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all this intervention is a good way to please the military industrial complex and to justify the near trillion dollar defense budget over in the middle east where a new study has revealed that a reign of terror and showers of bombs from nato was have killed an estimated four million muslims since one nine hundred ninety there are allegations of kidnap and. torture of yemeni citizens by close u.s. allies the u.a.e. while the us are arming u.a.e. forces and teaching them how to bomb they've also had quite a bit experience in torture as well but questions are being raised over whether information forcibly deemed by those incarcerated in these camps is being used to bomb yemen where the most recent attack overseen by the new crown prince of saudi arabia killed twenty five civilians in a market one of the companies who supplies weapons to the saudis is be a systems you know the guys who brought you cluster bombs and wrap the drones they've been taking advantage of the u.k.'s lax export rules by sending over more than just killing machines to repressive regimes freedom of information request
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discovered that massive valence technology powerful enough to spy on entire countries and track people through their mobile phones is being exported to countries such as saudi arabia the u.a.e. and qatar so next week make sure to wrap up warm and take an umbrella because we're expecting a downpour of this information. deputy editor sebastian packer they're uncovering this week's news after the break neglect demolition and social cleansing how a democratically accountable housing across the u.k. has been allowed to deteriorate tearing apart working class communities as the private sector profits from human suffering and the way to raise a maze of luxury apartments to rent resident doesn't satisfy balls and the director of the new film dispossession the great social housing swindle all the ball going up and today is going underground.
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president donald trump's two thousand national security strategy tells us how he sees the world or rather how the washington foreign policy leads to clearly washington's neo cons are running the show. come to call russia. no one has ever had. never even heard about most schools.
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in two thousand and sixteen. the world with a tax haven the secrets to trailing and united states dollars pass through most. in the amount of time that we in the panama papers exposure that's what it shows the pot of money it really is. journalism. looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of. documents were. they all the people.
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which basically have tried to get an advantage out of this thought it was his paper . and probably other politician which were attacking other politicians the media were quick to find targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. in a car that had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was very striking there were no more marriage of single special a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china their special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. the panama chronicles. los angeles the city of luxury and free but
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also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution you craft someone wanted turning the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. welcome back at seventy two. since hundreds of day of rage protesters marched on britain's
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parliament in the shadow of the tragic some say emblematic inferno at granville tower here in kensington in london but as grief turns to anger and tourism is post-election chaos and lack of transparency from local councils and private developers how did margaret thatcher to new labor lay the foundations on which the housing crisis is constructed today his going underground senior producer pete bennett at the screening of a new documentary dispossession the great social housing swindle to talk with key figures in what they consider a class war against social cleansing. early nineteen eighties people living in the u.k. social housing has dropped forty two percent less than eight percent with an estimated one point four million covered on the council's waiting lists get despite rising property prices and the growing them all for affordable homes successive governments to slash investment in social housing just as council of whole estates to private developers assy in south east london state
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a controversial regeneration scheme which residents have forcefully re housed people are being stunned into off to london especially to people reach take a children. around they've been offered you know to some of the homes outside london and council is so brutal force to us because this is the last division of the middle class people they don't care about the class you know the working class people we know that we a stoppage that so we do not expect anything and i know that they are but he didn't totally s. well from you david to the current of physicians grassroots activists and then council housing member fred mills and had jeremy corbin's manifest affairs ahead yup coming grenfell tower inquiry you know jeremy jeremy called an initial comment to back to build from. a hundred thousand council house in five years was very
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wealthy but i have to say that in the course of the election that was watered down watered down watered down what disprove what is the tree of recent events from going for the tower says that we need council housing we need council housing one by. responsible managers not intended not held out so well for the council but actually it's a core function of the council to. run their housing properly and that means keeping them straight back out is this allowed to happen in the first place i spoke to greenland assembly member and comes in council of the highgate sean barrie about the causes of the housing crisis built with was a skepticism that the market as a has been unregulated and day regulated for the faulted all we are saying rising costs were saying look the problems with people buying homes sits around the fire
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that distorting the law and the big developers business model really is failing and we're saying lots of hands to all belts no no london it could ever fool it's to buy those of us that just about scraped enough to rent and further damage our chances of buying it's genuinely broken and either way you've got powers like you've got the mass of a car is rolling back on some of his promises to people on estates tube and when it comes to things like rent controls and having a vote with the you have is to alleged however the crisis goes beyond the capital to communities across the u.k. kevin judy grew up in scotland schools on a housing estate he says has been ignored by power given the choice by films like dispossession the great social housing swindle the people there called bush and god and the people you're going to see in this film will come your from the tory. party enough i'm going to join a party when they don't tell policy joins in those trees i'm inclosing. what do you
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make of all the ones that she's brought on board as they care that are going to make a difference not that you're going to make a difference it's going to be isn't. perfect show selfishness on this. not care for anyone else if you do if you actually think the joy in this country believe in social haitian they don't believe in society margaret thatcher said the residence is nineteen there's room and this is not just a movie this is a train moche this is dennis paw this is the postman what this is a saying of the times this is a show clone creativity documentary film camera and get on people tell the truth for some in this country put on a screen expressing the human cost of the housing crisis on the big screen this documentary explores the cats struck phase that led to a chronic shortage of social housing. essentially we. simply haven't seen them
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for social housing and they've been cutting in. senior producer peter bennett there i'm outside the grand fell to our north kensington in london now with the director of this possession of the great social housing swindle paul first of all just your reaction to. hear lots of the mainstream media cameras you don't hear anymore. in the building obviously you can't really comprehend what went on. when i found out about i was in sheffield and i was seeing the images on t.v. and initially like my space where you just feel sympathy and empathy for the people that it's affected and then afterwards you know shock and anger the fact that it's been allowed to happen i think there were a dozen counts so inspections of that building and seeing this this all come out in the last few days it just draws you back to systematic neglect not only of people in council housing of working class people of poor people of vulnerable people all over the u.k. . the thing i keep going back to is the seventy odd tory m.p.'s that voted against
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the landlord bill to make homes fit for human habitation and i think that you know this terrible incident just you know raises more questions and more anger about why we have a government why we have a system of parliament that isn't representative of people who go to the film because of course again and again even just after the aftermath. when the. still raging we were told not to politicize it. was the conservative and labor policy of the right to buy so popular and yet so much part of the current housing crisis in britain i think it was popular because you know working class people like anyone else wanted to own their own homes and there's nothing wrong with wanting to own your own home you know it's a desire that goes back years and years and years and so the right to buy in principle wasn't a bad idea but the problem was they didn't replace like for like i think that you
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said that they would be in every place too for everyone they didn't even do one for one and so you know that goes into the blair and brown administrations as well in the combined period of thirteen years of new labor they've built fewer houses in total than thatcher's government averaged every year so it's it's an issue across both parties and it's a policy now i think needs to end because we do have a housing shortage you know we do have problems with council housing but continuing to sell off that still cannot replace is just senseless and you tackle the issue of labor councils up and down the country blaming not councils but blaming central government for. housing storms yeah i mean that's the thing i mean it's very it's very easy to blame central government and say this all comes down from the state local authority to have to be a bit smarter i mean obviously their budgets have really been cut to the bone you know announcing things as in the case of lambeth council where they announced the demolition of cresting the gardens on. you know that's not very clever that's
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actually deeply insensitive is actually offensive so you know not only do councils have to communicate better but they need to explain why they do in these three developments and you know working with property developers is always a very murky area because at the bottom the bottom line for a bob is profit but why do you think if you'd like to subsidize movies as a way to make housing more equitable gets going common currency in media and yet in your film it comes out. all it does is to make housing more on affordable accounts housing did used to be a permanent safe secure home you know in the fifty's and sixty's my family when they got council housing they were proud of it they lived in they knew it was their home for life but the problem is now you know with thousand and planning out there are going to be no more you know last time tenancy is in the film that when a person dies in social housing it's a requirement to just sell it on to the private sector yeah that's part of the new
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house and i'm not sure we see with that's going to be the case for you jamie solicitor from st james who appears in the film as doc is of the view that a lot of that policy may or may not actually be in force i mean there are still campaigns to try and repeal that so i think we're still in very early days but what it can do in principle is bad enough i think that in the film you talk about social stigma or a bit like in rio's for villa's people to admit to living in social housing so. polarized is its class in britain today yeah there's a lot of stigmatized around it and you know that comes from the media it comes from t.v. programs poverty point shows where you know council tenants are depicted is on benefits that the picture is somehow on this thing is stupid and that's not the case you know some of our brightest minds and people came from council house in town. it's actually the social problems created by a society by system of government the problem but when it comes to who the government listens to and you. film it appears the. very very rich
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state agencies recommend to the government policies like destroying four hundred thousand special housing homes and the government listens to reports coming from estate agents that that will win from that pool of yemen i think there was a report from samples that came out and it was any day i think they put a figure on someone's worth in london i think you've got to be earning about seventy thousand pounds to be worth your spot in london that was the average figure you know i don't know too many people that much money and so what you have then is the colonize ation of space you have and the idea that to be in this city you have to justify your place here by earning a certain amount of money which means you can afford to pass or rent or mortgage and also spend this much on you know what is the london economy and that's you know that's just it's nonsense isn't it. your film outlines how areas are socially cleansed. initially we thought there would be real housing there for the survivors
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of the greenfield tragedy the latest i think is the will to resume said in london nash is saying that borrowers or neighboring bars how do you think i do in policy makers if we have to hold them to account if they've moved some residence into some nearby luxury apartments which have a concierge service which have a gymnasium and it's important that the people that move into that property get those services i mean whether they're in a separate section i don't know whether they're think they will be in a separate. area for so-called affordable housing just describe what a poor do or is yes i mean a poor doris' and luxury apartments which is where the social rent tenants leave an end there are all sorts of reasons for that used to justify it part of the agreement with the builder is that they'll only make a certain amount of social rents available if they. there is
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a separate guy an entrance also reduces the cost down for everybody so you can argue economically that you know there is a reason for it but then on the other side of it you can look at it as being a systematic microcosm of our society that the rich going one way the paul even of a white and then you've got you know two people that were in the press complaining about the price of property complain about how they've worked so hard and now they're going to have to mix with you know all of these you know working class people and i despair at that you're really despair and it just shows you where we've got to where we've sunk to as a society because you know we're all culpable in this as a society we all need to actually take responsibility and if we don't have those fears challenge those fees. and that's it for one of your favorite shows of the season will be back with a whole new episode to going on the ground on wednesday the seventeenth of january children by social media have a happy. in
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some american cities the police have built points a refutation of people who walk on the street to be united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that people are no more afraid of the police than if. you can see something happening in this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in. their lives chasing the good with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to. get unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns are. stolen from such precautions to. us finding insisting that we can go to them i am. that
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was to try to lift us out because they had. started. climbing you when you could go forward what if you didn't see it but showing you the need you to blush and snuffed out i told you. oh. yes oh yes can only one massive shock i. don't know. if you from a jewish but you. just figure the feeling is nothing discussed but the custos thirimanne just over young. one else chose seemed wrong. why don't y'all just don't call. me.
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yet to shape our disdain come out to. and in again try to be close to trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. in the newsroom a start international today a factory worker in moscow kills an on site security guard over a row of a bankruptcy a police hunt for the government is still under way this afternoon. german authorities identify a large network of women spreading islamic state ideology online with officials warning today that the wives have killed fighters and more effective at spreading
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the group's message of hate bring a live update on. and thousands of documents related to controversial episodes of british history of gone missing again this new in the country's national archives civil servants simply misplaced them again a live update on that too. busy our foreign news coming up six pm here in moscow welcome money is kevin when we start with this than piece of moscow say the factory director who shot dead the security guard earlier today still on the run it's following a full search of the factories premises in the last couple of hours which is located in the southeast of the russian capital police say the now widening the search area to the whole of moscow in an attempt to try to apprehend this government whose photo you can see on the screens it's understood that the situation escalated into a gun fight after a row over looming bankruptcy proceedings the suspect reportedly claims he's being
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defrauded of a shareholding in the company ratcheted up to the conscience of a reporting from outside the factory this shooting took place this wednesday morning at twenty of the confectionary factories located in the south east of the capital as we understand the gunmen the director of the factory who came this. morning to work and so bravely operating inside as the factory has that quite a substantial damage now after a conflict at the hands of the director of the factory opened fire at the baby lives but they managed to run away and barricaded themselves in one of the areas of the factory he was then confronted by eight security guard of the factory and he shot the security guard who later died at the scene business i found radio station managed to talk to the director of the factory and he sat there and said he was deprived of his factory that there is the fake bankruptcy case opened against him
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and as he has been struggling for years i am the director of barricaded myself my company was taken away by forged documents i was robbed blind i will fight to the end if i stay alive now i'm surrounded by special operations forces. now i want to shoot myself or surrender now the area is cordoned off and we know that the gunman is a large and the police has a line search operation. after a fall of islamic state in syria and iraq war tales of horror emerging of life under the terrorist rule kurdish minority families in iraq no misuse it is so far captured. our senior correspondent has been speaking with some of those families who managed to survive the ordeal i can tell you just a tip off will show you the full interview. but here's some of what is to come.
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we were captured we spent two months in iraq then we were taken to syria they make me a slave we were put to work and how and where the troops were we were given one hour a day to rest then i ran away they caught me and locked me in a toilet for three days without food or water i tried to escape again and again but each time i was courts. beaten and severely tortured they shot my friends we begged them for mercy on our knees then we were hit by an airstrike and i was concussed my head still hurts i can't talk for long. monologue i was pregnant but i was so terrified that i lost my child my husband and family were captured i was left alone with my mother so i took poison i decided it was better to die when they caught me i thought that since my family my husband and
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my house were gone it would be better to die in twenty fourteen up to ten thousand years it is were killed or kidnapped by eiseley just a matter of days of those a third were executed but the true scale of the tragedy never be fully know the testimonies that have emerged suggest that many were taught should be headed or even burned alive in many cases entire families were wiped out completely women and girls often sold as sex slaves while young boys were forced become i saw fighters somewhat even old enough to school when they were forced to serve the terrorists. my daughter was five years old when she was captured four years have passed since then so she is nine we endured a lot of suffering my brother escaped and i stayed at his place then he died instant jar i was desperate after his death and i went to stay with my other brother he is poor and has young children all girls. philippine story this
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afternoon the german security services have identified a female terror network aggressively spreading islamist ideology online as close to pulling out his move for motion as their high how serious is the situation regarding also recruitment in europe. well it's not for the first time that we see women actively involved in promoting jihadist years but germany says that their number is on a constant genetic rise this what they have to say the women and ideology promoters the men have realized that women cannot work much better for more capable of expanding the scene. and this recent in this recent case in germany says it identified what they called it is is islamic terrorist women's network consisting of at least forty what they call sisters who follow the ultra conservative branch of islam known as fees and
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spread extremist views via internet particularly targeting so-called nonbelievers to german authorities stress that it would be wrong to equal salafism to terrorists and. at the same time they add that it could be potential grating for terrorists all over europe including here in germany especially following last year's berlin terror attack christmas has said look become the time for extra concerns over security because christians and their faith and their holy days and their fifties and everything that is connected to it include increased miss markets that are currently open and will be open for the next week all over europe have been repeatedly targeted by is that is because they consider them being part of infidel culture this is why it has been. bad for quite some time already we can say theories are now increasing with a number of those who share or sell
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a few views rose to all time high according to germans intelligence agency connects it with. dramatic losses in the middle east and now they say that the number of returnees is on a constant fries and with the so-called islamic state defeat in syria and iraq the european security is as fragile as never before through all the birth of so long. so the two students will approach the wives of these people referring to the. story next for russia seems rusher is suffering a severe hiv epidemic in terms of infections every year russian i was third behind the only south africa in nigeria making matters worse is the emergence of people here in russia who deny the disease even exists in a patrol reports hiv epidemic is sweeping across russia poor into health experts
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more than a million russians are in fact it. almost one in a hundred people in russia are diagonal states hiv positive. despite a year of increased efforts to tackle the spread of the virus the country is on course to see annual infections pass one hundred thousand again which accounts for almost two thirds of all infections in europe and central asia. world aids day so quite a few depressing headlines in russian like russia's losing the war on. in most countries around the world the number of new cases of hiv is going down the sad truth is here it's gone up i went to see the country's top hiv prevention researcher to find out what was going wrong.


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