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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 13, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EST

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how on earth i support human rights supporter of that's that's the bottom line of what they are hippocratic they have double standards. if this happens in the us mainland would be accept it terrorists would be available terrorist organizations and to say the they have good cause of course not the mainstream media has a habit of putting itself on a journalistic pedestal getting the facts right giving balance and using trusted sources but those standards appear to be selective and only if the story fits the cover. down of r.t. we're fighting is still ongoing in series italy province at the moment between government forces and the al-qaeda linked news refreshment in fact his exclusive video of the battle for key positions.
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on the for. now a german children's t.v. channel is under fire at the moment for showing a documentary about the relationship between a syrian man and his german girlfriend amid claims that fail to challenge the repression of women is a clip. stuff i cannot wear short things always long things which i cannot accept my wife looking like this is very difficult for me and for arab men in general i do
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not like other guys talking to my girlfriend she belongs to me i belong to her those are my rules. of those doesn't mean we can't eat pork this is forbidden. that's just an call it's what's written in the qur'an it's not ok to eat it work is not normal and so i asked do i really have to eat pork to this will have to live together i stopped eating it but what concerned parent who describes herself as a qualified psychologist has written an open letter calling the program an attack on the emancipation of women in criticizing the channel for showing repression in a positive light to young people we got reaction to the program which could range from claims of exploitation to a failure of integration. i'm not sure that that's the role of a publicly funded agency or a media outlet if a private company or a cultural center wanted to do it sure but the idea of german taxpayers
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paying for this kind of sort of fake romance i think it's really disturbing this is about i don't even know if this is a real romance this is about a story a channel what is it what did what are the ages for these for this channel there are seven and eight year olds this is not really about the ideas of those people it's not really about freedom of expression or journalism this is actually about saying look at these weird muslims and brown people with their funny views and pushing on to white impressionable and vulnerable young people in society these are real stories and i think the most important thing of all is it's important we empower young people with good advice intolerance extremism is out there it was a lie right that guy pretended to be sixteen he wasn't sixteen so the kids were lied to from the very start and so i that's that's a knock against the whole program well i just think that this contrived romance was
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being deliberately sold to these kids as a way of undermining our setting the table for the undermining of maybe what i believe are the intentions of the parents parents have a right to continue their family legacies and their culture and this undermines it on the taxpayer dime you know if we have stories about young syrian people whether they're young adults whether the mine is who are mixing with into mingling with living lives alongside germans or other europeans i think the story should be told we have freedom of the press and we should enjoy it. you're watching out into national so to come here this hour police offices in new york caught taking legal action against the city's leaders for releasing forty cam video to the public we'll explain why just off the break. w. on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight
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the battle. for new socks try to tell you that every gossip and tabloid by the local news today. i'm telling you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the watch. list.
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thanks welcome back to. new york's largest police union is suing its own commissioner and the city's administration to the release of body cam footage this footage has serious implications not only for the safety n.-g. process rights of police officers but for the privacy and rights of members of the public as well. well the union does claim the release of video from offices body cameras is a breach of citizens previously adding the need ministration uses quote arbitrary and inconsistent parameters and is guided by political considerations one case in point is an incident that happened last september when a man was shot after pointing a toy gun police that video was released despite things that could jeopardize an ongoing investigation
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a former officer who blew the whistle on police activities believes the current system doesn't live videos to be used for political gains i don't think it's an all of a sudden decision if you actually read the lawsuit in the very first paragraph it states clearly what it wants and all it's asking for in the gist of the complaint is for these body camera videos not to be used selectively for political gain that's all that it's asking for it's asking for a better system for these to be disseminated out of the public and as of right now the two people that the complaint is listing against for seemingly abusing the authority is for murder blasio and the police commissioner itself so the complaint says that it why it's just not selective you videos being removed. last year three body cam videos were released by the new york police department to them show officers shooting and killing suspects a local news channel paid thirty six thousand dollars to. footage but the incidents
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and the releases could actually be weeks or even years apart a word of warning you might find the upcoming images distressing. hundred. hour later. on in our car. to have. her.
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she think. three point three parents took. her over to. fine after. my. dear seeing police officers being pawns in political games or get political games and they need to be protected there in the middle buffer between the law's the law makers the people they're supposed to troll and police the laws over and then their body camera usage their squad car video footage is all being used either for them
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or against them as a as a pawn moving game and it's just not fair. to look at other news now and this be. move islands in the tunisian capital during anti-government rallies unrest has been escalating there since new a sturdy measures were announced at the start of the year. friday's rally people held up yellow cards to calling for the tough policies to be scrapped over the past week demonstrators have set dozens of government buildings on fire prompting authorities to point soldiers on to the streets at least one demonstrator has been killed and almost eight hundred have been arrested also the
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seventh anniversary pro-democracy arab spring uprising on sunday. when a surprise move donald trump has announced that he will be attending the world economic forum in davos the decision that was widely criticised due to his america first agenda during his election campaign the u.s. secretary of the treasury defended the move though saying that the forum is not purely hangout for globalists alone not everybody seems to be happy that trump will be there because a base group has launched a petition calling for the u.s. president to stay out of divorce and so far it's been signed by just over eleven thousand people they cues him of racism islamophobia war mongering and also attacks on human rights. we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalists replace the present policy of global it with
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a new policy of america we are now putting america first. i was is unique in terms of treats with just a cold or quote. issues in the world cannot be so for governments alone but business a little we should get up to and guide economic globalization and make it possible for all people to benefit from globalization. i don't think it's a hangout for global us i think the idea is that you can on the team is going to go over and talk about the america first economic strategery i'm totally surprised this guy has come out with that remark because it's so unbelievable the major attraction each year for the international calls in the politan elite that have the
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best politics of the year. by definition is a fact because he's been he's a property billionaire and he's very much catering to those people in his results such as they result that he loves going to down in florida so in that sense they're all going to be the same sort of people so that is your news wrap for this hour don't forget you can keep yourself updated to our web site at r.t. dot com.
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in two thousand and sixteen the panama papers show the world with a tax haven the secrets to trillion united states dollars passed through most. in the amount of time that we've been in the panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism it's a fact of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of most like from documents where examine. all the people which basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of newspaper. and probably other politician which was the other politician the media would point to find their targets such as the kings of morocco and saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin
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of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was very striking there were one american single specially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that this special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. of the panama chronicles. i think there is indeed a potential to kind of come out of this impasse of implementing the mainstream it's by next week on the un peace operation. very sensitive politically walls contributing countries to be eventually. for troops it's off to decide to whom they have some confidence and to come to pass not sleep.
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sleep. ily. sleep sleep. sleep. i. sleep let's. keep plugging the leak. but i'm asked geyser this is the kaiser for perpetual motion machines you've heard
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about it we've read about it try to create one when you were a sixth grade probably do they exist i don't know maybe just talk to stacy max keiser well it's mad mad world out there everybody's getting on the chain the block chain they're issuing their own coins we've seen kodak coin we see at long island iced tea we're going to have a blotchy in the shares we're not everybody's getting out on that and everybody is talking about that craziness but you know this is the entire world is crazy because mad markets s. and p. has already surpassed year and price targets with only eight days to twenty eight teens here's a chart this little dot on line down here was where the market started the year and this line here is where most analysts predicted the s. and p. five hundred would be at the end of the year but it already hit that with an eight days the markets are mad. well you
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know if the cost of light is near zero then markets can go to infinity that's the way it works now i hear there is a rumor out there that the chinese are going to stop buying u.s. treasury debt that's been our rumor for hundreds of years that hundreds of years but it's been a rumor for at least ten years and of course there is the. understanding that china and america as a symbiotic relationship where china sends over all the cheap goods and they buy all the bonds and this goes on in perpetuity but you know there's a lot of tension now between these two superpowers and china has in fact curtailed their bond purchases which would mean that the cost of money goes up because a bond market goes down interest rates go up despite what the federal reserve bank
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does they can only control the very shortest term on the curve they can really control the middle of the long term so if china dumps u.s. treasury bonds and interest rates start going up then there is something called cost for money for the first time in ten years so apple would not buy back its own stock it would be too costly and we're going to get into apple buying back its own stock in these next headlines but first i want to talk about the fact that there's switzerland we need to talk about switzerland this is a little small country and i'm going to compare it to the fact that here i mentioned at the top of the show kodak coin kodak coin is one hundred something year old company it used to produce you know film for video and for like you take a little snapshot on your vacations and you would take a little roll of kodak film to your you know the print shop and have it printed a few weeks later now their shares have soared over doubling after they announced
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they're going to come out with their own cryptocurrency so in a market right now it seems first mover to announce that they're a block chain or they have a crypto coin is soaring they're benefiting from it it shows that people have an appetite for investment in anything related to crypto now switzerland you and i have talked about them since two thousand and eight since the financial crisis when they were basically their currency the swiss franc is treated kind. as a commodity everybody pours into it during bad times their the value of their cool their crypt their coin their coin their currency the swiss francs the swiss franc soars so member we've discussed the fact that they started printing swiss francs and buying shares in companies around the world we said this was insane but they were the first mover there small country and they can do this and they have
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benefited big time as the first mover to go full insane well switzerland central bank made fifty five billion dollars last year more than apple's profits switzerland got a lot wealthier in twenty seven thousand thanks to a central bank's emergence as a major money manager with a near eight hundred billion dollars portfolio of foreign stocks and bonds so they announced that they had fifty four billion swiss francs and profit which is about fifty five billion dollars they just print the money and buy shares and these international companies and they made more than apple so apple has to actually go through the whole process of hiring engineers and technicians and designers and producing phones and coming out with phones and doing all this stuff but here is the swiss national bank could be more powerful than apple just printing out money and yeah but it's a repudiation of the entire concept of a central bank a central bank as opposed to there's a lender of last resort or to provide liquidity in case there's a credit freeze the fact that you have such
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a banks becoming the buyer of first order and that they're printing money to buy stocks is a complete inversion of what their role is supposed to be in the economy and they become a giant hedge fund and they again are matter utilize or maximizing or benefiting from the fact that their cost of printing their wampum their funny money their fear nonsense is era and they're buying real assets with those zero with that zero cost money and that is a nerve on a like situation that. it is not going to last forever because it's going to be geo political tensions whether it's china blowing up and saying you know we're not going to buy u.s. treasuries anymore interest rates cannot remain at zero ever yet but again first of all i'm saying that kodak coin for example kodak is not something that you and i being having been in the bitcoin industry for the past seven eight years when it was only two dollars a coin you wouldn't have thought of kodak as
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a thought leader or innovator in the crypto space and yet they were the first mover and one of the first publicly listed movers into the space and they've benefited. the swiss national bank in a market of other global central banks saw all those bigger central banks the u.s. federal reserve the bank of japan their european central bank going crazy lowering interest rates driving costs down and they as a smaller country a little tiny entity of just a few million people compared to three hundred and something million people under the e.c.b. three hundred million people into the u.s. federal reserve went got a first mover advantage whether or not the u.s. central bank whether or not the european central bank will be able to buy shares in apple as swiss the swiss national bank has done swiss national bank owns millions of dollars worth of shares of apple by the way that's part of their portfolio so whether or not the u.s. government could do that without causing hyperinflation i don't think that they
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could do it like the swiss national bank has done and all of these mad markets whether it's kodak coin or the s. and p. five hundred already hitting near and estimates in the first eight days you know this could be the sort of spiral the vortex the craziness that you know these eight years ago or nine years ago was set in ten years ago back in two thousand and eight when they central bank started going insane is this is finally they're finally getting the inflation that they want but i don't know whether or not it will be out of control well you do have some pressure on the u.s. dollar world reserve currency is trending down if we see that break ninety on the index you know they're going to have a free fall which would be a catastrophic event but look the swiss national bank you know you have to compare them to let's say nestle corp nestle corp will buy a reservoir of water a public utility of water from the public domain for nothing and then they'll sell in bottles for a markup and they'll claim their business genius men even though they're basically
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just stole of the public's utility the public's. ok the public is like deranged by it the public is also now like clamoring to get. raw water from a company and california raw water means it's not treated or they go like this and take it out of the river and give it to you and there are all sorts of bugs and viruses and bacteria in there water people want authentic disease an organic authentic disease a set of virtual cyber diseases yes the mind they want there actually they want to have authentic gastro tests intestinal problems that are real you know the fact that the new york times even covered this story of people buying raw water for like twenty dollars a gallon sent people clamoring to get their hands on any supply left so now it's like sixty dollars a gallon people want it even though the new york times said look at these imbeciles
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who are buy raw water and everybody's like i want to be the figure of the soul of all so you know there's always a bigger fool at the table apparently but speaking of crazy and this is something you kind of predicted a long time ago and speaking of you know swiss national bank earned more profit than apple well apple to take twenty five percent stake in apple incorporated apple could buy back twenty five percent of its stock over the next three years as it brings home for in cash according to a new analysis from u.b.s. analyst steve in milan of it he reports this to barron's that buying is likely to provide support for shares as i phone unit growth slows and services and other businesses play a more important role so yeah right addicted this well yeah i mean they're buying back their own stock what they've got that joiner fifty billion or so overseas that should have been taxed as income at some point but instead it was not taxed at all now they're getting a sweetheart deal from a company ministration to bring that money back ladies it too is going to create
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infrastructure create factories create jobs going to buy back their own stocks own reaching shareholders and ciders and executives again a massive ponzi scheme called apple computer apple computer. as a ponzi scheme berkshire hathaway one of their biggest shareholders that's a ponzi scheme the stock market's a buddy's game the bond market is certainly a ponzi scheme the us dollar is the mother of all these games but coin is the only thing that's not a ponzi scheme again so the tax cuts. makes it more advantageous to book these profits over here in the united states bring this two hundred fifty six billion dollars from overseas to here but they're also predicting in this report in barron's about apple buying twenty five percent of his company so it's going to be like twenty five percent shareholder they're going to be the most serious companies are taking themselves private that's taking themselves partially private if you give these corporations free money to buy back their own stock at no cost if you allow jeff bezos to buy whole foods without any cost to him whatsoever it's a creative it goes on the bottom line the day one it's zero cost is just having up
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the well that is what i say like swiss national bank has zero cost to print swiss francs because especially this no longer the world is no not really it's no longer put on paper you know if you to listen they hear they're saying that apple's going to spend an additional one hundred seventy three billion on top of the already you know several billion that they were doing on share buybacks so most of it's going to be front loaded into this year basically they're doing like brown's bottom gordon brown when he sold all the u.k.'s gold announced it to the world we're going to sell our gold drove the price down got the guarantee lowest price for the united kingdom here apples guaranteeing the highest price ever paid for apple to buy these hundred seventy three billion dollars worth of shares they're saying that this is going to be front loaded into twenty eighteen most of the share buying will happen this year and those of us who are not participating in this game called central bank apple computer warren buffett trifecta of fraud are going to be put out on to
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the surf slave circulation waves yeah we're going to be surfing. surfing on the ups and downs of the stock market manipulation of their fake money and their fake i didn't know who i did just go surfing on the ocean of free money as it comes crashing in on the on the other sure. all right more coming your way after the break don't go away. i think there is indeed potential to come out of this impasse of implementing the minsk agreements by next week on the u.n. peace operation this is a very sensitive politically contributing countries to believe and show that you offer troops boots off to decide to. do you have confidence in him to have not.
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some animal rights activists are just upset that we eat meat period which makes no sense by the way because animals eat other animals and we're supposed to be equal with animals but suddenly they don't want to humans eating other animals so in a sense they're saying that animals have the right to eat other animals but humans don't have a right to eat other animals even though they think we're all equal so somehow there is a logical inconsistency that. young children have worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and.


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