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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  February 25, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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our society is much much much worse organized and i think. competency when it comes to social media is rather questionable it is well known that he's not using smartphone so he's knowledge of. tool of communication. maybe he's in charge so maybe he is the one who should be indicted after all now if you look at some of the output of the troll sweatshop it uses magical language what we would call rather than american english i think shows very poor knowledge of the american domestic politics brush style to it all you know it looks very amateur at the level of a high school newspaper at bath and yet a lot of very well placed and very well educated people in the united states take it as nothing. either declaration or an act of waging war on the united states and
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when you see such a gap between reaction and an action there must be something else involved perhaps some other articulated fear is what could that be. is going through a very deep domestic crisis this is a political crisis but. this is a. perception and that's very much understandable because united states. after the cold war used to feel. the all. over the world. for understandable reasons because after the cold war for quite a long time. it was no country who could challenge. even contradict for that matter even contradict them conceptually there were new ideas who could be offered as an alternative. no. so the challenge to american
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supremacy came not from the outside not from russia not from china but from the inside of society and that came as big shock to us establishment they think what we see now or around russia and this hyper will ization over russian activities is psychological or understandable to find somebody outside the united states who is responsible for their while the real problem is in. the open quote george h. w. bush has said that america won the cold war by the grace of god which definitely solidified the u.s. perception as a sort of god's chosen nation where the mission and i think. and you also said a number of occasions that he see the current tensions as either the withering or perhaps the painful death of that very mission which actually began. before trumpet
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it started under obama but what trump is offering you know they say america first slogan it could be used as a legitimate policy but this is not the south narrative it does not answer the question of who we are as a nation what could possibly come to replace that sounds of mission of you know sort of pushing their foreign towards democratic salvation. limited extent i know united states the idea of exceptionalism. u.s. mission is indispensable so this is this is really one of the. grounds and foundations of u.s. statehood and us political cultural political psychology so it will not change i think the united states now are. americans now are facing a period of uncertainty which is to be used to. a
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real doubt to this new world because dominance is impossible in stone the understanding of this started not even during obama's presidency but after iraq war or even bush presidency started to realize this imperial overstretch frequently used notion from to silence was the reaction to. america started to understand the limits of the best city of the county which is maybe most powerful in history but still and in this regard i think next. i don't know eight fifteen years maybe ten us will we'll try to find new ways how to accommodate. to this new world but it will be back. because. having to project over the rest of the world.
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to project power next. president in ten years' time will be back to the. world now as americans like to say perception is reality and on some level it doesn't really matter whether russia intervened or not. as you pointed out. russia madeleine theme has already taking on the life of its own it created beleaguered infrastructure which allows for the. increased pressure on russia with or without any particular pretext. i wonder how do you think it should change the kremlin's calculation of. yes of course the. democracy. has no becoming. states. we can agree or disagree but this is a fact of life which will. influence. for years to come
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he said in one of the interviews that the main thing that putin has been trying to teach the west is essentially a cause and effect relationship if you take action there will be consequences and i think what this whole russia gate story told him is that sometimes there are there isn't an effect without a cause or and in fact that is hugely disproportionate to a cause and that is a totally different ball game because forecasting irrationality is much more difficult than forecasting irrationality of your adversary do you think that will make russia's policy more risk averse or on the contrary more daring so are i wouldn't call it. we can. challenge the main premise the rush into the interview but as you sat now for americans as fact of life we should we should take it into account they assume it happened the profound
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mistrust will persist at the same time based on conceptual documents issued by trump administration says december last year we see there the cold war approach and mentality is completely back in full scale they basically repeat the same as regular ministration or a new stations before him. which means that we are in the situation of the cold war when mechanisms of. managing danger manage and managing risks were absolutely indispensable and essential but in much war situation one is not only existing because americans believe that the russians are able to intervene in the core of their soul and so on. this is very dangerous situation if i wouldn't call it irrational it's something else they believe in their russian ality we believe in our so. the main task is to try to reestablish
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some mechanisms of. risk management but we have acceptance that this time we need to double or triple efforts to to build up trust because this trust is much worse than forty years ago well mr look and if we have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments they tend. to . feel on a hot day in a genial uber bottomless saudi china six oil. or. her. an estimated eighty percent underage refugees are now living in greece. you know storm or go.
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to your home in need of food bring. many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. with them and the second on the on the simple. things could. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. in . fifty years ago pregnant women took as a sleeping pill. the side effects were terrible but not on known. war.
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across europe victims or starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. to wait first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice.
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of editor in chief of global affairs magazine solar can if you call charm and operator of transition from extroversion to enter version an american policy which you interpret not as isolation is but rather as the prevalence of national. interest over the global outreach and from what i gather you don't see that as a particularly positive development for russia even though russia and to some extent china have long called for it is that an example of be careful what you wish for i don't think that anybody expected the united states to make such a. drastic turn to america first but. what russia dreams involved was a multi-polar world they're fucked or trumps policy. because if america says the global leadership is not needed anymore and they try to
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become the strongest the mightiest but one of those countries in the world stage that means that others will inevitably do the see. america first approach when it comes from the united states automatically generates me first world everybody's first and of course in this situation. these advantages are huge because multi-polar world per se is not a solution to this thing that's a killer tick pretty dangerous competition and we see that the united states abandon this rhetoric so we'll believe this ship it civil wars the uncertainty and unpredictability has increased well since you mentioned disadvantages of that the rage and let me ask you about the advantages because the russian diplomacy prides itself on its negotiating and consensus building skills it
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. considers itself as an heir to these byzantine grand strategy which is essentially at you know being a master of caution working both with friends and allies and if that's indeed the case i would think that this reformatting of the international system would offer the russian diplomacy not only some very. opportunity but also a very broad can of us to to apply it skills is that the case this is a case. in practical terms we see in the middle east for example where russia is really uniquely situated to have. a good working relationship with exactly all actors is the only country which which can enjoy this but it's not enough we see how it is not enough it's not enough for achieving results we see even in syria how difficult it is to find common ground with turkey just with turkey
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not to talk about. walls so russia russia is better situated than others but it does not guarantee success and if we if we take the whole world that's even worse because. countries which russia sees. friendly china which is true china is very much friendly but but it doesn't mean the china is reviewed to. compromise any of their national missile caravan and it's essentially to play either one somebody in forces his own vision on you or you try to work out something. could benefit both sides obviously the second one is far more laborious and no success is guaranteed but i think what what is really important to mr putin at least is the principle because if you're used to first option it's not only unfair i think in the russian
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world view but it is also highly detrimental because it simply increases the discount for potential mistakes absolutely first of. all for russia on existing. it wasn't downton just to make russia part of somebody else's. construction which didn't work and it could not work that was a very i don't know naive to believe. but i think that the russian problem now it isn't in years to come. as problems for many countries in the world is not of external nature and someone turned on the russia has exhausted a certain moral of development which worked pretty well in. two thousand and. eight hydrocarbon rant and then obviously not only as assignment is just is just a part of this i mean broader i mean that russian. starting from ninety one even
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under president yeltsin and the president putin and the president of egypt during all this time was actually to get back to the table where the most important international decision are being taken and russia by diffusing different means russia succeeded to get and that was of course reaction to the tragic collapse of the state who in one thousand nine hundred. but you know the question is what next what to do with this position russia is accepted. with bad feelings but accepted as a part of the of this group of most most mighty powers and now russia needs to understand. why did you need. these for for for someone to rule the world you may disagree with me and but. my perception is that there is actually a nor controversy and full acceptance among their russian ruling elite that you
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have to build the country from within and that actually involves partially some. liberalization of the country economic liberalization the opening up of the system politically. laws on the eve of this presidential elections have been significantly east. i think the discourse in russia the media discourse in russia is also maybe more polarized than before but i think it's also freer than before there is a greater. influence of the internet and far more freer discussion on the internet on the russian. public reality i know you said a few years ago that putin's main idea was to sort of push back against the u.s. law. liberal democracy and give russia some space to develop on its own accord don't you think that right at the time when the united states gave up on the idea of democrat dies in russia putin picked that idea not necessarily as his own
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conviction but simply as as a method of country's development as well as potentially. a method of rehabilitating russia on the on the global stage. mr putin's mind. the policy asking. the stone the ball because on the one greed. there are signs of attempts to diversify the system i wouldn't i wouldn't say open because openness into this world has so many backsides so it's quite quite dangerous but to diversify to make it more. sustainable and not to rely on one single person one single institution which is called the russian presidency and i think all understand and all agree that this is needed at the same time. again very legitimate fear is that.
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ménage ability of state in today's world is very much under under pressure and this is the biggest. threat biggest risk for any country even for the united states to lose control over what is going on. that happened in the middle east by the way just confirmed that. are. sustainable but the opposite more though. you've noted in several of your articles that. the western model of democracy is also on there going some division there is a crisis of all political parties in the west i think there is also a crisis of. media especially in the united states when the media just. takes over the political decision making i mean there should be some mutual.
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intermingling between the two but when policy is. exclusively by media just course i think that it would agree that perhaps a recipe for disaster do you think russia even the kremlin even understands at this point what kind of model it's most likely to be a hybrid model but what kind of model it wants russia to fit in. because he's stupid because. he believes. force is a very. key history but also we live in such a. through the time that everything is changing very fast so to strategize almost doesn't make any sense because everything will change to morrow
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so in this regard he is not about to visions his advantage to try to be prepared for in this scene which can happen in the future including the necessity on his own part to step down from power because that is absolutely i think he many people around him are aware that this next monday it will be the last one for him he is not in mood to become a russian version of robot will go to all he will just see it is his own failure if he will need to stadium but of course in the system like ours where not just centralized system but the system where for some objective reasons the legitimacy of the state is very much tied to legitimacy of the president it happened essentially you're saying that the pretense last term in office will be. geared towards putin overcoming the fact of the putinism the system that he himself has
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created to certain extent not to overcome but to transform i don't think he will abruptly leave. go to pensions mountains he certainly will try to make it s. he'll as he likes to do normal a step by step by this enormous challenge enormous challenge because russia as it emerged after twenty first century basically this is a russia very much. characterized by putin's. and it will be very difficult for this person to start to. to decouple. himself from from the state especially when the international pressure is so significant we talked about russian foreign policy in the first part and i think sometimes building at relationship across the globe is easier than being on good
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terms with the if your neighbors. there was a mutual irritation building between russia and europe russia and ukraine long before two thousand and fourteen but i think since then it became an open one we're marking the fourth anniversary of the mind an uprising the this week do you see any way out of the current predicament. i don't. know. the many reasons there is pretty bad political situation in q i don't see any responsible forces there who would be interested in moving forward on the conciliation i don't see frankly any bigger interest in russia i don't see at all european role which is very bad but looking for example political mess in germany. germany which used to be driving force for all this mess process. no so much introverts and they are busy with the mystic affairs they have no time and
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energy and butter docks ago the only remaining line is again between russia and the united states and all clear communication is almost the only one which can produce interesting. and i hope actually that it will do because americans with all of the stone the bull claims on the russian side of the americas are at least able to do something to achieve something unlike europe but for the foreseeable future my only hope is that the situation will remain stable the status quo will will remain without major drastic changes while on this very sobering now three have to leave it there really appreciate your time today and to our viewers please keep the conversation going on our social media pages as for me hope to see you again same place same time here and all the parts.
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of. please. feel on a hot day at the dinner table bottle sorry show the six sawyer here in the. area. an estimated eighty thousand under-aged refugees are now living in greece. you know storm or go. to your home in their view of the ring. many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's.
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always in the circle in the in the second or in all the sins and when there is a house full of scissor lovers but it. also has thirds or dealing drugs to make a living. below the surface a little is a lot of words in the. early game of the new. mood. about your sudden passing i have only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry if only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still
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some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different speech because there are no other. to claim that mainstream media has not its make. a play for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman ija kill the narrowness and spending it sure didn't twenty million one player. pull it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy was great so one more chance for. a nice minute.
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what's going on is only producing. illusion no fears it doesn't have any meaning the less it leads to a real kiss which can be. no guaranteed only by those pristine new presidential. when lawmakers manufactured them sentenced him to the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. in the final clearing your realm to listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room signal. the real news is.
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when you don't see what the teachers gallic try to get a court to do. what they need not through only ten. maids. let alone. said. claiming no servant is vastly better. alex you speak french. while the same thing send them. busy send them to.
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militants in syria's eastern georgian district continue to shell the capital damascus despite a un backed cease fire that's according to russian defense minister in. the two thousand and eighteen winter olympics crop up in south korea with the spectacular closing ceremony but the drama continued right to the very end of the games on the final day n.p.n. chang russia's ice hockey team saw germany for three and then nail biting final that win gives a lump athletes from russia a total of seventeen medals in south korea. and in the stories that shapes the week germany's leading tabloid publishes what it thought was undeniable evidence of russian meddling in the country's politics only to realize it was an embarrassing hoax.


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