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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 29, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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our viewers. crosstalk in the year that was i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have bigger allege he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dimitri bob which is a political analyst with spook international or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated before we go to our our viewers questions i'd like each one of you and maybe i will start here because of some up some of the most important things that happen in the last twelve months and i think i'm going to kind of end the year in kind of a dramatic note i think we face in the united states a constitutional crisis it's really very much coming to a head we have a congress that is not answering demands. we have good department of justice and the f.b.i. they're not answering demands from congress we see an outright media war depending
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on what station you look at you could be looking at a very different country and i'm looking at like fox versus like c.n.n. very different views of the world it's getting to a critical point it didn't happen in two thousand and seventeen i think it's going to happen in two thousand and eighteen what your major takeaway picture so in two thousand and seventeen is dictated by a russia syria and their allies against terrorist organizations that period for years against isis aghast and mostly against other others and this is really a game changer not just for syria but for the middle east as a whole but i don't think it's over yet two thousand and over again by the severity very major step and it's a major setback for the united states and their allies mark if you take away from the viewpoint of. living in russia the russian media and perhaps the media the left in the us this is been a year under siege a year of. constantly having to battle back neil mccarthy narrative that not only
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intends to target trump but intends to silence voices of opposition with the left media syria as well it's far from over but at least a regime change is off the table but we have a whole new middle east destabilisation with truck playing games in the clearing jerusalem to really get it over with our viewer questions demon i think it was thousands of was a year a year or inconclusive to the crisis in syria ok then the u.k. and france dropped for the moment they demand. to go but the states remains there so the war is not over yet unfortunately but the crisis is over it seems to me in a moment on that before we go to the questions it seems to be a crisis of leadership i mean as i was going to the studio here we. still are some flip flopping again on a sign i mean we go back and forth yes yes yes so why is seeds in conclusion concludes and i agree with you it's go to the first question from one of our
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viewers here my question is what exactly is the deep state and who's in it victor and that's a good question a deep state there's a nexus of the u.s. special seriousness of the u.s. permanent political bureaucracy and the mass media that syria has them and essentially it performs that come daily functioning of the nation while the president his own thing you know it's really interesting that this mark i think you point talking about the deep state academically in the u.s. back to eisenhower warning about the military industrial complex but we have had a recent rejuvenation of it and it has become active something it's not. a stab at it specifically is leaking and disrupting policy they'd be in jail michael morrell the former acting director of the cia a clinton surrogate the one who infamously said to charlie rose that the u.s. needs to start killing more russians than iran. i think we're going to let slip
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that differences here the deep state is they're not supposed to be political they're not supposed to be active and now we have high government officials in the f.b.i. looking for insurance policies to make sure their views. and i think. act according to the ultra liberal globalist ideology it's they. said this was you know. which is not always seen but you know it relies on the aisle to liberal ideology which which signifies that a new cruelty a new law is justified if the so-called western values are not supposed to be seen but it's certainly felt when they want to do you issues that democracy is not just the united states. so i would say we go it's a fraud just give us a second question let's go to the second question what is the future with ukraine is there
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a russian plan or shall some parts of ukraine be like somalia work yeah well there's a lot of discussion that putin had a cunning plan at one point but i don't know if it's been so cutting what we have is a frozen conflict and i think we may see some some escalation you know we see a frozen conflict there were four hundred fifty two civilian deaths in the last year and boss and i'm sure that wasn't. just about the so you can see here that was but unfortunately the russian government probably should have acted more proactively when this west back porch first overthrew the government and seized power i warned about at the time they did not now there is really no military solution and the kremlin is basically hoping that over time the corruption the unpopularity of this regime helps bring it down to the max i think it is something with in two thousand and eighteen we know now that lethal weapons are being sold to
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the ukrainian regime and that's that's going to make this conflict let's go forward to look at well now it's official go ahead and believe it told by russia can see this ukraine an independent state so there was no russian plan for ukraine there was no point did you say the u.s. considers ukraine and the independence ok you know i don't you know you know i said a lot you could see that it was you know that i'm going to see if i get your sense that i'm not going to leave your brain in the face of the dry shit i can see it isn't that independence there's no such thing as independence and when it comes to the view of washington either you're under their heel or you're in and there's another example in between but probably that was a mistake here i agree with mark russia had no plan for ukraine it cold but that common sense would prevail first and told that there would be if you called for a lot if you had us might you know that position because criticism. russian foreign policy is that hopes for a reason absolute that is not already frozen is not only for middle east but it is key to our viewers view mirrors throughout the morning when they want to do with
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their question there is going to doctors there question what is the future of the middle east may look like next year with syria and being but yemen and lebanon continuing in the struggle and what might we see as actual policy response to the jerusalem decision ok so the jerusalem decision by the time put me on station actually gives opportunity to moscow to russia to become much more active. in the conflict and the russian is also going to be much more active in discussions in tehran and yet it is no shit prize that for the first time the king of saudi arabia came to moscow to meet with putin in the kremlin and now russia is going to be much more active in this really i mean its foreign policy is destructive it's really interesting picture and you know that my picture is that
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is that you know it's because of the failed proactive policies of washington and its client states that actually opened creates openings for for moscow and to read first of all syria is not over libya is not over and yemen is not over and none of them will be over next year either but at least with syria now there is a light in the tunnel. the u.s. has there's a lot of talk that donald trump has forfeited control of the middle east to russia by not being proactive and doesn't buy that but i was out there they said that it's completely nonsense the u.s. is constant the u.s. and saudi arabia blowback against their repeated regime change in meddling in the region has hit them again and again and again attempts to curtail the iranian influence helps growing russian influence if there's any i. the responsibility it's donald trump overlying upon until would be even we well that's true but i think coming back to the results of the i think one of the main events was this meeting
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all of the presidents of russia turkey and iran and so on you would juxtaposition of forces that is going to determine two thousand it's not going to be sued but it's not going to be pro-american versus a that anti-american is going to be sovereign states against the west and why are they going to need to be reminded of that because he just called the president of syria a terrorist again the other day presidents are utterly out to your point that russia one should i mean you know to be geopolitics is not about and has never been about and morality or about this if you dos obviously it is it is the art of finding common ground with other nations and using those unions those alliances against against other cities so to get to d. is in a position has not been for the last fifty years opposing. the turkey has
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a much tougher relationship with washington than ever before you know for the post-war year i'm sure that it was russia that was trying to create divisions within nato i guess one of their own members or do well actually it's not the russians it's not the russian going to move forward to it in front of a firing line in norway it was need to and it wasn't russia that sponsored the coup into a key it was some western states in the region the we don't we we don't really know if you are correct about steelhead what is important is that now we have sovereign states versus us quien states and this is going to continue and for russia you know when people are the stoic about the soviet union they say this we did was so much stronger than russia the soviet union had dependence in there in the middle east that wanted money from us you know egypt. this now would have the saudi king coming to more school would have the turkish president come into wall school they are well they would think about them much more serious spotless than the ones
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that we've had before so from the point of view of russia's national interest that is one of the main results of two thousand and seventeen if you during your listeners has been you know continued especially for the after after our program we'll continue our discussion on questions from our viewer stayed with r.t. so much that that russia. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order
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to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. me house on a city parking space is not a solution. someone wanted to ring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. thanks guys but as a survival guide. when customers go buy your supplies. then else well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. was riding insisting that wait till i did it again. i am. trying to.
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climb a new wing in the hallway. and by showing you i need you to brush up stuff that i told you. oh. yes oh yes he. said cast i don't know. if you found my jewish but you might. just think that the pyramid is nothing discussed but the custos through me just turn over young.
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welcome back to crossfire where all things considered i'm peter labelle to remind you we're discussing questions from our viewers. right gentlemen let's continue with our questions from viewers here here's the next one if you can project to five or even ten years from now in retrospect what would you consider to have been the defining global event that changed the future world either for the better or worse in two thousand and seventeen that event will be the greatest long term positive or negative effect for or repercussions i think we kind of didn't talk a little bit about them right now i think what's happening is that i think i'm going to go with your thread here is that. it's briggs and trump that happened the year before and we're still trying to get grapple with the outcomes of those two
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democratic decisions i mean democracy got of the way with the of these global elites ok i mean going into leaving this year going to next year we see hungry and poland being sanctioned within the european union because they're expressing their sovereign right i guess nobody told them when you join the e.u. you lose all of your sovereignty so and that's the cold reality that there we're going up to well also talking about an event i wouldn't say it's an event it's a sequence of events that you object to poles like roll castro said he would stand next year there will be another person running cuba you have zyuganov non-challenging putin anymore there is a much more serious challenge in him at the election you have point and hungary basically oppose in the e.u. you know with their elected governments on the other side a side you have been declared before he needs and in the united states you have the french president for whom minority of all you know someone who wasn't wanted by the
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majority of the french and it was only thanks to manipulations that he became president you have the longest post-war political crisis in germany where they can form the government so you see how the east is getting more and more democratic the former socialist world where they would call it and the west is getting less and less democratic talking about forty medians who can for spies prohibiting people to talk to foreign basso this i want to get in my now we have members of congress saying that you know. every russian is suspect i mean i mean i mean what are they supposed to do where some kind of red star on their on their sleeves down the streets but you know what i'm trying to come here and i mark posts that the thoughts were somehow related to russia but then i guess too many people. really wanted to read those posts to see what it's all about and then facebook stopped marking them so it did not act attention but really we are in.
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a very special period in a period of change from backs america and from in america sam to take so our world to have multiple worlds so it's the end of the universe only moment in this when a car will how much washington wants to extend to me no matter what it does to prolong its period of global mean was it that i mean this is going the way they buy the market the same thing can be said about the monopoly that the mainstream media had for decades that's being broken up the fact that we're sitting here talking right now and viewers are watching us that monopoly continued to be broken in two thousand and seventeen yeah but there's a lot of pushback tzschirner to a lot of support with with declaring for media to. foreign agents and then trying to attach the label to the left and the old media the pay walls that
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are going up across the mainstream media outlets there is a there really isn't in for war on the internet although i think the common people are more the victims and it would it's this corporate mainstream media and it's the other thing from the from the government that's pushing it but i agree with victor completely this is the year that the hedge i'm on was challenged they had him on which challenge that home with the election of trump and the u.s. political regime both elected and the unelected portions are at war with itself it's shaking the us as role as not the leader of the free world but as the headroom on the global in there and legitimacy at home and abroad here let's go to our next question you know probably the most controversial and i'm kind of curious how you guys are going to react considering your old man is the moral corruption of the west in the formulation of its foreign domestic social. an economic policy caused by feminism. idea but i think it's caused by prima define the standard of feminism
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and i think this year will be remembered not on live because over there. pax americana but also it will be remembered in russia for example by the attacks. against the women who oppose the global dominance. because there was a whole campaign this year against her in the russian media in the foreign media you know. that ukrainian. was released and her needs was demanded by all the world's media nearly step up and woman man over the east ukrainian sitting in jail since two thousand and fourteen simply because she participated in their throne don't want to do it you know you're going to have very interesting he said i would say two thousand and seventeen in least in the west is a war on men yes. today we are talking about the war on land and yes it's not just feminism it's actually it's radical feminism from the sixty's and seventy's that doesn't just oppose p.t.o.
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but once media but there you go into you to opinion sentiment is going to come in the few years we are actually today talking about what i'm going to end up which is ation a new industrial revolution and that brings the specter of a world where gender differences are not going to matter that much at all robots do not need sex and that is the real danger in the next decades ok the more there is moral corruption in the west but it doesn't come from feminism even from a few radical feminists in the later years that have gone off the ranch this show is made by women and their produce there's no without federalism issue would be made i've got no problems with classical feminism the right comes from actually classical liberalism because of the individual and the. if occasion of neo liberalism and the economic system of the unfettered unregulated free market
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over everything the market is a sham the commodification of all human relations that's where the real moral decay of the west comes from ok i don't think we have any comments about that in two thousand and seven it was the year of the robe i'm thinking of harvey weinstein and charlie charlie rose did you say the year of the robe the open robe ok what i was i was saying i want to keep going here because i think this is a question that came from don de bar frequent. guest on this program and constant viewer he always is reminding me you know when is the program going to be on you tube ok will trump be removed from office now victor i'm going to turn to you because i think almost every single episode you've been on the last six months you're predicting the removal of trump from yes will be removed from office in two thousand and eight this is going to be his fierce and last new year in the oval office and the. special counsel. is going to pressure those around him put pressure on his family members and this actually he's
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going to be asked to step down all right victor one year from now we're going to save this clip and then i'm going to ask you do explain it or say i told you so go ahead marc trump we don't know trump may eventually be removed from office it most likely won't be in twenty eighteen it will depend on how the republicans do in the midterm elections do the main control and does trump keep trying to push a foreign policy like they talk with russia that's against the establishment so far it appears he's going in the opposite direction and bowing down to everything that neo cons want at this point so in that way he's actually giving them what i've been saying this all along you know he said you know he does cave time each time we got him by every time this was going to get going no he didn't think it was for it ok then he did and he only gets worse. only gets worse no it's because neal liberalism this postmodernist project it doesn't believe in negotiation will only include
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their my if your new go shade it is called appeasement and then if you peace them they want more and more this is what the ideology was but i think mccain did that who we knew who said he wanted good relations with russia who said that there are russians even in crimea and it's basically why should he go into ukraine that candidate has been removed from or at least years out of absolutely so they can do that the most serious challenge in mrs clinton that wanted to drain the swamp of that kindred has been removed from office the fact that there is a person who can exactly wait him sitting in the waters and making some statements that is not very important was mostly. their trump of the police has been removed trump their official we may be still there but the country remains terribly divided i mean we still have a lot of very deep deep red states here and this is what you know what we did
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actually do to program a civil war i mean i don't know to what degree it will get you know hot to warm up but certainly in the discourse of opposing narratives that the civil war is raging right now and i have every reason to believe it's going to continue in two thousand and eighty it is going to get even worse because these attempts to be moved up they are going to divide the country even more you are exactly correct when you say that there is going to be there is a likelihood there were a constitutional crisis. at them to fight but here we attempt to. accuse those who are trying to remove him of those misdeeds that they are guilty of and it will be very very nice people to but these people don't they don't they have every expectation to bribe this president because they believe they know what's best ok and we all know you know the. federal employees life employees the vast majority of the mark are democrats they pay they have to give me contributions for
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the democratic candidate we're talking about again that deep state this unelected bureaucracy that continues even after every four years the political head changes year the hill reported that for the two thousand and sixteen election cycle ninety five percent of federal workers donated the clinton that trend is only expected to . continue in two thousand and eighteen but relax. the deep states frontmen this cobol of general mattis mcmasters kelly they got this truck has just about admitted that he's turned over ford military policy to them right now he's just the twitterer in chief he's a figurehead he's something that they may find they can live with at least until the end of his regular for you when he thinks there was an important thing that he dumped t.p. so now it's clear that there won't be just one globalization there will be a several globalization's one of them so this centered on the united states the
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china and on russia so that is one of the main results of two thousand and seventeen all right gentlemen many thanks to my guest here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember cross talk. it's the cradle of jazz. the america we. just feel. the city of climatic. alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the members of my close. of street racing in the peace of the night this
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is new orleans. the best place in the world. a robot governments can be much more rational and much more compassionate than the current oligarchs human governments. we have i suspect people will be more happy with this situation than they are with the. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. in some american cities the police. cling to refutation of people who walk on the
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streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that people are no more afraid of police than. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to. call the cops and. lose their lives chasing the with the team goes on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so. unfortunately around and around here we end up killing our guns a lot told from the cool. to. everybody i'm stephen baldwin town hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just
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a little bit different. no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have fun meet everyday americans. look silly start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. headlines are. kidnapped and then sold for just over two thousand dollars on an ice old slave market we speak to a fifteen year old girl who's just escaped terrorist captivity. life expectancy in the u.s. is down for a second year as the crisis over. feel
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