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tv   Boom Bust  RT  February 27, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EST

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led to a national outcry when the scale of the child abuse was first exposed back in twenty twelve two years later an independent inquiry found that for decades through systemic failures in policing and social services the sexual abuse of children went on right under the noses of the or thora ts gangs of men the majority of whom were of pakistani origin preyed on mostly white girls aged from eleven to fifteen many of the victims thought they were in relationships with their abusers when the crimes were uncovered local authorities in yorkshire were accused of failing to tackle the problem partly through fear of being branded racist on the part of the authorities in their cases they were actually saying that these girls made a lifestyle choice it's about the fact that the authorities didn't want to be branded racist the ringleaders of the rod the room grooming going last year i think
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you know the distant relatives of mine but you know what it doesn't change the responsibility that people like me have on tackling this particular issue so i've been campaigning against child sexual exploitation and street gang grooming gangs who are predominantly of a pakistani origin for over ten years the investigation into rather abuse or has cost ten million pounds so far four individuals have been convicted eighteen have been charged and thirty eight have been arrested no one senior has been held to account and with just seventeen percent of the victims interviewed so far all this may just be the tip of the iceberg. no one likes a slow computer with having to replace or old one certainly can be expensive california electronics recyclers thought he had the perfect solution until it got him in trouble with one tech giant microsoft. accused of creating thousands of
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illegal copies of his software he argues he was only using it to extend the lifespan of old p.c.'s in our faces up to fifteen months in prison and a possible fifty thousand dollars fine grit insists he was acting within the little the microsoft software itself gets missing d.l.l. files and below where and viruses that over time will break down the software so that it doesn't operate and function as intended you might have seen that before if you ever use a computer and it just seems to slow down over time and it needs a every fresh which is what the purpose of a restore cd is so you have a license with your computer and that follows your computer in perpetuity until your computer's no longer working and that computer can be used by hundreds of people thousands of people and the license follows the hardware so the hardware itself over time might get missing d.l.l. files or it might get viruses and bloat where and what you'll end up doing is you want to refresh your re-install your valid copy of license on your computer and to
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do that you need three things you need to see a way you need a license and you need to restore media restore cd the restore cd is free you can download it anywhere online but the c.e.o. and license have to come from microsoft they're the only ones that can provide you with that microsoft claims that lost profits from the potential sale of his licensed products are accusing him of piracy prosecutors allege twenty eight thousand illegal copies of microsoft's operating system now last year was convicted but no appeals court allowed him to argue its case once more he says his main purpose was to encourage people to use refurbished computers instead of always buying new ones. i know that if you were to make copies of their license or their seal ways you're directly stealing from microsoft and you deserve to go to prison but if you're providing the restore cd which is the free thing that
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you can download for free or that's given to you with your computer if you provide that to consumers you're giving them the ability to repair their legally own property and i see no problem with that i believe in extending the life cycle of electronics and i believe that it helps us be more efficient in society if we're able to use these computers as long as they last i was very surprised when microsoft put me in that same circle with the people that are out there hacking or stealing their licenses or seal ways i mean that is a crime crime that deserved to be punished because you directly stealing from somebody all i was attempting to do was help consumers use what they legally own i'm going to recycle it for sixteen years and all i care about is the environment i want to make sure the things that work continue to work for the benefit of mankind . the russian presidential election has already started at least in northwest
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siberia which became the first region to cast ballots and polling this was organized due to the remoteness of the polling stations there and the severe winter weather conditions election officials are using all possible means of transport ranging from helicopters to snowmobiles. and thanks for joining us so far here on this huge day your stories continue and just.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be that's. actually going to be press most likely before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the winds and the how. to sit. at the plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spend each other to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the
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beautiful guy was great so what more chance with. the base is going to. chose seemed wrong. just don't. let me. get to shape out these days become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. it is good to have you with us so russian trolls in the spotlight yet again this time u.s.
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politicians and the media are accusing them of spreading discord with an american society off to the recent school shooting an explanation that with. when informing us about the alleged danger of russian bots and internet trolls american politicians have been very clear about the intent behind russian conspiracies and sinister operations they want to sow division among the american people and one issue they've latched onto is the second amendment gun control debate apparently the russians are very big fans of our second amendment they don't particularly want to second members of their own but the really glad that we have one the russians would be thrilled if we were doing nothing but killing each other every day and sadly we are according to facebook's security chief the russians don't favor gun control or oppose it they just want to fight americans against each other and make sure that we don't see eye to eye the ads in accounts appeared to focus on apple
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find divisive social and political messages across the india logical spectrum touching on topics from l g p t matters to race issues to immigration to gun rights so russian trolls are inflaming emotions over any sensitive issue guns included but it looks like we can locate some russian bots not only on facebook but who else is inflaming sentiments over that oh so sensitive second amendment bill take away your second amendment which we will never allow to happen don't take away you stick by for some people that might be obvious but trump isn't the only one selling division many in legacy media love mass shootings. you guys are loving. others threatening messages against gun owners a billboard in kentucky has been vandalized with the words kill the n.r.a. that must be the work of russian trolls also if you follow the premise it seems
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like mainstream american media is also working for the russians left leaning media outlets immediately calling for more gun can. rolled right leaning outlets focusing on mental health connecticut governor dan malloy says president trump and republicans have blood on their hands after the deadly massacre in florida they call it gun control but it's not it's people control when any organization spends ten of millions of dollars promoting the interests of gun corporations to influence what happens in our elections then yes our democracy is a little broken. americans on both sides of the issue are now screaming at the top of their lungs from the highest levels of government to child survivors of mass murder accusations are flying everywhere now if this is all just some big plot from moscow we really have a big problem here in america i have been
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a doing this professionally in terms of you know this type of comedy for thirty years now and then thirty years i think before the russian bots came along they've been saying the same thing every single time in my native florida so i know something about it so if the russians are claiming to take credit for involving themselves and insinuating themselves in this particular argument they're too late because this has been going on for thirty years and nothing's changed. the un security council resolution regarding yemen that was proposed by russia has been adopted unanimously on monday russia vetoed a draft resolution tabled by the u.k. that condemned iran over the violence and actions in yemen. so merican reports. russia's draft resolution has passed unanimously in the security council today they
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met to discuss the ongoing situation in yemen and to vote on two rival draft resolutions one proposed by the u.k. and the other by russia of a u.k. draft resolution called for quote additional measures against iran over accusations that it violated an arms embargo now this came after u.n. experts said in january that iranian military equipment was brought in to yemen after the arms embargo was imposed but also stated that they were unable to verify the supplier and russia's draft resolution called for the renewal of sanctions until february twentieth but did not mention iran the russian ambassador called for political dialogue and expressed the need for the u.n. to come closer he also explained the reasoning behind the veto let's take a quick look i will be frank the wording advanced in the british draft is liable to have dangerous destabilizing ramifications and this is not only applicable to the situation in yemen but also to the region overall this will inevitably escalate regional tensions and lead to conflict among key regional players instead of
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antagonizing relations in the middle east what we need are measures to seek consensus through a mutually respectful dialogue. in contrast the u.s. and u.k. feel that iran should be condemned and that russia china bolivia and kazakhstan shielded iran from responsibility let's check out what the u.s. had to say russia bolivia china kazakhstan sent an opposite but equally clear message instead of demanding accountability from iran they decided to show it to ron from responsibility instead of insisting that iran live up to its international obligations they have invited iran to continue promoting chaos in the middle east their actions will not be forgotten and we will not stop until toronto is stopped and peace is once more possible for the people of the middle east for some context the crisis in yemen started in twenty fifteen when saudi arabia led a military campaign against the who things and since then the campaign has led to
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the deaths of thousands and reduced its infrastructure to almost nothing the conflict has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis as saudi arabia has imposed a blockade preventing any humanitarian assistance or food from coming into the country. i think it. would be severe. but how. would it. help courses that is taking place in the province of solder is unprecedented keeping in mind that it was already bad even before the aggression the offensive in brigade were initiated and we were hit with this catastrophe which saw volatile infectious diseases spread like wildfire if you. will your.
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of the six children that come in need hospitalization there are dozens of cases most of them are due to malnutrition and it's consequences like seizures and pneumonia for example due to the crisis even is now facing cases of money tradition are skyrocketing. in december the u.k. provided an extra fifty million pounds and aid for yemen making two hundred and five million in total for twenty seventeen however since the start of saudi arabia's incursion in london has sold riyadh four point six billion pounds worth of
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weapons a former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiating team says the u.k.'s rejected a u.n. draft resolution that missed the point. this is a very devious to resume lucian put forth by the u.k. that essentially got into this blame game situation and die you money catastrophe situation we really need to have the end of these double standards and he poor creative approach by by the un toward the saudis who have gotten away with murder in yemen i think that russia has the world was very sensible and rational. and it was the wind we decided resolution and russia drafted on extending did reach the sanction regime on an yemen so i really think that the u.n. . save got it itself. wrong and wrong there would have aggravated the situation stood up. plenty more still to come here at r.t. international your troops day worldwide headlines will continue and approximately
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half an hour. manufacture consent to public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. the room. but i'm stephen ball. hollywood guy next. to
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american interests george bush and r.v. . this is my buddy max famous financial. ruth well i'm just a little bit different i'm not a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm shooting the brood have to find me every day americans call me and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. is. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be honest. have to go right to the press to see what them before three in the morning
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can't be good. i'm interested always in the water as in the hottest. question. please. feel on a hot day in a dear little bottle a sardine in charlotte six sawyer here in the. area. an estimated eighteen thousand under a trophy genes are now living in greece. you know storm or go. to your home in there you go food drink eat many saw their bodies just to make and it's means. a circle of them a second or two and all the sins in there that there's a house full of stars and the letters that. alters thirds are dealing drugs to make a living. listless a little is a lot of words
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a little. a moment then you. move. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last round turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but on me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each fret. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite
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different person has to be checked out because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. yeah dr. alice i plan on so not knowing that there's. to be a con does fatuma kind of a place i wish that baton to skip i know football is that song i'm giving i'm getting no short clocking. in these indecent document because this. one i'm not going and so it needs to be of the design i'm invited to. the einstein notice for thought and is death kind of and that's the bush did indeed . unwatched off that and theme point to good of him to his and that's a bush did them being their course and. i'm tall isn't
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a box no one may have a tall isn't misc a bit it's a kid and. the parents had no idea that the jury in the criminal trial private meetings between the defendants and federal government were taking place the defense finally achieved their goal in december nine hundred seventy. the case is dismissed because of the trifling nature of the offense and lack of public interest . the parents are now urging to be encouraged to accept the compensation offered to them by go in and tell. you need a spade suit to student of decent suit showing obvious geezers. on your board and women bit economy or trying to find a book. on screen in front of the school was the father of the school years could soon force. should needs a moment of these evasive each new i knew that except me if i could make in. super
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late food time eight hundred in the good field my mom would have all that fit so that segment thought of us one taught. on mine with almost like lime green the wonderful r.v. well managed so cool and that's most of the other sober and shied and nearly done of not wanted to walk. on this would of course and walk off she also. document on the musician describing what about is up to that's been. documented for minutes so confident us what is a year. in the end mention fundamental knew she sued him which often five million only isn't the chances i guess you would have titles of it as the size and image of musicians fizzled in fun it's all only does offer the time i'm still a gallant appeal for those as had not to schilens i guess now travels. today they say our parents had no idea of what they were getting themselves into my side
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of the documents. on this deal sorta since jordan saw it on the it on board or bought into that saw as the snow was already pulled me on. the amount of compensation under discussion during the scandal is approximately one point five billion dollars marks. i'm not really on the mark. but songs wise the odds are now that's fewer he cannot count not really it's was that wish of wish. he had to give to us and i'm going to offer this bonus ustedes ministry of the arms dot com. after a dispute with your state's ministerial student list the school entire. net or if we were no one sponsor your order and five for one device to come out spy few me
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on the market had sod missing their best. good. until is able to get the parents to sign an agreement with its main point to accept the amount of compensation offered and to waive all further claims against the county gun manufacturer. board or. because it's a good look. big in the hood it does. wouldn't. put in the big. one for the roof at the risk of us must because our god put us. view of the abyss as miss million and then we got. and that's exactly what
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british that had my victims up to sealing the documents are supposed to prove that there was an undisclosed relationship between politicians and the pharmaceutical company. and the influence of the german government in that which as i say appears to be the case from the from the papers it is one which on the face of it offends the constitutional principle of no executive should interfere with the. responsibility and exercise of its duty by the judiciary and that's a constitutional principle which the germans accept which is accepted in these throughout europe. ex-pat incident the sky now i'm michelle mcgee given the stupidity quite often the hardened in stuff would say seventy einstein on this process it's.
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not part of the slant. and by doing the top one downfall. and does a sunny. british little victims insist that they were denied a fair settlement. of the german foundation was formed under the circumstances. two ways first the physical damage itself. but as well there's a constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime as never
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been brought to justice and there has been a couple so you spend your whole life trying to find the answers to those questions and death put blood sugar systems and this is happening to all the to the mud to ignore. the british for the murder victims look to brussels for support to reopen the come to gun case. time is running out. many of them have trouble paying for their treatment and the costs keep rising as they get older. inmate twenty fifteen next go break have the opportunity to speak to members of the european parliament about the issues faced by so little mind victims. i would now like to hand over to and they don't break and we did the research into the german archives and we came up with astonishing information which really shocked us and made us realize what had happened and i want to just make street comments about this investigation we did into the criminal trial the first thing we discovered
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there was secret negotiations between going intel and the german federal government whilst the trial was taking place secondly the german federal president at the time . granted into torchwood couldn't tell a contribution in return for the trial being terminated despite the fact that the prosecution office in zero five or so you want him he must not do this this is illegal the net result of this the third point which is the most important for the four countries here is that all the evidence was suppress. the european parliament again discusses the come to go increase in march twenty sixth. in a twenty fifty nine months ago any piece of that every political group here in the parliament insisted that a solution be found to the scandal of the lack of action on the urgent needs of victims a solution to a problem the surprising sixty years old. during the last sixty years the german
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government system and the pharmaceutical company concerned have deployed every possible prepare a cation and pro question nation tactic turbo eight addressing those needs thank you very much. i mean trollish does the order the line and sides not india scanned on telecommutes. the sheen is healed by the mr norton who not up for the visit intreated vanzant doesn't start a kind of lose only to amend the start of. the archives contains documents detailing some of the modification stories in other countries. in spain there are currently three hundred people who claim they have never been compensated. the least he pleases.


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