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of the neighboring countries is sensible and consecutively. you chair a pretty large organization to reach of the members could be perceived as natural parties. i think you're not there yet and i think it's also when all. to do you always see it then to exclude or include specific. can't you know for an advice. i mean of course. this is very sensitive. politically what contributing countries to believe in chile offer troops there is no doubt about it. i think there has been a tradition in un peacekeeping that states to have. conflict. or not should not be part of the true country built.
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by be short and stick to that principle. like countries like kazakstan or even bellicose which hosted the agreements should they be considered as somebody who has a stake in this conflict or somebody who has a an expertise both that the russians and the ukraine. today i think it's off to decide to decide who they have confidence and. well mr graham and kerry have to take a very short break but we'll be back in just a few moments stay tuned. we have a great we need to strengthen before the freefall world called better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back.
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in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last world cup i said when that starts or as three. thousand zero zero zero zero hitter here i call russia. i fly strike. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good that. young children have worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million doing so today. this culture led to the development of the libya's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which
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gave children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances but there's a new thing this. is all new. eat but without the end all. the things here. but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the local. school. the. mining work is strictly forbidden by the children but it's never enforced and that means the school boy minus continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive on.
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welcome back to worlds apart thomas secretary general of the organization for security and cooperation in europe mr graham and let's broaden our discussion a little bit i heard one official in moscow say that the next few years or to be precise your term will determine whether the becomes a more relevant international body or whether it seizes to exist altogether do you agree with such a stark formulation it would of course. the. huge
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expectations on my terms. not so sure that i. would like. but of course i'm ambitious and i know it's extremely important to position this organization relevant platform for inclusive style lock and for common action on all relevant security issues in the. area and if not the organization will gradually become obsolete in that sense i agree the stakes are high i just want to seize on what you just said and i heard you say before that you are one build the always see into the relevant forum for security dialogue in the euro atlantic and eurasian space and that's an interesting formulation in and of itself because to many decision makers in the euro atlantic community devalue concept of the eurasian space as a separate economic and geopolitical and to is offensive what exactly do you mean
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by the eurasian space that i think. part of. a very much formulation. summit declaration in two thousand and ten. that. is about the creation of a common security space in the your atlantic. area and if you look at some of the security challenges currently facing just look at. counter-terrorism . extremism the central asian states are extremely keen to get all we see expertise to use the o.e.c.d. as a platform for exchange. practices to get the o.e.c.d. also to. encourage participating states to cooperate move mr brennan what i mean by my question is that i think there is absolutely no secret that many in the
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united states in particular see any efforts to deepen economic or security integration among former soviet states as a sort of stepping stone towards the recreation of the soviet union in its geopolitical role this is what former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton talked about in very disapproving terms this is what many people in the united states believe and for them europe you know that conception of europe is whole free they would say at peace but in russia people with interpret as under the american heel and to many in the united states and in the west more generally russia is a spoiler that is trying to destroy this beautiful vision of europe hall three and on to the american influence can you tell me authoritatively that you have never came across that kind of formulation in your work as the. secretary
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general. i can assure you our food. oh you see. this page in states to be free to. straight lines they want to enter. it out necessarily. losing. out. on trading have you ever been accused of speaking like a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov because this is exactly what he would say . i'm trying to be impartial. offering you know you see some middle ground my sense is that this is being appreciate that by both sides by both sides by all sides it's of course more complicated it's more than just the use and. if you look to the security narrative.
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in the stop in the last twenty years you see clearly different narratives you see also in our. countries they have a different view with different security narrative. and i think we see. a platform that provides a space for dialogue. to all sides this is a very interesting question as far as the oyster core purpose is concerned because when our going to zation was created during the cold war as the east last four on the trust between the sides was also very low but at that point of time the right to their own. worldview was recognised i wonder if in a certain way you are actually talking about taking the oil see to its very own regions when this organization would be a forum for negotiating those fundamental viewpoint differences rather than being
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sort of a compliance clock for or and monitoring compliance club for one vision which is that your atlantic vision which i think was the case for this organization in the late one nine ninety s. and early two thousand i think the half a set of principles and commitments. all participating states need to. stick to and the o.e.c.d. is indeed to bend it comes to these principles and commitments monitoring platform . but this should definitely not not stop. there because. interestingly enough there is no. fundamental questioning of these principles and commitments but the obviously have to develop different understandings of what these principles mean. and again the conflicts in torture and. crisis in around ukraine are case in point the need to build
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a unified. agenda there we can gradually build trust and confidence and then point in time the maid and reach. a level of trust that allow us to get back to these more fundamental issues but for the time being i think it's about incremental progress it's also very much about solving the crisis in and around your crane. before we can then address these more fundamental issues again mr gregory focused mostly on the issues involving russia so far but i think there are other countries like for example even some states within the e.u. that no longer want to be sort of folded into the west that have their own issues with the way western community interprets human rights democracy security or what
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have you and i'm sure you would say that that calls even for more dialogue but i wonder how would you define dialogue at this point and would you would the current mode of communication within the always see bodies qualify as dialogue g.o.c. offer a different. deployment in council. this is of course very much also a public diplomacy form states are held accountable i think this is necessary but again it's not enough. i think do unique opportunity we see offices there is a lot of informal space for dialogue. again and example there has been this structure style ok stop wisht on political military issues i think. there is a successful serious platform. very much appreciate it
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it's only been one year. in existence or have seven less than that it was offered by the germans just last year do you think it has really demonstrated any practical successes well if you look at the time being it's a platform that is appreciate that that is just a ten percent to some capitals. by the ambassadors here and that under current circumstances i would rate as a success but you're right you're absolutely right at some point in time of course this platform will have to produce results but i think when you look at the discussions last year perceptions military risk reduction. there is now. this common understanding that to be neat being of military capabilities that has started now is ongoing is an important endeavor
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and i do hope that at some point in time this structure of dialogue could lead to very concrete military risk reduction measures will lead to. a new understanding of how to implement the current confidence and security building measures and. eventually and hopefully also. to. to revise the current of confidence and security building measures let me squeeze one more question which is crucial for us you know that one area of tensions is the station of its media freedoms i'm sure you've heard. about the difficulties that the russian media experience in europe and the united states a number of american media organizations are facing restrictions in russia and i think at the core of all those disagreements is the notion that some media could be labeled as free and others could be labeled as wild propagandist like for example
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the channel that i represent the letter once the idea is that the latter once how have to be outlawed and i think that's a very new thing a very new phenomenon and we didn't have it during the cold war didn't have countries like for example france or the united states actually putting forward legislative majerus to ban the. expression of opinion do you think the or at this point of time realistically can has the capacity to influence how this whole thing unfolds are. essentially reduced to expressing your concern and regret. let me. start by. the how important freedom of expression freedom of speech is there are basic human rights there are fundamental pillars of any democratic society. as an institution.
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especially. media freedom and the ripper sent. to freedom media this is missing. and he. has only expressed regret at certain violations of media freedom for example in latvia when russian journalists for no apparent there were communicated raised and sent out of the country but he didn't do much to rectify that he does a lot he has two sets of tools he has the tools of public diplomacy and has the tools of diplomacy i see both. i can assure you that he is very much engaged he's concerned about these issues and he works on them very hard previously always see had to sort of preach to you former soviet states former communist states are states that were deemed to be violators of. press and media freedoms to
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sort of comply with the established norms but now we see one western country after another the champions the champions of media freedoms to introduce measures that would limit those media freedoms. what's your reaction to that and do you think that process in itself could be stopped or alter it again coming back to the form of bodies of these are issues being. brought up in a permanent council. but i think in a more systematic. it is always see institution. for a percentage on the freedom of. it. and. tries to shape decision making in respective producer baking states well mr graham member this is all we have time for i really appreciate your being on the show and to our viewers please keep the conversation going on our social media pages and i hope to see you again
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same place same time here on the well the part. of. some animal rights activists are just upset that we eat meat period which makes no sense by the way because animals eat other animals and we're supposed to be equal with animals but suddenly they don't want to humans eating other animals so in a sense they're saying that animals have the right to eat other animals but humans don't have a right to eat other animals even though they think we're all equal so some of there's a logical inconsistency there. a little more value on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks
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forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce talks product tell you that will be gossip and public but most important news today. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks and most of all on the one.
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in the week's top stories on r.t. during the songy cures ecuadorian citizenship but he remains holed up in the countries around the embassy as britain insists to face arrest if he steps outside also to america's online army party lines and pentagon plans to develop software to automatically post messages and responses in social media and from oval office out there is global backlash over the u.s. presence or alleged crude remarks about immigrants from africa and central america . so i welcome good morning you're watching r.t. international and the weekly here are look back at what's been happening over the last seven days snag on thursday ecuador announced it had granted wiki leaks
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founder julian assange citizenship he's been holed up in the country's london embassy for the last five years or so after seeking political asylum there but he's still unable to leave the u.k. refuses to grant him diplomatic immunity and says he must surrender and face justice moore smith recaps the week's developments. photograph of himself in an ecuadorian football shirt which gave rise to a lot of speculation about what that could mean he generally doesn't do things unless they mean something and then we thought reports surfacing from quito which said that he had received a national identity number say he's been entered into the tax register essentially which is something that will only happen to citizens of ecuador this follows a statement earlier this week from the foreign minister of doors saying that the situation of living here in the embassy is unsustainable and asking for the first time for
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a third party mediator either another country or another person to see if they could help to resolve this issue with it. when a person can't live in those conditions or rather. we're considering the option of mediation with those who don't have said that could be done virus third country or individual. no solution is possible without international corporations and it's no wonder that she wants the resolution because of course it's been five and a half years since our son's first went into the embassy behind me cause there have been developments in his case along the line most notably possibly last year we didn't drop the investigation into that sex allegations against him but the u.k. authorities still say that if he sets foot outside this embassy they will arrest him because he of course jumped bail when he went into the embassy and wiki leaks still fears and onward extradition to the united states so what we're seeing ecuador making moves quite concerted moves to try and resolve the situation but the
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u.k. government still remains intractable on the issue even after all this time it's very unclear when and what will be the ending of this. well u.s. officials have refused to comment on the matter but israel are mentioned there is still speculation that if the sanj does step out of the embassy and is arrested the u.s. may request extradition we are asked some people in ecuador have they supported their government's actions. or. the most vital to continue negotiating the situation is difficult being incarcerated for several years is dangerous to health we all know that the objective behind the trials has nothing to do with her son's. there's a real possibility of extradition to the us. i think it was treated inhumanely during the entire trial process a prisoner without a fixed sentence and with rights to defense i mean violated well we also got
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opinion of two activists on what could happen next to doing this on each. basis on which the the u.k. authorities would arrest him apparently is for breaking bad conditions for the charges in terms of the case in sweden has now been dropped but absolutely maybe there will be an extradition attempt and various kind of international bodies have found when they looked into it the chance of getting a free and fair trial in the u.s. of minimal i think that this is really a continuation of a very dangerous and wrongheaded policy to target whistleblowers julian is one of the biggest international whistleblowers and i think that they really want his head on a platter it's the worst kept secret in washington that julian is likely sleeted to begin working his way through the u.s. judicial process if you ever leave the embassy well despite being holed up in that embassy for over five years now he may have found
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a new way to entertain himself cryptic tweet seem to be a new favorite pastimes. reading the chess board i think. the black pieces are the bad guys and the. not
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so bad guys. still be in progress but. strong position against opposing us interests. in other news this week it emerged on thursday that the u.s. plans to step up its activities on social media it's now on the hunt for a software tool which can understand and respond to you online posts in different languages and potentially sway public opinion or discuss this with kevin. the classic bonds have been out there for ages and we know what they're usually used for that is sending out spam messages in some cases performing hacking attacks but
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it seems that uncle sam is after something much more sophisticated here if you go online and check out the us federal business opportunities website you will come across a pentagon request from earlier this week and this was something that really caught our attention well the u.s. army wants right now is a software system that will be able to translate between languages most notably russian korean farsi in arabic and we all know which countries these languages are spoken in the tool is meant to understand and know how to use correctly dialects slag and even a mode plus must be a tool that is capable of analysis all these millions of posts comments and replies and we all that these things can be really dodgy are to be at a loss for emotion and sentiment key question is a guess is it's probably over his but what's it going to be used for potentially they want the software to be able to communicate with users online maybe not one
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hundred percent like a human being but somewhat close to that just take this requirement that i have printed out right here it is the ability to generate at least three or up to ten unique statements derived from the original social media statement while retaining the meaning and the tone of the original again the software monitor and adeline as its own impact from the messages that it sends then it just plus it also needs to be self-taught in a way that it can learn from its own mistakes and then improve an upgrade which provides potentially unprecedented opportunities for influencing opinion on life in a company you're going to notice the irony of this big plan is that it's on the heels of the us leaders complaining about all the. first of all an interference from other parties other countries rolling in in the case where russian troll farms
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and bats there are all over the media news about that some experts have already told us that it's part of a u.s. campaign could be to expand their online influence in capabilities something that they have been up to for years but really the sophistication of this new project machines being able to analyze the emotions and the sentiment of comments online that are something alarming we did contact the pentagon for clarification and they got back to us to saying that two would be helpful to them given the huge amount of data on the internet we also sought opinion too from the n.s.a. whistleblower william binney and also the former m i five agent and imagine the push to develop advanced bolts and they outlined some of the implications. what they really want to do is be able to monitor royce communications or any kind of communications text and be able to assess it and. check it for threats
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or things like that or even. from some of the manipulation programs even respond. and try to manipulate the other person at the other end so i mean all intelligence agencies have had this is one of their objectives white papers are generally circulated among contractors who do business with the government so it is a little unusual to see these things out in the public as far as i know the most obvious interpretation would be that this is a pushback against the allegations that have been made consistently for the last eighteen months about so-called russian troll farms influencing elections across the west and it's interesting to see that the languages that they're advertising for are the language of iran and of course north korea and russia so that would be a bit of a sort of give away about which countries they want to be targeting. now don't trumpery condemnation worldwide when it was reported.


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