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with a brick street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there. the same story wherever you look. countless bodies buried and they're all this rubble and no one builds how long it will take to get wouldn't. let me show you west mosul now a wasteland the city for all intents and purposes has been erased there is little or nothing left so it's no surprise people don't want to return and they would rather live in tents on one issue i was really excited to return to my home and see
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it now when i see it in this state i wish i'd never come back and this was iraq's second largest city founded thousands of years ago and it's been a pillar of religion architecture and culture ever since its reconstruction will never be the same if it even happens and its population will be massively diminished official sources the iraqis and the u.s. have all vastly understated the sheer volume of civilian suffering and death a thousand they said investigative journalists put the figure around ten thousand senior health chief in mosul who didn't want to be filmed told us the number is much higher. this book alone contains the names of seven thousand and
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i have five of these every day we go two or three more victims of music and. it will take tens of billions of dollars to rebuild mosul alone and there is a more pressing issue to deal with first the bodies the iraqis hoped the u.s. led coalition would help resurrect mosul since its bombing campaign created much of this destruction the americans in bluntly said no we freed you spend two hundred odd million dollars fixing the pipes but aside from that you were on your own as a cause and we are not in the business of nation building or reconstruction we must ensure that our respective nations precious and limited resources are devoted to preventing the resurgence of isis and equipping the warring torn communities to take the lead in rebuilding their institutions and returning to stability and the civilians in mosul the desperate and hopeless few that have returned have nothing.
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to go to school. what else is there to do in mosul. that. was broadcast they have on the grim reality in mosul in the wake of the grueling liberation campaign but r.t. has requested comment on the situation from a number of rights organizations as well as the. coalition oxfam's humanitarian coordinator for the middle east joined us earlier to share his thoughts on most of the plight. the reality is it's been a very intense battle typically. non-experience it's often very complex to rebut the. quake or fighting like that
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a lot of funding is needed for the rehabilitation and your old man the outlines of the bill is very high. i'm not going to look to international donors and i'm astounded from forms and play for the rest of them all to start with guns don't come into increasing the funding for the recovery effort for such in the whole vault of the old. but for the whole of the region then the new government which has been so affected by fighting recently. the u.k.'s high court has ruled against the extradition of an alleged british hacker to the us laurie love is accused of carrying out cyber attacks against the f.b.i. enough other organizations but the u.k.'s lord chief justice said extradition could put the hacktivist life at risk polly boyko is across the story. holding hands with his family larry love left london's royal courts of justice having won his appeal
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against extradition to the u.s. where he's wanted for allegedly hacking into u.s. government websites and very trying for. after a very long ordeal that the right result has. been we can exercise the sovereignty of our legal justice system we can have a reason let's play station they go be treated humanely and if they have engaged in criminal behavior that they will have a portion of influence inside the court when the judge read out his verdict the chairs in celebration was so loud that the judge was forced to remind lowery not supporters that this is a court of law and not a theater throughout the legal battle the alleged attack is legal team heard it argued that his was a case of life or death love has asperger's syndrome and a depressive illness his family and legal team said that he was at high risk of suicide and the u.s. incarceration system couldn't guarantee his safety it was very unfortunate the
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prosecution tried to paint the mental health conditions as being made up six collection is confabulated and that contributes to the stigma of people with and so this isn't as important for. ministration of criminal justice and also for the humanitarian accommodation of people whose brains work differently so the case was remarkably similar to that of another british man accused of hacking into u.s. government websites gary mckinnon who has autism back in two thousand and twelve his extradition was also blocked but it was that then home secretary theresa may who did it since then the powers to block an extradition have been transferred to the british courts and larry loves case was its first test but not all his legal troubles are over it's possible the americans might decide to appeal i don't know if that's going to. no not but they have two weeks to decide whether to do that or not and then yes we have potential proceedings in the u.k.
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but love and his family have always said that he's happy to face the music for his alleged crimes they just wanted to be a british band that british band or rather a british trials is likely to be larry love next battle artsy london. the international olympic committee has rejected the requests of thirteen russian athletes and two coaches for invites to the upcoming winter games the sportsmen and women who were recently ruled not to have violated doping rules by sports highest court the i.o.c. however still has the power to decide who competes and who does not. rewrite the same street procedure most of the extremely disappointing cost decisions up holding. repeats. the privilege to be integrated
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requires. then just the excellence of a sage. soul we have in the world the right. the athletes were seeking invitations to compete along with other clean russian competitors under the banner neutral athletes from russian the swiss based court of arbitration for sport said on thursday b i always sees evidence that the twenty eight taken by substances was insufficient. in twenty eight cases the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that's an anti-doping rule violation it was committed concerned. the i.o.c. is a citizen has infuriated a number of russian officials among them the prime minister who accused the committee of violating the olympic charter on basic legal principles a representative of the country's bob sleigh federation described the i.o.c. as puppets on the head of the cross country skiing association warns that
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a war is beginning sports lawyer stuart gilhooly believes politics played a big role in the decision making process. it seems like a very strange way of going about things the the i.o.c. should be operating on the basis of the decision the costs have made what's the point in having that system if they're not going to adhere to it it does seem to me the political pressure has been brought to bear in this situation it's hard to see . where a sort of a legal reasoning could come come about this decision and certainly there has been accused amount of pressure put on the i.o.c. over the course of the last six months or so particularly in relation to russian athletes and i think that there are i think there would be such a backlash if they were allowed to compete that maybe the i.o.c. feel that the that there be a lesser backlash if they if they leave them out which is of course desperately unfair the clean up police involved assuming of course they are clean. some new revelations have emerged on this so-called trump dossier which describe the alleged
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links between the doubleton campaign team and russia they relate to the author of the document former m i five agent christopher steele and where he got his information from well for the deal to let's cross live to a similar account in washington d.c. hi there samir steele is back in the headlines of course following the release of that republican party memo last week isn't he what's this latest claim surrounding the british spy then. well according to a newly released senate document clinton associates associates were feeding information to christopher christopher steele while he was compiling the dos here on trump's alleged connections to russia and what is this document exactly well it's a heavily redacted version of the criminal referral against steele that was filed by a republican senators chuck grassley and lindsey graham and interesting the early enough it exposes korda nation between the clinton campaign and the obama administration with the intention of damaging trump well in the report it says it appears that
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steele lied or the classified documents contain materially false documents but going back to friday's memo it states that steele's dossier error was full of unverified claims about supposedly to russia but most importantly the memo asserts that the f.b.i. didn't reveal the origins of the document and of course both the f.b.i. and the democratic party have claimed that the memo is incomplete and misleading however some legal experts have also said that the f.b.i. was actually under no obligation to reveal the memos origin so let's quickly go over how this all started is still was hired back in two thousand and sixteen to find links between trump and russia but according to reports his das here was based on unverified allegation provided to him by the clinton campaign and then the obama admin ministration use of that dossier or to secure a warrant to spy on the trump campaign now if this is all true it could prove that there is no trump russia scandal which is what we've been saying all along so we're
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just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out as america thank you. a nuclear threat a subvert or of democracy a state poised and ready to kill thousands of british citizens out any moment that's all been said about russia recently on the accusations and negative portrayals keep on coming and the latest illustration of the anti russian on the mosty in the west the economist magazine ran the story describing the country as the bad guys the sorts of images you're seeing right here well they're starting to appear almost on a daily basis with soviet symbols even making a comeback during the hawkins was joined earlier by a member of the u.k. house of lords to discuss the current level of hostility and what's driving it i think is a deliberate way to demonize rush the moment it was very very neat around for me
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when i was much younger used to be gold loose communism now that russia seems to have money should build three thousand churches change the excuse just very briefly on the media i mean boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary he was quiet hostile towards r.t. towards this channel and you know there is a bit of a negative media climate right now i mean how do you feel about politicians yourself appearing on r t did you have to ask boris johnson perhaps get his opinion on your appearance saw as you say in your position your age it's something you don't worry about. i start certainly didn't talk to anyone to get permission to come onto your program or i decided to come onto your program not because i agree with you but because i want to improve relations between our two countries and between western europe and the russian federation and the c.i.s. but just in terms of the latest example i mean there's been a kremlin report released in america putting together targets for potential
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sanctions in the future some of said the list is almost been to put together in a bit of a random fashion what are your thoughts on that i mean lists are very the in thing to do enough or are they lists of useful idiots are you not afraid of appearing on the list just for coming on the program today who are probably will appear or minister but by the time you get into your middle seventy's you don't get too worried about being on sorry but. the the level of mistrust and suspicion is completely now out of hand you know there are lots of problems between our two countries and indeed between needs to in the west that needs sorting out good to my mind and i said this recently in a speech in the council of europe we need another helsinki we need to sit down and talk to each other and work out of the problems not constantly be deepening them that will do no one any good. meanwhile the european union is seeking to accelerate
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its expansion into the balkan region on choose the the european commission will be discussing a plan to bring serbia and montenegro into the block by twenty twenty five and for more countries after about according to some media including the financial times this is all part of an e.u. strategy to counter russia's growing influence in the region however the paper does not allow bread on the plane moscow has maintained close relations with most of the balkan states since the nine hundred ninety s. in particular it's supported serbia during the nato military intervention in one thousand nine hundred international affairs commentator marco gas it sees the expansion plan as an effort to shut russia and also china out of the region. it's not so much a question of the russia posing a threat to the e.u. it's the e.u. . the west in general wanting to make sure the russians appreciate the threats.
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to them if they don't comply with what the west wants so this is about shutting russia out and indeed to some extent china as well from this region in order to make a monolithic e.u. stroke western bloc serbia is the only country on the list which really needs persuading and the reason why it needs persuading is because the price of e.u. membership for serbia unlike the others is incredibly high a lot of serbians realize very clearly that. in essence the e.u. is offering serbia the chance to lose good relations great trading relations with many economic blocs in return for having good relations with just one and so i mean we should recognize that serbia has several suitors on the global stage it's got china it's got russia it's got japan it's got the arab world it's not just about the e.u. and survey has been doing very well. russia's envoy to the united nations has told a security council session that moscow believes the process for investigating
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chemical attacks in syria has been sabotaged with the latest from new york. the u.n. security council convened a meeting of the fifteen member body to discuss investigations into chemical attacks in syria the russian ambassador took the floor and emphasized that these investigations shouldn't be politically motivated and there shouldn't be any presumptions of guilt or he also emphasized that throughout the entire investigation the syrian government was fully willing to cooperate with the investigators but their willingness to cooperate wasn't really taken into account come up a. little syria has informed the international community including the un security council that if it's found dangerous chemicals in areas liberated from the terrorists. must be immediately investigated by the. now back in january russia put forward a draft resolution of their own arguing that there needed to be a change in the way the investigations were taking place they criticize the work to
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be joint investigative mechanism for the fact they never actually visited the site where the alleged chemical attack in qana shaken last april actually took place they never visited the site some of the sources that they used for their report were less than credible had links to al qaeda and terrorism they raised that there needs to be a change in how these investigations were being done in the u.k. and the united states were harshly critical of russia saying that their proposed draft resolution would bring the council back to square one in its investigations russia spoke up and defended its proposed resolution being harshly critical of the work of the joint investigative mechanism which of the possible good news today is country who would consider in last year's issues with conscious and base it seems the investigation was deliberately sabotaged the entire chamber agreed that there needed to be a serious investigation into the vital issue of alleged chemical attacks in syria however when it came to the issue of how this investigation was to be carried out
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that's where we saw some pretty clear disagreements among the countries of the world. with the hype around cryptocurrency is continuing to grow but their value still experiencing extreme volatility especially due to regulation fears moscow has played host to a major summit in all things blocked chain mail from society i go attended. welcome to our weekly digest on everything in the world the block chain this is our geezer tell him i'm your breasts and. this is the w.b.c. the world blog chain and could still currency summit here in moscow and this is exciting so many different people from all over the world we have presidential advisors of the russian presidents we have the lad martino from the theory i'm chamber in russia. some people call this guy the russian bill gates i we have all kinds of representatives
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a lawyer is and private investors from europe and all and even american canada so let's see what this is all about and this is definitely a very interesting time for cryptocurrency here in russia let's go. now let's. even for example i have twenty hives where bees are mining honey they do everything on their own and mine are two hundred kilograms and each time so as long as i just eat this honey myself and share it with my family and friends the government doesn't care about what i'm doing when i make a move to sell it the government immediately calls it a business i think that investments in crypto currencies are very risky is even worse than forex. there is a very strong government any government rushing to get on the controls but at the same time the smart going to stand to stand first of all that will be extremely difficult close to impossible but also. smart governments trying to understand how
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to create a system legal framework not to kill the industry and then based on this experiment to really understand what's the real risks and as soon as we understand the real risk it will be much easier to introduce property just nation to manage the. sometimes we need the dips because there's a lot of hype and frenzy right now which is not healthy for the ecosystem. so i actually like this because i buy in dips and then i hold them and i think. we will probably see a light today at some point the i.c.a.o. crypto bubble will burst in the same when we had the dot com at some point but then you know those are really generating value will survive said to me sometimes those periods are cleansing and i like.
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lots of from me for not to your with all the latest updates in thirty minutes time or create our two programs right ahead. the memo has come and gone but this controversy is far from over the political. who if anyone will be held responsible.
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new sanctions room in the u.s. russia stand off what is a spat mean for the world and. my guest today. a veteran analysts and a former national intelligence counselor. chaos in the middle east the nuclear threat in korea the trade war between russia and the west the world order. and without a clear. superpower good well we know all be on the verge of collapse. this world. and find ways to move forward. dr matthew burrows a cia veteran analyst and a former national intelligence council welcome to the show it's really great to have you on our program so matthew the world is no longer split into one like
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during the cold war and clearly u.s. isn't leading the world like it's tried to in the ninety's so she will be bracing ourselves for a catalyst in this new. reality chaos in libya. strong words certainly instability because i don't think we have really achieved some sort of equilibrium the u.s. is trying to find a new role for itself other powers as well so but why why why is it so bad i mean we've had it leaderless world for many centuries before and we were find well that leaderless world had quite a few wars in it and obviously i think you know our own. advertize mean for conflict is very very low these days and public server much more eager to see economic improvement than they are to.
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actually get into a fight with a neighbor or or with other powers in the world how volatile is to current state of u.s. russia relations i mean do you see more a sort of a stability within this confrontation or is it teetering on they are predictable and dangerous it's it certainly is unpredictable i would say it's potentially dangerous if it keeps. this low level of of non cooperation. you know we've had differences before but we've also been able to talk to one another and we also add those channels of communication and at the moment even between you know non-governmental bodies there seems to be
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a very low. low communication between between the two so is it sad as the cold war reroute or even worse in a way. well it's worse in the says there isn't that communication i think it is different to the us really sees its peer competitor is china so in some ways you know is not is concerned i don't share that that belief but is not as concerned about russia they see russia as a declining power and therefore a power that in their minds. we shouldn't have to pay that much attention to so that is a very dangerous situation donald trump who looked like it could be a blessing for moscow washington relations cheering as companion is now conducting they were russian business in an even more adversarial manner than barack obama why
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such a huge current first well i. i think he is hemmed in with finished yet i mean i am not sure that he has changed his views i mean his views were always that we should be trying to cooperate together but he is a weakened president there's an ongoing investigation as i'm sure you know about whether there was collusion between his campaign and and russian authorities so he can voice and any sort of. argument for better relations but i mean he's the president of the united states who can hammy then if you want to have a good relationship with russia he should have a good relationship with russia doesn't his word mean anything when i'm president is that. i mean this is the definition of
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a weakened president. you know has congress who is passed sanctions almost unanimously he couldn't veto it. and so he asked still by by that legislation and he can actually voice much sentiment for better relations without implicating him him selfie in some sort of conspiracy with russia or collusion with russia can give the russian missed a geisha and coupled with possible democrat gains that they can twenty eight ten mid-term elections and us bring matters to a crisis point and impeachment trial even well. i mean it depends if the democratic party wins both houses because it is it can impeach in the house of representatives so with a majority if it wins
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a majority after the november elections it could bring in pietschmann proceedings but in order to. convict a president. and throw him out of office u.s. have to have a trial in the senate. and it's not clear if the democrats can win the senate. i mean you know bill clinton was impeached as well but he wasn't convicted i think when it comes to it a lot of legislators both on the republican and democratic side may actually pull back from going through particularly with a conviction not so much the impeachment now it's been done against bill clinton so there's a precedent. so they were on dail and some progress in syria shows russia and the united states can sit down and tackle global problems successfully if they need
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arises is this how it's going to be for the foreseeable future sanctions and hostility mixed with pragmatic operation. you know that is certainly. mean it's a step maybe in the right direction where you can get more cooperation on different issues. you know hopefully at some point that cooperation improves there are a lot of east shoes like arms control where we need to be talking with one another so yes i mean fully it doesn't stay there and minimal cooperation but moves up to more more cooperation the u.s. and russia managed to deal with iran issue together and now we have another nuclear crisis with north korea can the two countries go again and sit down and involve china at the korean.


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