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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 19, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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and it's going to. that's where america's worst mood but one that's not us americans are ruthless huckster playing sharks that's who we are and that's who donald trump is that's right and like a barack obama that's what. greetings and salutation well well well well well watchers in case you haven't heard it was a big weekend for all those russia gators out there as the federal grand jury here in the united states handed down indictments to thirteen russian nationals on friday for allegedly interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election yes we're still talking about it deputy attorney general rod
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rosenstein took to the airwaves and told the media on friday that the defendants allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general however he went on to report that according to the indictment none. of the thirteen's actions actually had any effect on the outcome of the election and that there is no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participated in this illegal activity. so after all of this epic build up all of that all we get is thirteen folks who were basically just part of an organized click bait troll farm that's really that that's the massive wow i mean what happened to the massive drum puton collusion we were we
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were promised darn near from the likes of adam ship and the rest i've thirteen troll farmers come on since when did publishing or pushing political views online become illegal here in the us there's other things that they're accused of that is pretty bad but it's pushing an agenda really i guess like all things trump clinton and twenty sixteen logic and reason get pushed to the side instead replaced with jingoistic revenge like the kind chuck todd of n.b.c.'s meet the press was pushing for when he tweeted if you work in american politics or in the government on any level in your first reaction to today's mueller indictment is not how are we going to prevent this from happening again and how are we going to punish russia then you need to rethink your priorities as a citizen or the jaw dropping hypocrisy like the kind drop by former cia chief james woolsey on fox news have you ever tried to meddle in other country's elections oh probably but it was for the good of the system in order to avoid the
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communists from coming over when i do that now that we don't mess around other people. around them in their own. home only for the very good to go do that to. let's rein in this jingoistic your packers see and start watching the hawks. to. get the. real deal with. the bottom. like you but i got. this. week so. welcome and wonder what's the hard science i wrote for and on top of the hour and the mom gets up and yeah. who cares really say
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that care either we actually do the same thing actually probably a lot worse eighty one times i believe in the history of the united states in recent history that we've got involved directly in other people's elections to manipulate the outcome and the ballot and there are several of ours troll farmers right now. yeah i find the whole thing a little bit unsettling i think it's because of how far some people have gone in trying to connect them with things i think probably the most foul thing is if you are in government or politics as chuck todd would say and you were are comparing. russian nationals tweeting bad things about hillary as nine eleven yes you have problems huge problems i can't help you with you need a profession and there were huge crowd there was a lot of that flowing all weekend long so it's like all the russia gators were like
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so disappointed the yelping really great was happening then saw this in the news doesn't extends to kind of what do their normal like excuse making their love excuses over there the new you know i mean basically the leverage of this when the washington post karen tumulty wrote about. actions of this saying if george w. bush had stood in the rubble of the world trade center with a bullhorn and launched a name calling tirade against the democrats like she's saying like this is trump's lack of you know response to this towards russia is the same as if george got up there on the rubble and just yelled at democrats you know i mean look at this hillary clinton has described russia's alleged hacking of the d.n.c. as a cyber nine eleven. democratic congressman jerry nadler called russian meddling a new pearl harbor a saw that one thrown around all week senators john mccain jeanne shaheen all called it an act of war it's absolutely ridiculous how much just everyone is crying it's war it's more seriously right a couple imeem some facebook ads war no we've reached that level we're very
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delicate a person not hear anything bad about certain people and it has to be only bad certain bad press but only when approved by c.n.n. and sometimes their time but i accept the acceptable of advice is a big one of things that are going great and i'm usually a voice of reason. so obviously he has some kind of stooge according to him or not he said if russian election meddling is on par with pearl harbor and nine eleven attacks then should the u.s. response be on par with its response to those attacks by the way that involved two nuclear bombs you know and if you want to know what that whole i get back at people and like what we should be doing to get back to russia go to whole russia and nagasaki and talk to a few people who were through that seventy some odd years ago and you tell me that's not what i want to put this in perspective and no i'm not being an apologist i'm being a common sense type person i know that's a little dangerous in these times actually look at things a little common sense but hillary clinton spent one point two billion dollars on
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her twenty sixteen campaign according to media kwan a firm that tracks media coverage. of the candidates and computes kind of a dollar value based on advertising rates donald trump holding close to two billion dollars in free media coverage that's. members of the sea fox the like clinton had over seven hundred million you're telling me that with all the money that the republicans and democrats spend on social media the free publicity that donald trump got from the big networks but somehow thirteen guys or even if it was one hundred guys spreading messages on facebook that somehow suddenly you know or twitter that suddenly going to overturn this billion dollar industry that is our u.s. election i know it's hard but let me explain it to you in the terms that with a sort of american western intelligence and kind of explain it to you i heard that thirteen that was a cover and ok this is a cover of russian nationals and what they did is they went out into the woods
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every night with their i phones and their i pads and they danced in circles naked under the moonlight to like the towels on repeat and you know slug some vodka and wrote nasty things about hillary i mean this is a serious serious problem of our democracy you know it's the here it is we it's free speech you know you cannot again there is this like well we have these laws you know what when you care enough about people being harassed online when women were harassed online continually over and over when the game or get stuff came up a few years ago and a few congressmen one all go do something you did nothing you didn't care you didn't care about just like twitter and facebook and everybody didn't care when it was harassment you only care when your big ticket donors and your big media people have something to say spiritual and that to me is ridiculous if you actually care it's very true then you would be there but you only care because it hurts your bottom line in your little party politics that's really what it all comes down to it at the end of the day c'mon let's be grownups let's not be scott fargus from a
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christmas story week if we're going to dish out the bowling we have to expect some back at a little point at some point in our lives as a country it's just the. first they came for cigarettes then you're in tanning beds and now hog watchers alas the day is. come for your coffee and all the deadly car seven inches allegedly in it and a day and age when every other household substance carries with it a laundry list of hazardous warnings and disclaimers it is no surprise that toxins are turning up everywhere these days and ruining even the most mundane of your daily blessings from coffee to pizza even a cup of hot soup or a fancy cocktail and dispelling any remaining blissful ignorance we may enjoy a new public interest lawsuit attempts to place morning labels on a whole new range of products that may or may not pose us a chemical threat or t. strain each of us has more on this story. they are found in plastic water bottles make up clothing and in some cases chemicals can even form on their own when certain foods or drink spirits high temperatures and
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now health experts say that that chemical could be linked to a growing number of health concerns. if you start your morning with a nice hot cup of coffee you may want to think twice because cancer risks could be linked to that morning cup of joe and that's because a chemical compound called a cruel mind it's not an ingredient or a contaminant but it's formed when coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures now coffee in some states may start coming up with cancer warnings according to a lawsuit first filed in two thousand and ten by a nonprofit group claim california coffee companies violates state law requiring them to warn consumers that a crew lied may cause cancer there's something in california called proposition sixty five in one thousand nine hundred six they passed this law stating that there has to be clear and reasonable warning for anything that could potentially be cancer causing yet while attorneys for about ninety companies do acknowledge the
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chemical is present they do say that it's at harmless levels there has been no word yet from the judge of coffee in california should come with a warning label however coffee is not the only thing acrylamide it is then it turns out the chemical is and many popular foods a cruel my is something that is a byproduct of hewing certain foods so when you cook the coffee being any make them brown you get a crew in mind when you cook a steak and it gets crusty you know some people actually enjoy that there's a grill in my potatoes potato chips well done french fries right this is all a cruel mind but experts warn to be mindful of consuming anything that irritates your esophagus as that may be a risk on its own if you're a teacher saw think it's over and over and over again you actually make your risk higher for esophageal cancer so. whether it's coffee tea soup any hot beverage for that matter you're going to irritate your esophagus smoking your teeth your softly guess you know alcoholic your teeth your soffits so anything for that matter that
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causes something called medically zero which is a change in the cellular structure of the esophagus can potentially lead to down the line cancer if you continue to do it over time while experts say that although it's important to be mindful of the risk that come along with doing certain things they do know that it's important not to be fearful that everything causes cancer and that the best thing to do is to live a healthy lifestyle and to have most things in moderation reporting any ortrud of the child as r.t. . and they can take away my coffee and mcclellan lied with their cold dead and this is what i'm going to get there and this is why i drink hot chocolate. is literally going to hopefully maybe give me i don't it doesn't give me cancer but wow is everything that we actually consume made today pretty much cancerous have we reached that level to have the what is nothing that we can't can the human beings can't make but in some houses but when times are when i mean without
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a lot of soul as well it just proves my point about well done steaks you probably should have all the things that i mean just everything i mean i was reading another article earlier today a study that came out that said most of your household cleaning is that you like oh yeah no they're separate itself over time and over years can is the equivalent of smoking like twenty cigarettes a day yes and everything from you know we use a lot of air fresheners and things like that that actually they may take a scent out of the air but a lot of them actually put more talks the chemicals in the air which is where these hot hazardous chemicals i mean if the problem is we've we talked about in this show we don't test for the base camp like the chemicals that we put into stuff we don't have you know they're suppose we don't we don't really understand area we're not proactive right if it's in a tight pod it probably will get regulated but it's the chuckie schumer right but if the you know something else it's sort of like it's ok you know if it's a round up and you put it on your yard well. you know that that's sort of i mean it does go back to that problem that in the u.s.
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pacific leaders that we wait until suddenly there's a cancer cluster and then we decide to start testing chemicals then we decide to start we need to look into this but you know all right as we're going to break organizers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered her face because twitter see our poll shows at r t v dot com coming up georgetown present chris chambers enters the talks and us to discuss the real success of marvel's smash hit like temper and then tell the walls and lines that reminds us of a very important. states in.
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same wrong but old roles just don't hold. any old ladies yet to shape out they can stick out to engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. an epic roar echo throughout hollywood this weekend hawk watches as the marvel universe superhero black panther was finally unleashed in theaters here in the united states and around the world and the benchmark of success in a capitalistic culture is money then without a shadow of
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a doubt black panther is in just four days of release a smashing success by pulling in a record breaking two hundred thirty five million dollar opening weekend at the box office black panther shatter not only box office records alon held movie industry beliefs and a racist barrier is about the amount of green a film of color can bring in especially one featuring a black superhero fighting for the safety of his powerful and technologically advanced african home country not exactly hollywood storytelling is bread and butter to say the least but for many black men women and children both here in the u.s. and around the world even before the film was released the success of black panther was about more than just being another hollywood hit and joining us to discuss black panthers true success is georgetown university professor chris chambers as they do wow the you tube does a big price that's a big number oh it's blows away every every you know and it and you there weren't any rappers in the movie right there weren't any bizarre stereotypes in the movie
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there were some hard questions and issues to debate in the movie all the things that you know go counterintuitive to what hollywood just over and over again in all the years leading up so let me ask you you know why why do you believe you know why is black panther success this week and so much bigger than just dollar numbers like what actually was the success it's a perfect storm i mean we have we have the current cultural and social and political climate that really where i think african-americans needed this kind of a pick me up but black people. can't create these kind of domestic numbers and you're going to see that repeated i mean this is a character that was invented by white people in the sixty's by stan lee but i think the time is now for for for this kind of a of a movie that be transformative in a lot of people who movies for being transformative but if you look at the negative side look at birth of a nation look at. you know gone with the wind i mean they were culturally
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transformative in a negative way and colored the way we think of american history will you know a movie can do that in a positive way and i think when you have this cast this kind of writing you know it can transform people that's for that's for true do you think this is step one of sort of pushing that that idea which is an old help of eight years and years in hollywood i can tell you that ten plus years i spent in hollywood there was one thing for certain is that any white male executive which for most of them will tell you. black movies don't make money over and over and over again get out and that they just they don't make any money overseas they just do domestically and it's fine so they're not a good investment is this sort of at that proof and sort of pushing that you know we had oscar so way and then you know moonlight when you know the success of get out now black panther do you think that this is like that first proving what i
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think we've turned a corner because this has a broad appeal and it's a piece of a larger marvel universe so you know it's a good litmus test to overseas because if it goes to a place like china and the chinese say well we don't want to see it then they have to we've pretty much laid bare where they're coming from but i don't think that's going to happen i think that because it's a part of a larger marvel universe and because the writing the issues you know that they're being hit the face with issues it's there but you can you can kind of roman it over but if you could you could do it in. in the course of this like amazing ride i think it's going to turn the corner it's going to blow away a lot of people and we're seeing this now i mean i've never heard of hollywood exact say oh well gosh you know maybe we need to put a panther movie in between the you know the city wars which are well they're not going to do that but i mean now they see you know i hope that they did kill him off of the if in a few wars but you know now it you know one of the he's here but you know it you
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know that's going to be that's going to be a screaming or it will look if they can put you know christopher plummer you know in the ridley scott my black berry no remain a slayer here yeah you know what's interesting too is without giving away specifics because we believe that we want to protect spoilers here you know we won't about you know the government what they do but. what about the representation of of you know the character of black panther you know the home country of what condon even the villain was eric kill monger what made that so game changing in a groundbreaking for this type of movie like what what in that representation really jumped out well you know if you look at stories that resonate if you look at the batman origin story of how his parents were killed or even superman coming here i mean you had these people try to make a child and kill monger into like martin luther king and malcolm x. and which is which is stupid there's no there's no comparison there are contrast
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and kill monger is a a psychopathic murderer but he had this the in the movie you're asked to say well how did he get that way we're we're in a because when i used to read black panther when i was younger i'd say how could this country that had this gift of the you know the vibranium you know you know meteorite how could they sit back and watch so many of their brothers and sisters and slaved fought for a thousand years how can they sit there and watch you know european powers come in and colonize and tear apart the continent which was which was a viable. before you know colonialism a lot of people think the whole there was a tarzan movie before then and it wasn't no and i used to sit there and say well how how would they treat that and ryan coogler in this movie addresses those issues and makes you debated but he doesn't sit there and say well you know kill monger is a hero for saying i want to help all my oppressed people that he gets comes out and says the guy's a maniac but how did he become a maniac and i think that's
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a very compelling story there's a very compelling story most definitely there's a feminism aspect to it would you i'm sure was a. favorite of the so right about so that was my big thing about this movie is that i tried to stay away from the marketing as much as possible i know what i know about the comic from before and i've searched like us and keeping myself open to the story and what i what i've seen come out and what what finally sort of struck me the most was that the women these are so these are amazing women and i think even beyond what was you know wonder woman dead you know for this idea of strong women this is huge an intersection feminism kind of way these are strong black women they had up armies they're not sitting there arguing over a man they're not you know fighting with each other they're fierce and bald flat beautiful and they are just you. know whether this is the you know we're talking about his younger sister who's into actually or the door and who are his his
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bodyguards i mean that's something that you didn't even see in the comics the core of female bodyguards that were that surrounded him all the time and and quite frankly i mean you know when women in general look at this i mean these are the people that when this disruptive force comes in to tear this kingdom apart these women are the ones who say no we stand for the rule of law we're not going to just go for whoever is popular we're you know we have you know we're going to stand up for what's right and that's a very strong. statement it is it is and i think it was interesting because i missed it historically i think that black women are often forgotten sometimes in the historical aspect of say the civil rights movement where you have young malcolm x. is and that i think sometimes the women don't get noticed for that and i think this was that moment when you realize like that was such a big part of that story it was it was it was it was you know they were the ones who were concerned with the rule of law and what was right and what was just you
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know what did you you know you said it kind of this is like was it was this something that was like the perfect storm or is this you know or is this something that really does have legs i think that's the most important thing i think it does i mean i think it's a perfect storm in terms of the hype of the build up but i mean but marvel and you know we still have to remember this is this is a money making exercise this is this is this is walt disney and part of all and i think that they probably were savvy enough to see that now was the time to introduce this character. break him out from from the winter soldier movie which is where you first see him and you know with the you know i think not that they were breaking him out at this time but more like oh great you know we're going to break him out and all the all the stars are in alignment we're going to make money money money money money and look like good guys doing it which in a capitalistic system is a tough thing to do tough it is tough i mean the biggest thing for me is always
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like you know how much did it mean to the kids who go see exupery movies at the end of the bear there for their ultimately for kids at the end oh this is this is a middle and i think it's a beautiful thing to see whether it be wonder woman last summer or black panther this were now you suddenly have representation for little girls you know little you know you know black men and women things like that we can look up and say oh no i haven't i have a superhero now who's not white who's not looks like somebody else who actually looks like then i can jump up and follow i mean it's for for women of any color. children of any color and even you know ryan coogler wrote into this with kill monger even urban youth because you know this this kid became who he was because of the forces that you know there are still tearing up urban youth so i mean some kids to watch this and say you know i can tear up i can take the message that he's trying to give away from the lunacy you know i don't have to be like that i can i
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can i can attach myself to the positive message without the anger and the destruction and i think that even that will help some kids who are watching this so well there's tons of sequels and i can't wait to see what the what that you know kind of filmmaking team doesn't know you clearly kugler and jordan michael b. jordan are a tandem of this actor all right after that we haven't seen in a long time you know where he has these two guys getting better and better with each so should both of you know well it's fun to nerd out and play out with you know a little bit. of you know if we would hear from the creator the real. running through the job thank you first day was always a pleasure i think on take your sofa and your back for the sequel though. on february nineteenth one thousand nine hundred eighty two for president franklin delano roosevelt signed executive order nine zero six six years the racial and nationalistic prejudices being pushed by the war hawks at the time to enact one of the most despotic oppressive and anti-democratic moves in twentieth century
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american history following the bombing of pearl harbor the military designated most of the west coast the united states as military areas in addition it was decided that all persons of japanese ancestry both alien and non alien were to be forcibly removed from those areas and put into ten concentration camps over one hundred twenty thousand people were stripped of their wealth belongings and freedom and this week as america celebrates presidents day perhaps we should remember that leaders are good human flawed greedy and terrified of losing power. congress concluded one thousand nine hundred eighty three that the broader historical causes it shaped these decisions were race prejudice war hysteria and a failure of political leadership in these days of hysteria over history fear over facts let us not forget how far and how wrong things can go if we forget our basic humanity most awfully basic humanity and common sense laws don't let people
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scary and believing what you ultimately know doesn't quite feel right all right that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are not told or loved about so i tell you all i love you i am tight rope and turf and on top of a lot of people watching those hawks are great but. we were american were smooth but what that's not us americans are crude ruthless huckster playing sharks that's who we are and that's who john travolta is that's why i don't like to go back and look that's what the lunch. stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and build this should be like you know. this is my cousin
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he is going to the study hall maybe if you do you know john you can tell. the only palestinians who gets the most hope from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision know when to do this. and that is all of us not just you have this lady of the muscle that you have i don't want you to compete in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't put his own. backyard.
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mourners grieve for the victims of sunday's child shooting in southern russia which investigators think could have been an act of terrorism. president erdogan reportedly stratton's consequences if syrian forces enter their own city of and friend after rumors they were preparing to help kurdish militias repel a turkish offensive. and in the midst of the alleged russian meddling assad a former cia director admits the u.s. doesn't interfere in other countries elections when it's a good course. of the latest on these stories. at the top of the hour on my colleague very soon she will be here with a full bulletin meanwhile stay with us for across trying to break in so.


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