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tv   News  RT  January 25, 2018 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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turkey's top diplomat washington saying america doesn't keep its promises there's no trust between the countries but it comes as i'm christine military offensive against the u.s. backed kurdish militias in northern syria. first day at the world economic forum and it's on the way with a meeting alongside u.k. prime minister true reason may be u.s. leader is expected to promote his america first agenda at the gathering the true risk with. all these questions why the president is coming don't want to listen to him you can they can leave. me one hundred sixty nine russian stamp the green light for the upcoming winter games in a move slow. committee. live
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from moscow every hour of the day international my names you know neil welcome to the program our top story turkey's foreign minister has hit the u.s. saying he doesn't believe washington is a trustworthy partner it comes as tensions escalate between the two nato allies over turkey's offensive against the american backed kurdish militias in northern syria which i encourage describes as terrorist groups. he says it took moments that the u.s. hasn't kept any promises mr trump told president obama on the phone that no more weapons will be given to the white. we want to see done put into action. marty singer account joins us live now from washington d.c.
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with the details samir a all not phone call just mentioned do we know more of what was said and indeed why the two leaders spoke well tensions between the u.s. and turkey have been escalating ever since the u.s. announced its collaboration with the turkish for with kurdish forces but trump an arrow and have attempted to ease tensions but somehow that seems to have gone wrong as well other turkish foreign minister had a few things to say about all of this he first commented on the general state of affairs a between the u.s. and turkey saying that the u.s. did not keep a quote single promise to turkey regarding the kurds and that there is no trust between the countries but he also said that the u.s. has distorted a recent phone conversation between the two leaders president trump relayed concerns the escalating violence in africa syria risks undercutting i shared goals in syria here to turkey to deescalate limited military actions and avoid civilian casualties. the one time statement about the content of the phone call between
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trump and it was probably drafted before the conversation took place because it did not reflect the truth. well turkey claims trump didn't express any concerns about escalating violence saying that it was just an exchange of viewpoints but the call comes after on current down state would be extending its operation and syria to another kurdish held city well the operation has been underway for over a week now with casualties on both sides but neither side seems to be willing to wave a white flag. should
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be noted however that washington and ancora have never been on the same page over the kurdish issue there's always been contention but they just brush it aside as if it didn't exist so this is been brewing for years and it's now finally blowing up in their faces about regardless it doesn't seem the u.s. is helping the situation any further so we're just going to have to wait and see what happens live from the u.s. capitol this hour a similar account thank you well let's now bring in vice chairman of the stop the war coalition chris nine them for his take hi chris indeed what do you make of the dispute over the content of the of the phone call from what we know what was discussed. well i mean the first thing to say is that this intervention by turkey into syrian territory and this is a big attack on the kurds is a disaster for the kurdish people it's one more example of the turkish state suppressing vonnie repressing any attempts to independence and self when i said by kurdish people both in turkey and syria. and and it should be condemned for that
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reason but also it's another of a series of foreign power interventions in syria. helped fuel the civil war over the last seven years and helped to tear the country apart so it's a disastrous step one aspect of it is that it creates tension between the u.s. and turkey clearly that's another reason why. it's frightening it can lead to sorts of. new kind of conflicts. and confrontation. in syria itself so i mean it's a very very dangerous situation i think that's the most important point exactly what position the u.s. has taken over it who knows one thing is for sure it looks very much like the u.s. and russia have abandoned their support for the kurdish forces
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in northeastern syria which was contingent on the fight against isis really and i think from the point of view of america and probably russia as well they think they've done enough to contain syria to contain isis and so they it looks like they're abandoning the kurds well yeah you've got you've got the u.s. though stuck between a rock and a hard place here don't you because the kurds historically there were big allies with turkey there nato allies what see them coming down in this conflict because whatever side they take it's going to lead to a mess for the others. well i wouldn't say the u.s. has historically supported the kurds to be. you know the us has been a close ally of turkey for a long time it's turkey's in nato. as turkey has massively attacked the kurdish people so i mean the us is not consistent in any way friend of the kurdish people i
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mean the exact calculation that is being taken by the u.s. and the other big powers at the moment is probably changing on an hourly basis but essentially what you've got to understand is that these powers. put their own interests and their own concerns about. continuing to create to. pursue their own power projection in what is a more and more complex chessboard in in syria and that may mean for example that the us takes simply watches from the sidelines as the turks try and attack the kurdish people in northeastern syria and maybe the us doesn't really care much if the fighting happens because as far as they're concerned they say they're not consist of friend of the kurds so they'll probably try to watch for a while and then try and. move towards some sort of push on to some sort of negotiations and restraint just on turkey then what right do you think has to be
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invading northern syria talking the kurds there especially if the kurds were instrumental in defeating islamic state it must be said. absolutely none whatsoever and this is clearly a breach of international law it's an absolute outrage the reason for. concern being expressed more condemnation by the united nations and the so-called international community about this because it is clearly a breach of international law and you know it's an armed warranted attack on as you say group of people who essentially been trying to to help with the fight against isis this is about first and foremost this is about to be wanting to suppress any move towards. kurdish self-determination and that's the first thing and that's one of the reasons why it should be opposed the kurds are a people who are constantly being pressed his rights is annoyed who's claims for
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self-determination are ignored by the international community by and large and you know this. situation that needs to be cool for them at the same time this is a deepening of the crisis in syria and a very dangerous one chris nine am vice chairman of the stop the war coalition thank you for your take this hour as always. donald trump is in the swiss resorts of davos for the world economic forum he's already spoken to british prime minister crease in may and ortiz jack is in switzerland to. after their meeting both donald trump entry some may talked about how wonderful their conversation was how much they appreciated meeting one another and what a wonderful relationship the two countries have with one another donald trump went on to say that he really respects theresa may and that contrary to what some may believe they do have a wonderful relationship they probably. have
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a very great relationship tables but we. don't necessarily believe that but i can tell you i think. that if you really look like you. love you that idea that the two countries still have a special relationship comes just weeks after donald trump canceled his visit to the u.k. open the new u.s. embassy there the president said that he canceled the visit simply because he thought that the deal that was brokered to sell the old embassy was a bad one but many did see that as a bit of a dent in that special relationship donald trump is here at davos world economic forum with his america first montra most likely going to dominate his speech tomorrow and his meeting with world leaders throughout the next two days now transportation secretary said yesterday that if anyone doesn't like that message they're more than welcome to not listen america first is a continuation of the american affirmation of american exceptionalism
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so i don't think well i think this you know all these questions are why the president is coming and again i think davos to feel very flattered. he has chosen this as a forum. so for those that don't want to listen to him you can they can leave you know this is part of what discourse and discussion is all about so we'll have to wait and see if anyone takes her up on that same suggestion and does leave during his speech tomorrow now meanwhile we've heard already from mccrone and merkel and they both had sort of europe first message that they were putting out which maybe isn't as nationalist as america first but it's not globalist either which is a bit strange in the setting of this forum let's take a lesson it isn't gentlemen my my my first miss each he said france is back france is back it's a call for europe because we will never have any friends to exist without the
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europeans if between our twenty seven member states we're not able to send a clear and united message to major powers such as china india and the united states if foreign policy is made on the national level then we will feel that. and today during teresa mayes speech at the conference she also had similar sentiments talking about how the u.k. would be one of the best places to open a company or to work on a a lot of we would be the best country to open new businesses to start new things in the safest country to be on the internet so a lot of that sort of idea of european leaders looking at their own countries in europe as a whole as a leading force but of course we still have the rest of today and one more day tomorrow of davos and we'll see what else comes out of it but we discussed the upcoming talks with a columnist keith boy feel. what do i expect from mr trump's visit to dabble stall of a lot of security and police and army also you've got to bear in mind that mr trump
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has a stable genius as he puts it and he likes to bestride the world stage and so i think because the mist of the president of china was the great favorite star at davos last year i think mr trump wants to be the star this year i think that there will be a lot of politicians wanting to speak to the gallery mr trump will be wanting to play to his political base over in the state so he wants will want to be seen to be talking tough and in the similar fashion mr mack wrong mrs merkel who's still trying to form a government in germany will also be wanting to be seen to be supporting their national self interest so i suspect we're going to be seeing quite a few fireworks. russia's a limper committee has condemned the list of its athletes allowed to compete in the winter olympics it say's russia's most prominent sportsmen and women have been
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excluded the total number of those allowed to go to south korea next month has been reduced from an initial five hundred person squad to one hundred and sixty nine athletes russia sports minister is the month in justice for the competitors. who will stand for the interests of all its we are sure they're clean we haven't had any claims in terms of doctrine but the list doesn't include russia small prominent athletes. walking us through now the developments of what has occurred today artie's maria maria. it's actually could be disappointing move but actually there is no surprise we heard about russia's leading athletes not invited to the games in pyongyang this february several days ago and now the country's olympic committee just confirmed it among those who did not receive the official invitation there were expecting that our top ranking athletes the country's major hopefull such as six time olympic champion
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a short tread skating victor on a cross-country skier sygate was to go for two thousand and fourteen olympic gold medalist in the battle until she pull in he has his reaction to this news. i was shocked by the news i thought about leaving everything behind and returning home it was my dream to compete in the olympics and i was working towards the goal through hundreds and thousands of difficulties through sweat and blood throughout my sporting career i have never given any one reason to doubt that i'm clean i've even avoided taking ordinary determines that's why it's more difficult for me to accept what's happened i was devastated by grief after receiving this terrible news later on i realise that you should never give up life doesn't end and it's important to carry on you should fight to protect your name right to the end. well this decision leaves many questions and here's why early in december the international olympic committee to bend russia from participating in the upcoming
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winter olympic games in turn following the investigation that lasted several months over. doping allegations dozens of athletes were banned disqualified from the games but the biggest concern now is that among those who were not invited are those whose names is never mentioned during this investigation then names never emerged in connection with doping allegations so it is unclear what's behind their back and the association of international olympic winter sports federation has asked the sea to explain what is behind this decision one of their representatives has said that they are sure that their route clean athletes among those not invited to the games. it is very there is no direct proof of guilt. you tested human numerous occasions and you never tested positive for
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a banned substance. earlier the head of the international olympic committee has said that the committee wants to invite so-called clean athletes from russia to participate in the winter games in pyongyang chan in such a way to encourage the country's new young generation but the thing is that there are those among those not invited to the games who are in fact representing this very new generation of russia's sportsmen young generation and it's hard to understand how they could be encouraged by this decision and another concern which is already also very big is that this news comes just two weeks before the games actually start which means there are few chances that this sportsman could actually fight for their rights to participate back to talking us through all. well the i.o.c. recently released information on why some russian athletes are being excluded from
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the upcoming winter games they cover seventeen points focusing on alleged violations the policies that reviewed information based on a muscular barratry database on allegations presented in the mcclure report on alleged tampering with samples well sports lawyer the sinful only sees the i.o.c. is not following basic legal principles make law report was was based in the beginning especially on anonymous sources no documents not to provide the icing the zs not fair now they are trying to back it up with intelligence you see it already did prove that the report as it was used to discredit all athletes was not a proper report in the beginning timing is a little bit problematic because as you know the at leats will have a very short period of time of trying to appeal or correct these decisions which
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are taken. view to exclude everybody who has the slightest doubt on his record and that edge is not acceptable israel sports minister courts controversy once again appearing at a football match where racial chance were heard the details on the live reaction right after this. so. you know one of the things we saw in this entire campaign leading up to trump selection was very little discussion of the facts nobody said look you know you may be the smartest person in the world in your area of treating people in the real estate market but when it comes to actually understand economics you have no background i think any you know good economists could possibly have won that election. the press made and attention to that.
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whole existence to you so. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to be rich. but you'd like to be close this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the last. question. twenty minutes into the program welcome back israel sports minister house calls controversy by posting a video online showing her standing next to phones from the base hard to roost club as they chant extremist slogans marie reg of is seen smiling i'm bracing the
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hardline supporters as they yell mager village be burned out there are a bit really opponents. but the. attack on. what questions have been raised as to why the sports minister didn't edit the clip and instead posted complete with the offensive taunts here's what she had to say about the incident itself to be shot not because then i was sorry to hear racist chanced from the stands and i don't like to see how fan from soft a.b. turf and it's about time that everyone demonstrated a sports month like spirit i have formed a unit to combat racism and sport and i need ten to make sure that he brings the
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appropriate results oh well it's not the first time regs actions have provoked a rage back in two thousand and twelve she compared african migrants in israel to quote a cancer in the body she then went on to apologize for that but rather to cancer patients west across live to new or old say a palestinian political analysts who has been following this story are welcome to the program what's your reaction to the video are you surprised that this from a high ranking is really minister if she has apologized and said it was not her intent. well good evening and thanks for having me it did this video is not surprising at all for two reasons one is that the sports. club if you can call it that is notorious for its racism it chants these racist slurs and these insights to violence against its opponents particularly if they're arab or
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palestinian or muslim and it's been known to do that for many many years the other reason why this is not surprising is that the minister in question this regen is also notorious for her racist positions for being extremely anti palestinian for delivering speeches at the floor of the knesset the denies the existence of the palestinian people or palestinian history and she does not waste the chance to show her disdain or for palestinians she leaves concerts when the poetry of mahmoud darwish for example is read renowned world renowned palestinian poet his poetry has been translated in so many languages so unfortunately no it's wasn't surprising it does beg the question why the video was not edited removed a chance it would be easy to do of course and then show that what she said at the game itself was quite reasonable supporting both clubs but that's not what went out from her website. well i think what the video shows and
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the fact that she chose not to edit it really clearly reflects the state of israeli politics right now israel the state of politics is in israel right now is right wing it is tolerant of incitement tolerant of racism if it is directed at palestinians it is intolerant of any kind of criticism you recall a few days ago these really defense minister avigdor lieberman banned or tried to ban the poetry of a very renowned israeli poet because he wrote a poem about i had to mean me a sixteen year old girl who's been imprisoned by israel and he likened her to anne frank so that's the atmosphere it israel right now one that openly incites against palestinians that has absolutely no hesitation in expressing that kind of hatred and racism and is emboldened by the fact that it enjoys this clad in and
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unquestioning support from the trump administration from trump personally and his associates so it doesn't feel like there would be any consequences i must i must just point out to the football club immediately condemn the racist found out that needed to be said were you glad to hear though that mary reggae have is looking to form a body to combat racism in sport what was your reaction upon hearing that. well it's almost laughable to be honest i mean we have to wait to be objective we have to wait and see what the results are but i would guess that none of these are trial at least of what i know is some positive vibes about i thought maybe this could get it started well i mean like i said i but you know one cannot always hope but let's see what the criteria for racism is and if it includes anti palestinians lawyers ok you're a palestinian political analyst speaking to us live this hour always
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a pleasure. all the news for i'm back in just over half an hour's time with more global news right here at our team h.q. . manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. in the final merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick.
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when chapman bellies leave the street and driffield neighbors neighbors meet as many days are we haven't laid them for they get the title of gate well we set. the not be getting food and. welcome to the show and the opening lines of robert burton's epic poem and scott's shanter a tale of witches and warlocks ghosts of girlies some deflections of life from the afterlife thrown in for good measure this is burton's night and today all score sudden friends of scotland worldwide are celebrating the work of caledonia as bob robert burton's scottish nationalist under internationalists the poet of the common man whose vastness of love songs have been an inspiration for people as diverse as
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abraham lincoln to bob dylan there are more statues to robert burns and to any non-religious figure with the sole exception is the queen victoria and christopher columbus this one here in victoria embankment gardens in london is absolutely splendid but if you're watching down under this one in victoria still year or new york this one in central park meanwhile back home and the resists impressive monument and that's where thomas shanta barely survived his encounter with the devil's legions now today's show by popular demand features bums aplenty but will also be speculating on where the house of lords is about to deliver a blow to the government's plans to exit from europe so first while europe side is fixed on mighty things the fate of empires and the fall of kings of state machines produces plan and even children unless the rights of man amid this mighty fuss just
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let me mention the rights of women merit some attention so over to. right and just the right thing i thought. to compose it yes yes welcome to the alex thanks so much thanks for having me and love to see you know we are having a brain special of course the brain fabrics facial and he's your name sake of course it will come once that in a minute i want to know if you're related but give us a bit of your background for us right here a musician from glasgow as you said yeah my dad is bones. he's also a musician not so i can grow up listening to him plea and. just you know over and don't think it's all about tommy who play four chords when i was five and my family everyone can sing so yeah i just i grew up basically sort of a music and musical family and of course we've all been involved in your your latest project which is burns on brains i have to ask you the question line are you
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released to the bard and say oh i want to sleep would love to see yes and i do say yes a lot but you know you know i'll be damned if it is but i know it's they something's this space i'm going to be with the states or something and you know you get people telling you their grandfather was scottish or something or they're more scores than you so the ask barnes are you related and it's nice something to school that's a good things that brains like of course that is celebrated internationally and the us love love binds and love to find any kind of courses and to stream in this twenty million scots living in in the usa so i'm sure if you want to stick with it if you like to put it would be a massive hit so first of all you've got an album out called absence of just being doing really well there's doing this. it's a slow burner but it. was really busy last year so i didn't actually get to today. so yes and that's nearly a year now of course you must perform a prisoner is that season and a lot of us to involved in it and.


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