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as mr parsons brought up they should be allowed to compete we give artists thirty to thirty five artists will go right now we believe but i do believe there's more twists introject to calling this tale. well the band was imposed back in twenty sixteen when the whole russian paralympic paralympian team was barred from the rio games just weeks before the competition started some of the affected athletes told us how they felt. but the mr are you but but if the ship thoughts occurred that would be the period that you were told but i admire your courtesy. but if you don't wish to get the other such a big scare you put your people to put you. know
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which one should the one in the midst of the security fucked up he or a book deal so you are able to i want to put a. bizarre. story let's see because let's. look at it because it merely store joy at the bit where it's a gimmick to keep the probably away. but you could get all the photos of the nazi chairs should i push each six of up to a psychiatrist or good disease news to move so you start on your watch. so don't. know what you say about the one who said what it was to sporting events
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a little distant she wanted to lose and you want some. disturbing it's a slow news it's you was the. one and. islamic state says it carried out an attack on a military academy in the afghan capital killing eleven servicemen and injuring sixteen local journalists but lost the wire reports. five suicide attackers two of them killed by afghan national security forces and another two of them detonated their explosives and one of them was detained suicide jacket a rocket propelled grenade in four a k forty seven s were seized the attack almost to about four hours residents in that area reported hearing loud explosions there was the use of having small weapons so the fact that these militant groups
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can't really strike the world in target these key military institutions as well as very secure security areas in kabul remains a serious source of concern for people living here in kabul today's attack is deadly one for the afghan national security forces remember they were killed not on a front line somewhere in some remote district or in a province where this is every day of fighting i think that alone tells you that cities including kabul is becoming another. front in the afghan government just continues to struggle to prevent these militants from carrying out these attacks the country has been suffering from a spike of terror lately with three major incidents in the past week.
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but the u.s. and the taliban released statements after the recent attacks both calling for tougher action against each other. as our thoughts turn to the families and friends of those killed and injured at this time we will also go forward and do our best work in their memory defeating the insurgency and bringing peace to this region the islamic emirate has a clear message for trump and he kisses if you go ahead with a policy of aggression and speak from the barrel of a gun don't expect our guns to grow flowers in response however the spike in violence comes as america intensifies its bombing campaign in the country during the last year the united states dropped over four thousand bombs on afghanistan
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since august the u.s. has carried out twice as many as strikes as in the previous two years combined we discussed the issue with thought on my mood harley a former pakistani air force captain. i'm afraid the president has no realisation of the intensity of the situation in afghanistan he has not been able to read the picture clearly nor has he been able to get a reality check of what is the real problem in afghanistan i don't think. physically through their bombs through the. threats overcome this situation and more threats are only going to create more and mayhem but it is not going to bring peace and put into the region so president reagan will have to revise his new strategy because it is faulty. swedish retail giant
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a.t.m. has recalled a series of children's socks after it was alleged they featured a pattern resembling the word our in arabic h. and m. has apologized claiming it was unintentional just weeks earlier the shop was accused of racism after its catalog featured a child wearing a hoodie with the words coolest monkey in the jungle the child's mother though denied the art was racist the latest controversy over the sox true and irritated reaction online this is ridiculous the next will be that if the small w. and them people have choices if you don't like them been done by them getting a little tired of saying you can't make this stuff up or things that cause offense is the latest topic of artie's new online project in case you missed it with polly boyko you can follow her page on twitter. in case you missed it one of the great things about life in twenty eighteen is that you're free to be offended by anything
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. it's quite confusing recently people have been offended by history literature being a man being a woman meat pro-immigration anti immigration the list is endless because it's actually hard to tell is our guide to being offended in the modern world if i'm sure as a human you are offended twitter will always let you know what you're offended about if only one person out of one hundred is offended you need to pretend that you are offended to go actually signalling will cover you every time there is no time limit shakespeare was writing four hundred years ago and still some of the one dickens that cambridge university had to be warned about the distressing cvs even friends is too much for some millennial zeal to choose an italian american a guy with a transvestite dad who missed twitter and even throwing in a lesbian couple wasn't diverse enough apparently not used always about the
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nineteenth century imperialist sessile rhodes students at oxford university wanted his small barely noticeable start to go on why because he was bad one hundred fifty years ago who wasn't. there and so are these chances michelangelo's david possible weinstein situation that your liberty immigrant and course the redeemer possibly offensive to jews are on the slim's the little guy being in the fountain naked it's time to act what is great is there are places where everyone's mind can rest in peace these are the old bates's these are places where freedom of thought speech and expression all put on hold in case anyone should have their feelings. america safe. now the russian city of sochi is hosting pace talks between the syrian government and opposition groups
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more on that after this short break stay with us. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so will transfer. thinks it's going to. release the memo russia gate morse into the f.b.i. gates also are the u.s.
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and turkey on the path to confrontation in syria and the great debate jordan peterson has called on one army and is taking the internet by storm. welcome back now in the russians the city of seoul train pace talks between the syrian government and opposition groups on a bouncy get underway the u.n. special envoy to syria stephan de mistura will be attending. gives us a preview. minutes after landing in cinci camera man jokingly asked if we'd been diverted to beirut look at the banners he said. they're everywhere the entire city seems to be plastered in the peace for the people of
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syria five hundred ten journalists were registered for the sochi peace conference in just four days representatives from seventy eight different channels as well as dozens and dozens of different news agencies most of them foreigners these army of journalists covering this event. only by the number of delegates one thousand six hundred delegates a descending on sochi to take part in these talks syrian politicians and the opposition reconciled rebels and active ones commanders and thousands of men christians e.d.'s limbs all faiths and denominations aiming for peace. crews are hard at work putting the finishing touches in place they even have special prayer rooms for both muslims and christians. this is
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a new format no middleman she has these direct talks face to face the aim here isn't to replace other platforms like the geneva peace process it is to supplement them to get the ball rolling say organizers everyone's tired of this war. is about letting people admitted. as authority peace talks get underway they reconstruction of syria's city of aleppo is ongoing the oh my is a mosque one of the holiest places in islam was badly damaged in the syrian war the mosque was built between the eighth and the thirteenth centuries but was largely damaged in clashes in twenty thirty in the matter i was all down by shelling and the whole complex is riddled with bullet holes. chris their currencies are gaining ever more attention including among top computer specialists
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artist macau francis santiago attended a cryptocurrency conference and caught up with antivirus guru or john mcafee today crypto is unique. crypto is empowering crypto is on the verge of a global financial revolution crypto was a direct challenge to the world banking system allowing you to be the bank and make the money win or lose in the end crypto is bound to lead the world into the future . now it's time to take a swim at the coins bank asian block chain crews. welcome that a coin bank. blotching conference we're about to get acquainted with over a thousand different participants from fifty different countries including one hundred russian i ceo's some of the hottest new stuff in the world of block chain lets go. events like this allow you to mix and mingle with some of the top talent
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in the block chain industry one of the speakers happen to be a man who is considered by some as the block chain guru john mcafee what are some of the. criteria that you would suggest to look for in a good eye c.e.o. . first and foremost this is something that you would use if you would love to have what they're trying to build or break supported by day number two is that the team and you can find this out it goes in in the white paper will be a list of the founders and developers have they had experience in building blocks of things if not you might think maybe they can produce it. and number four does it sound like the people who are doing this corner love it themselves and the story. one of the more unique ice c.e.o.'s i found here is a russian project called mark space it's intriguing to say the least a three d.
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and virtual reality space creating platform powered by block chained technology basically it's a way for businesses communities and really anyone to run and showcase their service or an idea in virtual reality for example to virtually take a walk through a flagship store in beverly hills or do a test drive in that cool car you always wanted so what's this hype and why. i think because you know people understand that we have an existing company with modern ten years experience you know you see in every r. and three dollars a recession is on and we know you now have process a. that in the wake of the trial they go to our website the trial goes against roger they build the old three you gotta believe upside they see that it's a few how does it actually work you go to a website you choose the place and now i can see steam it's a unit it's a virtual space then you use all bushel constructor and you build it very fast and very easy so you know even kids can do that you build your own three d. and d. are compelled to build upside. in five years time over half of the world i promise
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you will be using chips or crimes and the half that does not is going to be the half that probably doesn't have smartphones or any access to the. paradox he would love to hear your thoughts on all of our stories they do get in touch by following guys on social media on the back about thirty minutes or the latest headlines on three of them. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to go right to be pressed to see what the before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. i should.
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this is. kentucky. a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. all the. people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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when welcome across all things are considered i'm. release the memo russia gate morse into the f.b.i. gate also are the u.s. and turkey on the path to confrontation in syria and the great debate jordan peterson is called a one man army and is taking the internet by storm. across talking f.b.i. gate i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have a he's a political analyst as well as
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a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dimitri bobbitt she is a political analyst with sputnik international red cross the girls in effect and you always can jump in. me go to you first here. are we going to see a new me new debate. like who lost turkey because if you remember when the communists came to power in china that was lost china and it ruined a lot of careers because people didn't get it right ok we who's losing turkey who's gaining turkey going well let me remind you that in one thousand nine hundred eighty there was a big debate who was russia and the it was at the times when suppose that russia was so democratic mr yeltsin was still in power in these all those guys two boys and those who called to report called it s. called us all out of a few billion dollars right there that's a bulge in all the oldest yeltsin's guys the younger forms but what's going on now
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between turkey and the united states is unbelievable i mean trying to remove a relatively loyal regime in syria which you know mr us with was oriented towards the european union more than towards russia the united states had made to almost a much more important country turkey what it might lose lose it a line some dubbed go ahead of the united states to the crease is a very stark choice the us has the cure in syria as a is the only force the only viable forward and they're embedded with the kurds that that would support the partition of the factual partition of syria and that supports the u.s. and and if so the u.s. can support the curate's and then it gets the. we see that happening now who are the united states going to stop supporting the curate's that turkey would be happy about that but then the united states would be left with almost no credible serious
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support force see and stay to it no reason to justify their continued presence is a kind of choice is ally with the curate's and have to keep it as is an adversarial power considering that turkey has the second largest army in. eight the way we're. going to change. the more one of the things is to do one he can't afford to lose in syria he's put too much into it oh yeah he's politically security invested i don't believe that peace in syria is possible. the question isn't while charlock saw it continues in syria but well ordered god continues in ankara. god must go hash tag or to go what is this and you've been in the military what is the possibility of some kind of confrontation you know because just as i just said
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and you just said you know one is not going to back down this means a lot to him and his legitimacy at home and the ongoing problem they've had with the united states is it isn't so important to the united states because if you look at the the defense community intelligence community even in the u.s. they're divided about what's going to in fact you're starting to see splits not only among the administration but in the foreign policy blob between the neo cons and the liberal imperialists they're divided on this issue and victor is exactly right you either get a kurdish protectorate carved out of syria to continue to destabilize syria and weak in iraq and thus by weakening one of their allies or you get to make continue your relationship with turkey as a member of nato and then a u.s. turkish alliance which allows u.s. military bases in turkey that their flights are necessary for controlling the region also gives the united states access to the black sea which is russia's underbelly of course so there's big geopolitical questions here but obviously this
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is a self created blowback we've been saying on the show all along that if the u.s. tried to partition east syria with the kurds it would face blowback politically both from turkey and from iraq likewise erdogan has created this situation where he calls kurdish terrorists there's no evidence that any. kurds have been involved in terrorism on his territory but he created this by illegally arming training and cellaring sectarian militias you know the united states. were arming him and supporting the kurds are there is one thing in a bottle of this situation finally with kind of the truth about the united states financing terrorists out of the mold of babes know i'll do the mouth of mr had to go and so he's the guy. that's why and see it's not exactly sure what to do with no shortage of people are legion punching terrorists. but he basically admitted something that all the other need to remember us have no but
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they have been hiding it yet so ever they're gonna put in these. where he drove himself by his decision to change the regime in syria he is no i'm sorry he's no spewing the truth let me tell you where to go if i think that if i'm going to fight within. the existence the possibility of a kurdish state when turkish border is an existential threat to a president of their literature and that's where his name is there anything else would do right now do exactly what they're going to he's doing these are the curate's yes he made mistakes i agree wholeheartedly with mark as far as that he got the start he was one of those that supported the syrian civil war he created the situation where the syrian kurds who were who have now more power and more autonomy and more willingness to act against. interests then i always explain to everyone that he has to choose now i mean if he continues down this path and wants
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to drive all the way all the way to the iraqi border here i mean is he going to have to choose nato or not nato and the level of negotiations agrees that it's agrees and he he's not willing at this point to take it out of need to there isn't even the mechanism set for that. but at the same time to ricky and the gun is not going to do anything that will endanger the national security and sovereignty of the to look at what is who's bluffing here mark everyone's blood everyone's everyone is bluffing at this point including the syrian government and russia the kurds in africa have now officially called publicly for the syrian government to help come in and protect them against the turkish invasion this isn't going to be met because they aren't fully they didn't fully agree to demands that russian the syrian government sent for them which included completely dismantling the kurdish militias and either moving east to the us controlled territory or joining the
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syrian army plus relinquishing control of oil fields in eastern syria which if the kurds deem if there kurds before this incursion started a little over a week ago if they'd just taken the deal to pick up the syrian flag that would've no no that's that was the that was the minimalist demand they accepted that there was a maximalist demands from russia and the syrian government and there was no negotiation a compromise position should have been official the kurds or alfre offered that at the time they are offering that now that's not and has a habit of choosing the wrong side well you know it's one one one chooses the wrong side one place and that's what the kids are doing now let's hope that the kids will have a voice that congress will vote syrian minorities that it's going to be held in sochi you know in the coming days but actually if you look at the pattern it repeats itself in syria you know the foreign invader i'm sorry they've been trying
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to remove the syrian government created more and more programs you know that the states intervened in syria in order to replace a person who was not actually and they west and mr ross up and they've got a terrible problem with the islamic state you know which was much more dangerous then ten loss of state them together right. you wanted to put it so old people in power in syria. could have stayed right next to the border was it seems like it's the worst possible outcomes if you look at it you know i mean how does this change mean the rest of syria we have of reconciliation going on the syrian army is an essential one against these terrorist groups it's just the border area between syria proper and turkey this isn't a new conflict a very different and it can be confined and now it will have to stop near its borders every single power. that has a significant kurdish population. iran iraq syria is opposed to an independent
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kurdish state so it's not just to every single citizen how does it marcos' billion to the huge minority of kurds inside of turkey and what's going on in syria i mean do we see more do you foresee a lot more blowback now with that and that's obviously the concern and the garden regime has forbidden kurds to protest against this euphemistically named operation and believe all of these invading syria and bombing cities. you know it to me you know let's frame this properly who has all along been you know turkey the war against syria couldn't exist without the turkish border for that disneyland it provided for jihad as to the moms training centers that the u.s. and saudi arabia set up to funnel salaries and there is turkey is still supplying al qaeda with weapons for offensive they are literally as reported in the western mainstream media doing joint patrols with al qaeda and attacks on afrin as they
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call someone else terrorists it's just it's well you know and this could lead to turkish confrontation with the u.s. their proxies aren't having a good time in africa and they're already starting to wear the fact that he. has lost in syria. and now it's going to potentially suffer another loss against an angel ally it's really quite amazing well i think again to come here is that we're here in the troops i think what the german media is saying about. mark is just called of that that is most likely the troops but what i had to go on they say in the ball drove me is not all of you know germany is not democratic you know it prevented every trick you into their citizens on the german territory during the elections so no one is good in this situation and the good thing is that they they must each other we see the truth and now we couldn't see to give seems to me that
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we're going to have to we'll be doing this in the future but this conflict is definitely transforming and it has. much less to do with syria than it does with foreign players inside of c.b.s. gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on real news stay with. one else so seems wrong. well we just don't.


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