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you know. john. sixty four i looked it up but. as you had to say he has a lot. of little more. cannon and i said and. i'm going to buy a senate. and i scale on that out of washington. but i thin then how. can i saw for. the first time had to. be. a cold when i walk. back on what i saw and no human own just annoy him and on and on i still have a lock and a saucer and i did. it with children i had to have give it all to father and this
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was. a soft on job and all kind i thought i shall for i know what kind of this man could and everything that goes to iraq must be approved by a special sanctions committee this committee has consistently blocked the restoration of basic services in iraq power light and clean running water if you didn't know what. life would have it. but next to that of a lot. of the. model would be oh so you want to be.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. a nice minute. in order to overthrow a regime it does take popular discontent and popular mobilization but it also requires actors with in the leadership of the regime who feel that the regime is no
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longer serving the national interest you need people in the military or the bureaucracy or both who are willing to see the regime change otherwise they would be able to put down a popular revolt but did not have support at higher levels. were a bit coy by any area eric out there because like nine hundred the frog there think that this was their year twenty seventeen to go to all kinds of crazy eyes and yeah it's sure to barracks very thing a bit of a fallback. zia's says harlan kentucky. police you go through street fanny's or you need.
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a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines are said. that it was a lot of to see these people this of five was disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. ten years ago iraq was a developed country whose oil had brought great wealth today the death rate of children under five is over four thousand every month that's four thousand more all of them would have died before sign. actions. is a message off it's a no show jim if nobody saw and why limited. to call it
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that is shouted out to him do you know it for a con be shot also do a lot of. his office jed and to show up next field of minutes for that does a fine it's. not for them it's just then. kani just thinking that it's just up and tell them. who was full of sort of. obvious soft flaws they learn and do enough of a live down there stuff like on it's a no i left us in no way i'm going to enough votes. to shut it out i think the issue should be didn't it meant to speed on the flow of course that. this building has simply been left because there's no fire service available. now
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and. you risk getting people skills like i wouldn't like. to marry. i know that i'm a father should be for that i thought about the little plot today and the kids and adults who showed you know how they should have to ensure it's not a dud simply because he could be out of a show. unitas in shock the son of a sick or teen. crime and obvious some shot him because he. thought. up. how the left side just didn't want to be had but i. know that it's kept quite a bit and circuit so if a cook or study of cool. down to law of cocoa and i said and you know might have
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been so focused on the hobby probably not sure on the net and when did you do it for me it's also there that i would just do it with as i could have thought by simply clue i did this in a shower as to. the true financial and i thought of those things you don't. and those that only i think i don't vote lead. i like having i have never. had i don't. think. i'm. the only. real well. you've been missed i'm so caught that you can what the would you be do i just. did what no no no it is buck are you are going to. start
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you want a few going to show i don't know i have. one hundred what are those i think still don't. know didn't know what michelin then you still are the golden ox was out again. still and i don't i don't we should let you know me so when my father. marge died watching. me i'm going to ma that it's high then that's why she couldn't come to me well julie did. month a couple feel i didn't want perfect healing without harm it was a time when for far. for all with that other.
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one i was a facade with no set of a d. here on inmarsat that have to do only a.d.'s. with fish to move within will get sick i'm sure that this is the occurrence of our cross can destroy a theatre going off for the planet i meant it to had no edge of the finish i would definitely be a tick. susan and mr i bow down with or without there that's where. all that's needed me so i did go parts of it feel but i'm crowding so
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a lot of. it out for the smiths to feed in me i'm sure at the facebook i don't need to be north of the children has so he sure has always. had this to know and the perfidious for canadian law to be done. and you had a chance to see that thing. and then if you think you know. already i will look at it i saw the skin. was a little side and i. got your mark on you. but i think mike was a bit much on the right. maybe it will make it hard for them both yes because they just go. to we promised. you walk so. why didn't i was taught by.
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still. doesn't mean it was really. nice it was. the shock. it. was a little out of it. was what i thought. was. a mobile business must go. on. but i. wish you.
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could live your life. as. if you know full well that you had to be a good. you know you well i hardly. know you. know well. then we'll find out if you do all the. time. i. mean. can your stock be. good because the kids.
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who are that over don't know if you get that kind of thing. you know where to go if you treat. it like they're getting. on and probably give it a daughter or. just. said with a very. very silly. past when i have no off. on this a little good from where i was like i do so much like i want to. love on a number of and have. them a lot of. on a word of the government. but no longer than the rather. close illusion and suddenly for not follow or turn a good just because someone just did. someone just
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one hundred forward to a. march of no doubt that we should. hold the rushing in. all no one walks. she's going to finish. there's. no go. go. so soon as you noted you didn't look like no mother to judge it does. you know. maybe. for horny i had the.
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i want to let. sure that's been the only and lot of them. has a. has said. it's . a full time for the time limit you. don't have the. how to work on to the. how to shop one how to. learn how to. really like.
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the one i do with the way. this one was going home. to move. around where to. which and chile. if you do. what i'm going to. do or be tardy. how about our. well good luck i'll be a model but i'm sure i'll be you. should be happy mean and would. be. pretty we'll. large applause but you open up. the bring the will that also. will move forward slowly we're going to marry a whole slew of when you have one of the other stuff and little push it out so. you
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can you can you feel kind of the game if you go up on the discards more you've got to close the briefs nancy fugitive legal easy show treason the books judge. he was a good bunch. of prosecutor the irish they can you get other corners of the mob boss may be a good thing that's all my suspicion. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to press. you to go right to be cross with the bible before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters in the how. things should.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you'll suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm through sensed this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different. in your windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet everyday americans. and closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some
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sight was all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects. was is chemically altered when i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's safe. to. come.
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in the israeli parliament during a speech by president moving the american embassy to jerusalem. the u.s. prepares to deal with a humanitarian crisis in northern syria admitted deadly turkish offensive against kurdish forces. and britain's top army official demands more funding to counter the supposed russian. this is our national. have you with us now the u.s.
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vice president has announced that washington's embassy in israel will move to jerusalem by the end of next year you gave a speech to the israeli parliament. president trump has directed the state department to immediately begin preparations to move the united states embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and that united states embassy will open before the end of next year well this announcement by the american vice president is hugely controversial and no doubt will be met with the same kind of backlash that met the announcement by the american president donald trump last month when he stated that jerusalem is the capital of israel now they were protests that were held as the american vice president landed in israel yesterday there were posters with his face on that were trampled on and thrown about at the same time a day of rage has been called for tomorrow tuesday in the palestinian territories
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the palestinian leadership is boycotting this visit by the american vice president now that protest actually moved inside the israeli parliament today just as paris was about to start his speech members of the arab joint list this is the third largest faction in the israeli parliament and represents some four arab dominated israeli political parties these lawmakers stood up and started shouting and holding plaque cards that said that jerusalem is the capital of palestine is the supreme court. citizens of israel. thank you thank you. thank you israeli parliamentarians gave mike pence a long standing ovation to try and detract attention away from the arab members of
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parliament cry but at the same time there is off wage that has been happening for the past few weeks since the american president said he recognizes to receive them as israel's capital both here inside israel in the palestinian territories gaza and in the international community. i. was. i i. know i know the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is currently in brussels way he is meeting with the e.u. foreign policy chief now the e.u. has criticized tom's earliest statement that he recognizes to see them as israel's capital and have said that they stand by their commitment of a two state solution. we spoke to an israeli lawmaker who walked out during
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my prince of speach. well we decided from the beginning that we want to deliver a message that there is at least twenty five twenty or thirty percent of the people in israel do not welcome him or his policy or the policy of his administration that we see the danger in leading such kind of. told to. support to mean netanyahu the government the fact that prince wanted to declare that today that they are moving the american embassy to jerusalem ses very clearly that they don't care what the palestinian people see as their right this brings a lot of anger and outrage among the palestinians i hope that this tuition will not deter yury mortar we hope that the palestinian our palestinian people will find
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a way to express their outrage and their anger about such kind of declare a sharon without losing a lot. president of turkey has rejected international calls to scale back a military offensive in northern syria the turkish army has ramped up its efforts to dislodge the region's kurdish fighters who refuse and terrorists the intervention follows an announcement from the us that it plans to establish a new border force in the region which will include kurdish y p g forces.
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now let's take a look at how power is distributed in the border region between syria and turkey the areas in yellow here are held by various kurdish militias and it is here in the african region the latest flashpoint in syria where turkey is carrying out its military operation it's receiving backing from syrian rebel groups in this area right here shown in green now turkish tanks have reportedly been closing in on the city of zaz. then intends to turn its attention to mine beach now the syrian kurds have already asked the u.s. led coalition for support washington has voiced its concerns calling on turkey to limit its offensive in time and scope president gave a defiant response telling the u.s. to worry about its own campaigns in iraq and afghanistan you know it takes a closer look at the troubled relationship between the two nato allies.
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unbelievable is this real a nato member telling daddy you know i mean for me to come in behave yourself oral point a gun and am i exaggerating a bit mr aired on didn't say that these exact words but turkey's got a prime minister who pretty much did anyone who gives logistical support to the white is turkey's target for the record the white b.g. equals the kurdish army and for all these years who's been giving the kurds all kinds of support right. over the weekend the kurds were extended in all of branch that's what ankara calls its military op the kurds say they repelled an attack on sunday but where does that wipe e.g. get its guns. tapered on couldn't care less why washington's been helping the kurds to destroy eisel for this man the kurdish militias are no better than terrorists that explains his latest messages to america because the us is in the process of
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creating the terror army only. we have to do this to the but america do not encroach on the borders do not provoke us and we will run out of patience does anyone from the us government have anything to say we urge turkey to exercise restraint in its military actions in rhetoric ensure that its operations are limited in scope and duration some very restrained council there to be restrained think about it mr aired on rants that america u.s. officials don't hit back turkey rolls off the tanks flies out the more play sends soldiers over the border washington basically keeps after all this isn't about him slightest squeak makes donald trump for one war so perhaps the turks and the kurds have succeeded in one thing together were juicing america to baffled silence.
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shortly after u.s. military officials announced their intention to create a thirty thousand strong border force washington backtracked u.s. secretary of state said the u.s. has no such plan and that the situation had been portrayed however russia's foreign minister has disputed that claim. the contradictions called the recent u.s. announcement of create an unarmed force along the syrian border in fact america continues its actions to stop this control of parts of serious territory. in the meats on the u.s. scares the kids away from the damascus washington is encouraging separate to send cement among the kurds. well meanwhile germany's foreign minister excuse me has said any military confrontation would carry huge risks and following an emergency un security council session on monday france called on turkey to show restraint saying other members share its view colace can cause or of the new turkey and its
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discontents gave us his views on the situation. this is a. thought of mistrust between turkey and the united states and in general nato turkey has been calling nato bemba just to take an action there is no cooperation between the turkey and united states is the biggest friend of turkey is actually i think it's the biggest enemy of turkey today turkey is trying to create more options approaching to russia or thaw it seems like turkey is trying to make a deal with it so you want the more you should speak up the future of the syria especially northern syria is all about the relationship between them of course and they position to y p g they did they will work together they prefer to work with. rallies against the military operation have been held in turkey as well as a number of european countries police in istanbul.


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