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so the hardware itself over time might get missing d.l.l. files or it might get viruses in bloatware and what you'll end up doing is you want to refresh your re-install your valid copy of license on your computer and to do that you need three things you need to see a way you need a license and you need to restore media restore cd the restore cd is free you can download it anywhere online but the c.e.o. and license have to come from microsoft they're the only ones that can provide you with that microsoft claims that lost profits from the potential sale of his license products accusing piracy prosecutors allege twenty eight thousand illegal copies of microsoft's operating system last year was convicted but an appeals court allowed him to argue his case one small he says his main purpose was to encourage people to use refurbished computers instead of buying new ones. i know that if you were to make copies of their license or their seal ways you're directly stealing from
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microsoft and you deserve to go to prison but if you're providing the restore cd which is the free thing that you can download for free or that's given to you with your computer if you provide that to consumers you're giving them the ability to repair their legally own property and i see no problem with that i believe in extending the life cycle of electronics and i believe that it helps us be more efficient in society if we're able to use these computers as long as they last i was very surprised when microsoft put me in that same circle with the people that are out there hacking or stealing their licenses or seal ways i mean that is a crime crime that deserves to be punished because you directly stealing from somebody all i was attempting to do was help consumers use what they legally own i've been a recycler for sixteen years and all i care about is the environment i want to make sure the things that work continue to work for the benefit of mankind. one of the
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holiest christian sites in jerusalem has been shut down in protest against israel's plans to levy taxes on religious properties under new draft legislation church property could also be confiscated if the new types isn't paid according to the bill christian houses of worship would be taxed mosques for example would be left alone religious leaders have criticized the decision to get an attempt to diminish the christian presence in jerusalem. travel to the church of the holiest of halakhah and spoke to disappointed tourists i'm standing here in one of the most sacred sites in christianity the church of the home. this is the place where just believe that christ was crucified and resurrected but as you can see the door to the church is closed following a decision by church leaders. after jerusalem municipality unknowns it was going to start collecting tens of millions of dollars in property taxes from churches for
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church and property without houses of worship now this flies in the face of a generations old agreement i've been talking to pull guns here from all over most of whom of course disappointed when it is they come to visit the city of jerusalem on the holy land and they're leaving their families the pool of blood and deal for of money to spend on hotel as transportation. and so on to leaving their job center leaving their family to come to his the church and they want to put the fun the church is closed we felt bad because we came all the way from the philippines and this is actually one of the highlights or the highlights of the. pilgrimage and then we were already in front of the church when the church was closed and that's it was really bad we were sad because one of the main reasons coming to israel was to visit the church for us to have to find
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a peaceful solution says should talk about it like a human being. sit down and don't use it politically for any sig nazi israel is not such a church as nobody just sit down and live what religion should be it should be peaceful church leaders are also concerned of a proposed legislation that they fear could result in the state being able to confiscate church land but the sponsors of the bowl say that they are not trying to interfere with the church and what it does with its own property but only when that property is sold to a third party here in israel properties belonging to churches synagogues and mosques are not taxed it's far from clear how the situation what was all that stuff coming as it does just weeks before easter policy r.t. to be slim. the russian presidential election has already started at least in northwest siberia which became the first region to cost ballots and early polling
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this was organized through to the remoteness of the polling stations there and of course the severe winter weather conditions as well. as using old means of transport ranging from helicopters to snowmobiles. it's tuesday stories continue in just a moment. seemed
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wrong. wrong just don't hold. me. to shame how to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to be right to be right this is what the full story of the people. i'm interested in the why. this should.
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be. conducted with us today russian trolls in the spotlight again this time us politicians and the media are accusing them of spreading discord with an american society after the recent florida school shooting is a tease can deposit when informing us about the alleged danger of russian bots and internet trolls american politicians have been very clear about the intent behind russian conspiracies and sinister operations they want to sow division among the american people and one issue they have latched on to is the second amendment gun control debate apparently the russians are very big fans of our second amendment
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they don't particularly want to second member of their own but the really glad that we have one the russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day and sadly we are according to facebook's security chief the russians don't favor gun control or oppose it they just want to fight americans against each other and make sure that we don't see eye eye to. the ads in accounts appeared to focus on amplifying divisive social and political messages across the illogical spectrum touching on topics from l g p t matters to race issues to immigration to gun rights so russian trolls are inflaming emotions over any sensitive issue guns included but it looks like we can locate some russian bots not only on facebook but who else is inflaming sentiments over that oh so sensitive second amendment will take away your second amendment which we will never allow to happen don't take away is to provide for some people that might be obvious but
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trump isn't the only one selling division many in legacy media love mass shootings. you guys are loving. others threatening messages against gun owners a billboard in kentucky has been vandalized with the words kill the n.r.a. that must be the work of russian trolls also if you follow the premise it seems like the mainstream american media is also working for the russians left leaning media outlets immediately calling for more gun control right leaning outlets focusing on mental health connecticut governor dan malloy says president trump and republicans have blood on their hands after the deadly massacre in florida they call it gun control but it's not it's people control when any organization spends ten of millions of dollars promoting the interests of gun corporations to
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influence what happens in our elections then yes our democracy is a little broken by americans on both sides of the issue are now screaming at the top of their lungs from the highest levels of government to child survivors of mass murder accusations are flying everywhere now if this is all just some big plot from moscow we really have a big problem here in america. i have been a doing this professionally in terms of you know this type of comedy for thirty years now and then thirty years i think before the russian bots came along they've been saying the same thing every single time in my native florida so i know something about that so if the russians are claiming to take credit for involving themselves and insinuating themselves in this particular argument they're too late because this has been going on for thirty years and nothing's changed. the
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u.n. security council resolution regarding yemen that was proposed by russia has been adopted unanimously on monday russia vetoed a draft resolution tabled by the u.k. that condemned iran over the violence in yemen. american investigators. russia's draft resolution has passed unanimously in the security council today they met to discuss the ongoing situation in yemen and to vote on two rival draft resolutions one proposed by the u.k. and the other by russia of the u.k. draft resolution called for quote additional measures against iran over accusations that it violated an arms embargo now this came after un experts said in january that iranian military equipment was brought in to yemen after the arms embargo was imposed but also stated that they were unable to verify the supplier and russia's draft resolution called for the renewal of sanctions until february twenty nine hundred but did not mention iran the russian ambassador called for political
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dialogue and expressed the need for the u.n. to come closer he also explained the reasoning behind the veto let's take a quick look i will be frank the wording advanced in the british draft is liable to have dangerous destabilizing ramifications and this is not only applicable to the situation in yemen but also to the region overall this will inevitably escalate regional tensions and lead to conflict among key regional players instead of antagonizing relations in the middle east what we need are measures to seek consensus through a mutually respectful dialogue. in contrast the u.s. and u.k. feel that iran should be condemned and that russia china bolivia and kazakhstan shielded iran from responsibility let's check out what the u.s. had to say russia bolivia china kazakhstan sent an opposite but equally clear message instead of demanding accountability from iran they decided to show it to ron from responsibility instead of insisting that iran live up to its international
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obligations they have invited iran to continue promoting chaos in the middle east their actions will not be forgotten and we will not stop until toran is stopped and peace is once more possible for the people of the middle east for some context the crisis in yemen started in twenty fifteen when saudi arabia led a military campaign against those who thinks and since then the campaign has led to the deaths of thousands and reduced its infrastructure to almost nothing the conflict has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis as saudi arabia has imposed a blockade preventing any humanitarian assistance or food from coming into the country. i think if you are looking for that. that's. how the health of course is that's taking place in the province of soda is
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unprecedented in keeping in mind that it was already bad even before the aggression the offensive and brooke aid were initiated and we were hit with this catastrophe which saw volatile infectious diseases spread like wildfire to be in. your. well the security in that company needs hospitalization there are dozens of cases most of the month due to malnutrition and its consequences like c.d.'s and the money for example is due to the crisis he has no facing he says of my nutrition.
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in december the u.k. provided an extra fifty million pounds an aid for yemen making two hundred five million in total for twenty seventeen however since the start of saudi arabia's incursion london has sold riyadh four point six billion pounds worth of weapons a former adviser to iran's nuclear negotiating team says the u.k.'s rejected u.n. draft resolution missed the point. this is a very devious to resume lucian put forth by the you'll care especially got into this blame game situation and die humanitarian catastrophe situation where we really need to have the end of these double standard he procreative call approach by by the un to our disobedience who have gotten away with murder in yemen i think that russia was very sensible and rational. it was twined we decided
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resolution and russia drop that on extending to reach the sanction regime on an yemen saudi really think that the un. save got it itself. wrong and wrong there. where did the situation. thanks for sharing a true stay with us here on r.t. international more of your worldwide headlines at the top of the.
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passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money just kills you narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base going to. show seemed wrong. but all the problems just don't call. me. yet to stamp out just being active. and engaged because the trail. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i am asked as or this is a guy's report they'll never stop me they'll never stop me not even a three hundred million dollars from the congress to give more t.v. to fight me never democrats russia gate fake hoax. i guess you have to talk about them is let's consult. have no idea how you just open the show but it is extremely early in new york city every thing in new york city is extremely early all the time right but one thing we always recounts and recap when we travel to new york city is as we get the chance to watch cable news and it helps us understand the divided american population and it's been very
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fascinating to watch that each side now has their elaborate conspiracy theories which i find quite interesting i do believe it's very lucrative especially for cable news they need to sell advertising and it's quite lucrative it appears to sell conspiracy theories so in the united states we've had an yet another mass shooting there probably will have been another one by this imus era so don't confuse it with that one this is the want to park on florida and. you tune in to any of the right wing the republican base. cable news and they say that there are crisis actors and that this is a false flag this shooting this mass shooting that killed seventeen teenagers or into the democratic loyalty party news and you find out that is actually puton we did this so like they're like this is bizarre like it's so weird to be outside the conspiracy theory and outside of this sort of party loyalty that you just look at
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them both and go what the heck is going on here like this can actually. park were the product of the n.r.a. the national rifle association was ok there's some logic to it you know they've been lobbying to put guns into every american and you know for decades including fetuses you know to try to shoot their way out of the womb in case they get a you know the boarded but then they also went down the path of saying that putin is financing the n.r.a. therefore the parkland florida shootings are the fault of putin the thing that's quite interesting to me is that there seems to be a total it's like watching t.v. series last member of the others on the other side of the aisle and they're each the same people inhabiting the same island but each side now after decades of this sort of programming of you're either republican or democrat that neither side seems to like they they seem totally foreign and afraid of each other they're so
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terrified of each other obama was you know actually born in kenya member all those birth ers and he was born in kenya and he's a secret muslim and all sorts of crazy stories about him now the same thing from the democratic press and some there's something really uniquely crazy uniquely un-american about trump member obama uniquely un-american chum uniquely un-american and see other side responsible and i want to read this quote from a new yorker piece by mark masha gessen and the headline was the fundamental uncertainty of my. always russia indictments in that she looks at the american people the one just pointing to and she says while most people believe themselves to have a solid grip on reality they imagine their compatriots to be gullible and chronically misinformed this in turn means that we no longer have a sense of shared reality a common imagination that underlies political life in a society with a strong sense of shared reality
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a bunch of sub literate tweets and ridiculous ads will be nothing but a curiosity even the fact that russians put money into organizing rallies and demonstrations across the political spectrum would be absurd surely they didn't force people to join these rallies sincerely held beliefs brought people to the rallies that it makes no difference to the broader political life whether someone paid for an actress to take part this notion that. you know the otherness of the other side of the political spectrum here is it's just bizarre to see if you're not part of it if you not like if you see them both as american both sizes american a uniquely american there's a shakedown you know they want more money to spend on themselves in the political classes because they're greedy so they make up an enemy in this case russia that makes no sense if you look at a logically because how is russia grown as economy from two hundred billion to two trillion through trade and who's the biggest trading partner in the world the u.s. so russia's been reaching out for decades for years now under putin saying let me
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go to trade more there's more trade and america is like no no you're an existential crisis because we have to give these deadbeats and congress a lot more money so we're going to create a fake enemy called putin with a demand three hundred million more dollars meanwhile you go do trade with china and the east and create the new silk road and become a fortune in a five trillion dollars economy all america shrinks you say there are two ships passing in the night russia and america america is going to soviet is asian and russia is going to basically what the way america was in the fifty's putin if you want to make a comparison is more like eisenhower or is this weirdo in office now like khrushchev so that was arms. what i see on m s n b c one i see on fox two crazy conspiracy theorists shouting at each other about how uniquely crazy the other side is one side basically elects kenyans who are secret muslims trying to bring shariah law to america the other side things like they're secret kremlin puppets so let's talk now about the financial press here's a crazy story from the financial press how people are like literally there's
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a mental breakdown here commodities expert is nonsense and i'll never buy any two months later i bought stock in a fake blog chain company that was exposed as a fraud and dropped thirty three percent in the single day that was jamieson tweeting about dennis gartman dennis gartman is a very well known guy on wall street he writes the gartman newsletter lots of big banks here on wall street buy his newsletter for his expertise on commodities he was on c n b c two months ago dissing hard how because wayne is nonsense and i'll never buy any well apparently he had to inform his investors that he basically made a disastrous bet and lost big time on riot block chain remember this it was like a biotech company that suddenly out of the blue changed their name to a riot block and that they were going to become a block chain company instead in their share price like sword risky crypto bet blows up dennis gartman retirement account making big bets on speculative assets
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with retirement money is something most advisers warn against but big point fever is prompting all sorts of puzzling decisions sixty seven year old dennis gartman the long time publisher of a namesake daily investing newsletter and television commentator that was putting a volatile stock called riot blog chain into his very own retirement account the wager is proving to be painful o'gorman has a worse track record than james cramer it is notoriously wrong and just makes catastrophic only bad calls and this is just the latest because like a rock. test if i'm saying that correctly i haven't studied psychology in a few years but it exposes people's sub conscious and unconscious desires and what they actually are so he's a moron that he's been made to look more of a moron people who are maybe quasi nycole become full blown megalomaniacs are seeing even the big point space with the rise of big cash which is a project to feed megalomania this was drawn out by the genius that is the
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toshiba's invention if you are calm patient investor with the not aspirations to run the world you get rewarded spectacular like jeremy gardner our friend out in san francisco who's just a nice guy who saw something that looked good and now he's you know billionaire so it brings out who you are but in a more exaggerated way and so this is flaming all of the nincompoops who don't know anything about financial markets and rewarding those who are simply patient and saying this is a world changing game changer that it is it's also called foam oh and foley's to be you being wrecked so this guy had fear of missing out. you also can't trust a lot of people are saying he was shouting he was telling people two months ago that big question is nonsense it's insane don't get involved it's stupid what it is stupid investment and it turns out that he put his money in the the most clearly obviously stupidest of them all like everybody we said we talked about. all the red
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flags that were raised about this so-called investment it was listed on the stock exchange and people poured into it for no reason at all they didn't use homework if he had done his own work and studied what bitcoin is he would not have chased this dragon down the rabbit hole to mix a few metaphors metamorph this sounds like a smore that sounds like a cookie that's another good dessert oh my god what we're talking about he would be more credible had he done his research but he did not so he's chasing this fake company nonsense and it's a catastrophic failure but that's what they pay him for to ridicule him he goes on to. so people can ridicule him he's a punching bag as a human punching bag it has nothing up here but like stalemate balls. inside is burnt out many years ago continue with my theme of this fake news of each side has fake news and accuses the other side of fake news fake news is advertisements now everywhere you walk around new york city you hear ads for this is not fake news are chicken cutlets are the best you know they everything is like that t.v.
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series lost means naked lunch is like people i watched reached naked lunch i want to be in that film this is what they did so of course he blames fake news friday it was one of the worst days we have suffered through in a very long time he wrote in the guardian letter on tuesday we were along a sizeable position in a block chain focused company that was the victim of a c.m. b.c. exposé which sent the shares down more than twenty percent and which sent us down for the year to date having been up six percent he's a masochist i mean if there were more on futures on the cboe he'd be rich because he himself is the biggest moron of all and then here's another big going story again you know many governments in the world are trying to protect us from social media they're trying to protect us from twitter they're trying to protect us from facebook. that you should only tune in to m s n b c to get your official democratic news and you should only tune into fox to get your official republican news and don't listen to those ordinary shows out there on twitter and facebook and your
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like your cousins and uncles don't listen to those people there because their minds might not be able to contemplate and understand fake news because here's another headline poland central bank secretly paid you to burgers to slander kryptos so a polish youtube or with around one million subscribers was paid about thirty thousand dollars by the central bank of poland in collaboration with the polish financial supervision authority to portray crypto currencies and the negative light without disclosing the payment and the video now here is the difference between. paying you know you tubers to disk crypto to see any big corners crying saying oh my god big queens being undermine our institutions our block cim is being undermined by these people being paid by the central bank to discard currency no because we're like bring it on like nothing's going to take it down we have faith.


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