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was. human rights watch claims fifty two iraqi civilians were executed by using the fighters as revenge for supporting eisel we talked to the group about the alleged killings. and is setting up safe zones for women for the new year's eve celebrations to prevent a repeat of the mass sexual assaults seen previously in cologne. to me it sounds it's a bit like to be set up it's a good idea it's needed. in front of me. our team needs to do in tribal leader who insists on staying on what he calls his ancestral land despite israeli authorities flattening his village more than a hundred times. and the main suspect in this week's terrorist attack in some
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petersburg which left over a dozen injured is arrested for. a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me making arun good to have you with us this hour and a report by human rights watch claims fighters from the use it the minority kidnapped and executed fifty two iraqi civilians in june when this is claimed you see the forces killed men women and children who were fleeing fighting between islamic state and government forces the victims were from two tribes that had reportedly sheltered and helped i saw militants both kids will some human rights watch told is that anyone in these tribes has now become a target. but there are two tribes these are sunni arab tribes one called into it the other jaish these are famous tribes from the area of singe are the historical
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homeland of the according to the is e.b.'s these two specific tribes were complicit with isis and the day that isis arrived in the area these try to help isis to round up his east turn women into sex slaves and to massacre other members of the z.t. community since then i've spent much time with u.c.d. elders who told me they had drawn up a list of individuals and of tribes and would target them and kill them if they had the chance heard of incidents where or what is now a group of u.c.b. fighters you see the militia empowered on the payroll of the baghdad government that has targeted members of these two tribes but what we understand is that they're targeting anyone from these tribes women children men not because they were specifically involved in this abuses and abuses against these he's but just be careful because they carry the name of this tribe according to top iraqi officials
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almost seven thousand his eighty people were kidnapped spy eisel in twenty fourteen alone and three thousand are still missing. little. the men would offer us and skiffs in the evenings they would get together and treat the women and have their fun with us. because of. it was indescribable for me laugh turned into endless suffering tears and hunger i couldn't do anything quite. so we're told is the cycle of revenge killings in iraq is damaging hopes of restoring peace. if any in these battles against isis has been to end a horrific cycle of violence and year of violence in iraq allowing groups of
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actors to target tribes to target women children men and we have had nothing to do with the crimes of isis with complete impunity allowing them to torture and execute with impunity really will spell disaster for the next steps in iraq in any hopes of reconciliation through community it's. with the world gearing up for new year's celebrations berlin has come up with a new way to ensure security safe zones for women are being set up at the brandenburg gate posse this comes in response to massive sexual assaults at celebrations in the german city of cologne two years ago artie's maria for national has been gauging reaction in the capital. just like at new year's celebrations the world over hundreds or thousands of people are expected to flock to this place here in berkeley to see out the old and bringing the new you can see preparations the current me on to go in with keeping everyone safe without spoiling the atmosphere
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is a huge challenge for the authorities and these here organizers i go in one step further aside from usual safety berries and alcohol bans and so-called women's safety area is being set up it's a zone where female guests who feel sexually harassed of just uncomfortable can get special help is being manned by members of german red cross and comes in response to events two years ago back then hundreds of women who were sexually assaulted at new year carnivals they were groped robbed intimidated and separated from their friends according to leaked police documents there were more than one thousand cases reported in cologne in hamburg alone more than two thousand men were reportedly involved most of them asylum seekers the new idea of the women's safety area has received a mixed reaction that's a good idea many people feel like need help but they don't know who to ask to do
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and having these services kind of nice i think sexual harassment was people who were in groups and you were so how do you get from here to the safe place i mean. it seems a bit far fetched i don't think it's such a good idea it's to me it sounds it's a bit like an early be set up. after freight but this it is it too it's good because it's needed. in front of many it's kind of interesting that they do it in a new year's as an event it's because i'd be better if it's like a long long get to like tutor or like that they. artistic one think that you do first pressure because i don't know it sounds a little commercial you know way too early in police has also issued recommendations for those who are planning to come here for new year's celebrations including avoiding aggressive groups pain attention when someone gets too close and
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in case of any danger reporting to police review notion r.t. from berlin the head of germany's police union has warned this safe zones for women said a devastating message to those he ventured outside of those urns front cancel from the alternative for germany party believes its new migration policies that are needed we feel that there is a new step of. danger coming into our country we've seen it since we have to already build vols against our christmas markets this is a development we do not want to see really policy should change we should not continue to have this mass migration of illegal mass immigration we do have we have to count and see who the people are who came to our country have to register them this is a process which has not been come to an end and we must close the borders in order
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to have a stable society you can go much further than the security forces or the politicians in germany goal so that's a problem and i think this is not a good sign for the new year to come. on palestinian was killed and dozens more injured during clashes with israeli soldiers on friday thousands took to the streets in the west bank and gaza. most. israeli military retaliated after rockets were fired from gaza over the no towns of teas were reported mass rioting has become
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a weekly occurrence since the us recognized jerusalem as israel's capital earlier this month. when you're salaam is just one of many better land disputes in the area and israeli court has sentenced to sixty eight year old bedouin man to ten months in prison and fined him more than ten thousand dollars for trespassing on state owned land but he claims the land belongs to him. medium is a village elder. in southern israel but they were in tribes had settled that long before the state of israel was proclaimed israeli authorities came the tribes occupy the land illegally and have sent in riot police and bulldozers to demolish the village whenever it's we built so far they've leveled it more than one hundred times ati's paula slay reports. i'm here in the nor the negev desert where there isn't much except a few dozen unrecognised bedwyn villages this is one belonging to the to retry but
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there are some two hundred fifty people who live here and they say that this land is they is going back generations but the israeli authorities insist they here illegally. after. the. it will take years until this fighting ends they are looking to push out so will compromise and will give this land to the state. he my your duty if i was jewish the soldiers wouldn't come here at six in the morning on a rainy day they don't care this is just a bedouin house they don't think the bedouins are human beings they don't care that bedouins the citizens of this country they don't care that bedouins live on this land not the country's land. the tribes says they've lived here for seven hundred
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and fifty years. this document is from nineteen zero five in the autumn in the era of the second one with the red stamps is also from ottoman times nine hundred twenty nine and this third one doesn't have to do with the land it's from nine hundred thirty six and these are receipts from taxes for the land. everybody here is family father mother uncle aunt relatives only the alps henri family is buried in this cemetery no one else only el torito tribe and their relatives. what would you do. if you suspect in this week's terror attack in some painters but has been detained jacqueline's the has the latest. the russian security services put out
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a statement saying that they have identified and detained the alleged organizer and perpetrator of this attack that took place on wednesday they emphasize that they do believe this was a one man working by himself he planned and carried out the attack all by himself and no further information about the suspect has been released yet but we do know that he's being questioned by the russian investigative committee and they have already come out saying that they are going to make a request to officially arrest him on that charge well a man who is believed to be seen i believe we can show you a video right now of the man he is seen entering a grocery store with a backpack on and it's believed that this is the man who left that backpack in a locker near the entrance of the grocery store and then quickly left and the resulting blast loved over a dozen people injured and some of which are still in hospital unfortunately and in the aftermath of president putin came out saying that this was a terrorist attack the day after he said that islamic state did take credit for an
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explosion and of course now the suspect is in custody we will be hoping for more information on what the motivation was and what not of course many will remember that earlier this year in april another terrorist attack did take place in st petersburg and there metro and that killed over that killed fourteen people and wounded over forty more and that was one of the most deadly terrorist attacks to have taken place in that city but of course it actually could have been in fact worse because there was a second device that just did not explode and was diffused in time. iran has been gripped by nationwide rallies both for and against the government it started as a protest against soaring prices and unemployment and snowballed into the biggest anti-government movement since two thousand and nine but later on much larger crowds turned out in support of the country's superior leda in spite of that the u.s. is only focusing on the antigovernment protests. many reports of peaceful protests
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by iranian citizens fed up with the regime's corruption and squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism abroad iranian government should respect their people's rights including the right to express themselves the world is watching but already we do see that foreign players are involving themselves in iranian affairs and this is ironic because the united states right now is complaining about a legit russian involvement in u.s. elections even though they've never provided any evidence for this but i personally don't think that this is anything of major significance i think the west and the western media they want to exaggerate the importance these are protests. that are that were small most of them were expressing their economic revenge fears and very few were expressing how so the tea towards the government or the state and
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today they're actually counter protests against those groups that were protesting against the political order and they were much larger in numbers across the country but again those were not reflected in the west from the. family of a french aide worker abducted in mali are accusing the government of failing to help because our story and most of the kind. thank.
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you she's going. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so we want to be present. for something i want to be. that you'd like to be this is what before katrina more people. interested always in the water you. should. welcome back well russia has had a very busy year and twenty seventeen if you want to believe the mainstream media especially when it comes to sowing discord and interfering in elections worldwide russia's foreign minister and how the few words to say about that this latest interview.
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we. talked. about the. so did you hear that russia's foreign minister actually admitted to meddling in elections around the world i don't. know that.
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what do you think do you think that that actually i mean are you surprised by that that he would admit to actually meddling in the u.s. election absolutely definitely changed everything that the public was seeing right now and course he would never move if he did anyway right it's quite surprising that he would admit something like that and even go further actually it's a prank video it was a comedy show that he did he was totally being so good i mean this only i knew. he was being sarcastic ok much more sense you're saying he was joking. program right but who knows that he's joking do you feel like people are predisposed to believe negative things about russia one hundred years and. i think that we have a very negative connotation about people in russia yeah it's the way russians are pictured the western countries. the son of an elderly french aide worker abducted in mali say her family is disappointed how little president mccrone has
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done to help free her so if he is at seventy two years old back in two thousand and sixteen she was abducted in the city of gower by local terrorists this july she was showed in so-called proof of life that first it released by al qaeda and showed her alongside five other captives her son says despite an ongoing investigation he's received no information about his mother. the paris prosecutor ordered an urgent investigation but it has stalled we are now trying to find new materials to restart it so that it won't be apparent in due to a lack of results we're establishing contacts to try to trace her and seeking any information to establish with the she's alive and where she might be found so far we have no news nothing concrete be the from the kidnappers nor from any contact persons and also nothing from the foreign ministry's crisis center. over the past five years the number of people kidnapped by terrorists has been rising sharply
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last year there were almost sixteen thousand cases worldwide after hostage for so if it was posted online the french president pledged to eradicate the militants behind the kidnapping however after a year her whereabouts are still unknown. if your bones will do you're not looking but the odds of today my thoughts are with our compare traits of people going on who was abducted in girl on christmas eve be sure that all the resources of the state are being mobilized to foreign her and bring her back to her family but also be certain that as far as i'm concerned i will not give in to any provocation because that is precisely what our attackers want it's good that they can be contacted for support but a family has been disappointed by the government's failure to make any decisions on this case yes it's wonderful that we are being supported but the one who really needs support is my mother we need to ask mr marquand about this he has power in
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the situation he can decide on a course of action it must be admitted that so far no progress has been made in tackling this matter. your smartphone may be more vulnerable to hackers than ever even leading cyber security experts don't market it was recently caught out here's what happened. can who has hacked twitter has been notified of the day tweet was not me.
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so my cafe is the creator of the popular mcafee antivirus software he's also behind a wide range of other cyber security products we spoke to him about his own online security breach and the rise of cryptocurrency we live on a number of people we will rely on our share is the telephone terrorist around twitter my father was hacked through my character eighteen prior to being hacked my phone was totally disabled you couldn't call into it i got calls from it they sent it to my phone number a special code so that i could get in but it wasn't me it was the hacker. this is something totally out of my control totally out of everyone's control what happened to me is not a threat but there's a great threat to all mind this is a great threat to our. cryptocurrency most people do not come and see it on their
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own while we're living in a new world and a new world of risks for all of us using the internet hackers are becoming more and more efficient and more sophisticated in their hacking techniques this is going to happen to me i promise you it can happen to anybody. so the latest on my colleague sean thomas at the top of the hour. hello my name is peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got soaked through in the time. i get yelled. at me because it is punished or did you cry because it's a guy. i still does not get to see if.
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i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat somewhere i would sleep. but i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. well you look to be. a cut above the boy you like going to school you know just wanted to still give a speech but i've. heard. it's
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you don't really feel like a human being you know. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave you this book. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be
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a castle but do the authorities accept such solutions tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution your craft someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. it's the cradle of jazz. we. took knows this jazz feel. the city of climatic contests trophies of alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least. kozma. of street racing in the peace of the night this is new orleans. the best place in the world.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground ahead of tomorrow's vote in bolivarian revolution revenge as well are held in the shadow of threats from washington of
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strong and swift economic actions coming up on the show stocks and they've broken economy we speak to actor and director nick moran about his upcoming edinburgh fringe play performers written by of in welsh and whether the real gangsters are in the city of london and while britain's privatized british airways faces yet more strike action could we learn from iran whose national carrier just appointed a female c.e.o. we'll ask one of the islamic republic's senior clerics if western sanctions benefit the nations they target plus who is and he's going to move anyway all the simple coming up in today's going underground but first in the past twenty four hours donald trump and barack obama don't know chevron the oil multinational released results to the new york stock exchange the company infamous for allegations that it is responsible for water pollution soil contamination deforestation and cultural up evil allegations in. these pictures of the ecuadorian amazon told an emotional
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story and it's easy to blame a big oil company like texaco for images like this. there's just one problem texaco now owned by chevron already cleaned up its share paid by chevron to back up that claim with former u.s. trade representative mickey kantor or and former bill clinton chief of staff and even in the past few days a dutch appeals court has rejected claims against the company but the chevrons opponents just like the opponents of exxon mobil which also reported results yesterday with its c.e.o. rex tillerson now go on to become us secretary of state big oil will always be part of a claw. war and class war is arguably at the heart of a new play premiering at the edinburgh fringe festival next week based on the one nine hundred seventy s. film performance during mick jagger the performer's is a new play co-written by dean cavanagh and the author of trainspotting irvin welsh the play is a record by mick were on the star of lock stock and two smoking barrels and the harry potter films he joins me now nic welcome to going underground to tell me about the new play the performers. where you start it's as you probably know it's
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written by. the cabinet and i think it's just sort of a modern day waiting for god oh really the pair of them came up with this absolutely brilliant premise which is the nineteen sixty nine don't camel film performance people may know that stars james fox in jack i don't kind of had this idea of using real villains it was part of this new wave of of british cinema and so he he reached out into the underworld to get as many connections with with real life gangsters and chaps as he as he could. quite good friends with james fox he plays this devlin the gangsta character in performance directed him in the kid in my the movies i made him and i heard all sorts of fantastic stories about how james had to hang around with the south london gangsters and learn to box and you know.


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