solution for this old. fossil sister there see your. son live you sure school is just finished and you still are still the birds thanks. you. say you. will be a. still the one just remember him play.
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buildings do just bust easier to you we didn't get east knew what she. knew it was going to take. this it should just go one of these seems to sniff. if anything it should be. you know some way to switch and so she used to just simply knew each year of. the new season booking near and dear sir who was the she and come here her part of the start as the costs of them sort of perceive the cooperage of the story the. least there is still to be was the need to which play filled with their. belief. that that's in karma from. their.
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business there are some miracles. venusian a snake with a. book on which. if you do. if you. can't fix your question you. should. be a chip is a rallying cry for a car that looks to a chimney you got to see the you just know the cup was there from the foolish you buy you shit it. was they move on to fed us but i woulda. the temple just i do want to do a system with that windows when you go there was just me each one you know which. was a result of when it was just fun to still. get out the dick meskin muslim though she was the only. so if i show. up as much of russia pretty.
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enough to get to misty that. i want to preach or not. that. was our last sip that's it's officially of national. i to. get the full fully package to fiddle to leverage with the with the with the thing a thing a thing that comes up all of us as out or yeah. which in the pretty gay shit just passed me and good question left fifteen yet to be dozen of the two must make up a list of the onus of those numbers now ask it could i see it and another not be as i didn't get deletion fusion and yes. it is you have at the dumbest of. the
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bushes call you the one you would like to deal with i know. that by from his event with evolution a big azza heschel should not use force up by yet jumping in. on the mia trace as a. last conversion which he ceased in that example which was a list of many chicka but actually it's a better yet let's just say at the national show with fact. at the minute this there's a on the chin c.c.'s in them a bang up the malicious bucca a tempest in the. closeness to that to yes to the concept called the. silly to a species who you richard.
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the pursuit just so that you could see some little point there was a game on the way to meet that kind of ice cream before the show just put together the ranks were killed that night seriously nice to leave the place and bill was in my thanks and even if he didn't have faith that he is a god who took little oil. and gas and. only then sent me. with a typically inflated system with what she is going to be extolling singling stroll down proselyte that is any less i have raised you well calling yourself a clam is that the likely those that have vision i suppose the. stairs and the question of the woods and by the militia thank you for a second venison there was
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a guy who was the closest so successful in that area yes lots of ways could chat with that among those who wish to ask for what kind of them are situated things and present a few banging you for standing in for the time and you just get to see the gist of the meaning by saturday meaning first that any of those that convincing candle lighting team only see a show similar to me or something that i could. play in the car talk of doing this. sort of sister cities for. sure.
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d.d.j. them did you say yeah. that was thank you know that i have the all clear thank you that he gave gave you to quit my job to do this so we stuck . here with you know fears of stewardship. things spoelstra teenie in. those she chose sto. closer. to thirty
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years. it's just good to. see. what's in the nick i was writing insisting that rachel not in the program i am. that when i begin to begin my begin my pregame i begin my prick in my. head to stop to try to put the guardian. to the rest of us the bus the bus the bus. stop but let's repeat the question what does it does or does it give it does it just didn't do much good but it's. the new one is that. i started out to buy c c i posted it but i did it. or are. there told not told me it seemed that some like it pretty much just his presidency one that you choose to do you do you just as a by giving. that must purposely use it as
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a last look he didn't propose continued if i did for all i mean you should i do thank you to mr bush loses to lose interest in doing this if the filibuster is just that sangeeta unusual that it would if i had two new shows but still not a family of yes yes i mean you know when cello last. heard from her. i. heard her. world. or.
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her. to build a city of soup which goes to the car protecting the new building the bill of rights and all of that among the so we took to. it but i love not the whiskey if you just look at the producer there's the smut the exhibit in this is the new horse margaret you know about to give me some but with us my feeling about more. years later in there and there's little to use in the show that you say it for which will just make sure we were to shout in your docs that i know my local fish tanks wonderful. to see yet. on the sphinx we are sometimes
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limited by people i knew it was the most i knew i knew when i. was little nine year lashing out and said working with this. damn reporter just me as a goal with. their marketable he's lucky to sit in his numbers will. you like to play a lot it's a question. he's seen my show us that you still see shit but that was when you do doesn't look i would expose my family yes actually oh i'm like yes bitch if i see a little local shit. because thank you love wasn't a question or if one likes to. say that was. mean and be the but the most die as knowledge to the with the most bang is the missing man somebody had them in the want to state the nature
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of pleasure pollutants in some eyes shining bene's domestication elation. well look at a statement on the function that we need to distinguish the closest to the beach it's essential that the. distance to move past the cultural shifts past the business to business equipment will go with the flames. of shock asked i. don't know. if you someone jewish but you might. look up the prices here at the
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state did you get the state and i got that you wish they could talk to you. does that leave you. with a chicken. which i shall just. yet you speak of you are just thinking of. the p.m.s. testing discussed the custos threatening just turn over your misdeeds at the peers do so but are both the bush and bitter we didn't come down you persist standing still business though or a bullet to stimulate though and you. have served with those so stupid that should be you lead us to. ask. ourselves we'll be there live sure on the drive to.
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it was. ok. thank you. president donald trump's two thousand and seventeen national security strategy report tells us how he sees the world or rather how the washington foreign policy leads to clearly washington's neo cons are running the show.
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in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to reputation people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that people are no more afraid of the police than of those . who can see something happening he says like i don't want to call the cops happy rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the same goods on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to gonna get unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns off. from such but cool place to. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people
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living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing and nowhere to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such. a tiny house on a city parking space is not a soul. path to someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all there are a better alternative to envy homelessness crisis. life
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among the ruins saw she's latest report from inside mosul hears from locals about surviving in the city five months off to being liberated from islamic states. and you know how they have to sign up and just kind of oh and you know god knows you want to do what i feel my do you mean i'm paul. russia and america's top diplomat speak on the phone with telling rex tillerson that washington is approach to north korea is unacceptable. and his radio show is a biology of insults at palestinians on their way from gaza to visit their relatives in israeli jails.


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