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the g four s. contrasts the contrast the people that are running on didn't service up and down the country are the people who are running community services for. below what i fully into quite his national health and social service know in the bice's of cuts and privatization but on the prices of of democratic public ownership so that we can gave the that we are trying to stop along to be able to expect a big difference ration of every word and i think the demonstration of that effect gray is got the upper the potential to be a real lightning rod for a lot of the anger that is felt we have got people dying incognito's on trial days in pine without seeing a doctor overnight that is a situation that is unacceptable so a pig lapse everybody's watching if you can come down to london on the third of february to type in a demonstration and to get involved in a movement up and down the country in your community to defend the national have said this and to send this government back and jackie barry thank you after the
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break we'll tourism be held responsible for future terror attacks restrictor former metropolitan police chief with over twenty years experience you believe the government is lying to you about protecting your safety and the minority leader george really doesn't even recognize a question from jeremy quote when you know review of this week's british pm all this and more coming up in part two of going on the ground. we'll take you to lottery mentality in america where are your dead and the farm is your company's party lobby to come to washington to change a lot of a possible to help all of america and nobody cares because it ever learned a lot as a wal-mart. the
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two thousand and eight economic crisis turned some countries into paid. these are the countries with weaker economies that needed austerity policies if you are in a situation of flow gloat even the recession austerity is a very bad idea it doesn't work and it makes millions of people very unhappy those who are unemployed see their wages decline almost a decade how good are the results she saw a fifteen year old peaceful by the people gathered in which to watch a lot of good people with your daughter join a choice between three to be in full view she still clematis i mean to for legal. challenge must be more that she's not was always think they see something and not get it. while the same mission is still in place to one of the consequences to weaken bluebirds. will first be one of those loosely
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truthy consider is the consequences are actually quite acceptable to the decision makers. welcome back minority government leader tourism a couldn't even recognize the questions that learn given on third this week's prime minister's questions the leader of western europe's largest socialist movement wanted to know about this week's massive multi-billion pound neoliberal fadia karelian may countered that a labor council in leeds last week over commissioned the outsourcing get dragged corbin was on to me is for the record. have not signed a contract with current needs to cover. it's a cover to have been handing out contracts it's a government's responsibility to ensure it is properly manage between two lovely christmas tree. between july and the end of last year the share price of
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karelians trial by ninety percent three profit warnings were issued unbelievably some contracts ruled by the government even after they. profit warning mr speaker it looks like the government was handing karelian public contracts. to keep the company afloat which clearly hasn't worked or he was just deeply negligent of the crisis that was coming down the line how did the woman who was in power because of a defacto one million pound bribe. mr mr speaker i'm very happy to answer questions when the right on which engine asks what you did or corbin again ask whether policy was one of negligence or desperately trying to give a drowning company afloat but tourism a was more interested in the remnants of neo liberalism in corbin the shadow cabinet like shadow foreign secretary how many
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phone barry who still hasn't consented to appear on this program since she was appointed i can i say to the shadow foreign section i will indeed answer the question but i know that she herself is praise karelian in the parlor. and i say. that i say to her i don't know which i yes i mean there is obviously now a crown representative who's been fully involved in the government's response this food the appointment of the crown representative to replace the one that a previous again in place the government chief commercial officer and the cabinet officer office director of markets and suppliers took those responsibilities for corbin that wasn't the point for him this week's top u.k. story wasn't even just about karelian it was about the wholesale privatisation of u.k. society to favor a handful of massive multinationals but this isn't one isolated case of government negligence and corporate failure. it's
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a pro can system. under this government. under this government virgin and stagecoach can spectacularly mismanage the east coast main line and be let off a two billion pound payment capita and a toss can continue to wreck the lives through damaging disability assessments of many people with disabilities and when more government funded contractors g four s. promise to provide security to lympics failed to do so and the army had to step in and save the day these corporations mr speaker need to be shown the door we need our public services provided by public employees with a public service ethos and a strong public oversight as the ruins of karelian lie around will the prime
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minister act to end this costly racket of the relationship between government and some of these companies there's no sign yet that mainstream elites media let alone to raise a maze minority government even accept that privatization might as well be an invitation to mafia style racketeering and this week's pm queues took place just hours before u.k. authorities reveal that taxpayers will have to stump up hundreds of billions to defacto bail out companies like karelian. in twenty seventeen forty six people under the age of twenty five were stabbed to death in britain's capital alone over new years four killings punctuated a year that bore the highest levels of knife deaths in england and wales in the twentieth to police officer numbers in twenty eighteen coincidentally are due to reach their lowest level since twenty zero two with police officers across the country blaming this huge drop on austerity cuts brought on to bail out the bankers in the city of london with fraser me offering
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a billion pound bunk to keep our government safe are the cuts that she has presided over for years putting the people of britain in danger joining me now is peter kirk i mean he's a former police chief inspector with over twenty years of experience peter thanks so much for coming on so we've heard quite a lot in other stories about austerity a collective economic punishment hurting the lives of people what is the reason for this uptick in knife crime and knife death in my view it's very simple it's because there are fewer police officers on the street and therefore there is less policing of the streets and therefore public space is becoming more dangerous. of course the government continues to point to crime more widely coming down do you think they just see this is something mysterious were there underneath or do you understand that there's a correlation with we're talking about the reduction in police numbers of tens of thousands i know perfectly well what's happening and they use and then muddy the waters by misrepresenting online about the statistics certain types of crime that
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we've happened to count over the years yes they've been coming down for years some of them are continuing to go down mostly property related crimes such as burglary theft from our vehicle theft of multiverse calls but quite a lot of street related crime. violence especially is has been for several years now showing evidence of a rise again and that is now quite a significant definite rise and you said the governor were lying over statistics is . that way made stream media to cover their bags there may not be as interested because they're believing this is exhibit coming out i don't know what's happening with mainstream radio they be like that i've no idea but the way that they publish petty pathetic anti police stories like cops are saying having a sandwich cops spend x. amount of money put in days when petrol vehicles or whatever if you think other police officers could possibly share your opinion you said trey's i'm a has blood on our hands regarding the increase in knife crime you talk to former
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colleagues to the people currently serving they really share their opinion and the the problem with the police is that they cannot talk out talk publicly if they come out publicly and express their views there will be so and sacked so simple as that senior officers i think have a duty to tell the public what is going on and i'd like to see them standing up and being counted but the reality is that they are likely to be sacked because their life career is in the hands of a party politician now the place and crime commission is put in place by theresa may she has taken political control of the police service she has moved the constitutional independence of the police y.a.y. closer to the government and i why from the people the government says it is localizing police autonomy and driving away from central central authority and of a library they say that but what they're doing is they're leaving responsibility
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with local p.c. sees local chief constables but they're not giving them any power to actually make any changes they're cutting budgets they're given them a fait accompli and then when crime starts going up and officers disappear off the street in a particular county they say it was nothing to do with ascot. and we've got the ridiculous situation now with tory p.c. season councillors around the country and m.p.'s around the. who have voted for seven nearly eight years of courts to police saying they're now going hang on a minute where are all our place and that ask in the local paper so you say no i need to be asking her she's put them on she's been told it will that impact will be as quite a lot of blame for the government but come on i mean the police federation conducted a poll to give police officers for the first to have the right to not they weren't going to strike but the right to in the worst circumstances which you see do you baby the ability to withdraw their labor there was
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a majority for the right so apathetic your colleagues they didn't even go of fifty percent bothering to vote. i'm not sure it's apathy the place have got warm a huge huge strength and that is their dedication and their duty and commitment to their job and serving the public it's why they joined even though lots of them take a pay cut to do it it's why they continue despite all the bile that they're getting from government and from the media despite the fact they get in be and not right left and center and the courts are giving ever week a sentences they still go in and they do it again and that's a massive strength but it's also a weakness when it comes to things like pursue in the right to strike they would look at that and go now there's no way we'd have a strike they'd certainly never strike for paying conditions bought it similar to doctors in a way i was going to say exactly that it's like nurses and doctors year they might
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eventually but you've got to push them so far i personally i think the time has come they're not being listened to by government no matter how they try they're not being listened to by government and i think they need the right to strike not for paying conditions book to stop the cuts in the service of the public cops around the country are desperate desperate that they cannot do the job that they know they want and should be doing they just can't do it when comes to maintaining public order to raise i'm a famously blamed mit five seem to apportion blame on that one m i five for the magister atrocity they give it to terrorists wow protected is britain in this context of cut from terror they have bolstered the specialist counterterrorist unit his own foreign secretary understand salut and she's she spent money on the spies she spent money on g.c. h.q. she spent money on special scout police terrorist units are you going to congratulate her on that indeed she has improved that but we've still got nowhere
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near sufficient resources for them to maintain any sort of monitoring let alone twenty four so. and surveillance of the suspects that are possibly on the radar for an attack so these are the select where these go in this shows they will they're always demanding more money so of course there's a not enough every turn for sure and if they want to say there's no more money then what the politicians need to do is accept that something can't be done so the politicians need to sit here and say ok we accept that there's three thousand pretty high level terrorist suspects on the books and the current resources they can only watch a few hundred a monitor a few hundred more and we're happy with that and if one happens to fall below what is judged to be that level happens to an atrocity will syria go far in fair enough we knew that we didn't have enough money to do that but they don't they keep trotting out this ridiculous idea that you can do more with less you can't or you
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get for less is less less money equals fewer place officers all spies or whatever it might be which means less time for policing which means less placing gets done so if something falls off the radar they won't accept that they keep saying keep implying that the police are making the wrong decisions but when you've got three thousand high level terror suspects in front of you all you can do is do your best on what you know and that's often very little to try and decide which ones are looking like them out but the highest level of threat you manage easier to of course it was in the news because karelian has a militia role in g c h q if you are still objective chief inspector want to counsel said here look i can't take these shifts because it is amazing shift terms being quoted me or i should go into the private sector what would you tell them. but if officers speak to me about leaving the place service my advice now is the day need to think about themselves first they are being burnt out their families
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are being burnt out they cannot sustain the level of stress and the level of long shifts and everything else that's going on permanently they just can't do it nobody can do it you can't maintain a case load of thirty forty more serious cases and we're talking recently about disclosure in serious sexual offense cases people anticipate that if a rape is reported there's a little squad of officers on it certainly for the first few days to get a hold of it and do the basics with it and then maybe somebody then keep hold of it on an ongoing basis and the little squad moves on to something else it doesn't work like that you've got overworked detectives often have a rand paul role that shouldn't even be doing right investigations in the first place just posted into these units because they can't get anybody else and they're carrying workloads of twenty or thirty or forty ongoing cases that newly reported right will be given to their already overworked officer to fit in amongst everything else they do and i have been warning for
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a long time that they cannot possibly do all those jobs properly. and yet nobody does anything those jobs just keep mounting amount and the pressure on those officers is incredible we got more and more officers going sick with stress we've got officers leaving. stress related to your health we've got officers leaving him it's. like if you went to victoria now and you want to find an experienced place officer you'd be better off looking in the three eleven from i would say for drivers cab but he would look in on the streets of london. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday just with the father sixteen year old palestinian schoolgirl had al-timimi who has been in prison for her actions israeli soldiers gunned down her relatives protesting illegal occupation in palestine until then you can keep in contact with us by social media we'll see you on monday one hundred forty seven years of the day that i'm a schoolteacher michelle all the red version of all my first shots to defend the paris commune to be
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a key influence on british suffragette sylvia. something did these really important for us. to be the only common market. as we say to be a community of that. was. as. you must go. to. the. communities.
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for a long. and our good armor on our show but there are brothers that are before us for medicare that. i'm going to let them but i don't touch them then you can there and kick and. i have food as a child for truffle that it. won't work now molly hi michelle the downside of. the. numbers set up around the hey how do you want to do it. and get this whole food first choice on yours or you haven't thought time in syria has said. for you she ought to give up somewhere else for that in africa will fuck
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around with mr hate for jim and then boil for her for food are fairly mundane for. the money. again security forces killed two gunmen who launched an attack on a major hotel in the capital kabul with reports of explosions and hostages taken two of the perpetrators remain at large. starts a full scale military operation against kurdish positions in syria's african region strikes across borders shelling with a ground invasion expected to begin sunday. this is second year in office the government is shut down over a funding bill to take a look back at the highs and lows of the president's tenure today.
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as joining us this evening you're watching r.t. international. start this hour in afghanistan where a major hotel in the capital kabul is come under attack by a group of four armed men and police say that they have killed two of the perpetrators but two others remain at large there are also reports of several fatalities so far there's no official number of casualties with more details is local journalist in afghanistan bill are sorry according to several sources within the afghan special forces the forest in second floor has been cleared some rooms on the third floor either burned down and some of them of cart fired in this definitely battle on the fourth floor according to multiple sources within the crisis response unit team one fighter told me that he saw two people who were
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carried away from the third floor he couldn't really tell me whether they were injured or they were killed this is still an ongoing situation but we still gone or . who is really inside the hotel how many casualties and fatalities we're talking about and this is also a hotel that got attacked in two thousand and eleven and we only heard in the last forty eight hours or so from the u.s. embassy in kabul putting a security alert saying a number of hotels in government buildings in other locations were at risk of an attack obviously this sort of an attack shows the constant security an intelligence failure but it also shows how the afghan government and its international allies are finding themselves fight another fight on a very difficult front line which is the cities it's still a very confusing situation some people wore able to get out of the hotel they
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managed to get out and they have told local t.v. stations about casualties and fatalities so we'll have to wait in hear more. from the authorities there. turkey has begun a military operation on syria's kurdish held region of our friend launching air strikes and cross border shelling with a ground invasion expected on sunday seventy planes conducted sorties with all the aircraft now reported back at base in turkey campaign which ankara has deemed antiterrorism has been named operation on the ranch ousting kurdish militia from africa which has been held by them for five years turkish cross border shelling of the area began friday of these pulis lee has been following developments. at least eight f. sixteen s have been firing from the skies while on the ground you have the turkish backed syrian opposition rebels who have moved into this entre isn't on tape that
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is controlled by the kurdish militia. from the ground we're also hearing that the free syrian army has been arriving in buses as well as in trucks that have been fitted. out with machine guns we are receiving reports in terms of the civilian situation there and they were you hearing that people have been ordered to retreat into their homes and into shelters but there are reports coming through of people who have been wounded and injured and who are being taken to the local hospital now all of this follows threats over the last few days by the take the president the one that he was going to launch a ground offensive into africa was really just a question of when and he said that this was really the only answer to root out what he has called terrorist elements there take a listen to it but as soon as he asked for an operation has a factory been started on the ground this will be followed by a member of the promises about membership or not so nobody has a right to say anything. now man is an area that is mostly arab it is west of the
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euphrates and it is the next step in terms of the turkish military way of dealing with the kurdish militia it is not far from the area that the army has entered now so that is where all eyes are turning for the immediate future. the turkish foreign minister has posted a tweet saying the country launched the offensive against syrian kurdish militias exercising its right to self-defense. actions are strictly in keeping with international law he went on to stress the operation doesn't target civilians but aims only to take out terrorist groups are these external broke down the distribution of forces for isn't what brought turkey to syria in the first place this is what the situation on the ground in syria looks like right now afrin the region where the turks are carrying out their military or peroration the area highlighted in green is where the turkey backed rebels are to a certain extent at least they are helping ankara from the ground read the syrian
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army this is the syrian army guys they don't have any problem with the kurds but they do have a problem with these guys because this is the area of the green aires also the region which harbors. or nusra a terrorist organization and finally here you have man beach there it is also it is a city also controlled by the kurds and it could be turkey's game plan erdogan has already said after he's done with afrin man beach is next this operation hardly came out of the blue you know the kurds have been historically a major thaw in turkey's but what catalyzed things now was the pentagon saying they're going to create a so-called syrian border force the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty individuals training in the inaugural play. yes with the goal of
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a final four size of approximately thirty thousand one very precise description of america's intentions there by that point turkey had had enough anchor beefed up its forces on the syrian border deployed tanks and president erdogan vowed to destroy quote this terrorist force before washington even has a chance to create it u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson tried to do some damage control saying that the situation has been most portrayed misdescribed and that some people misspoke well that was a nearly enough to contain turkey's fury ankara has been keeping the united states in the loop about the operation against washington supposed america which arguably pitted turkey against the kurds has now called on them to focus on the fight with eisel pretty much the same as saying it's every man for himself in this conflict turkey has also notified syria about the action which damascus is not happy about at all russia in its turn has been cautious and called for all parties to pull the
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punches the main reason behind the developing crisis in this part of syria is the provocative steps taken by the united states which were aimed at isolating areas with predominantly kurdish populations uncontrolled deliveries by the pentagon more than weapons to pro-american formations in northern syria contributed to the rapid escalation of tension in the region and led to special operation by turkish troops loose lips sink ships they say well this time we're looking at a potential all out war done of r.t. . i can bring in. the forward to his foreign minister and former ambassador to the u.n. a pleasure to have you on this evening interested how far do you think mr advani is going to go is this going to be confined to northern syria or could this offensive become much more large scale. well if it is the entire northern syria it's
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already too big it started with it was going to start with after in but later other places were at that such as limits that's just the area which is already under the turkish military control but the city of little beach what was not captured this time i understand that turkey is determined to. tears militia as well and from there go to the east of euphrates which is we were there are. charged control kurdish control is actually there and it is iraq. rusher is saying that it was america's policies towards the kurds in northern syria that really were the catalyst leading leading up to this assault from from turkey to put responsibility for what's happening on washington on not. very large extent
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because if the united states was not going to our church church wouldn't where i would to the point where it is and turkey tried to draw good consumer friendly little allies that you can you should not. and train and provide a munition to terrorists you think could be. dangerous p.k. k. terrorism terrorist organization turkey because turkey regards the y.p. jeep which is the military branch of q why did that to save the strongest political code disputed party in syria and turkey wanted united states to stop these global problems but you know. using.


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