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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  February 17, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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what exactly are the threats what are they trying to do how can they best protect the people of their country to protect against these threats and that doesn't seem to be done it's not like these federal law enforcement agencies are lazy just recently we heard from the f.b.i. that chinese foreign exchange students are a threat to national security we also had federal agencies urging us not to buy chinese brand cellphones and more recently congress renewed the power of the n.s.a. to wiretap and spy on american citizens some might come to the conclusion that it's not incompetence or a lack of effort the issue is rather the type of threats these agencies are choosing to focus on. our t. new york. palestinian schoolteacher has been left scarred after being moved by an israeli army dog and would have warning though you might find some of the following scenes upsetting mabrouk was assaulted in the west bank during a raid conducted by the israeli defense forces they were searching for another man
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the alleged killer of an israeli man who bears the same surname as to rob here we can see we can start to show you the extent of the injuries sustained during the morning the schoolteacher's expected to require further treatment including a skin graft to one of his arms he's also been left with a leg injury. so close that. i woke up when i heard explosions i looked at my house door and it had been destroyed by an i.d.f. bomb and after that there were several other explosions that destroyed the windows and damaged the house i went immediately to my children's room and we gathered after that there was another explosion that destroyed the bedroom door i saw a dog it started to attack me and bite my shoulder and it started to bite my leg and i was screaming. the palestinian schoolteacher was allegedly attacked in front of his children and his wife and us. this incident has had a psychological effect on my husband my children and myself i am staring at this
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hospital and i see he waking up at night shaking and trembling the elder son also wakes up screaming and bound he's that and the little one is waiting he was a terrifying experience the dog attacked my husband for over seven minutes and i tried to help him defend my husband by grabbing the dogs had what i couldn't get. we also the i.d.f. to comment on the case they responded by saying general had previously threatened civilians in jewish majority areas of the west bank they also told us the raid was conducted in accordance with standard procedures and that was immediately given medical treatment however he disputes that saying he had to wait to get treatment. afterward i was bleeding for more than two and a half hours and they took me to the hospital note that i only got treatment at the hospital itself not from the i.d.f.
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also in genesis might explain mental says the use of dogs is idea of policy. this you know is being cast by the israeli military and government as kind of an isolated incident but as any of us who follow the situation in the west bank know this is far from isolated it's part of a clear policy of using dogs as kind of an advance team during home raids of palestinians there is also a high profile case in twenty fifteen of a sixteen year old from the southern town of beit omar also a town that's under pressure from from jewish settlers where he his home was raided by an israeli dog unit this is a sixteen year old named him he was badly mauled by a dog you know these dogs apply two thousand pounds of pressure per square inch and israeli soldiers were taunting him on video there's actually video of this incident and now he. and the palestinian human rights group are suing not israel but
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actually the dutch company for winds canine which supplied those dogs and has supplied what it calls biting dogs to the israeli military for violating u.n. conventions on companies operating in conflict zones so this is a very significant lawsuit and it speaks to a wider policy of what the israeli dissident journalist gideon levy calls lynching by dog. and eight hundred percent increase the u.s. military plans to radically boost its stockpile of all tillery shells the show play .
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your policies and his labor practices the pressure oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere. except the colonialism the theft of land and the. devastating things that it is a doing of course began cool. and. welcome back to the program according to recent u.n.
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reports it will take decades to clear the iraqi city of mosul of unexploded bombs syrians works are being complicated by the fact that many of the bombs are buried under an estimated eleven million tons of rubble we spoke to the u.n. mine action services senior program manager he compares the situation in the city to that off to world war two. becomes too explosive a house thirds it is very and it is of unseen previously on the sea and proportions in terms of the contamination that we experience it is a mixture of coalition ammunition that has been fired and that has failed to function we are still made at least ten percent of that emanation. that has five been fired has failed to function we also find that ice is a mission that has been fired has failed to function but with higher failure rates in addition to that we also find improvised explosive devices different types of
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explosive improvised explosive devices with different fusing systems all in common a combination with rubble high degree of rubble we estimate eleven million ton of rubble in western model at least and in general a very difficult conditions to work under. it is a situation very similar to after the second world war of course what we are doing right now is that we are clearing we serving and we are clearing critical infrastructure but still after ten maybe twenty years maybe even longer there will still be explosive contamination. it is almost impossible to say we haven't got the food of contamination. we haven't been to a locations but it is a question of years and i'm doing everything has been cleared it is probably more
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than ten years as most all struggles to get back on its feet the iraqi government estimates that eighty eight billion dollars of required to rebuild the whole country as a global aid pledging conference in quake just over thirty percent of that figure was raised the u.s. led coalition started its anti eisel campaign in twenty sixteen but it's been embedded in the country since two thousand and three however washington's pledge just three billion of the eighty eight billion dollars in reconstruction aid needed and this was not in direct financial help rather the money was placed in loans and financing to help american firms invest in the country much work to rebuild iraq and modernize its. memorandum. the announcement by the us government representative in the kuwait
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conference was clear they will not provide anything except perhaps some investment in iraq we believe that the iraqi government with all these political factions should have joined forces and demanded to pay your money and. activists demanding justice for those killed in the massive ground fire in london last year chosen an unusual way to stage a protest they borrowed an idea from an oscar nominated film if you put up a billboard my daughter angela was murdered seven months ago. like in the award winning movie three billboards outside having the activists hired three billboards to send a clear message trucks carrying the words seventy one dead and still no arrests how come we're paraded across london critics say. questions over the safety of cheap housing have yet to be outside in the wake of june's tower disaster.
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activists will in many housing projects across the country suffer from the same construction problems as the ground and say authorities are failing to take action and as the. activists behind the billboard campaign it's been eight months since the ground fell tower tragedy shook the u.k. a twenty four story building was engulfed in flames the lives of seventy one people were lost with dozens more injured numerous campaigns protest demonstrations have taken place since calling for answers justice and accountability we're now joined by one of the co-founders of justice for grunfeld which is a grassroots community group obviously calling for justice and answers about thank you so much for joining us today two hundred ninety seven buildings that people are still moving into tie up and down the country that have the strength concert in the government's responses to that they should pay for it themselves to take it down.
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you know not serve the survivors still in temporary or emergency accommodation for those who really don't i think you know the survivors and the community i think prosecution of those responsible needs to take place we need to see people in the dark. and the need to suffer the same penalties that any other citizen would do rather than just kind of get him elected officials by people treatment or how likely do you think that might happen given it's been eight months already and we haven't seen one name or person be held accountable do you think that is not actually going to happen i think we're going to have to mikey humpin and we will continue to come time to my children happens how real is the fear that. something like this could happen again and while this investigation even is still continuing if i was sleeping in one of those buildings i don't think i'd be sleeping at night right now you know you cannot put people in unsafe building and why the government
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isn't reacting to this quickly and wrap it in the way your home she your home is your height and you have a right to admit it's a human right to have a safe shelter and we would continue and it would think you very much for joining us officials are continuing to conduct investigations into what exactly happened had grown a full tower that killed all of those people and it clear that the local could it's clear that the local community is going to continue fighting for those answers until we get them and archie monday. and eight hundred percent increase the u.s. military plans to radically boost its stockpile of artillery shells by almost one hundred fifty thousand units.
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the order includes one hundred fifty five millimeter artillery shells the standard nato caliber especially widespread among naval forces and g.p.s. guided excalibur rounds are also on the list designed for danger close situations we all security on this charles schumer bridge might be behind the surge in ammo orders. almost certainly one can say that these are used these are heavy weaponry they are used mainly in conventional conflicts what we're seeing here is a very large increase that i think can't be completely explained by replenishing used resources the what's being attempted i think it's a gesture it's a symbol that we are massively increasing our defenses. any shift in the areas that are likely to be used in a possible scenario with states rather non-state actors and invariably of course they're talking here about russia possibly china iran and others and that would be
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consistent with the new stated u.s. security policy of confronting those states by any standard this isn't a very great increase in the number shows being ordered a power for stockpiling which again means that the obvious affects for preparing for war. now traversing frozen over siberian lake in a pair of skates made over seventy years ago might not be everybody's idea of a daily commute but it is for one russian.
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i. was. up of our top stories for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more so stay with us. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm sure business i'll see you then.
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pay everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. news this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different. though no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have fun meet everyday americans. and we start to bridge that gap this is the great american people.
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redactions not the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents last week hero godsends to three years in jail now i'm not i'm not talking about one of the traditional heroes like the guy who gets so looted during halftime shows because when he was eighteen he went to a country never heard of to shoot at people he'd never heard of who we are technically not at war with and he did it all together just to get enough money to go to college because college is too expensive we all know that's a real hero alright i'm not i'm not talking about that kind of talking about a climate activism hero michael foster is one of the five climate activists who broke through a chain link fence and in a grotesquely criminal act they shut off trans canada oil flow for a few hours thank you for having. me.
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so hardened criminals i said right there probably go ask a bar levels. that definitely is for stopping the oil they've got three years in jail however for actually drilling that oil destroying our environment you get sentenced to zero years in jail you can sense the billions of dollars in private yet said young boys bathing you in a bath tub free range pony. that's what you get yeah but but but i bet those cocktail parties you have to attend if you're that rich are boring is all right so jokes on you billionaire oil. you have boring. this proves our society is backwards the actions that are illegal vs legal or inverted from what they should be from and of bald culture. you weeks ago activists
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with no more debts were arrested for leaving jugs of water in the desert to help migrants dying of thirst that's illegal they were charged whether we like littering or something but it's not illegal to tell up all of our clean water even near full it michigan soon as there's going to have all of our water and we're going to bathe and coca-cola or something because there's none lab have to fill our water beds with small stones that's not comfortable maybe at that point we finally get angry about it what does the legal age for mean anymore in orlando the first thing it's illegal to feed the homeless in some states according to the national coalition for the homeless for the homeless between twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen over twenty six cities and communities pass laws restricting the distribution of food to the homeless here's a ninety year old man being taken down to the station for the crime of baked beans
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all right. listen you know you may think this is ridiculous but if you don't stop them now what's next relief. then before you know you're involved in some sort of pickle to guy or situation and big old leads to guacamole and walk opens the gates to cheese right so long drove so you just thought you were going to what it could be the cool cop right look the other way that a few being fly that's what you thought before you know you deal with burritos. and the salsa was on your hands all right it's on your hands. also a legal. consultant no fault also illegal housing the homeless as we reported on this show the police arrived at a chicago man's home recently with a warrant and threatened to condemn his property unless he closed his unlawful basement sleeping area but not. how do you legal taking blanket's away from
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the whole list literally here is cops. taking blankets away from a homeless guy to stop him from sleeping there also not a huge legal destroying tiny holmes built for the homeless in denver the cops did that to me while the banks foreclosed on millions of homes making millions of families homeless that's not a legal we throw out forty percent of all food that illegal and this isn't just a what the matter with us kind of situation it's also a question of freedom if i were truly brings shouldn't i be free to give somebody whatever though i want should not be ok because. my sarwar is figuring true broken umbrella's three nose hair trimmers my virginity right ward women collection of scabs from around the globe sure i know i be allowed
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to give away whatever i watched these illegal living off the grid in fact a lot of states consider living off the grid to be camping and in most places throughout the usa it is the legal to camp on your own land for more than two weeks that's right on your own land what does that even mean what if i just put my separate tan to my living room is that a lie or what what if i'm not camping i just happen to be alcoholic and pass out in my yard on a nightly basis. so large show that i start leaving a pillow and blanket in jammies and you know you may call it camping but i call it a regularly scheduled blackout. is that you. know it's really going to camp in this country but it's it's illegal to do that. but it's legal for our military to camp out in the rock in afghanistan an easy
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a period your. job budi south korea sadder and sadder a wave. of kampen. all over the goddamned world and yet those same as have the nerve to tell me i can get a piece of land and live however that how long i want if i decide i want to live on a forty foot plot of dirt wearing underwear on my sleep in the garage plug in my cell phone a george foreman grill into some sort of fecal matter power generator. what does it matter to you. as my life. the legal the crimes both secretly filming a slaughterhouse yes in some stage people were actually arrested for filming the abuse of farm animals not to you legal oh beautiful farm land of balls.
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and you can film that but you know what's illegal filming every human being in this country at all times cameras on every lamp close for you. to suit will have to face still recognition software we can't do anything anymore can't even expose ourselves to a bus full of young kids without we have you know without being on america's funniest home videos that night i don't want to be filmed i was just doing it for love they gave right. our government spies on us constantly at all hours on all our devices and they tell you it's perfectly legal c. but you bring home a tape of a piglet getting treated like shit and somehow that's not permissible because it might harm the profits of the factory farm corporations same goes for war crimes right you were veal war crimes like chelsea manning did and they're going to lock you up for a good long. you commit war crimes like we do want to daily basis and you can
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become the secretary of defense. because he is bob you know you david bombed a wedding party and then bragged he didn't lose any sleep over that decision if only he'd bombed the day care he could be president right now come on general mattis believe in yourself. laughing at the japs sessions during a senate hearing. who literally because that type of free speech is dangerous on the other hand it's completely legal to spout full on propaganda daily on c.n.n. and fox news am as n.b.c. you can push for just an endless war well being funded by weapons contractors and the don't know thing but you slightly go far to yourself added elfish look and racist. while he's under oath saying how much he loves black people and you get
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this cops lapdog just goes to stage a die in protest of call attention to people murdered by police but legal for police to murder three bowl that is that they can't exacts. kid. i kid i could go on with these for hours but here's one more i was a oh i was i was in a plane recently flying over the middle of the us and i saw something out of my window that stretch for miles as far as the eye could see and i was like what the for he's there what in god's name has torn apart the earth like that and then i figured out it's fracking that's what fracking looks like from above just totally destroying and moring up the planet and i was stunned at the ink well what was that image remind me of it looks like something oh i know of by. it looks like
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a virus like the earth got smallpox or some shit our system is a plague on the planet and if you try to stop that virus you were arrested maligned and repressed this is the moral collapse of our culture and our criminal justice system when the sociopathic rulers are this powerful they use the courts to continue their takeover and extraction they have captured the traditional fail safe mechanism is meant to defend against exactly this type of burrill encouraged. this week chris hedges said all those doris cynically view laws as mechanisms to legalize their fraud and plunder they also use those captured courts to arrest those who try to stop them while in a jail in birmingham martin luther king jr wrote one has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to a bed a just laws con birth fully one has
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a moral responsibility to disobeyed unjust laws. ok ok counsel pipeline to appeal the courts the transaction precocious trial runs through. our our. well judge i actually can now let's take the news from behind this week israel majorly escalated their involvement in the war on syria and now i get a bit proud of that as you know before in. israel it was just
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a nice little romp between syria the u.s. . other various rebel factions are wrong on saudi arabia russia and turkey but now too many chefs in the kitchen. you'll recall that one of the reasons we have to we must bomb the stuffing out of syria is because the syrian government has used sarin gas on their own people chemical weapons well two weeks ago general mattis sheepishly admitted there is no evidence of use of sarin gas and to the washington post credit as you see they they got that headline right for once but here's what c.n.n. here's what c.n.n. ran with nadis war in syria against using chemical weapons. i guess apps one way of saying they haven't used chemical weapons. from time god comes the trumpet ministration just war.


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