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kind of financial survival job today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash in the three different. oh good that's a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we know all these banks are complicit in the tough talk or say we just have to deal with both and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did while we've got home got a nice laundry watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. bill again for a match you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't be a close watch guys of course. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some
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site what or who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was chemically altered what i did was done on a cocktail of lethal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. and when you don't. see that. what then is not true only ten best. left alone. said. climbed into no trouble to let a. few speak french. most of.
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his talk of. the town taught. me. so there's some promise that i'm valid store acting or. most of it or minute to some poor and at last minute between. this is. if a man asked mr don't submit all around instead of used to beat it sounds like i was at the very last miss out down to spit. or lick it on to find a new found skill angle is going to pull together is going to get is my boy so but i'm not a hammer in a studio fifty. so the majority belive hmong are suited up able to scalp men for
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okaying is miles from. a class on hamlet building but when it's got. going to from an e.q. appears not to most of the bit on the studio. just like denmark and finland not only offers free education to european students but also allocates a universal ground to each through dish student three hundred euros a month for six years. this way to students to use his or her time at university as an experience of freedom and learning a way to shape a critical mind and apprehend the world here it's important it's called the student experience. they are in love with the us the for us to them no matter internet from . their. mics on manic or. shall not the whole of their quest for to wonder number have are third at twelve
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can ask op us in from paid. tank a feat oak tank. mid and yelped i'm a forty four and i said that the last in fronted oak that my doc says that. that's something. that let me have a heart. that we've got to drum up with almost every stop and have to do to have the start us are kidnapped at the end of this because you know they are hard to stomach. and it was a very. little childish a mask. but there's something to the whole ball of your earliest thing. a little time to solve some answers not just. or soon amounts to all sales will come to market so now this i'm able to work out among some say i don't have to do club was fun here no p.o.v.
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so. the moment you know you know from three months ago come here and thing during an. attempt to empty our mothers' of me and me and decide this is the good news what's the plan since fantasy of a man the judge in the most i could give me evidence against got the senate's top of the spine you say on the surface the. don't get some f. don't talk about stuff different about stuff how the bomb still loom the horror of a couple more how do you hold about a mother who has been the one who's given six months to a so that's where the moments come from doing the show in the film. industry or something we call murder told us a. special stimulus i just read this book if i must tell you the most about. your picture of your ticket i lived in a mythical sort of kind of nothing nothing to me if you know the yeah the side.
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for most of the fourth year because i live it and it just about the most minute i think oaks of the store how are doing so i think i'll see over your total how this been going on not just when i was thank you i think that's what i'll do you know from enough to say that some famous got caught on stuff they used to get a goddamn patsy of at the end of this week somehow they are anything new on sunday some of the most unforgiving number six on the c.c. that's any kind to your point that three hundred to some your having a full time means that i bought it out you can have it on the stand because i think . this. i'd what happens elsewhere the jewish unfeeling crease hasn't deterred young english students from enrolling. in one thousand nine hundred eight just before the introduction of tuition fees there were eight hundred thousand students in english universities. there are now two point three million the cost to access knowledge
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hasn't deterred them so why stop there. they have ice chanceless already making noises about the cap behavior still to live thousand pounds a year. many are saying that we need to move to an american style system where it's much much more expensive it's not a nine thousand pounds cap it will be much much more but i think what we're witnessing i'm in a cross the public sector an equation on public sector within the united kingdom within the u.k. it's probably the third phase of competition and privatized market times ation since since the second world war and that's what we've seen in terms of higher education it's a slow creep and when you start to introduce that you get the leadership of universities stop thinking necessarily about the education that they are providing or about the public good and start importing the behaviors of what they see as
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a competitive environment elsewhere within the private sector. manchester so students we've got many different universities here mentions so much for a bottom university university or so forth northwestern college of music manchester articulate and me and so on our total student population is about one hundred thirty thousand students which is pretty much one third of the city our campus year it is almost as big as mentions her city center. big division of communications and marketing communicates everything that's good about the university both internally and text and it's developing and it's also professionalizing the higher education sector is probably like behind the commercial sector for some time but it's catching up very fast our university has its very own starbucks if you're into starbucks if you're into like taking selfies
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with your starbucks cup and everything this is pretty much the place to go if you go to some where you're going to get a free cookie if you go to mcdonald's you're going to get a free mc for ian so. saw the series pretty much made for students so make great use of it student fees have increased from three thousand pounds to nine thousand pounds that does mean that students want better value for money they want more and marketing and help and communicate what the benefits of an organization are so we always have many many different people coming over we had some professors from many different countries we have also movie directors and everything if you want to make a good impression stuff you can get a job offers in higher education in the u.k. traditionally like historically communications or marketing have been very much a support function what we're seeing now is a transformation where we're moving from a supporting role to
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a leadership role. and that's the feeling that as has come very very quickly over the last few years that it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business many universities are now businesses and the vice chancellors are also chief executives and they make no they're not shy in saying this they have to make money they have to make a profit and startlingly what we found is that over a period of five years vice chancellors salaries had increased by on average somewhere in the region of twenty six percent whereas in the same period for your main gate lectures those people are actually providing the service to the students saw their pay drop in real terms by twelve percent on this is a clear normally and you have to ask yourself the questions of why is this happening. reform is of the english system similar to all those
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worldwide could support paying education rely on an essential concept an economic theory born in the sixty's. and it rose to. at the end of the ninety's. the human capital. the capital you must acquire say the third course a day or. an a d.v.d. you disposed us took the good bit also the good is also a very noisy. a.q.r. don't. you know that bt lost all of the reform as you have a thriller for mr and you just other courses they acquired this week because on their it will cost you pause. in the songs. you give that even if that money there was new and so it all cliché cimon the more they are learning remember the fiance left pharmacy also give either a pause
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a larger society yet or cover bottle to come visit you that is. it what you fear most at rouge like an exhaust not blue green valley or economic is a very i going to meet at a sausage d.c. printed if you jump so that your course you pause desire may let you just revive our good old proceed you know city to the killers are the top receiver you got bigger share. in the toy to me to those you love to it really. is. influenced by the english tidal wave in two thousand and six germany also raised this commission feel authorizing universities to charge one thousand euros per year
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literately within a few years all the lender of federal states slowly abandon this policy to return to an entirely free system. deutscher first this one only has it. it's business as for johnson belongs i'm a bridge too long how does midget buck does the owner visited if i had to go to when he visited i thought. but that wouldn't just the first hoover be i'm up for it if you're on the factor for now up to him to be at odds with. so in other words order to him and door slammed by to him to be on fire fighter and you don't count. this double as many action scene can thus i skips as i'm normally connotation when he visited and get. business after business model to tighten daughter leading to
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bit skips e'squus in that benzine. of a she's doing good be on z. but son misson and. we visit if it's much better university of manchester don't seem to us a pushing this it's your aunt the foreigner to make your tea couldn't for cedar fair become octets actually decent in the states you and placed. despite some resistance the english model is spreading throughout europe. it applies theories elaborated by large international instances mostly by the world bank and the o.e.c.d. . from now on the knowledge market is the new doctrine universities are expected to become a strategic force in wealth production. they must become like companies and industries they must promote applied research they must favor employee ability they must
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produce a qualified workforce consistent with companies designers. mogs does these took to it a bit of affinity swoosh nearly as yet duffy going if it's there i'll speak i'm going to go home and see if you can be a movie. good idea and take mission that i can titian. traineeships into neiman warty human door defensive all of which really comment to be daft isn't a name is not my us could be didn't win does cover just after to give it the occurred in under who surely neema it's pretty easy of does he didn't let you into name and boy or doesn't it guys or the indian engineer isn't shafton is he to employ ability id for absolute feeding griffen or end up using dolphin does he divisions of the good to get out into the need to identify. there's british immoderate us i'm glad i'm an economist and more the first to do an even worse number the us because always been on first number the us book was always been one institutes one this is a trust us indoors land in the woods full and came up with these i want to see it
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is there isn't least by months on finished first eat the stuff belongs to the steam for deutschland for that bar it's. just something that is very important for us. not to be only a common market as we say to be a community of then don't adopt this view was of proselyting as if you twin is
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some good power that from moscow. to damini to get it why did it tear me to be unsettled communities. see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free fall world call and you're better than a legend to keep it tight at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in the. what we want and i'm hoping to bring some of that winning spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last world competition in that story as well as we've. chosen the old
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joke goes o.e.c.d. russia. strike strike no the left left left more or less ok stop that's really good. or bad stand here from us and. move on what i saw. that on our show at the end there are rather sounds like are the four four of them any good and. only that combative i don't touch and then you can kick and. i don't think is a channel for truffle that it. was now wanting hi michelle the downside of. that set up around the hey how do you want
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to do it. and get this whole food place choice i knew you had an unhealthy time in syria said . he she ought to give up some model for that in africa will fuck around with mr hates it for jim and then wait for her folks that are fed him and for. the money .
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after intense bombardment turkey now starts a ground incursion into kurdish held syrian territory the assault followed the now retracted announcement by the u.s. that it would set up a kurdish border for something that enraged tanker. olympic peace north and south korea reach a breakthrough deal to march and compete under one flag at the upcoming winter games but that's as western leaders decide it's time to up the ante against pyongyang. the pressure will continue to intensify that pressure just going to include cutting off diplomatic ties with north korea. and r.t. there's been underground after reports drug related crimes were running out of control on the paris metro at least that is transport union says that some train drivers are now actually refusing to stop its stations.
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thanks for joining as you're watching r t international this is the weekly. turkish tanks rolling into syria supported by air power and ground troops with anchors military operation against kurds in the region now in full swing. and we can show you some pictures now that we've just received from the turkey syria border illegally and now those are turkish rockets being fired from the thai province in the south of turkey and also see turkish tanks firing shells at kurdish positions artie's breaks
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down the situation on the border. to get a clearer picture of what's going on between the turks and the kurds along syria's northern border we should look at the map this is where the kurds are the two yellow areas the one on the left is the african region that's the new war zone the turkish army entered it from the north west plus they used airstrikes the green area is where the turkish backed syrian rebels are these are the militias that ankara is counting on on the ground there moving in on afrin from the east turkey's claws are being drawn together turkey has officially made it clear they are determined to create a thirty kilometer buffer zone right here along the border once the actual armed operation is done and dusted there's little doubt that the turks have enough military capabilities for that so the buffer zone will mean effectively that
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a part of syria is under turkish control at the moment it seems ankara isn't going to stop there they want the operation to extend further east as well as president aired on announced towards mon be a city also controlled by the kurds it's and this other kurdish enclave when it comes to the kurdish forces they say they've been returning fire the kurds also claim they managed to repel the offensive speaking of casualties for now the kurds say there have already been quite a few mostly civilians it's all lawyers says ankara they say they've only killed fighters or terrorists as turkey puts it the turkish military is trying to reassure everyone it will take precautions to minimize civilian casualties but in the media reports we also saw more threats from the turkish government like the prime minister saying anyone who helps the kurds with weapons will automatically become
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a target for an korea's guns. it's not just the kurds that have sustained damage during operation olive branch this turkish city was hit by three rockets fired from syrian territory the turkish troops are now carrying out their terror one person was killed another thirty people injured in the shelling according to local officials he can see turkish tanks and military vehicles arriving at the border city. all the turkish incursion follows anchor is outrage over america's recent claim now retracted that it would create a force to patrol the turkey syria border and this was to consist of syrian democratic forces which are made up largely of kurdish y p g militia the coalition is working jointly with the syrian democratic forces to establish and train the new syrian border security force currently there are approximately two hundred thirty
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individuals training in the b s f inaugural class with the goal of a final force size of approximately thirty thousand soon after the announcement us secretary of state rex tillerson backtracked he clarified the whole situation had been missed described and ruled out the creation of a border force but here are pictures of kurdish forces you've allegedly already graduated from a u.s. led training course aimed at establishing the border security force washington now claims won't exist the unit here consists of five hundred men and is reportedly the second to have graduated we spoke with. former turkish ambassador to the us who believe the situation has acted as a trigger for turkey. i don't think the u.s. will interfere but the u.s. is responsible that is the reason why turkey felt compelled to intervene and to start this operation in the first place because. the u.s.
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even though they backtracked. after the initial announcement and the day said they want first tarbush an army of course parable force. in all countries of the world there is only one plug and one army but the u.s. says i'm going to create another force to patrol and control and secure grow syria's border with turkey what does this mean that turkey is not on an enemy or syria turkey is not on a number of to us turkey is a member of nato so it didn't make sense and i think turkey was quite right in person having this step as a direct threat to its national security in light of the recent events the u.s. state department issued a rather measured statement the department spokeswoman said turkey should ensure its military operations were limited in time and scope and said to the president earlier today accused its allies of providing military support to the kids with
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washington first and foremost in the line of fire ball this lee has details the techies president added one has come out with guns blazing and some pretty harsh rhetoric for the top administration. america do not encroach on our borders do not provoke us and we will run out of patience i told barack obama the same unfortunately i didn't get any response. those who see the backing of us will not stand the turkish nation it is our national struggle. is essentially turning on and has allies he's accused the west of providing weapons and ammunition to the kurdish militia he says that aside from five thousand trucks weapons and ammunition from some two thousand planes has been provided the turkish president also saying to quote that his allies are dishonest when they do not admit to the fact that they have been supplying weapons to terrorists and here of course he's referencing the
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kurdish militia known as the y p g france is calling for an urgent united nations security council meeting while at the same time germany has expressed that it is extremely concerned with these developments particularly saying that the culture lated risks that could result from this confrontation between turkey and the could is something that might mount at the same time we are hearing from the turkish foreign minister who says that anyone who does not support took his actions in the african region essentially is siding with the terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly so what we see is some pretty harsh rhetoric coming from and where particularly towards its allies essentially saying that it will not so that they get involved in warning them that they could potentially take further action. turkey's military action against the kurds in syria triggered protests across europe people took to the streets in a number of capital cities to denounce the incursion and demand
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a deescalation of the crisis we'll be following developments on the turkey syria border throughout the day. this week the two koreas agreed to march together under a single flag during the upcoming winter olympics the north will now send twenty two athletes to compete in three sports at the peeling chang games international olympic committee president thomas barr praised the agreement calling it a milestone in a long journey through korea's also form a single team in women's hockey it will be the first time an olympic history they will also have a korean folksong as their common anthem officials from both countries will be meeting throughout the week to discuss peace efforts but the seemingly approach more between the koreas hasn't convinced the u.s. president he said that he's not sure talks can lead to anything meaningful also this week the u.s. and allies of the one nine hundred fifty s.
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korean war gathered in canada to separate talks on the current crisis and they agreed that more pressure is the only solution the pressure will continue or more of. the sciences to do nuclear arms i think our job collectively now is to send out a very clear message we want to write and that pressure discredit include cutting off diplomatic ties to his north korea we spoke to human rights lawyer ericsson rockin who says that washington fear is dropping out of the spotlight in the korean crisis. president trump somehow believes that this pressure approach is the is something different than that has been applied before which it isn't and in reality he wants to pull back some of the thunder if you will back to washington because you have again the north and south talking i think the u.s. is a little.


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