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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  December 31, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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should be careful about running on sheer determination and gasoline fumes stephen to match make it to the land of great faces and great place to see south dakota. say this is good coffee and you know in the most it's great that's a cup of keystone jill letters there has the annoying thing of the forefathers on it that's incredible that's the closest cup of coffee to the constitution you're ever going to get young fellow what the fresh water flows down from rushmore to this fantastic location it's transforming i think i could feel ben franklins sweat it's a little sweet so i'm not quite sure from which part of him it is why are we talking about ben franklin money's not on mt rushmore yeah. max we're about. to mount rushmore do you think the magnitude
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and significance could go lactic sensitivity of this frequency and vibration to which we're about to embark i'm curious whether it's going to hit me like this is the most significant money made in america i feel kind of strange because i've never been to mount rushmore i've never been there never been anywhere near mount rushmore i use your words as a little kid but it. ok hold on that's my question. had something oh my marrow there american looking good looking good a little. mistake to. say graham. yeah i can see over there where the drainage pipe was smashed in so that. yeah. but how's my driving pretty good. thing. right. yes. you can talk and you'll be coming with us on the pilgrimage.
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we're not quite sure. how much is it for us to proceed. then do you take dash digital cameras. ok all right. have a nice day. and rush was. that would be a federal crime already. the first to move. next is hyping himself up to face this mountain this event here in our maxwell stephen thinks he notices something questionable around these parts check the. confederate flag no that is no way. ah. well brother the light
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of the almighty shines upon our forefathers as we approach the rock isn't that just majestic this is one of the landmark here in the united states of america i would say the next couple generations need to experience look. at. clearly the awesome this is mount rushmore has left our heroes will speechless. this is it. cool let's attempt rather. i say we head down the mountain and see what locals we can find to learn more about the struggles location yellow some crazy stuff they have a chance we're working chainsaw sculpture here house. and
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let's try that again but now it's part of the pilgrimage my friend but. i said if i had the keys back then i you know like this right here we go. my souvenir plant i'm going to grow this in my yard and now well i know it's illegal it's a glance from the park but it wasn't on the ground oh yeah that's right in a falling off a month it is like i didn't rip it off of my branch commit a felony the pilgrimage does not condone taking points from a national park look here thank you for visiting mt rushmore thank you mt rushmore . and that was the stuff so i think i found my spirit animal. ok it's either a wolf or a beaver. that narrowed it down to two to chose to know why might it be a wolf well because i thought my howling about howling when i. and that spot if you do your nose kind of tilt up into the wind a little i found my my sense
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a smile became acute i don't know what that was about the beaver neighbor thing can't make as i. thought i say hoover dam beaver dam beaver build i'm a verse you know so it's between those two steve in spirit animal is rio. in that south and our heroes enter town the talk with some locals to get a better understanding of the sights and sounds surrounding mt rushmore the. brother. on. this earth. her you know it was going. jarrett brother
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go to my buddy max and this stuff is blowing my mind right now and how long i've been doing this and i've been doing it for fourteen years now but i've been here for eleven this location you know and i spend prosperous it's been good this is what i'm livin for. and this is amazing what can you tell us about the south was so years ago i had a custom very special request from a local carver he allowed me to let it sit here it's one of the more popular pieces here so this support me with the arm for. the wolf i know to get next to me boost up oh yeah that show me right up until his into his left bush if you see a sasquatch we don't recommend treating him like a shopping mall santa. it's . a very you know i think your math but schirmer great stature all right then.
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i take large strides and there are some folks hidden on a pilgrimage now. this so we've got a couple of pieces down here one quick question you know. i think unbeknown to you you have carved max kaiser this is max kaiser you just didn't know it in your spiritual inspiration max but this could be my inner spirit animal that kind of been living in the tree and then it was released from the train with your heart chainsaw arts. we had to talk about this chair sir i will just saw the real thing i don't know which one i like better maybe this one what's this bad boy going for this one here is thirty five thousand to take digital cash. no no idea what i'm talking about apparently he didn't see the forty foot billboard
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drive into his parking lot rather you know. the saying super cool thank you so here it we just had. the moon our earliest presidential election in our history where you're headed about although. i think we're definitely at a place right now where things are are a little bit crazy but. i would say that we just have to everybody just needs to be on the same page otherwise it's just going it's going to keep killing downhill from here do you find this place this location this artwork which. most of it is you know patriotic in its theme is any part of that mean anything to you or is it just art whatever egos have always kind of been my forte and so for me to end up next to mount rushmore at the home of rushmore it's pretty wild when you think about it. he goes there my thing right over there one of my things to. just say that eagles are
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your spirit and they are you know. if you look at me and you see any spirit and want becomes obvious. you know. over here. and you end up here i was originally trained up in alaska that's where i learned the trade and i would always come back for the sturgis bike really and i was carving over there just in the rally fourteen years ago now and the owner of this property asked me if i wanted to come here instead of go to alaska and also a car carving. so max you see anything you like yeah i'm thinking bear same popular you know something. like a pocket sized pair i'll own who would take me to train as a chainsaw are. absolutely
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i'm going. to try to create rodin's the thinker right here with your help all right with this change for the love of all things fluffy and you. please do not give this man a chainsaw. the way this can go well. when you don't see. what the. ted spread. let alone.
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said. let me know. that. you speak french. to. come to call russia. no one has ever had. never even heard about most school.
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join me every so straight on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics school this list i'm sure. i'll see you then. only one day to go before the ninth birthday because i just think about that in nine years it went from absolutely unknown piece of software to world shaking wall street transforming society busting mega import saying.
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how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is good business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like is there nobody over the case and i don't know what comes any more we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that knowing they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not there are actually paying enough to put it back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. bridge what secret is behind such success.
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did not go there. i. didn't. like the cost of his first brush stroke or michelangelo putting chisel to marble max approaches wood with a chainsaw i am. mark kelly. is going to come. under.
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when heading up a chainsaw trying not to do it spinning blades first. wow that is so i'm seeing a little thinker nailed it it's beautiful here's like his head and he's lean and i don't know where is neat oh here's his knee but the arm that comes up well i think you know making glue that and that was perfect you know always good. regulations on the any warhol of chainsaw art the fifty thousand who most certainly. church can't think enough it's quite epic here and given thematics kaiser a lesson in chainsaw sculpture there's one more of your pieces i'm really going to
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frickin englewood zebra trio take a look please. now this is your brother give your current cash and that's my final offer. sold the asking price was three hundred dollars but. the firm rather. it's beautiful. you can't because i've never really been real good we know most things stephen says just don't add up god bless you and your site. that's the. only cost so much every year. are you kidding me god is.
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accomplishing man u. to earth this is. awesome. i mean. yes possibly and i think. it's nice. to get on the motorcycle point for it's going to come down gentle don't wanna click on this. lulu. your suicide for the art of wood carving and climbing all over gerrit's livelihood stephen in max head. deeper into town to see which trouble they can get into making them actually world's largest art exhibition rushmore borglum story you know i've been to the live museum in paris i'm contacting that's true. i'm so naive that. i mean what was i thinking another wise moment from our leader
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the told you. that's what i'm talking about but if we can buy some t. shirts we can you know just just fun brown. nose oh you brother my name is stephen. alone just in the middle. of a pleasant thank you so have you over in the snow thank you for you brother. i love all your shirts but i'm looking for something from here mount rushmore with some flags something i absolutely absolutely have for you look at everything. and somebody that you're going to floods with the faces of us around here is the bell with the buffalo i like that when i get some other stuff going on over here though i'm going to pick sixty two most i since the sun is right and i still love it i'm glad his eyes large perfectly still playing clearly yeah absolutely give me
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a lot of guff when i'm done. looking saturday like that's an old school machine. he does that i could support an old friend of my though but there's that famous guy like use of the wow that's cool. but still is that these those models is a miniature of these a place is the difference. in the sense that he says give me the ball as i have every waited for the next time. i use a pleasant and the black heels. look that came out you know. oh. this is what's really. does offer you a costume is nicer than the one on the wall that made my friend i'm happy thank you so much it's all yours right made special as a by your hands rather perfect the puzzle mine think it's a gift yes absolutely absolutely absolutely it's
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a good thing because he spent the last of his cash on the. bush the last thing in a few minutes if it's ok i'd like to talk to a friend of mine well absolutely nothing up on the perfect it was less as a joke at the first thank you but. is that next kaiser or daniel day lewis we really can't tell no. hello funny how we do great to see you this is one of you joining. us. is just thinking about. things what is your name. is this moses this is i know you work parting the red seeing. santana's to go your people still wandering in the desert or news if you work something out though we all made it to israel in one place ah yes oh that's fantastic are you happy to be
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here would you prefer to be i want to be in florida what i would have found is that we enjoy the mountains but i'm from florida always in the form is one but a little bit slower really from what i hear this committed to many israel and florida often you can kind of get they go national is that maybe part of that is why i've brings you here then my friends here in the north dakota correction south dakota as you know is this some of these rather they the jewish jews always good business and time real business were born will be mouths kept me going to have a business born in their ranks oh you're an immigrant oh yes america is a land of opportunity and dreams or did you know that immigrants actually carved an immigrant and his son carved mt rushmore absolutely but you like america well absolutely and for what it means. to the bookstore. that you know one of the stuff goes with it in the way they wish to tell the story . in your dream and with the visual just coming true it's
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a. heaven which we've got a double life of real but what do you jimmy to do other than your good looks. what a person would have as if we have absolutely the feeling. i have been a mess it up a little bit. more than some deep dark secret in you've. done all the tablets on mount sinai into something else going on. moses tell us the whole story this is . good to get on top of the so. that i got lucky i meant their lucky is and then some will convince mr jones that the buy one two thousand and seven that was over with estates class down oh yeah i was part of those crushing down and. try to make it back and now one of them over what we'll do is get to spend. some time going to forums. with some very very
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good news and. some not submitting the good move goodie that betty is so. and. it's fun and it's nice and it's so hard i would say easy but it's not so hard so you recover from the big two thousand a crash. came back not just said oh that's valuable. he did to the country do you think because here in america there's a chance to renew the i wasn't ever come back now i'll be the breeze but as of my last little bit of business on the i'll be working for somebody and have my life for the rest of my life because when you go up you and you go down there yes probably but i've really hard time running my love so with hard work in this country. and i'm going to hopefully going to pull out of it and it's going to beautiful for them financially don't need to be supported by wife back again some new wife maybe the finest that would have made it to someone coming up so. you know
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this is a country major monuments this is the biggest monument in america probably and if you notice last year to five years people have been trying to remove the monument city squares with the rubble flying with them do the things associated with the south from the civil war or civil war while being removed so how do you feel the stand were to happen in russia or somebody came around. absolutely not there's no way you can i mean this is a make a symbol of the i'm going to because i'm on that off soon that if you ask me another multiple for other viewpoint. it was up to me though. yes this is fantastic what for would you put out there from. really trying to tell us why do you think that just. i just. don't believe it was for many many years. turned to gold stars for whatever goes i mean you can't just walk away you know
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you've got to come up before. you mention one or any one. you know. to mark. milley reagan. who deserve to be the two i know well i mean you know you just you know what about me this is my one my chaplin or i mean i'm thinking maybe i am lincoln i mean were there i mean tonight i'm very just like i don't i wasn't was there this was a mary just talked to lincoln like this in the middle of your show i was invited to the base and i rush mark i want to play for you the rushmore there's a possibility i'm. ok with. this right do you think that you think you are but that is ok you're number to the and i think the most i never realized on a state was such a bully that there as you know from clinton's off i'm she definitely plays clinton and then you know far less so you'll be the had the leading all this or that. this will be that side we're beyond you yeah no no i don't want to rush into anything
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because it is a monumental decision well it's a lot to think about for sure moses you know i'm glad to bump into you my friend i wish i had some was a funny question so that was like more to answer for you guys because on the pilgrimage we discover it was president of the always assumes that. the future of. this tale in the pilgrimage has come to an end. stephen has a few new momentos to remember this monumental pilgrimage. max is well on his way to becoming a famous chainsaw sculptor. next time on the great american pilgrimage course right on. that would be great that would be great and i'll see you in a minute. i don't know it's just a long moseying across the prairie. right. thank god ever flock there i can. get on
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there max i've never felt so you master that i said. i feel like a walking beef jerky. hello my name's peter and i've been living in bush for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got. i mean. the guy. has to be.
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sensitive to public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent of. the time we can all middle of the room sick.
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delusional i mean real news really. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to refutation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than of us unless. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so yes unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns on the death toll from such preclusion this place to be like when the real.
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fireworks light up the sky over the kremlin has been a russian capital welcomes in the new year. celebrations in iran are overshadowed by the country's largest wave of unrest since two thousand and nine and president rouhani urges protesters to stay peaceful. and. also in the headlines on r.t. austria's a new chancellor calls for a rethink of the e.u. refugee policy saying migrant quote. this will not solve the crisis.
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