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nothing in here that you need it you have to take to the bank and nail to the wall and say this is absolutely going to be how it's going to be because it says so here that's diplomats rockets government talk i think you've got a guy who's going to work it in a way that he sees it in the x. and she of the moment in the larger perimeter at the end of this dock but michael ok michael let me go to brian here rapidly running out of time here i mean you know . again you know where is the diplomacy all this and let's look at actions i mean you have nikki haley i mean she said disgrace gentleman she's a disgrace that kind of behavior and at that forum here i mean basically we're going to take your name and watch out we're going to remember you i mean i just let's just bullying it's very primitive there's no professionalism there i mean that this isolates the united states i mean it it's really truly an embarrassment on a national on an international stage go ahead brian. yeah indeed but it's not that far different from what trump is doing right now this week threatening the member states of the u.n. we're we're going to pay attention we'll cut your aid we don't care language like
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that. i think what we're witnessing here is i think the trump orientation was to sort of retreat from the world stage and i think trump's policies are contributing to us contraction from the world stage and its influence you can as you said in the beginning peter say paying in china we really want to work together we love you we have a great relationship you love us and by the way we're going to mention you twenty four times in our national security report and discuss you in the most bellicose aggressive way and then and then expect china to be like oh that's great you know china was shocked by this report china was stunned if you read the chinese media this week they were taken aback they did not expect this to come and they don't really count that much on the primacy of individual relations this is an institutional document even if some of it is just whatever language the language of
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annual reports nonetheless the chinese see in this report something that they did not expect they were very hopeful and i think the russians were earlier hopeful that trump would mean something new something less oriented towards aggression and towards regime change towards unit polar domination that america for ok gentlemen now as we've been around it looks like it doesn't i have to jump in here gentlemen we'll find out if this report actually is a blueprint for the future many thanks to my guests in washington and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember crosstalk.
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