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tv   Going Underground  RT  December 27, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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aggressively spreading islamist ideology online auntie's more if a national reports on eisel recruitment in europe. that's not for the first on what we see women actively involved in promoting jihadist views we have been hearing reports about isis female recruiters since of police twenty fourteen those are a wives of killed islamic state fighters who decided after the death of their husbands to somehow continue that fight but now germany says that their number is on a constant dramatic rise in women and ideology promoted says the men have realized that women could work much better for expanding the scene in this most recent case germany identified what they called the islamist terrorist women's network consisting of a least forty what they call sisters who follow an ultra conservative branch of islam known as selah fees and spread extremist views via internet particularly
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targeting so-called nonbelievers the german authorities stress that it would be wrong to equal salafism to terrorists but at the same time they add that it could be potential breeding ground for terrorists all over europe including here in germany especially following last year's berlin terror attack christmas has said had become the time for extra concerns and worries over security because christians and their faith and their holidays and everything that is connected to it include in christmas mark is that the now operating and will be open for the next week at least all of the europe have repeatedly been targeted by islam ist so it has been bet for quite some time but now fears are increasing with the number of those who share salafist views here in germany rose to an all time high according to the country's intelligence agency germany sees it as a direct result of dramatic losses in the middle east and as a consequence
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a rising number of returning to europe and. women and now they say that with their defeat of so-called islamic state in syria and iraq europe security could be as fragile as never before. after the fall of islamic state in syria and iraq more tales of horror or emerging of life under the terrorists rule kurdish minority families in iraq. suffered death or enslavement senior correspondent with the of has been speaking with some of those families who managed to survive the terrible ordeal of also you the four interviews on thursday here's a preview of what's to come. and we were captured we spent two months in iraq then we were taken to syria they made me a slave we were put to work and held where the troops were we were given one hour
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a day to rest then i ran away they caught me in locked me in a toilet for three days without food or water i tried to escape again and again but each time i was caught beaten and severely tortured they shot my friends we begged them for mercy on our knees then we were hit by an airstrike and i was concussed my head still hurts i can't talk for long. monologue i was pregnant but i was so terrified that i lost my child my husband and family were captured i was left alone with my mother so i took poison i decided it was better to die when they caught me i thought that since my family my husband and my house were gone it would be better to die. when twenty fourteen up to ten thousand years edis were killed or kidnapped by us and just a matter of days of those
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a third were executed however the true scale of the tragedy may never be fully comprehended the testimonies that have emerged suggest many have been tortured beheaded or even alive in many cases entire families were captured together women and girls were often sold as sex slaves while young boys were forced to become fighters someone's even old enough to school when they were forced to serve the terrorists. my daughter was five years old and she was captured for years have passed since then so she's nine we endured a lot of suffering my brother escaped and i stayed at his place then he died instant jar i was desperate after his death and i went to stay with my other brother he's poor and has young children all girls. i would have you k. now where thousands of documents relating to controversial episodes in british history appear to have gone missing the u.k.'s national archives claim they were misplaced or removed by civil servants revelations cause without. the british
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people deserve to know what the government has done in their name and their loss will only fuel accuse ations of a cover up as a historian it's impossible to believe this loss the declassified files themselves show governments view the public largely as a threat the threat of democracy is deeply embedded if it happened in russia for example would be up in arms about corrupt governments but hey this is the british way to avoid scrutiny of its past misdeeds on us take a close look exactly what pages of history have been lost here's polly. well the national archive is a very important resource especially for people like historians and journalists because it keeps documents relating to the country's history and the idea is a perfectly transparent system whereby once government documents are declassified anyone over the age of sixteen can go to the national archives and access these
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files but not all of them because it appears that some of them have gone missing some of the files relating to thorney a moment in british history among the files missing are papers relating to the folk lin's war there are documents missing relating to the northern ireland troubles as well and perhaps most controversially the files relating to the famous zinoviev letter from way back in nineteen twenty four that was a huge political scandal at the time because m i six almost certainly forged a letter that was then leaked to the press that well it was just discredited the labor government at the time and ultimately resulted in its downfall now the files missing are all listed as misplaced while on loan to government departments so there is this situation now where a number of different government departments are under pressure to explain why they
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have taken these bits of paper but they have failed to return them now we've asked the home office for a comment on that is an obvious letter we still haven't got a response we have however heard from the foreign office now the foreign office had misplaced a file relating to the markov case that was way back in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight it was the shooting of a dissident both gary and journalist on waterloo bridge which isn't too far from where i'm sitting now this is what the foreign office. to say about those documents take a listen seventeen of nineteen documents have been recovered and sending them back to the national archives we're still searching for the documents to have not yet been accounted for so an explanation there and clearly efforts being made to shall we say correct what has happened because the public care has
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a right to access these files access these chapters of british history rather than finding that they have been misplaced and according to some misplaced a little too conveniently we did contact the national archives they told us that when malone files go missing they request that action be taken international affairs commentator jonathan steele says the huge loss of sensitive documents does raise quite a few questions which is an absolute scandal because as you pointed out most of them refer to incidents in the past britain was in a very bad position because there was a question of torture in northern ireland there was no obvious letter interestingly when the time when we're talking about a fake news to be used to tamper with elections all kinds of allegations being made we haven't got the evidence that was once a variable has now gone missing preference is being asked to do do do do do you keep documents did you make copies did you make duplications where are the
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duplications why didn't you then send the originals back if you were making a copy why didn't the government department send it back to the national archives where they belong if they borrowed them just from the term prevent a whole series of questions that need to be answered. our north korean soldier who defected to the south this year has been found to be carrying. bodies in his blood discovery has raised concerns that killing young may have developed biological weapons. kim jong un has the capability to weaponize more than a dozen biological agents within just a few days if he wants to wreak havoc on the korean peninsula i mean he was either exposed to or vaccinated for the deadly bacteria it comes of it increased concern that pyongyang is developing biological weapons something long suspected by the international community. recently the south korean government reportedly purchased one thousand doses of. a vaccine against anthrax the supplies were delivered in
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november according to media reports to do some background back in twenty fifteen the u.s. military admitted to accidentally sending a show of anthrax solved to a base in south korea however no personnel were infected and the deadly bacteria destroyed. on the store we can now hear from aaron sorkin author and human rights attorney thanks for joining us a bit of an unusual one this isn't it i mean so far the focus has been on north korea's nuclear program the international discussions how to deal with the crisis in light of this discovery though should we also worry about biological weapons capability. well what we have to worry about is often the response to it of course you could worry about biological and chemical weapons with any country that has them however in this situation if you remember in the lead up to the iraq war when the united states invaded contra to its statute sent to the u.n.
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. under the u.n. charter they said saddam hussein had biological and chemical and said we had proof and therefore it became one of the basis for going in and invading iraq and these were number five i find it very interesting that these are in the blood of a defect or because i'm a a lot of levels they have been concerned about chemical and bio attacks from the united states i've toured museums there in north korea where they make a big deal about how during the korean war the u.s. did chemical and biological warfare so consequently the fact that they may have the bodies in the blood may be. not related to being exposed to that but being exposed to the vaccine the south korean government said there's no plans yet to vaccinate the general population against the virus but i mean while they war they
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have more concerned that they're letting on do you think or do you think this is actually a bit of hype just to you know up the ante against north korea if you will. yeah i think i think it could be either i think that there is no intent or no necessity to . defend against these chemical weapons in south korea this time it's no one i think should be looking at the issue of how many people die with a nuclear weapon how many people die with anthrax it kind of this is the point because what we really facing is how do we have this regime brought into more of a mainstream with the international community how do we do that sat through dialogue and my concern is that by dehumanizing it even further and raising the immediate risk factor of the few you're around chemical and biological weapons we
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begin to grease the path for war i just want to take you up on what you said there because if it is confirmed the north koreans do have bought a school weapons could we see even more international pressure on the country more sanctions more rhetoric from the u.s. . i don't really know how we get to more sanctions really insane sions are not diplomacy and i've said that many times and i think that we have to step out of that that basis but i think that these weapons in the hands of the north korean insua demonstrated a lot of rhetorical nks they are developing weapons is of concern to the international community but you know the idea as you mentioned earlier in your show that the u.s. it's ship damn throwbacks to. south korea this is a messy area it's clear that the north koreans likely immunize their soldiers to
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a fury even for purposes of b.p. propaganda purposes but using the u.s. as the evil country that's going to use chemical and biological weapons on them so consequently the who has who doesn't have when it is i mean how it could happen and get the population scared get them seeing this is a media. can lead to dangerous dangerous consequences so i really urge the international community to use it as a further basis to require the parties to sit down talk negotiate. peace treaty all right eric so what can that all for and human rights attorney thanks for your insight here today on the program good to have you with us and happening. now a major prisoner swap has been concluded between the ukrainian government and the two breakaway republics of the mets scrum of course if the details. this is the largest prisoner changed since the beginning of the conflict back in next twenty
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four hundred seventy four ukrainian soldiers were a reserve from donetsk and lugansk suki if while three hundred and six were supposed to be returned from kiev here to the nest and look guns however that figure has changed at the very last minute with the authorities in kiev claiming that some of the prisoners had already been released and some of the prisoners had refused to be ritzer back here's the point on number all those who read serb home to the let's go to guns stands at two hundred and forty that beagle however go to everything one says smoothly during the prisoner swap as the thirty's and a kiev but failed to close the checkpoint as it was agreed for this prisoner swap and the change to a little bit longer a lot longer than planned initially of course this prisoner swap with the
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humanitarian part of the minsk agreements which are designed to settle the conflict here in the east of ukraine however one positive i can be taken out of this is that the families will see their loved ones for the new year holidays both in ukraine and here in the contested territories as well. now the headlines today is it has demanded an apology from the united arab emirates emirates airlines buying to museum women from boarding flights to the u.a.e. last friday they saw as a possible terrorist threat the move caused quite a bit of widespread anger. i just i'm sure to believe why would i go to a country that wonder exactly if that's the case and we should also impose business on the united arab emirates. knows that these approaches are a force preventing an arab from visiting arab countries is unacceptable when we see westerners going from country to country freely the most rigid is one of the
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tunisian state must defend the rights of two new zealand women and force the u.s. to apologize. passenger by and was lifted the very same day the gulf states foreign minister later tweeted that the measure was necessary for security stressing though that the u.s. respects and values the missing women we heard from the museum blogger and activist on the matter become so dire that what happened is file ation off of tunisian women rights but it's a violation of women rights and general the spokesperson for the national presidency talking about security problems but this doesn't justify what happened if a small female babies were not allowed to go on planes i don't think that a toddler is. the tunisian government is still asking for official apology and it happened under the pressure of people here in
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tunisia. russia is struggling to cope with the growing epidemic of making matters worse is the emergence of people in the country who deny the disease even exists in a patrol investigates. hiv epidemic is sweeping across russia during the health experts more than a million russians are in fact it. almost one in a hundred people in russia are diag no state hiv positive. despite a year of increased efforts to tackle the spread of the virus the country is on course to see annual infections pass one hundred thousand again which accounts for almost two thirds of all infections in europe and central asia. world aids day so quite a few depressing headlines in russian like russia's losing the war on. and most
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countries around the world the number of new cases of hiv is going down the sad truth is here it's going up i went to see the country's top hiv prevention researcher to find out what was going wrong. i'm about to enter a lab where the staff work with samples from people diagnosed with a child and who say there is no defeating the virus without their work. that would not move a muscle for quite a long time in five years not nearly enough attention has been paid to the issue of h r v aids there has not been enough funding the war and h.i.v. requires decisive action without it's this academic told me the virus spreads far
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beyond the two main so-called risk groups drug users and men who have sex with men . from the. move we've lost time that's for sure while health authorities were losing time people known as aids deny lists wasted none online spreading fake h.i.i. the news of the next the on russian social networks in blogs and elsewhere online aids to nihilists clearly ahead of us and that's a really dangerous if you refuse therapy an early death is guaranteed we started looking for denial this who were willing to share their thoughts with us finding their social network communities which of thousands of members was easy but arranging an interview were quiet over a week finally one woman who used to refuse therapy a choice that almost cost her her life agreed to talk on condition of anonymity.
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she asked to be called ileana the ex aids denial list struggled to maintain her composure as she recalled how she was diagnosed with hiv. you're going to go to my new. share your stiffness so that those two dollar you pull to shut the show to system to. continue. even as initial treatment had put her health back on track until she met a man who introduced her to the online world of aids denial the d.m. eventually convinced her to give up hiv treatment her desire to get rid of the stigma prevailed over common sense. when you're right. it's just you know when you can just go with mr sarkozy. or there's a. good mom and a couple of years later after wild ups and downs and health she did just that with a form of cancer up north but it's to do. one
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hundred yards up in your pitch. up in the last two. years or stop it is a forced them choice. and the local one the most important don't know how to put off. well. after several rounds of surgery chemotherapy and renewed hiv treatment in a managed to survive unbelievably she was then bullied online by the denial lists for taking medicine again but says she can put all that behind her hoping that in a country with a worsening hiv problem her story could help others avoid fatal mistakes. r t. a celeb lives for this hour thanks for all my myself and all the team here at all times of national see you in just over thirty minutes for more global headlines
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. the. day is eighty one and a very serious of my science and here. is the low memorial corner bad i'm putting together it's not finished i'm finished on the side i have his medication backing with taking i have this to his cell phone.
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the. son's name was eric bana he died he was strangled by a policeman. the scene was filmed and has been seen around the world. yes cry cry all over again with nothing at all spoiled ass what else would you choose to now look at that whole video i said oh my god what they take too much. states in nine and south of new york eric garner is on the right to policeman suspect him of selling cigarettes on the street. among much just told us it was the policeman want to arrest him but the situation gets quickly out of hand. one of them literally throws himself at eric to handcuff him by force another one showing
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him for nearly twenty seconds. thank. god you're able. to see if there's one of you. i can't breathe eric garner will desperately repeat that eleven times before dying . it was just total tallit what they did to him for no reason for they said for selling the lucy. it's like they have a license to kill and all guns are strangulation is prohibited by the new york police yet the agents will not be sued this incident shocks viewers across the world all the men so that these cases of brutality and excesses by the police
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happen every week in the united states film blunders that cost light on violence abuses and the victims are own most always black people. last november in cleveland up next to me a rice a twelve year old child is playing with a plastic gun when a police car racing by stops a group c. and the officer on most instantly shoots the child. fell down. off. beginning of april in oklahoma eric harris is chased by policeman after they tackled him down. they fired bullets into his back. pocket. the agent said he mistook his weapon with his taser the man is dying but the policeman
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doesn't seem to be both the. two days late in charleston south walter scott is arrested for a broken taillight he escapes. eight bullets in the back once again the victim is not tom and. once again a white policeman shouts a black man. most crimes in the united states are committed by white people yet black people have much greater risk of dying shot by the police . if a louis for example. you have a higher chance as a young black man to be killed by police being killed in a car accident in two thousand and fourteen the american police killed a hundred unarmed blacks that has to play week a fact that americans have come to realize it hit them suddenly today was supposed
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to be michael brown's first day of college but over the weekend he was shot and killed by a police officer he was unarmed. two thousand and fourteen one death too many the death of young student michael brown in ferguson machinery it's the black community who cries out it's hanged if a day's. late months later the cameras a turn to the other riots is in baltimore where once again an afro-american died during his arrest by the police. faced with these events a part of america wakes citizens take to the streets. they point out the injustice and want to put an end to impunity for the offending policeman. they're crying foul to the sad reality of america today
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a country where police trained in the culture of violence kill black citizens every week to no reason. may have been shot and if their animals and it's open season people who walk on the streets of the united states are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect our drop that all. other her alive in order to do that sometimes to hurt someone else.
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pittsburgh pennsylvania six hundred kilometers from new york. a city of three hundred thousand inhabitants with a long history of police violence. we asked offices if we could follow them during a patch. and we could keep understood that any control can get out of hand. off this is lance and lou come on duty. in an unmarked car east of the city in zone five. this is the de.


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