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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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i you know. despite the fall of a state in iraq thousands of people from the minority ethnic group. are still being held hostage on the program here we speak to a fifteen year old girl who has just escaped terrorist captivity. and his record extends the detention of a teenage girl accused of punching to i.d.f. soldiers after her fourteen year old cousin was hit in the face by. the u.s. syrian democratic forces tell me that thousands of terrorists and their families were allowed to leave russia shortly before the city was recaptured reportedly with the full knowledge of the u.s. led coalition.
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here in moscow on december thirty first twenty seventeen your main story. it was this week that showed light on the fate of the smaller ethnic and religious minority in iraq. despite the fall of islamic state thousands of those kodesh speaking groups are still being held hostage many of them are children who have been abducted and sold at slave markets. to leave. the men went off. in the evenings they would get together and treat their women and have their fun with us. it was indescribable for me into endless suffering. and i couldn't do anything not
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cry according to top iraqi officials in twenty fourteen alone almost seven thousand years e.d.'s were kidnapped by ice so we understand three thousand still missing. reports on the long way home of some disease straight from terrorist captivity. age ten location. ten thousand dollars russia age nine location techie starting bid fifteen thousand dollars keenness age eight location syria starting bid. thousand dollars. age fifteen. baghdad sold put two and thousand dollars the d.d. was kidnapped by isis in mosul in two thousand and fifteen for near enough three
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years she enjoyed horrible things things that new fifteen year old girl or any woman should ever have to endure two hours ago she was bored back by her family here in baghdad no one called the police no one wanted to risk her life she spent her first hour. crying in the hotel room where in my isis tells its hostages that their families will kill them if they ever return but her rest would be brief as to how she shouldn't shops or to shut. the fuck up with. so many people who are happy that she's. telling shortly after our meeting her relatives took her shopping. she was rescued by a group of men who specialize in tracking down these e.d.'s kidnapped by isis they
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then either negotiate a sale or steal them back so the big gun secrecy i don't and she got you know if i say that if we show the girl still in that position with their relatives apparent t.v. the deal will be off that they'd kill the hostages as such some of the. people involved didn't want to appear on camera but the stories. and if you get your good to this day one of the girls was kidnapped when she was sent. for. consecutive house here where there are several girls san eleven twelve years old who were all raped gifted or sold as many as fifteen songs. if not for sexual pleasure isis brainwashes children and sends them on suicide missions or sells them for money oh when isis fighters flee to turkey they sell
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their slaves because they need money to go back to their home countries. you may not know but when the u.s. led coalition and their allies in syria reportedly led hundreds of isis fighters need then besieged graca whose jihad this took not only the guns and families but also the hostages and slaves the same people that are now being aborted back of the prices vary depending on where there are if they're in dangerous places you can be eighty thousand dollars otherwise around fifteen thousand. others also tracking down missing people one iraqi enemy has made a name for herself rescuing children. she spent her own money buying out several of these kids and the other half after that one of the girls told me the story of her she and her aunts were in isis
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captivity two of the terrorists watched them day and night to prevent them from running away then the girl told one of them that she couldn't sleep and asked to see a doctor the isis fighters gave her some sleeping pills she kept them and put them in his seat at the. terrorists fell asleep and she and her own managed to escape us the girl was eight years old and was too terrified to do anything so the girl told her let's destroy and run away they will kill us anyway and they skate three thousand years edis is still missing hundreds presumed held by isis the international community no longer really care is easy these don't attract the same ratings now that they aren't being slaughtered so it's up to them to recover their children and to help them heal from what isis has done to them or our guys the
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odd see from the hawk iraq aki contacted several human rights organizations about what's being done to help the victims of these crimes so far we have heard from the red cross and human rights watch. the battles in mosul and ramadi and fallujah all over iraq have yielded an overwhelming overwhelmingly large or high amount of missing people people who whose fate are unknown to the families are still looking for them whether they are in captivity with group or any other party in iraq if they have the right to know the fate of their loved ones whether they have been dead or are still alive somewhere in iraq being held by a certain party to a conflict. three years have passed the community still vastly displaced in. the woman who brought back to come from captivity. or taken
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care of those who are still in captivity are still there and there has been no international effort whatsoever this is a community singled out basically within the iraqi community and they are not supporting the women in. the areas that are neglected. you have not seen if any serious efforts by the british or baghdad government to ensure that the victim get their day in court and get justice for what has been done to them even when some of these men and boys it needs to judge it's during the trials against them that they help you see the sex slaves by but you see these are not being invited into the room are not being invited to these trials and are not being granted real access to justice. and israeli court has extended the detention of
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a sixteen year old palestinian girl and her mother after the daughter was caught on video shopping and slapping two i.d.f. soldiers the court says the pair pose a danger ahead i mean he confronted the two soldiers in front of her house in the west bank. and after a relative was hit by a rubber bullet video of the incident with a head went viral with some hailing it as a symbol of palestinian resistance. the footage shows ahead along with a cousin kicking and shoving the i.d.f. soldiers then mother joins in a heads cousin was also arrested but released after forty eight hours on the pair had been angered after another heads cozzens a fourteen year old boy that one was injured after being hit in the face by an israeli rubber bullet i had father has defended his daughter saying she feels she
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had no choice but to take action. to put it in physically the what if i thought for the palestinian issue she believe that we must study that it or the time she needs to be in a few of the over the. in the. in the clashes with me. this is what she believed in. for that when the. head when she saw. the army she became more they gave more she won that he needed to fight the we requested comment from the israeli defense forces on the girls' case the i.d.f. said she's being investigated for suspected assault on a soldier but also for throwing rocks the girls twitter account has been deleted although it's unclear at this point with the head herself might have been behind the move. i.d.f. soldier henri weisberg says the israeli presence in some palestinian areas is at a high military level hence why such incidents occur what happened last week and
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the video that's gone viral with her slapping and pushing two soldiers. is not part of a protest it went much more viral once they showed up. later on a few days later early in the morning and arrested her a sixteen year old girl for pushing somebody who was without any sort of authorization standing on her property image of a fearless young woman she's sixteen standing up to fully armed soldiers and the soldiers if you notice they come into these villages and i did when i served in the i.d.f. as well fully armed for battle the heavy military presence with in palestinian communities it's thirty years old the amount of force is overwhelming these soldiers are only partially trained for doing what are essentially police duties but you notice they're in full battle dress they don't look like police men i don't
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think that the eye. a.t.f. sees itself as in a precarious position all tensions up in a high in the region ever since donald trump decision at the start of the month to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital he also announced the intention to move the u.s. embassy there from tel aviv now the standoff between israelis and palestinians has continued for four weeks now with many left injured and a number of dead. i. feel .
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this is the floor it's friday rates actually palestinians all over gaza strip east jerusalem and the west bank are demonstrating and protesting against donald trump's declaration that israeli army is throwing gas canisters on the protesters as since the morning since that announcement was made. well
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you can smell the tear gas from here so strums made that announcement fourteen palestinians have been killed and those figures according to the palestinian health ministry they also report that more than three thousand people have been injured it's escalating its uprising but that is right the army has been at throwing tear gas canisters all the. testers are running away from the but for something. that's been suiting life i mean ac and i probably it's because one hundred very very very close to where we were standing so. the situation here like it has been for the last month. and quite tense and we can certainly smell tear gas every way. there were at least five ambulances that. floor our three injuries you're watching the weekly here on r.t.
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international shortly before iraq in syria was recaptured thousands of eisold terrorists were actually a school had been given to help to leave the city over to bring you details just a moment. and. we have. doctors here who. know what about care until a year ago they still weren't the relatives would hate them and relatives loved them and it just so absolutely inspiring to hear something at telephone call or a person coming actually i just had a man in my room most of the same words he says my wife has just died thank you. and. the local blogs told you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk
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forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce talk for the tell you the celebrity gossip the public by itself a little more news today. while i'm off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough and let's not fight there are probably. the hawks right along the border with one. thank you joining us for the weekly the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have told r.t. that thousands of eisold terrorists and their families were allowed to leave rock shortly before the city was recaptured its claim that the deal with islamic state was agreed upon with the full knowledge of the u.s. led coalition and we can show you a video which the fighters shared with us they claim it shows
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a convoy of trucks carrying eisold terrorists the drivers claim they were misled about the convoy and told they would only be carrying displaced civilians if the deal allowed eisold militants to escape deeper into syria while others reportedly made their way upwards straight into turkey. i saw the arsenal fighters they left in the buses for the resort i don't know where they went after that there were about three thousand people fleeing i saw a flight this along with their family when they. were injured are those seem to be unharmed. but i was working at the green storehouse when we saw the i saw mill sleeve there were lots of them but we were not afraid. according to the truck drivers they transported around four thousand people and the convoy was around seven kilometers long and despite an agreement to only take personal weapons there were ten trucks loaded with arms and ammunition and dozens of foreign
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fighters also reportedly managed to escape with some of them making it out of syria the drivers said they were shouted at and threatened along the entire route while the u.s. led coalition has confirmed this deal did take place however it denies taking part in the so-called negotiations the coalition also says only four foreign fighters were in that seven kilometer long convoy and they were later captured by the s.d.f. international relations professor jamal wakim says if indeed washington played a part in the deal as it said it did it would actually undermine its claims to be fighting terror. this video. to the material evidence of the implication of the united states army and the fighters with this is unheard of evidence to the fact that the united states you would swear i supplied goods. they were allowed to get three. through american.
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lines to a safe haven maybe to other areas where they could fight the syrian army and their allies i believe that this also undermines the claim of the united states that it's fighting terrorism and. gives credit to the accusations that the united states is using tourism as a door to achieve geopolitical objectives and. in the middle east. austria's recently sworn in chancellor says the e.u.'s migrant relocation quotas are not helping to solve the refugee crisis sebastian kurtz believes the problem is should be handled at the migrants home countries migrants who cicero for europe don't want to go to bulgaria are hungry they want to go to germany austria sweden they should be helped and safe areas in their own continent the e.u. should support that perhaps even organize it and back it militarily there have been
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somewhat similar calls in the past from other european leaders and last month the french president proposed military action to put an end to people trafficking in libya but. from the damascus center of the featured studies believe such an approach would be deeply flawed. to send troops on european armies to abortive these. very. safe zones i think it's not practical in person for these arms will be involved in the internal affairs of these countries and they have cheated from the long. people will be may be negatively they will lose a lot of. soldiers first so i think to be engaged in internal adverse of any county it would be reflected on their internal affairs and i think they should read very good the story of syria during seven years they
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should read the story of libya. and the story in africa and don't think that this is a good approach now or these pictures show just how desperate some migrants are crossing the alps from italy to reach from battling freezing temperatures often in an adequate clothing just trying to find a better life in europe european leaders are now increasingly looking towards the migrants from countries but. again he says that it will he actually believes they're just using this crisis to exert their influence in the region you have been you know they are feeling that they are. outside of the political settlement now example in syria they are outside in libya they started to go shit against libya then they became not a. real player in internal affairs of libya in
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yemen they say maybe in africa we cannot see that they are all is very important so because of that they are trying to. to review their role in the middle east. so with the holiday season upon us each culture is putting its own stamp on making this time of the year special and for the african-american community there's the chance of celebrating a relatively new first of all those kwanzaa or those origins are somewhat unusual as caleb maupin explains. with christmas festivities still underway americans are waking up to find donald trump sending out greetings for yet another holiday today marks the first day of kwanzaa a week long celebration of african-american heritage and culture that's a celebrate the richness of the post and look toward a brighter future it's our static at the start of kwanzaa one is that a holiday that millions of people around the world hold dear a secular celebration to honor african american and pan african heritage and values
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never heard of kwanzaa don't worry you're not alone according to a survey taken in the last three years this holiday season is the african-american christmas is actually only celebrated by less than three percent of african-americans do you celebrate kwanzaa no i don't celebrate kwanzaa i don't so it kind of. i try not to get too involved with so much hype of all these different festivities you know anything about the history is it something you identify with i really don't. i haven't really been exposed to much about clones that i actually don't think too much about it i grew up celebrating christmas the thing about donald trump sending out a statement for kwanzaa you know today a lot of stuff that he does it's pretty hypocritical so nothing he does because surprise me so what is kwanzaa what is it all about well the holiday was started back in one thousand nine hundred sixty six by dr melodic harang he is a black nationalist and he felt like the holiday would strengthen the
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african-american community and resist the white majority i wanted to give black people a holiday of their own so i came up with kwanzaa i said it was african because you know black people in this country wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was american now just five years after he came up with kwanzaa kurang i actually went to prison for torturing two of his female followers now in the media generally chooses to ignore his jail term and his nationalist views when they do coverage of the holiday and they also still invite him on to talk about it however at this point we've learned that not everyone in the african america. community is a big fan of kwanzaa there is no holiday in the on the continent of africa associated with this set of events this is all made up by a person who when the radicals in the nineteen sixty's the black panthers were operating thought he was too radical for them and he wasn't able to be
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a part of what they were doing and he helped put this forward as a way of distinguishing himself and trying to build a greater following african-americans have a diverse and rich history but kwanzaa seems to have very little to do with it many african-americans don't see a need to celebrate what they consider to be an artificial holiday kaleb mop and artsy new york but i thanks for joining us here on this sunday as we show you some new year's shots from moscow may we just take a moment to wish you a very happy new year from all of us at the ins. with make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous
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merry go round listen to the one percent. with no middle of the room sick. for. a flight. so many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful
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game played great so one more chance for. the base this minute. the full. sound bites and. so yes that was my name is ultimate i'm a travel photographer and i went to kenya to amboseli national park to meet the must die it's been amazing people who have managed to play serve their authenticity and find ways to interact with the outside world to. reach surprisingly many most i
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speak good english and have internet access so finding them and arranging to meet was a breeze. was one heck. of a good yes it was. like. oh. i decided to become a real must woman myself and experienced first hand all the trials and tribulations of tribal life. thank you from what you put them did it was was the tribes most
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respected woman agreed to help me you know she presented me with the red dress and brightly colored shawl and piles of jewelry that she had made with her own hands. that were the. yeah she's fifty two years old and her name's my tour and she has four adult children but i call her mama for short you know and i know now i'm not like. mom immediately gave me a chore i had to go and fetch some water. moments of them there is only it is over when it was that i got the sheets and the wood. to move you know if you or whatever you know now there's a big story admiration for him we're going to let you know that you know that i was . that you are you. have got a. right is. rather
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a. good thing that you would look at the mess i collect water from small puddles left in the dried up river bed for their animals to drink judge with at this time of year when it seldom rains missed the hydration they normally get from plant. when it comes to drinking the cooking and other household needs to get their water from the well at the launch nearest to the village. despite carrying heavy water careless turns on our heads we stop to gather firewood on our way back. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.


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