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tv   News  RT  December 31, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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despite the fall of islamic state in iraq thousands of people from the ethnic minority youth viddy group all still being held hostage we speak to a fifteen year old girl who's just escaped terrorist captivity. while an israeli court extends the detention of a teenage girl accused of attacking two idea of soldiers after her cousin was hit in the face by an israeli rubber bullet. two people died during price rise protests in a wrong which turns political with government officials that suspecting foreign involvement in the death.
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a warm welcome you are watching the weekly here on r.t. international the latest headlines and a roundup of the stories that shape the week on the key aaron it's one hour till new year here in moscow and it's great to have you with us. now this week has shed light on the fate of an iraqi ethnic and religious minority view despite the fall of islamic state thousands of the kurdish speaking group are still being held hostage many of them are children who have been abducted and sold as slaves markets . the men would offer us as gifts and in the evenings they would get together and treat the women and have their fun with us. live on. the basis of gayety yeah it was indescribable for me laugh turned into endless
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suffering tears and hunger i couldn't do anything not quite. according to iraqi officials in twenty fourteen alone almost seven thousand new city people were kidnapped by i still and three thousand are still missing out is more i have reports on the long way home a few cities from terrorist captivity. age ten location. starting bid ten thousand dollars russia age nine location turkey starting bid fifteen thousand dollars penis age eight location syria starting bid teen thousand dollars. age fifteen. baghdad sold for two and a hot thousand dollars d.d. was kidnapped by isis in mosul in two thousand and fifteen for near enough three
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years she enjoyed horrible things things that new fifteen year old girl or any woman should ever have to endure two hours ago she was back by her family here in baghdad no one called the police no one wanted to risk her life she spent her first hour of freedom crying in the hotel room bear in mind isis tells its hostages that their families will kill them if they ever return but her arrest would be brief as to how she shouldn't show sufficient. and up front about. it so many people who are happy that she's. meeting her relatives took her shopping. she was rescued by a group of men who specialize in tracking down these e.d.'s kidnapped by isis they
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then either negotiate a sale or steal them back their big gun secrecy i don't and she got you know if i say that if we show the girl still in that possession with their relatives a parent t.v. the deal will be on that they killed their hostages as such some of the. people involved didn't want to appear on camera but the stories i chill. with you get you're good at this one of the girls was kidnapped when she was san annoyed for is a consecutive house here where there are several girls son eleven twelve years old who were all raped gifted or sold as many as fifteen signs. if not for sexual pleasure isis brainwashes u.c.d. children and sends them on suicide missions or sells them for money oh when isis fighters flee to turkey they sell their slaves because they need money to
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go back to their home countries. you may not know but when the u.s. led coalition and vera allies in syria reportedly led hundreds of isis fighters need that then besieged rock blues jihad took not only the guns and families but also their hostages and slaves the same people that are now being boarded back. the prices vary depending on where there are if they're in dangerous place you can be eighty thousand dollars otherwise around fifteen thousand. others also tracking down missing people one iraqi m.p. has made a name for herself rescuing children. she spent her own money buying out several of these kids and then to have you know one of the girls told me the story of her escape she and her aunts were in isis
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captivity two of the terrorists watched them day and night to prevent them from running away then the girl told one of them that she couldn't sleep and asked to see a doctor the isis fighters gave her some sleeping pills she kept them and put them in the the sea. terrorist fell asleep and she and her aunt managed to escape the girl was eight years old and was too terrified to do anything so the girl told her let's try and run away they will kill us anyway and they escaped three thousand years e.d.'s is still missing hundreds presumed held by isis the international community no longer really cares. do the track the same ratings now that they aren't being slaughtered so it's up to them to recover their children and to help them heal from what isis has done to them or i guess the sea
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from the hawk iraq. and israeli court has extended the detention of a palestinian teenager and her mother after the girl was caught on video hitting two israeli defense force soldiers the court says the pair pose a danger to the idea sixteen year old i had to mimi confronted the two soldiers in front of her house in the west bank an hour after her cousin was hit by a rubber bullet there a video of the instant with our head went viral with some hailing it as a symbol of palestinian resistance. the footage shows are heard along with one of her cousins kicking and shoving the i.d.f. soldiers her mother can then be seen in the video cousin was also arrested but released after forty eight hours but trio were angry after another of our heads
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cousins a fourteen year old boy was injured after being hit in the face by an israeli rubber bullet i had father has defended his daughter saying she feels she had no choice but to take action. pillar to pull his impreza freedom fighter what a fighter for the palestinian issue she believes that we must be any study indicted or the time she needs to be in the fruit of the soul dub in the dynamic to act in the clashes with me. this is what she believe in. for that when the well i saw her when she saw. the army see became more active more and she won and he needed to fight them. we were quested comment from the israeli defense forces on the case the i.d.f. said it she's being investigated for suspected assault of a soldier and also for throwing rocks the girls twitter account has been deleted although if unclear whether the herself is behind the move for my idea of soldier
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or a wise book says the israeli presence in some palestinian areas is that a military level what happened last week and the video that's gone viral with her slapping and pushing two soldiers. is not part of a protest it went much more viral once they showed up. later on a few days later early in the morning and arrested her a sixteen year old girl for pushing somebody who was without any sort of authorization standing on her property image of a fearless young woman she's sixteen standing up to fully armed soldiers and the soldiers if you notice they come into these villages and i did when i served in the i.d.f. as well fully armed for battle the heavy military presence which in palestinian communities is thirty years old the amount of force is overwhelming these soldiers
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are only partially trained for doing what are essentially police duties but you notice they're in full battle dress they don't look like police and i don't think that the i.d.f. sees itself as in a precarious position. the new year's celebrations in iran are being overshadowed by months political unrest we've got that story and most. global warming off selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battle is going. to do sox credit tell you that will be gossip and tabloid bias fell for the most important news today. on the box about highs i'm telling you are not cool enough and lets you buy their product . all the hawks that we along with all we'll watch. it.
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here's what people have been saying about rejected in many ways to us essentially just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same. apparently better than the flu vaccines that i see people you've never heard of low redacted tonight not present in the world bank so very. many seriously send us an email. welcome back all the wealth is welcoming in the new year and celebrations are now in full swing and southeast asia the fireworks started going off a few hours ago in the indonesian capital indonesian capital jakarta and also of
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course in hong kong meanwhile here in mosco the new year is less than an hour away and jacqueline is in the heart of the capital for us jacki good to see as i was and still present red square. but there's a lot going on tonight we're counting down the minutes and right behind me you can see see basal cathedral which is of course a part of red square and all evening people have been enjoying a star studded concert there and just off to my left there's a huge park filled with thousands of people who are here waiting for the fire fireworks celebration that will start right at midnight and it's not just here in the heart of the city but all over moscow that celebrations are taking place because of course it's important to remember that here and russia new year's is the biggest celebration of the year families get together have huge feast exchanged presents and bring in the new year together and of course because russia is such a huge country it actually spans a levon time zones moscow here is the second to last that will actually bring in
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the new year so many many people in russia her. already seen in the new year and we are waiting and counting down so nikki i'll be with you next hour next year blood over thanks for that jacki looking forward to the fireworks and looking forward to your reports as well in about forty five minutes time now that started back innovator in the heart of moscow there where there's one place that doesn't belong to any time zone and that's the international space station where the crew have recorded some special greetings for us. i wish that in the upcoming year all the disagreements in arguments will be forgotten but honestly this is a rule. and today we want to present it to you dear friends we wish you all the luck and hills in the world. however is a troubled end to the year in iran the country's president has addressed the nation for the first time since protests erupted across the country has on one hand he said people are free to express their views but must avoid damaging the nation's
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security he also hit back at president trunk for accusing iran of supporting terrorists that's after the latest provocative tweet from the u.s. leader big broadhurst in iran the people are finally getting why is this to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism looks like they will not take it any longer the u.s. is watching very closely for human rights violations. anti-government demonstrations started initially in protest at soaring prices and unemployment but slogans later turned political and spread across the country on sunday to protesters died in the city of dorrit in western iran there has been no information about the cause of death officials say they were thora taze didn't open fire at any point while the deputy provincial governor claims foreign influence is more likely . that in the heart of the point we have found evidence of enemies of the revolution tech syria groups and foreign agents in this clash take fear is
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a term for sunni militants especially islamic states in this situation violent clashes broke out in the illegal demonstration on saturday and unfortunately two people were killed no shots were fired by the police and security forces and the goals for this rally to finish peacefully earlier the u.s. state department said it's closely following the protests it also condemned any arrest also claiming the protests were peaceful however they've haven't always been result peacefully in this video obtained by our rectally news agency you can see a police station burning after reportedly being torched by protesters there hasn't been any information about whether anyone was hurt the u.s. state department also quoted base remarks made in june by secretary rex tillerson. our policy towards iran is to push back on the show germany contain their ability to develop obviously nuclear weapons and to work toward support of those elements
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inside of iran that would lead to a peaceful transition of their government those elements are there surely as we know what they are looking for is. the iranian politics the iranian stablish mina's well as iran's regional military build up and presence in syria in iraq and elsewhere in order to. impose further sanctions on the country and also in order to village's them is the iranian policies on the international scene in favor of the united states they they are trying hard through their media outlets and through some social media outlets that they are running and funding to politicize the unrest so into iran people are now angry at the administration because president rouhani had promised them to strike a deal with the united states to resolve all their economic problems that was a wrong attitude he was already you know warned against giving such big hopes of
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the nation because everyone knew that the united states would not remain loyal to the deal and this happened unfortunately the united states defied all its undertakings under the nuclear deal and the president has failed in meeting you know his promises now people are angry to see that they are angry that he has invested all the country's power and future in the united states loyalty to the deal and they have come to realize that this is not going to happen. just over forty minutes to go till new year heroin mosco do stay tuned for our special coverage of the first day of twenty eighteen.
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nor middle of the room six. million. in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with a tax haven the secrets to trillion united states dollars passed through most. in the amount of time that we've been in the panama papers exposure. that's what shows off money it really is. journalism an act of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of. documents were examined. the all the people we. have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of
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newspaper. and probably other politician which were. other police from the media would point to find targets such as the kings of morocco in saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. that had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was very striking there were one american single specially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that this special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. of the panama chronicles.
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