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tv   The Big Picture  RT  December 29, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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all the hawks that we along with our loved ones. clashes leave hundred the palestinians injured in the latest day of rage against the u.s. recognition limits the israeli capital. from the fifteen year old girl who managed to escape from the islamic state captivity in iraq. and facebook and twitter threatened with sanctions if they fail to help a british parliamentary probe into allies russian interference and the fact that. for the latest on these stories. stay with us now for the big picture. if you are traveling internationally over the holidays or if you will be soon smile for the camera you paid
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a billion dollars for it. i'm home and cook in washington this is the big picture on our team america. according to a recently released report the department of homeland security has been scanning the faces of american citizens and foreign nationals leaving the usa at eight airports hartsfield atlanta boston logan chicago o'hare both houston airports las vegas miami j.f.k. new york and washington dulles this report from the georgetown law center on privacy and technology is titled not ready for takeoff face scans at airport departure gates you can download it free in its entirely airport face ganz dot com
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here's the short version. under a new policy any time you go to the airport to fly overseas the federal government will. we scanned your face before you can board congress never gave permission to scan american spaces but homeland security is doing it anyway also troubling homeland security hasn't issued a single rule to protect the privacy of travelers when their faces scan will go the federal government may spend up to one billion dollars to scan every traveler space that hasn't clearly explain why it's a solution in search of a problem even if a problem could be identified the federal government doesn't appear to know if it's face scanning system can detect someone flying under a false identity this system could lead to as many as one in twenty five legitimate travelers being pulled from the boarding line and fingerprinted that could lead to delayed flights and disrupted travel for everyone from the perspective of americans who value their privacy and just want to fly without being subjected to another pointless piece of security theater this billion dollar boondoggle is not ready for
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takeoff is this technology keeping us a step ahead of terrorists or is big brother running amuck let's ask legal and media analyst lionel of lionel media and attorney mike pappa antonio host of america's lawyer here on r.t. america gentlemen welcome. mike according to this report congress has okayed the collection of bio metrics from foreign nationals at the border but has never clearly authorized facial skinning of americans and it says yes skip the rule making process required under federal law how does something like this get up and running without authorization. well in little tiny steps the truth is it's been going on for quite some time anyway depending on who you ask you know there are some obvious benefits to using this time kind of technology to verify the identities of foreign nationals and dignitaries coming the
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united states but we're already seeing it's quickly heading down a very slippery slope that we're not going to be able to return from look here's what's going to happen this is going to be sub contracted out you're going to have sub contract corporate sub contractors that are going to be handling this business and the next thing we're going to have is it's going to be just another equifax problem it's going to be we're we're going to see the next big time that corporate america lets out all the information they possibly can about you and everybody else watching this program that's the real slippery slope here you know it's already happening and we have to be look both sides of it if you address both sides we have to be honest about where we are in moving into twenty eighteen here's where it is we're we're society that we have to interest one is we want to remain safe where there's not a day that goes by where we don't hear about some tragedy involving some level of terrorism the other side of that is we want to have we still think the fourth
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amendment it might be important the fourth and fifth amendment the constitution might be important if we want to have our privacy so that there's never going to be a jointer of those two extremes and so we act we might think that this is new we might think that this is any different from what they can do with their telephone with your telephone right now or your computer where they know everything that's happening to you so you know is it a is it a bold new move no it's a move that's been taken place step by step very slowly it's like that frog boiling in the pot in the here we are with those two extremes and we have to decide where do we go well none of us want the bad guys getting in but the system is scanning faces on the way out this. report cites no evidence anywhere of a large scale problem of people leaving the country under false identities to generate fraudulent exit records lionel visa overstay is
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a big problem so we sure don't want imposters leaving on behalf of bad guys who then remain here undetected but without having done corresponding biometric scans on the way in what's the point. there is no point there is no point this is a experiment to habituate i agree with mike a hundred percent it's a systematic habituation telling the american people you don't want to be unsafe to you no more we'll do anything and fact what we're doing is we have right now every single day new ways for my image i some biometrics all of my data to be collected and when you talk about this you know what they always do they say there is no evidence of any indication of the efficacy of this forget that here's my question why the hell are all these pictures gullwing where is all of this going i mean new york city i am under surveillance constantly gentleman
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ladies and gentlemen of the jury we are looking at a twenty four seven real time world view pan optic on there where it and any time that anybody can get any data from this any piece any information they'll do it but here's the culprit you know what our biggest fear is my biggest fear is the american who says i've got nothing to hide yeah i have what do i care they've been doing this for years so want to take my name i don't care if you don't delay me that's what scares well you put your finger on it the show is the big picture so let's pull back and take a wide angle shot mission creep mike i got the creeps a minute ago when you talked about the equifax potential of this these new i phones we have no longer require a password they read your face so that biometric data has been captured and they're matching faces with names of these on authorized airport scans and who knows where
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else in public how close are we to risking big brother or those corporate marketers or hackers knitting together all this big data and obsoleting what's left of our privacy or as lionel suggests is that horse left the barn. it's left the barn and it is absolutely lionel is completely correct the next phase we're going to see is the corporate use of it you might have seen a movie was i believe it's called minority report tom cruise movie he's walking through a mall and all of a sudden a screen comes up and says mr cruise what do you think of this new watch in the scene before that he's talking about how he needed a new watch and all of a sudden the biometric recognizes who he is it comes up with this display of watch that he that he wants to but this is where this is really going corporate america. when they have it in the last week have you been invaded by amazon on your telephone where you can't even get rid of what amazon is trying to sell you know
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that's just the beginning people watch i mean obviously got i could not get amazon off of my phone i would say i've won something you know congratulations you're i could not but i've almost threw the phone up against the wall that's just the beginning of where we're looking at this is the corporate creep the corporate creep is what should scare the bejesus out of everybody yeah as opposed to as opposed to big brother and you're right about amazon when jeff bezos founded the company he said his goal was that you log on to amazon dot com and very it is something you've wanted all your life but you didn't realize that because it's aggregated your data and the data from the people who also bought what you bought now as a result of this report senators ed markey and mike lee respectively as left and right as it gets on capitol hill have together asked d.h. has to hit the brakes on this facial scanning program lionel if that's not
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a bipartisan concern what is. complete window dressing they don't even mean it listen there's a big even bigger problem you see the question that people are asking watching this this show is ok now that you've got our picture are these three and some mugs what are you going to do with it here's what happens all of this information everything about you everything biometric and your finances and everything goes into this huge database method data to be used later on through brute force computing as mike mentions predictive algorithms minority report it's here have you ever been at home and said something like hey honey guess who died and then all of a sudden you look on your laptop and there's a few little ladder there something that's already where they've been doing this but what happens is let's say one day they say you know this papen tonio guy i don't like what he's doing we don't like what he's doing he's
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a real trouble maker hey we have his data yes we've had his data we've been collecting for the past twenty five years now let me pull this in as through this brute force computing i'm going to apply new algorithms to find out what he's doing next who he knows or anything else that might be diabolical and sick mind comes up with but is part of this funnel this mega data that you mean and that's what we all have to say no enough rather than sitting back and say that's really some yeah. yeah the machines do take over because a lot of it's going to be robotic right mike. right well fraudulent mehta data is what lionel is talking about it's already occurring where it is you become a target you become targeted through fraudulent data that's put into your system
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now at this level it's but it's still it's just the beginning of i got to tell you this is what's the scary thing is the supreme court is going to affirm anything that happens with this i promise you this is going to this is under the police the middle east power police power of health safety and welfare i promise you the supreme court will allow this to happen it's going to continue spending out of control well this report from the georgetown law center on privacy in technology is called not ready for takeoff face scans at airport departure gates you should read it and you can download it free at airport face scans dot com and if you missed a recent show on high tech police surveillance fia warrantless use of drones and that sting ray box that reads your wireless phone hit youtube dot com slash the big picture r.t. and click to watch the big picture show from december fifteenth thank you lionel of lionel media and america's lawyer mike papen tonio. comment up actor
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stephen baldwin who's on the road trip you and i day dream of and then i have three questions little intrigue you after this break i'm holland cook and this is the big picture on our t.v. america. this is the last edition of cross talk for the year and we're doing something different we answer questions from you our viewers. to.
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come to russia no one's ever no one has ever heard of a country never even heard about most of. the big countdown the ball's going to drop the new year starting resolutions will be created it's all so very. citing let's check in.
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did you ever want to just hit the road to go out and see from sea to shining sea to bring a friend and your dog well i sure would so don't adjust your t.v. i am green with envy stephen baldwin and our teams max kaiser and stephen's dog get to do just that in our teens series the gap the great american pilgrimage with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have some fun . every day americans. and suffered the snake that. you might think. we start to bridge that gap
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which. i love that steven is in los angeles i'm here in washington so it's nice to virtually me to steven nice to be she was well thanks so much for having me hey when you had this opportunity you had a picture in your mind of how it would go how is this great american pilgrimage different than what you expected. well that's a great question thank you. it's actually a bit of a crazy undertaking if you think about it we jumped in this big forty foot r.v. with three of my dogs and we went to eight cities in four weeks with a bunch of crazy camera operators just to authentically ask people the question from
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all walks of life with different opinions different perspectives. what is america to you what does it mean to you what is it about for you except cetera. i'm calling this holland calling this adventure this experiment journal detainment. it's. an offhanded kind of light journalism with a whole lot of fun with things being the way they are and just about every channel you watch it's only doom and gloom eccentric cetera i wanted to create a piece of content that really was outside the box and fun but generated a very interesting conversation that really is happening out of the great american pilgrimage only because there's a tipping point i believe happening right now and other networks other new t.v. shows other new docu series six hundred center are exploring this idea that with
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such division in america now isn't it time we really do our best to try to do a lot more listening and open a dialogue with whomever so that we can start to get to this place of community again and find solutions now i know that sounds i'm a realist in a lot of ways so for me that sounds a little almost impossible but if you watch the show it really starts to happen quite organically well you this cable news landscape you mention which we populate and talk radio where i come from are loud and bellicose are the american people you're meeting really that angry. well i would say that. on this first season of green american pilgrimage i would say
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we encountered some pretty passionate people. you know i didn't want again the show by design wasn't about my sitting down with people who were just going to go crazy and flip out and just you know i have a couple of ground rules haters are going to hate so for those people you just pray for him and keep on moving but to that to that kind of undecided you know middle of the road individual that kind of maybe they're a liberal maybe they're conservative whatever it is when when these two different realities and dynamics in my experience when they're when they're not trying to get to know one another or understand one another at all well then when that person says well you're wrong about this or you know stephen you're wrong about this or whatever it is until we start to for me have a mindset where. if i may there's a great moment on the show i was down in venice beach california dressed as george
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washington riding a skateboard r.t.s. games were i think you holding my pomeranian and this guy came over and he said this and that and you know i don't agree with you about this current president see him dead and immigration and the guy started to really get intense with me and i just said to the guy can we just try to do something in this conversation we just also however we disagree and we just try to see if there's any place as we agree right. and then like honestly holland like serene a half minutes later in the conversation i realized he's got two kids and a daughter in high school i have two daughters etc etc and there was this really cool moment there was this cool moment when i looked at him and i said isn't it funny right now the two of us were both just gats you up were both just really concerned it was really interesting and between all of that potential community and
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conversation you can see me and max are having a great time we're having a lot of fun you got to see max kaiser as abraham lincoln on the great american our marriage brother i promise you this is some good t.v. hey i got about thirty seconds but watching cable and listening to talk radio i get the impression that since donald trump was elected no minds are being changed we're tribal we're dug in is that what you're hearing out there or are people having second thoughts in either direction. well certainly. the democrat party in the united states is double and triple and quadruple guessing itself but i don't really think i'm seeing any pro trump voters or citizens second guessing themselves at this point i think it's kind of it's a good time where it seems like those folks that voted for him are giving him the chance to succeed and quite clearly he's doing that well things are good now
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a thank you stephen baldwin for taking us along on the great american pilgrimage sundays at one thirty eastern here on our team. here at yours and cable news channels seem to want to tell you what happened in the past twelve months but instead because we question more we thought we'd ask so all month i've been asking people you've met on this show and by our colleagues three questions first what was the most over reported news story of twenty seventeen the most over reported story of twenty seven. trump all the time over and over and over again. every one of donald trump's tweets why does it have to turn into a news cycle and why do all the reporters pretend like they don't care about it i really trust tweets trump's tweets gav traveler and it's not just entertainment it scares people at times trump tower here and trump taxes trump rush trump trump
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trump trump i'm over it the most over important story of the year wins hands down to faff a disaster oh yeah i mean i learned a lot of hadn't known much about it before good bye trump and twenty seven cool russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia russia enough already suppose that russia meddling in the united states election the russian acting the election by trying to influence and we've had saturate. coverage of the story that is essential not there that's easily without question the most over reported story of the year that's all we heard about was it to lose it was it a rushing gate i don't know what it was but it was just rush hour nonstop there's no there there stop reporting it it's done we've seen reporters actually resign over this much of the media just focuses it in on conflicts n.f.l. protests what happened is they not they didn't take on a life of their own they took on the life that the president continued to stoke
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everything having to do with all of the politics back and forth regarding trump in congress of the democrats and republicans hillary clinton's book tour who cares what happened she lost. and what do you feel was the most underreported story of the year the most underreported story of the year for me i think was a police shooting was. blackall i was matter of the resegregation of schools which yours truly covered nine million kids are about to go without their health insurance a doubtful protest and then the subsequent pipeline burst and leaks that have happened thousands of voters oppression you've got gerrymandering you've got unaccountable voting machines transformation of the federal judiciary by donald trump forcing artsy america into signing up under. mosul in iraq two cities in the middle east that were wiped off the face of the planet ongoing
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proxy war between iran and saudi arabia especially in yemen the clinton foundation were the billions of dollars the haitian people are still asking the question where is all the relief we've all heard about the panama papers and the exposing of people hiding money there what we have an abode of so much as how come no american names have fallen out got to be climate change and the effort that continues activists in libya washington you know you know putting their bodies on the line to stop structures and coming through to you know to do fracking and things like that pentagon's u.f.o. program as the locals stories all across the nation that are being ignored because people are fascinated with the soap opera in washington and as twenty eight thousand begins if you could offer a new year's resolution for president trump what would it be. transducers resolution should be you will never make your daddy happy. stop trying to
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destroying the world just go back and read what the oath of office that you took last year in january stop tweeting president trump stop tweeting simply walk away you know i have to tweet everything rethink maybe calling people calling things fake news get some sleep you're sleep deprived and stop tweeting either he quit twitter or he acts as a filter for his twitter tweet is too it's nice to ditch the twitter and chill out he seems to have surrounded himself mainly with foreign policy and security with people don't agree with anything that he believes my advice to him would be fire all those guys and hire a list of people that i should give you stop thinking about himself and start thinking about the people who voted for him in the promises he made got these really interest first year he has the lowest approval rating of any president history really ask yourself why that really assert your authority over the department of justice they're killing you tell the truth very simple quit lawyer and tell the truth to the one to protect america bring american jobs back build
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infrastructure that program let's do it make america great by not looking to the past to things such as cool or you'll stuff like that do everything you can possible to keep mike pence out of the presidency stay the course domestically loosen up a little bit internationally call tiffany more i mean see that she probably doesn't want to talk to you but at least make the effort to learn to read. i think there's some. that are in cartoon form that i think that's a reasonable goal for him town for twenty. that is the big picture if you missed any part of this week's show or if you want to share it you can find all of our shows at youtube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch him anywhere any time on any device and if you see it somewhere else you can also find r t america. t.v. channel three two one here comes twenty eighteen i have two new year's resolutions
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one for you one for me for you oh do as we say question more don't just dismiss that which challenges you as fake news and for me you won't believe how skinny i'm going to be one year from now happy new year.
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we have. doctors here at home. but what about people we just care until after year ago they support the relatives would hate them and relatives love them and it just so absolutely inspiring to hear something at telephone call or a person coming actually i just had a man in my room post said the same words he says my wife has just died thank you. most of the problem. was certainly. the full. song
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soon. as. soon as i booked my name is on to make cheap i'm a travel photographer and i went to kenya today i'm both highly national parks to meet the most i it's been an amazing people. all who have managed to preserve their authenticity and find ways to interact with the outside world. to be surprisingly many most i speak good english and have internet access so finding them and arranging to meet was a breeze. yes .


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