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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 13, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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the terrorism so how on earth i support human rights and i support terrorism that's that's the bottom line of it they are hippocratic they have double standards if this happens in the us mainland would they accept it terrorists to be available terrorist organizations and to to say the they have good cause of course not the mainstream media has a habit of putting itself on a journalistic pedestal getting the facts right giving balance and using trusted sources but those standards appear to be selective and only if the story fits the cover it has done of r.t. mean time seems fighting still ongoing in series province between government forces and the al qaeda linked news room front is exclusive video of the battle for key positions there.
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the german children's t.v. channels under fire for showing a documentary about the relationship between a syrian man and his german girlfriend amid claims it failed to challenge the repression of women is a clip check in a bit if you self. stuff i cannot wear short things always long things i cannot accept my wife looking like this this is very difficult for me and for arab men in
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general i do not like other guys talking to my girlfriend she belongs to me i belong those are my rules. is fine with us doesn't mean we can't eat pork this is forbidden. this is simple it's what's written in the qur'an it's now keyed to it it is not normal meat and so i asked do i really have to eat pork to this we will have to live together i stopped eating it one concerned parents who describes herself as qualified psychologist has written open letter then calling the program an attack on the emancipation of women criticizing the channel for showing repression in a positive light the young people she said we got reaction to the program which ranged from claims of exploitation of one side to failure of integration on another . i'm not sure that that's the role of a publicly funded agency or a media outlet if a private company or a cultural center wanted to do it sure but the idea of german taxpayers
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paying for this kind of sort of fake romance i think it's really disturbing i don't think it's the role of the government or a government agency to to work the children against continuing the values and cultures of their parents this is not really about the ideas of those people it's not really about freedom of expression or journalism this is actually about saying look at these we had muslims and brown people with funny views and pushing it on to white impressionable and vulnerable young people in society these are real stories and i think the most important thing of all is it's important that we empower young people with good advice intolerance extremism is out there i don't even know if this is a real romance this is about a story a channel what is it what's what are the ages for these for this channel three there are c.n.n. and. funded channel right so you have seven and eight year olds who are watching this romantic thing i'm not even sure that was appropriate ok and so let's start
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there and then the idea that the idea that parents would be subverted by their own government that's absurd les i'm horrified if they are there i want to send something grand really. censor sir when it's the government and it's taxpayer money that's not censorship ok if it were if you want to do it privately with your own dime god bless go for it but if you're using taxpayer money why are you subverting the intention of the parents and the pets and the taxpayers that's the problem how are you speaking for these i'm really sorry about this but just from a you know presumably in a court of law they would say how on earth are you advocating as to the intention of the parents of you is i mean where do you get off doing this stuff i think you need to get back in your box you really are in no position to say what they are i get in my locks what is i don't you know what that means what i'm saying is this ok
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it is my it is my guess that german parents want to see their culture and their values and their family legacies continue ok is my guess and i think a few of them are what is mine and i said it was my area and the arrow and right on through in the united states. went on stay with us so every night we've got stuff like that come up every night international but to the present after the break police officers in new york take a legal action against the city's leaders for releasing both video to the public while the head. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that
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i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one might differ. its fate as there were no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
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again face choosing oh it's international very good if you come to this weekend so as i was saying for the bright new york's largest police union now is suing its own commissioner and the city's administration over the release of videos. this footage has serious implications not only for the safety in g. process rights of police officers before the privacy and rights of members of the public as well the union claims the release a video from officers body cameras is a breach of citizen's privacy frankly they say the administration uses quote arbitrary and inconsistent parameters and is guided by again quote political considerations one case in point is an incident last september when a man was shot after putting a toy gun at police that video was released despite fears it could jeopardize an ongoing investigation over it a former officer who blew the whistle on police activities believes the current system does allow videos to be used for political gain i don't think it's an all of a sudden decision if you actually read the lawsuit in the very first paragraph is
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states clearly what it wants and all it's asking for in the gist of the complaint is for these body camera videos not to be used selectively for political gain there that's that's all that it's asking for it's asking for a better system for these to be disseminated out of the public and as of right now the two people that the complaint is listing against for seemingly abusing the authority is for murder blasio and the police commissioner itself so the complaint says that it why it's just not selective you videos being removed last year three body companies were released by the new york police department two of them assuring officers shooting and killing suspects one local news channel in fact paid thirty six thousand dollars to show additional footage the union says the videos are selected to make a point and that the incidents could be weeks or even years apart sometimes now wally what's coming up here next you may find distressing.
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hundred. hour later. on in my car. i bought. her. she think.
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three point three zero. zero zero zero zero. fine but after. seeing police officers being pawns in political games or get political games and they need to be protected they're in the middle buffer between the law's the law makers the people they're supposed to patrol and police the laws over and then their body camera usage there in their squad car video footage is all being used either for them or against them as a as a pawn moving game and it's just not fair. let's try to fix what's happening in
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china zero. going violence there s. pressure villages in capital during those ongoing anti-government rallies unrest has been escalating since new austerity measures were announced at the start of the year. well of friday's rally you may just call it low shots you'll see people holding up yellow cards calling for the tough policies to be scrapped over the past week demonstrators have said dozens of government buildings alight prompted authorities to deploy soldiers onto the street at least one demonstrators being killed almost eight hundred have been arrested there is here is set to mark two worth bearing in mind for a footnote to this the seventh anniversary of the pro-democracy arab spring uprising on sunday. another day another story about donald trump in
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a surprise move it's announced that he will be attending the world economic forum in davos now that decision has been widely criticized because it was america first agenda during his election campaign the u.s. secretary of the treasury though has defended the move saying reform is not purely a hang out for globalists as he put it not everyone's happy to see trump there though one zero base groups launched a petition calling for the u.s. president to stay out of divorce so far it's been signed by over eleven thousand people to they accuse him of racism islam a phobia war mongering at attacks on human rights. we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism replace the present policy of globalism with a new policy of americas we are now putting america first.
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that was is unique in terms of fried swill to stay cold or code should be issues in the world cannot be so for governments alone our business alone we should get up to and guide economic globalization and make it possible for all people to benefit from globalization. i don't think it's a hangout for the globalists i think the idea is that you can on the team is going to go over and talk about the america first economic strategery i'm totally surprised this guy has come out with that remark because it's so unbelievable the major attraction to each year for the international calls not politan elite that have the best politics of the year.
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by definition is a fact because he's been he's a property billionaire and he's very much hate to those people and his results such as they result that he loves going to down in florida so in that sense they're all going to be the same sort of people if you do. turned up progress from the coasts. and reported back to you for now though that solar reporting this is kevin thanks for watching his latest live update from moscow but with more. time twenty five thirty five minutes to be tried so the time it's not on hand you know what i mean thanks for watching see you soon.
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i had a great education a good job and a family that loved me. i never had to worry about how i would eat some where i would sleep. but i'm facing christmas alone out on the streets of london. while you look to be. a cut above the glory like going to school you know just going to still give up food for the so. that you don't really feel like human being you know. and then. the guy just came over to me saw me and gave me this book.
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leveled off selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still. produce lots credit tell you that so be gossip the public by styles of the day. off the bad guys and tell you on pulling out by product. of the hawks that we along with all the one. some animal rights activists are just upset that we leak period which makes no sense by the way because animals eat other animals and we're supposed to be equal with animals but suddenly they don't want to humans eating other animals so in a sense they're saying that animals have the right to eat other animals but humans don't have a right to eat other animals even though they think we're all equal so so it is a logical inconsistency that.
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the. well how the our how that the. yes i. think if. there there is now a word that just came out a few years ago and you can say and it will instantly divide the room it's a me people just are yelling at each john and yes someone will end up crying at least a few people who are kind of bored out of their minds it's really it's really incredible that word is bitcoin was everyone could still count you the nerd orgasms it is pants like there's all three people always fall asleep at least three. and i figure it's high time we really delve into this topic since a single bit coin now is supposedly worth like about the same as the shoes
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a little baron trump wears roughly roughly fourteen thousand dollars and bank he'd probably give up every dollar he has in exchange for his father to remember his name was why. it's ok little fella. that could get better. in order to understand you have to first realize what money is to begin with because we we want money all day we'd like it if we. we you know you you're biased a wager a hat or a late night back alley foot job or whatever if you don't you don't really think about what it is we never stop to think about it money started as an iou it was a note right is that i owe you three chickens or whatever and then people started trading the ious without the chickens even getting involved the kid could just stay home and relax and just time someone would loan out two of the three chickens that
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he never even had to begin with and that's called fractional reserve chickens who really. good. because you. know. so so money at its heart is just a ledger ok it's keeping track of transactions it is nothing more various kinds of currency have been backed by different objects for thousands of years you got shit canned shells salt daughters coats you know whatever you are ours was backed by gold but in one nine hundred seventy one richard nixon i think we can all agree that so you want to charge your gold. to get send took us off the gold standard meaning we now have the odd currency that is a currency with no intrinsic value so the u.s. dollar has a lot of power because we have big guns and
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a lot of people use the dollar and anybody who tries to stop using the dollar like saddam hussein and moammar gadhafi well if see how that turns out for the. drop in the dollar has an honest direct correlation with the u.s. military invasion that ends with your head on a spike ok it. took to calling it encrypted ledger of transactions that is global fast and free to use in france the best way to explain it is to go through the arguments people have against it. people say it's not backed by anything other than the brightest out back by the there's no you know there's nothing you can hold you like i have a thing you know big calling has no chickens ok there's no chicken right. but neither does the u.s. dollar it's not backed by anything either and over ninety percent of u.s. dollars aren't even printed so you can't even point to a green piece of paper with a racist white dude and say they're yes. thank you thank you.
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very. big point is not the first digital currency because the u.s. dollar is a digital currency it's most of it is only on computers created by the secretive central banks run by fact guys sitting around a long boardroom table sweating through their blazers and it's in underneath their moves you know. the reality of the situation. the federal reserve is a private entity and the federal reserve banks twenty fifteen estimated net income was a hundred point two billion dollars they then transferred approximately ninety seven point seven billion of that to the u.s. treasury so that means they profit about two point five billion dollars simply for growing food fairs or marty told us and to keep in mind keep in mind it's not printed all right most of the opera so really they get two point five billion
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dollars we're just going to shoot somebody. that is that. it makes much sense as paying someone a billion dollars for like picturing the color blue in their mind what effort did that take on top of that there's no maximum amount of dollars that we can print you know we would just keep pumping them out like old mole and had a couple fire a new. kids out on the lawn on the wrong the national debt. the national debt doesn't even matter because we can print as much fun as we want big point on the other hand has a maximum amount of twenty one million bitcoins the next question people ask is how do i trust it i don't know who runs into who could steal or manipulated but the genius of big point is the block chain technology which means every transaction has
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to be verified by numerous computers working around the world simultaneously those those computers are not controlled by any one individual there's no. goldfinger's skeletor or steve van and who can just tell. people how it's going to be you who can turn things on or off it's all public now that doesn't mean a super rich people can't buy up bitcoin and control a lot of it but that's true for any currency and you might not understand a word i said about the block chain to be honest i understood maybe half of it but . you don't have to understand it do use it it's like an airplane they're all whole my leg trial assist machine. you may not know how it works but you still find yourself in san diego hairless and alone. you know this was. the next complaint people have is big point is used for bad thing leg drugs and
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prostitution not to you not to think. or what i mean tell you something negative nancy i did a little research just for this segment and i went and bought. of draw. agent market organs i just bought it all right and you know what they all want to be paid with cash money all right they want to say ok was the risk a curse. it's good staying so we better make dollars doing a go a better measure of a little rise any technological advancement will be used by some bad people terrorise you cheap burner cell phones right to communicate and then they throw them away so i guess we'd better go back to smoke signals and tin cans attached with a string you know but what if a terrorist are using the ten cans. let's just get rid of
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anything anybody uses to commit a crime i once saw a guy burn an apple core into a bomb so we got a bad apple. furthermore a lot of people view bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a revolutionary peaceful currency because our country the us is the number one war perpetrator in the world we've been at war ninety three percent of our history we are to war what a product hala just as the smell and bad right. to go hand in hand and where does all that money come from to constantly be at war it comes from the u.s. dollar and by using it for everything we give it power so that's why a lot of people consider cryptocurrency as pro peace bitcoin also means that governments can't stop dissidents or revolutionaries from using it we saw this recently with wiki leaks cryptocurrency is also a pro people idea because there are two point five billion people in this world who don't have bank accounts or are allowed to with big going all you need is an
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internet connected phone which a lot of the world has and for people from poor countries a lot of their money is sent home to help their family then but the problem is the banks and wire services take a huge percentage because. sometimes as much as thirty percent but with bitcoin the cost is near zero look innovation is always impeded by those who stand to lose the most and right now that. our corporate government of wall street when the automobile was first unveiled the big carriage was not happy about it ok well people why again was very upset. and they pressured the u.k. to pass a law that said set the speed limit to two mph and on the other required a person to walk in front of the vehicle waving a red flag at all times maybe that'll be the next wall street regulation every time
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you use a bad call and you have to have a flag man sitting next to you as your computer just go crammed ok he's got to. tell the guy that a. thank you ok come on lead can tell us take the news from behind say we were joking about currency there let's lead off with pakistan has dropped the u.s. dollar in their dealings with china and immediately after that announcement trump
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has them to the list of countries that violate religious freedom. on the list of countries that respect religious freedom is contingent on your country using the dollar. then that kind of means the list of religious freedom countries is a load of tacit. thank you kind of means no one should care which countries we sang or respecting religious freedom and which aren't. yeah because saudi arabia and israel are real beacons of religious freedom. we should rename the list of religious freedom countries as the list of countries we sell weapons to. thank you. that's what we call the most valuable customer in this. act now get a couple of missile launchers and we'll put you on the list of countries that value
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human rights. actually the human rights less doesn't matter either because as i report a couple weeks ago in a leaked memo rex tillerson was informed on how to exploit the idea of human rights to get what the u.s. wants i would have thought it was in the employee handbook but no he didn't he did a special tutoring session apparently let's move on to a group that does respect the us dollar appropriately big pharma. company called spark therapeutics has found a cure for one of the causes of blindness it's huge news and it's still see one of the most expensive medicines ever sold eight hundred fifty thousand dollars nearly a million dollars to see you again you know like if you if you take someone's kids hostage and demand money everyone flips out right here on the evening news say
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they were changed kiddies ask did drugs a big deal but if you take someone's vision hostage and demand the same amount of money then you're just a pharmaceutical company. and ok. in this cafe. they. explain that to me let's split the difference how about you take somebody who's kids vision hostage give me a million dollars or a little to me will never see is a birthday no i mean he'll never see. his eighth birthday. there is no privacy this is this is profit over people's lives people's eyes people's health and big pharma owns our government they've captured the regulators the media the politicians and maybe just maybe this is one of the reasons american kids we just found out are seventy percent more likely to die before adulthood than kids in other.


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