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how being due to the influx of islamic immigration that was then shot down many parties including angler merkel's christian democratic union saying that anti semitism had its roots in the far right in politics in germany and elsewhere around so that's where we stand at the moment for them they've just entered parliament last september following the election this is the first time that they're really getting their teeth into legislation that you're not going well if you're an alternative which are many supporter anyway at the moment all of the other parties coming together uniting is one something we can't find them doing over any other issue here in germany to say no to the a.f.p. and no to their policies. as our breaking news story now russia and china or rather the need to counter them dominates america's new defense strategy having been given more prominence then even the war on terror the strategy was unveiled by the us
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defense secretary. but we will continue to prosecute the campaign against terror that we're engaged in today but great power competition not terrorism is now the primary focus of us now from security and here's some more information on this now i'm joined in the studio by artie's ecostar of eco what exactly is this great power competition that james mattis is talking about in a speech where the first thing to understand about this is that this great competition between world powers is something the united states have never done since the times of the cold war so it has been decades since they focused on that now terrorism has taken the backseat the infamous war on terror has taken the back seat instead washington has russia and china in its sights quite literally just have a listen what how the justify this. we faced growing threat from revisionist powers as different as china and russia or from each other nations that
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do seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models pursuing veto authority over and other nations economic diplomatic security decision. so authoritarian models this is how they see it now russia and china are not be only countries on the least of the bad guys so to speak iran and north korea are holding their usual places well and spend some time you know talking about the threat coming from those states. right ok let's get some more discussion on this now let's go to our guest mr john white a political commentator and journalist mr i thank you for joining us there what do you make of this new defense strategy that's been outlined by matt isn't what consequences do you anticipate. well there is nothing more or thought acadian to directly answer mr america sees a religious claim and justification for what is can't amount to an official
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declaration of a new cold war but that is nothing more authoritarian and once the out of getting to itself the rate to rule the world which is what washed ng has done since a demise of the super unionists which is what it's trying to reassert no it's a very serious declaration but i don't think anybody in moscow or in beijing will be surprised indeed the actions on the ground dictate america's been engaged in this kind of ramping up of strategic and projection of military power since donald trump was elected in twenty sixteen and i think what this also should do is disabuse everyone of any notion at the trump presidency would mark any kind of step change in u.s. foreign policy indeed it's been around top considerably in the last few months you see this with a growing u.s. military presence in the middle east that's in violation is a clear violation of syrian national sovereignty and it's it's it's it's
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contemplation of. supplying kiev with serious weaponry which regard to the crisis that say ongoing there on the back of washington's attempt to enlarge need to up to russia's border so this is no surprise but it certainly does constitute an official declaration of a new cold war. well mr white just as talking about general mattis former general mattis had said nothing has damaged the unit u.s. national defense more than budget cuts at the same time washington is spending a lot of money on projects like the f. thirty five or the columbia's submarine what do you make of how the united states allocating their defense budget and how they decide on what to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on and what not to. well they're responding directly to the developments in russian and cheney's weapons capability the russians and cheney
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soviet merriest over the past few years. in terms of strategic ability an ability to project military post up over russia in particular with us intervention in syria so the us is looked at and is decided that it's weaponry and its capability military wise is not up to the task of meeting where it considers to be if there but quantitative advantage in military terms does not necessarily translate into qualitative advantage and you see this with the disastrous a us military invasion of iraq in two thousand and three where they were unable to pacify the country which everybody knows was part of the project for a new american century in this idea of the were going to ourselves through spectrum dominance and the prominent american service you don't get it is not a vote been able to project military power as a both public and having public opinion on your sate and this is actually a symptom of us to claim this is normal and it's fine or these and this is
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a spasm an attempt to yourself it's past glories and it won't happen because the neo liberal model upon which us power rests is dead it's broken and us intentionally is a country an extreme crisis the pull a zeeshan between rich and poor between black brode and weight the lack of any social cohesion instability this is all feeding in to a general declaims a very dangerous period and i think the prerogative for the rest of world for countries such as russia and china and other countries who are interested in following an independent path it is to manage this they claim it's a very very serious but again washington is clearly intent on trying to yourself it has game any over the world and it does not is not prepared to accept that we know live in a multi poor reality a lot of talent has now started to john and the u.s. is there extending its reach in say it's space by calling for the militarization of space what space what do you make of that and what kind of dangers what that they
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involve. well i mean i think i think the star bushman. brains in washington have lost their brains they're clearly been watching too many safe movies this is jumping the shark we already have the field attempt to. establish us these weapons program under the reagan administration which the wastage of hundreds of billions of dollars that the cumulative militarized species this is can't amount to train to kneel raindrops to the wall america's problems start or do not know they won't be solved by trying to colonize a militarized space spearfish surely is the final frontier not regard. while the u.s. defense secretary has been very generous with the compliments he's given to the united states allies talking about how important they are for the u.s.
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national security at the same time washington's has a bit of a situation over in syria where their so-called border defense force initiative has had turkey really hoping mad just how sincere do you think the pentagon is talking about how how important those allies for the united states are. well i think i think the trumpet ministration is going to step into a real mess it's kicked over our hornet's nest with regard to this. announcement of a border security force turkey's not going to have a sit ins are not going to have are and the cons are making a huge mistake and alone themselves could be used as a proxy by washington in this with events clearly not learned the lessons of their recent history that remains york in one thousand nine hundred one will be the first administration the bush one an administration promised the kurds of iraq that if they were to raise up against saddam then he would help them only to leave them in
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the lodge and so this is happening again i think with regard to syria. trumps trumps notion of multilateralism is clearly lacking and elegant i think will be looking very very seriously at his commitment not only to any alliance with the us but his commitment to need to turkey of course being a need to remember so i think this is going to rupture key u.s. ally in seas in the middle east but the trumpet ministrations clearly made the calculation and no longer needs turkey it's focused on its alliance with the israelis and they're so these and ramping up its rhetoric against iran and that means that the glittering price strategically for the u.s. and its regional allies is iran so on my political commentator and journalist thank you for joining us on r.t. international. in other news now four people have filed a lawsuit against the city of berkeley in california and this university the
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injuries they claim they received during the riots on the campus there last year the violence erupted over speech that was to be given on campus by a prominent conservative. i. i. i i i i i i i i i i i i i. i. i. i. i i i.
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i. where he talks to katrina riedel shaimaa who's taking legal steps against buckley university she believes the campus on the city's police took insufficient action during the protests but when that attack started especially after i was pepper sprayed i was completely incapacitated there was nothing i could do to defend myself so i had no choice but to turn around and just face the barricade i was worried about what was happening to my husband it turned out he was just a few feet away from me being beaten worse than any of us he was beaten unconscious afterwards by the police both the city and the campus police were clearly inadequate given what happened then the injuries that were sustained what i saw personally it was police initially standing outside of the building that they later locked us out of i saw them their knowledge on us with a wave and by the time the attack actually started they were nowhere to be seen
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they had locked themselves inside the building and wouldn't give us any aid at all . the university of california berkeley has declined to comment and city of berkeley previously filed court motions seeking to dismiss a similar case but the lawyer representing the victims says they want to send a message to campus stuff and police to do a better job the injuries caused to her clients two of which were beaten unconscious and still suffer from psychological disorders post-traumatic disorders so they are seeking money damages to compensate them for that but the main goal of this case is to send a message to campus police and campus universities that they they have to do their job you know i liken what happened here. the deliberate effort to not intervene and to not do anything to fire them from watching a building on fire with their with their hoses water pouring out of them but they're too afraid to go into the building because they might get hurt it's the
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goal of law enforcement it's the role of law enforcement i should say to serve and protect the public and they did not do that or that with more news in just a few minutes stay with us. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. backstabbers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside artificially low mortgage rate don't get carried away that's cause report.
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young children have worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances but the senate in this. his own news. eat with us in the end. from the things years. but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the local.
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mining work is strictly forbidden by the children but it's never enforced and that means the school boy minus continue risking their lives for the money they need to survive on. thank. you ok welcome back french riot police have fired tear gas and prison guards from europe's largest jail striking over dangerous working conditions including attacks on stuff in the latest incident at a different jail in corsica two guns were.


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