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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  December 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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grew up with both christmas and hanukkah in my house so i got to see first hand how much hanukkah socks to get they should go. to toys right there just not a day's both right than it's i just put dude give me a pile of plastic choice made by chinese children or get out of my face ok. i'm going to take my cool toys and my fourth get away i want to go. look at a religion you run and here. you want to try out a religion we're going to take your toys and go to you know i don't like god i do not good sir. so this so there are the normal things people criticize about christmas it's based on materialism and consumerism it's buying stuff you don't need putting it inside boxes that are necessary wrapped in paper you don't like to give to people you're ambivalent about but. the most obvious points or perhaps not
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the worst christmas or really santa clause is the first. kind of grand a lie you're told when you're a little i mean unless your uncle is secretly your father in which case you're dealing with a whole bigger issue. but for most of us the santa clause lie has a lot of important cultural lessons for our our young impressionable brains if it shows us that it's ok to lie if everyone's involved in. the choices that the entire adult of thor and carry in society that tells us what to do where to go out of by the whole whole apparatus will jointly deceive us as a group like your friends your neighbors or the news the weatherman norad norad this. reports on stanislaus. there is nothing else in a miracle that all of adult society agrees on doesn't matter if it's saving your
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religion you don't have to be christian if you're if you're oh a polytheist who believes every drip but water is a god in and of itself. you still can't walk up to a four year old and go hey you get hosed on this whole santa story the right way follow the money to follow behind. the kids you. know if you do if you do you're a monumental proportions. if you don't agree to join in the law you're an outcast a problem for society to deal with and it gets worse. once you're old enough to know the truth about santa you're told to be part of that's why you're you're you're initiated into the societal massive fraud club you might only be six or eight or whatever but you take an aside and explain the truth that your parents are frauds and the nicest man you've ever heard of who simply wants joy
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to the world that i don't exist at all. not really and then your parents say but when you see your little brother or sister keep the deception a la your you did with us now. you're old enough to help us lie to others. it seems like it's all fun and games but it actually has deep implications for our cultural mindset in the way we behave in society in his book a holiday hazing ethan indigo smith calls it the santa claus syndrome and he says that program stays with us through adulthood adulthood incrementally decision by decision we call the view accepting allies as a normal part of adult society government advertising news corp and against all just politics right that's part of the reason it was so easy for the corporate media to tell everyone to hate edward snowden or julian assange chelsea manning
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they came forward and revealed to us santa claus is a real there's a massive law in your old. take a corner and said that and then the media told us that anyone who would say such a thing is in their head they don't get it right. plus the same idea also indoctrinates us into the big brother surveillance state he knows when you're sleeping he knows when you're away. so be good for goodness sake. when you're little you look to your parents to to see how they respond to these ideas and do they say son this guy is horrifying all right you just play it cool pretend everything is fine and then when he's not looking i'm going to grab his red sack put it over his head then i need you to hit him with a hammer all right and you keep it until he stops werman. now they tell you this is how the world words people are watching you so don't do
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a single thing out of line and conform in act like the other autumn of tongs and think about the whole being naughty thing if you're not a you won't get any toys you might even get cold but you know who else hardly gets any toys really poor children they don't get any either so in the large holiday. so when the largest holiday on the american calendar you basically being poor is viewed the same as being naughty or evil and it gets you hated by the most benevolent man on the planet. job growing only this is a really good. this is a true capitalistic holiday rewarding families who are not poor with loads of gifts while reminding others that they're not invited to the party and also there's a whole sweatshop thing with the elves but we don't really have time for that and
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if you don't give me though they're free to leave any time they want they're in the north pole all right santa probably has their jackets locked. somewhere papar they're going to get paid so yeah it's and so i'm saying the guys at alcatraz were free to leave any time they wanted. that being said happy christmas merry hanukkah joyous kwanzaa and an orgasmic arbor day to all for you to watch this is. a. really ten dollars take the news from behind it as the republicans passed the largest tax the aft ever seen let's talk about the things
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we're spending our federal tax dollars on it just broke this week in the senate gun spent millions on u.f.o. research yes you have photos such as seen in this actual pentagon video. coming. in. has anyone sacked or whether he just sneezed on the windshield or like. it or. maybe someone tossed a pickle off their big magnet just talked to because they can fly down kind of weird on the it i'm just saying maybe we should fund a committee to research whether we spent twenty million dollars researching a pickle that's all i'm saying. i mean this is amazing that they say that they have
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been studying u.f.o.'s but i left worried about alien life forms than some people because my feeling is if they want to come down here and try to control the. fine all right have a look around we could use some new management ok. agle cross or no no probs we could use the help. it's not like we're making great decisions on our own for example a federal ban on making lethal highly contagious virus is has been lifted that's right all you deadly virus collectors out there fret no more. you know it's been really tough to find affordable day recently it has so. so let me get this straight making a highly lethal viruses that could cause a pandemic killing millions that's cool again but i can't have a beer out in a public park that's too dangerous for society i mean in the worst case scenario i
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piss in an a.t.m. i write it like in the virus worst case scenario we lose massachusetts. what else are we spending our tax dollars on i'm glad you asked sexual harassment settlements now total in congress one hundred ninety nine thousand dollars that's right every time you pay your taxes while you're right in the check sing the star-spangled banner with hard nipples remember. remember that a few of those dollars are so congress can afford to sexually harass people who don't have and how. how does that even work they claim that is an office expense or what is that. who wants a bed if aliens do show up our first words to them will be nice. but he got seven they're moving on a new study. good too weird for her a new study shows that black americans have almost no money yes
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a recent study found that black people in the boston area have a median net worth of eight dollars. that is eight dollars while white households have a median net worth of two hundred forty seven thousand five hundred dollars sounds fair to me. maybe that's why the u.n. has come to america to study the exact dream poverty. and the level of inequality and destitution actually shock to the u.n. observer but i'm going to peer fluffing to post has the answer genius hack shows how to use amazon prime to help the homeless oh my god does it say amazon is tony eating a tenth of all their profits to house every homeless person in america no no no. it says you can now use amazon prime on your phone to buy and send stuff to someone
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sitting on the street. that's their genius hack. using amazon to buy a blanket put have it delivered to a homeless guy with what if instead of bags. we created a system that housed everybody what if we drive down your eyes you. know rather than just having millions who are but every once in a while there and a blanket shows up. i mean when you think of the big picture amazon is one of the biggest leeches our society has sucking just its teeth digging into you sucking everything dry but now after they suck us dry you can use amazon prime to mail a band-aid to the victims. thank you. review
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of victims apparently secretary of state exxon mobil ruffled some feathers when he basically says the us should be careful not to let values like human rights create obstacles to the pursuit of its interests. yeah wrex that's been a real problem for us in the way we've really led human rights slow us down that's like saying a boulder rolling down a hill should stop worrying so much about the squirrel that smushing. but just in case you didn't get it this is true a leaked memo has now come out from a top tillerson advisor who was trying to educate him on how exactly our government weaponize is human rights it's said that the u.s. should use human rights as a club against its adversaries like iran china and north korea while giving a pass to repressive allies like the philippines egypt and saudi arabia you know
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you do have to marvel our ability to weaponize just about anything we can use you can bring us on coups ball covered syrup and would be like. to kill a dude with that. we could even weaponize attacks on ourselves. recently newsweek excellent u.s. government planned a false flag attacks to start war was soviet union in a three page memo members of the national security council wrote there is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air or in a provocation operation in which soviet aircraft would have peer to attack us or friendly installations to provide an excuse for u.s. intervention. this should leave us all outraged that we do not attack our own people unless it is via poverty pollution g m
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o o's climate shine a manmade super virus. or reboot of t.v. shows that we're average to begin with. other than that we do not attack our own people. or also if they don't fit into the acceptable to corporate parties we attack them for that too which brings me to this week's brush in. the very soul of the congressional which has turned its laser like glare to green party presidential candidate jill stein they say she colluded with russia by running for office. and not just running but running as a third party candidate. in fact when she ran in two thousand and twelve this is true she was chained to a chair by police during the entire presidential debates but then when she ran in
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twenty sixteen she was not changed any chips. so how did jill stein avoid the constitutionally mandated chaining up of third party candidates on. seems highly likely russia did it. this story is developing we will bring you any updates as the mainstream media makes them up in the coming weeks. ahead. and finally let's and with some good news the jury found all six k. . yes. yes yes q this is huge it shows our creative to protest our freedom of speech but really for the moment still exists and. now let's go live to the mainstream corporate media's coverage of this historic moment.
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we have to go to a quick break but if you want to read my response to the hit piece n.p.r. did against me you can find it at the top of our twitter at lee camp at redacted tonight or on my web site will be back in a few seconds. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics business and show business i'll see you then. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with a tax haven the secrets to trilling and united states dollars passed through most.
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in the amount of time that we've been in panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's a fact of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of phone sicko documents were examining. the all the people which basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of newspaper. and probably other politician which were. other politicians the media would point to find their targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some
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things don't just happen by chance it was very striking there were no more americans to go specially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that this special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. the panama chronicles. that. fire in the middle of projects in a film far under trump over sixty environmental rules are either out or on their way out one third. of which have been guided directly by the e.p.a. here now to explain where things stand is senior environmental watchdog john of o'donnell. all right so what's the latest from
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well i mean by all accounts it seems like a pretty sweet place to work these days what are you talking about all sorts of environmental protections are getting overturned rolled back at the p.a. and elsewhere are you talking about i like flood building standards or like and then your freezer new coal leases a public man or like methane reporting requirements a proven the keystone x.l. pipeline moving forward the go to access by block removal of the church drilling ban and they are dick rolling back fracking regulations that i was saying sort of thing that survive you know out say what is great for the employees of the e.p.a. they don't have to do jack. gray place they were at the head of their agency sky pruitt he's like that cool guys substitute teacher you dream back as a kid. learns a given day that's every goof off all the time and brings it is super sweet and i have to sit in. on this is it your seventh grade history class fantasy this is the
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environmental protection agency it's kind of a big deal that it run properly and and not by somebody who before being in charge there sued the a.p.a. fourteen times. rules are still coming out of the p.s.a. just now they're more heavily influenced by industry than ever before so the scientists can all chillax and focus on their passion projects and. projects yes yes the e.p.a. recently rejected findings that say the active ingredient monsanto's roundup is a carcinogen but they relied heavily on big agricultural industry studies to do so this sort of practice gives e.p.a. scientists more free time to focus on. on groovy side stuff you know like say download their consciousness onto an external hard drive they can interact with to ensure they don't die alone i mean that is my plan. as it is
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i mean is it b.p. i want to do their job aright i mean do they i mean i mean if that's the case why have more than seven hundred e.p.a. employees taken buyouts and early retirements as of september both because they oppose the agency's current direction and take advantage of a twelve million dollar initiative launched to thin the rakes driven process quote before you run it just now that they will left and they've left because they're not paid to listen to that's what it said the head of the agency isn't taking science into account when making decisions ok he may not be taken science into account but both he and trouble are definitely taking cold c.e.o. bob murray very seriously here's this guy's take on climate change in the way it is not real and not scientifically based in sociology. it's politics. and it's an agenda they attacked the us c.p.i.
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. with radical environmentalists. back at me yes it's very disturbing to see mr potato head in a suit but. did you see his hands three days being influenced by him where the right things are things are as backwards everyplace the c.d.c. recently had the words science based brand from their documents. now i'm serious israel alert ever i mean it reminds me i came up with with a with a joke substitute teacher scott pruitt can tell the e.p.a. you can say was it ever is is really environment. i care about mind. you so. we're not going to receive yes this is exactly as a v.a.
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new details have come out about just what kind of doctor you might get if you're a veteran redacted correspondent natalie mcgill filed this report. he said health care for all in this country is exhausted and. these there's my health insurance card is just the punch card from chopped creative salad. the upside is i'm eating more kale. the downside is i'm still too punches away from getting a free cat scan. but if there is any group of people that shouldn't be battling for better health care it's our troops specifically care that isn't from doctors whose injury rates rival an arm dick cheney hiding behind a duck blind. unfortunately that's not the case according to a usa today investigation the v.a. knowingly hires doctors with past malpractise claims and discipline for poor care
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what i'm. those doctors a neurosurgeon named john henry schneider has twelve malpractise claims filed against them in fifteen years including getting his license to practice in miami yanked after a patient died. but even though schneider was upfront with the v.a. about all of the shortcomings in his application the v.a. still hired him after a group of his the medical peers thoroughly reviewed as far away and approved his competency his hiring isn't a huge surprise considering his group of medical peers consisted of dr nick riviera dr bunsen honeydew and beaker. i don't even think bigger has the credentials to take someone's blood pressure my systolic and diastolic blood pressure can't both be me. this falls in line with a pattern of misconduct that has continued under multiple administrations being
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spent nearly six point seven million dollars to secretly settle cases but problem boy including medical professionals who committed negligence and misconduct and were allowed to resign with clean references but what makes the v.a. attractive to medical professionals with background histories shady or than the stare maxine waters gives you would you won't let her reclaim her time is that the v.a. you don't need to have no privacy insurance your taxpayer dollars are paying for claims filed against doctors that never should have been hired in the first place like david houlihan a psychiatry flagged by the iowa board of medicine who told out so many narcotic drugs at a wisconsin v.a. hospital bed he went on to earn the nickname the handyman rumor has it if you saying his name five times or facing a mere he shows up to your house or is he had made an hire only out of sanity pills
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if we're going to have an administration that can't stay. singing the praises of our troops then we should have some parity between the money we spend to send them places where they're physically and emotionally damaged and how much money we spend to repair that damage last week president buyer ball whiskies signed a seven hundred billion dollars military budget into law meanwhile the proposed twenty eighteen budget for the department of veterans affairs is nearly one hundred eighty seven billion dollars imagine the billions we spent on new fighter jets were actually spent on for. providers streamlining care or dissolving medical student loan debt and raising salaries of health care professionals who work in the v.a. especially since i'm quoting eleven nearly six thousand positions are and physician assistants and more or less to be a health system by two thousand and fifteen that number had grown to over seventy
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seven hundred it's clearly a long way to go before wrongs are righted in the v.a. health care system. but the next time i see someone from our government dell stop disrespecting our troops and i felt player kneeling during the national anthem i'm yelling back you first. or you. get back ok. sorry joe and we'll be off next week for the holidays but good web exclusive videos and more by texting the word redacted to four four nine nine nine it's free in the us you can also get our show every week on direct t.v. channel three true one until next time goodnight ok. where
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is that country called russia no one's ever known one has ever had a country never even heard about most school. bus running insisting that we don't go to them i am.
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trying to lift us out because they had. a bus that. i mean you when you could talk or knew what it would get seen by showing you i need you to go ships enough that i was told. ole so. and yes yes to. check i don't. think you do from a jewish point you might. just think that if you are missing discussed the custos there i mean just turn over young.
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human rights watch claims fifty two iraqi civilians were executed by the fighters as prevent for supporting isis we talked to the group about the alleged killings. early on is it setting up save zones for women for the new year's eve celebrations to prevent a repeat of the mass sexual assaults seen previously in cologne. to me it sounds it's a bit like either be said it's a good idea or it's needed. in front of any. party meets a bedouin tribal leader who insists on staying on what he calls his ancestral land despite israeli authorities flattening his village more than one hundred times. and the main suspect in this week's terrorist attack in st petersburg which left more than a dozen injured into a rest.


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