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two miners in the works the sixteen hundred dollars sunrise bitcoin miner that has more mining power than big mains machine that's producing thirty to forty percent more daily revenue and the multi-cell alternative coin miner it will be a breakthrough for the world's mining machinery but speak with the marine ship himself and get the latest on the progress so you had a tough line some deadlines were blown but everyone is eager to see the miner what's the progress so far the progress is good the sunrise mine is ready and as we speak we're beginning mass production at our factory while the multi-cell should be ready by august twenty eighth multi-cell is a microprocessor which routes deep into the soviet past when the multi-celled processing philosophy was created it was used for in space communication and it is still used what it is is basically a ciphering technology for communication channels using minimal energy consumption and at the same time being extremely failsafe because several cells allow the processor to keep working even if one or two cells have malfunctioned in orbit.
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when we did the mathematical equations and experiments the results were sounding as they were radically better and higher than for example the usual alternative corina mining through video cards by our calculations one multi-cell will produce up to four thousand dollars in revenue a day and that's where we got the idea to do an i.c.a.o. for the production of such unique product what's your take on the future of crypto in russia i think the russian government overall sees cryptocurrency is something positive there is an outfit that have yet to be established steps are being taken to govern cryptocurrency but overall the drift i'm getting is that even with future laws in place russia will be a very habitable country for cryptocurrency it is really mind boggling a machine that will produce four thousand dollars a day is that even possible while it's wait and see you can watch the full episode
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of our team. on our you tube channel stay tuned. meanwhile the canadian based entrepreneur has found an alternative to use the crypto currency mining he's recycling behaved generated through bitcoin mining for agricultural use the ways teach generated from over one hundred bitcoin mining computers is being recycled to grow edible plants and maintain fish tank temperatures and currently around eight hundred arctic char being raised in the warehouse the founder of the food technology firm explains how recycling waste heat can bring economic benefits to the local community. recycling that waste heat from data centers or bitcoin miners that's going to have a huge economic impact your wallet whether it's from strawberries or even pursue tickles from growing very specific plants and their environmental conditions the benefit is going to be felt by everyone what we do know is that the digital economy has a huge ecological footprint whether you're searching on amazon or on facebook even
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doing a google search that's equivalent to driving a car fifty kilometers that's a big carbon footprint now we can take that waste and then convert it into facilities where we're growing food and that food addresses real humanitarian needs like food security and being able to have fresh produce throughout the year when. russia is getting ready for presidential elections the incumbent putin is running for what would be his fourth term two parties the socially conservative l.d. p.r. and the most liberal leaning yabloko a fielding the same candidates as last time around respectively black to measure navasky as grigori yavlinsky there are also some new faces russia's communist party is now represented by pavel great dane and known as the strawberry king thanks to his collective farms and then there's x t.v. hosts any assault jack who says that a vote for her is a vote against everyone ati's ochs on
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a boy caught up with her. i want to show people russia but there is another point of view this is the goal of my complaint i know you can't win on the elections where only putin always wins putting himself sat on many occasions that russia needs more competition both political but he never gives it i didn't know all the facts yourselves so out of your here forty two years i'm just a little blonde girl you know coming from going to shows and how to balance with me . i've never said that a president should be you know one fields expert. the only good way for us is along the way i know that many people want to foster change but change only happens as
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a revolution i am against. i want to educate people i want to bring them truth and i want together all their problems to make them federal it's the same old russian paternalism waiting for the officials to fix the problem don't you think that you are essentially playing the very same kremlin tactic no i'm not i am the change people want to see. still to come debate is heating up in the united states over what to do with the children of illegal immigrants but that story and much more after the break.
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what politicians do you should think to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president interview somebody want to be rich. but you'd like to be crushed if you like but for three of the more people . interested in the why. question.
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welcome back now to pharmacy chains in the german city of frankfurt's have been labeled racist i mean it's the poor union representing foreigners says that the stench result name offends migrants from africa as they contain the word more auntie's place all of our ports. what is in a name well for frankfurt council the name of two of the city's pharmacies was enough to demand that change this is one of them the exam or more and it's not final part of the name that the city council here in frankfurt have a problem with it translates as the pharmacy now traditionally what that meant is that this was a pharmacy that would have stalked alternative medicines all medicines from the east as well as western medicine this building here you can see originates from nineteen hundred however there are campaign is that say that this type of name has
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no place in modern germany the reason for the complaint was that people said this using the term morrish was racist and offensive against people from north africa but we spoke to people here on the streets of frankfurt and gauge their opinion about the proposed name change i think it's a shame because it's part of maybe our culture too and it doesn't have any more to do with maybe we've. already seen we shouldn't change our traditions. for me if something is to be racist it has to either diminish or belittle people in this case it has more to do with recognizing cultural heritage it didn't even appear to me that you know it's offensive because it is a historic it's simply historic terminal in the pharmacy doesn't for sure doesn't use it to be to be offensive the owners of both pharmacies politely declined to
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appear on camera saying that the news that they were going to be forced to change their name brought nothing but unwanted publicity interestingly enough the name up attack ads or more and is much more common place in the state of north rhine-westphalia but when the integration council in that state were asked if they'd be following frankfurt's example. well they said no they have far better things to be doing these are all of a party frankfurt. in the us the debate over what to do with the children of illegal immigrants who grew up in the country known as dreamers is heating up an article in the new york times has triggered a backlash for proposing a compromise between liberals and the trump administration over the issue the author of the piece suggested that trump's senior policy adviser stephen miller should be included in negotiations about immigration and immigration as he represents the views of a wide spectrum of society is an advocate of increased restrictions on immigration
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the idea prompted people to take to twitter to bronze the new york times a white supremacist paper this is a town i am a sahm to normalise this regime grabs politicians fascism and nazis is insane and must be stopped still furious at new york times for normalizing white supremacist steven miller new york times do you have any distance you left i guess printing this mash notes to a white supremacist on whole course memorial day is the answer to that question shame on you profound and utter shame on you new york times is now white supremacy is paper the multiple nonce above this is constant broad trompe are and prays for me long today of all days is not exceptional john griffin a conservative commentator in texas thinks that it's difficult to reach a compromise when both the far right and the far left are dictating terms. you have bad eggs in each administration i don't think steve miller is
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a bad egg i think he's gotten an unfair rap like many of the members of the tribe of ministration because of how intensely the radical left hate tropp and how intensely the far right are determined to defend anything and everything about this administration there is a core sense of what it means to be an american rights for workers low unemployment in respect of the individuals all these things go out the window on the extreme left and on the extreme right when we allow those two polls to dictate the discussion and that's what's happening on immigration and we can go a different direction if we'd only choose. in northwestern iraq locals all live it after a u.s. led coalition as trying to reportedly hit civilians and local police instead of terrorists the incident took place on saturday reports suggest at least eight people were killed and twenty injured here's what i witnesses have to say.
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you have to say ok when we arrived by car to find people killed or wounded the officer carried a wounded woman and laid her down in the car that the same car was hit by a missile killed fifteen seconds later they opened fire on the people and their houses with a machine gun shortly after this missile hit a police car and officers were killed. when iraqi officials have confirmed they called for a u.s. led to ask but insists that they are for it to talk at a terrorist cell the u.s. military also says that how things unfolded on saying that an investigation is now underway. iraqi security forces conducted a raid and apprehended a high value dash leader during extraction of the dash leader a dash member reportedly initiated an exchange of ground fire and iraqi leaders
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called for coalition air support several people were killed and wounded during the exchange and the incident is under investigation by iraqi and coalition officials the coalition operates by permission and in direct coordination with the government of iraq and its security forces with an investigation underway the head of the iraqi security and defense committee called on the government to adopt measures that will restrain the u.s. led coalition's actions in iraq. after much anticipation from football fans in english club at leeds united unveiled their new batch only to receive floods of criticism the club quickly caved into the outcry and is now letting supporters choose the club's new badge and a public vote. thank
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you. well let us know your thoughts on that story by following us on social media i'll be back at the top of the hour with all the latest headlines all so you can. join me every thursday on the all excitement and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you than. anyone else chose seemed wrong. with just don't call. me old yet to say power. comes to educate and indeed for many equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and intervened to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well he's a little bit different i'm not
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a lincoln hard line a no no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. come up or since. this is hotter than kentucky. over all of the places people are going st families are.
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a co money city with almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the polarizer said. that it was a lot of these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. forever. if. it. if they are. angry. that. her.
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little scene is just. how it is interested in social mother was just. kind of social was it is akin to what you put on so to be thought of she but how did you get. over that. photo of course as you know just to own them. junctures hard to our youth. has. this little bundle of joy would have no chance of surviving in the wild mother pandas can only read one come at a time but usually give birth to two every year china puts a lot of effort into making up for this cruel mistake of nature if two cubs
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a bone then too must survive. tended to defend its interests the most. endangered species don't have to become extinct not if you take good enough care of them mr darwin's theories don't all hold good here. it's. just so you're born pandas way just one hundred twenty grams. here in captivity the counts are reared by stuff at the panda breeding center in the wild it's the mother who takes care of the young she just swallows anything the cub wants to get rid of. these might well be the most helpless little ones in the world as well as the most endearing and quite probably the most expensive.
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pander is china's national treasure. even its coloring is a living symbol of the past an illusion to the home country. a balanced opposites. black and white light and dark day and night sun the moon sky and earth heat and cold. war i think part of. what a cub is born it becomes the property of the people's republic of china. there's no getting around that law but zoos can rent pandas from the state for a limited period it's not cheap so they have to pay over a million dollars a year to the government. says. this is one national treasure that's guarded like the most priceless of jewels. they may be predisposed to
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laziness but pandas still wake up early and that means their keepers have to as well. and judging paying work at the panda center starts at six am or if they're there the pilot told. you the thinking in fourth and about. how many second mama. roll morning and ohio. sound they lay down to go out the way they're coming and. going. for him and be there business. people and this one is. i don't know how to spell and this is for those funds and you need to pay it yeah while you're on t.v. and we. can use this one to meet you and.
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it's not just there to focus interest but it's a joy to trudeau so. does the shift to the short told. to the short it was just to show those you would do more than. look at it and say there's no use to get out you know all the options that yeah see you know just on. this. sad. truth i smoked a whole. cushiony to. do with gender he uses and he threw the end. to mr lawson see. you sure you want to go if you go. to them probably a lot you know we should. do that it was all bullshit to. do that on your
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kooky. he does change of how to juggle duties and didn't really talk to each other to hold a tradition or due to legal. show. which are half the. material oh. yes you can go to the go. to do i don't feel your hot food hot. should we show you what this is or more. that you wish to. put in. china's panda breeding has become something of a production line. it's almost as though the. three d. printed then put on show for the public.
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the panda breeding center isn't just a first rate to the bar a tree it's also a zoo where anyone can go to see the fruits of china's breeding program through fifty eight one that's around ten dollars. fifty but how we're going. to. do well. here each year. in two thousand and sixteen the panda was removed from the red book officially it's no longer an endangered species but it is still vulnerable. building up the population is just a first step the toughest challenge for the breeders is still ahead. that will lead
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to your down so far. there's work. to do. however years maybe even decades of work and needed to make that possible. now while you.
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still. say you know what i sense your. comments. well done it's india. is just one of them. and how the. new way. of how to die out. by the. pressures that one interest in my mind. is only just. because it. is a new at home that's a good. idea that your heart. you know because bamboo is such a low calorie food to get the nourishment they need. and the
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other half digesting it. you really have to love pandas to do this from morning till night. the animal produces up to twenty kilos of droppings every day. for. the watch so we have. to whether to hoard. or. without always remember that. you could make paper out of these droppings mostly comprised of cellulose for now though. that wouldn't be a very profitable enterprise there are still a few pandas left and the pink really just might have been valuable information
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that might just help the enemy. so this stuff this is john the panda. oil collected this from wild place all along the reservation. and then we want to study that got michael by out. of this bacteria bacteria you can see all of this goes this is not digestible and bugs inside of this there are a lot so bacteria us which kind of helps that justice and panda they need to all day long like. done and they need this is the first step that we extract d.n.a. from. the cell giant panda. first yeah first of.
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all. i would pick up. the solution and. go. oh. how long it takes to ronald is that where you figure it's like this is. this one here. and actually away already did this like for. three years. no one actually. lands in their. minds about her going down in history sit in the you know me down and. so we see. when i first started this project i hope i can find a sound back to that because. john and to digest this illness and that if i can do that. then i can track this bacteria and. supplying to tell.
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and that will help. the apparatus survive. but all that work by dedicated scientists will be for nothing if panda love can't be encouraged in captivity it's not just practice until the pandas do get amorous but in the same lazy way they do everything else this proud mom a gave birth to twins and has no idea that a special love potion formulated just for. here's what people have been saying about rejected and i say it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to find you know what it is that really packs a punch. yeah john oliver of arc to america is doing the same we are apparently
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better than blue.


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