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it's all the conflict without engaging one of the warring parties. there are no examples like that but unfortunately the government in kiev now does not want a direct dialogue with gives over those. territories even though that is a part of the minsk agreements so we need to make practical steps the initial steps of implementing and then think of further steps and that today we need to ensure the security of always see observers in the area and we let's do that but for some reason they don't want to do that they're not willing that is weird but we are willing to work in it with all the interesting parties. for the big question. russian it works you're. going to go as the economy scores of wouldn't it and it has to do with economic cooperation between russia and austria. because you would also in your opinion what are the prospects for that kind of cooperation taking
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into account the well known difficulties in the relation between brussels and moscow so what are the prospects for implementing such projects as the north streams. the. wide goal which railway from question such a vienna thank you. if i get an extra minute to thank you for your question if. you like to highlight the back of that. their opinion i have a very positive positively through first to see the relations between us and david being developing in the gulf and this with the kurdish leaders. and we'll talk that at heart today during the lunch. we'll be here in langley also i can single out two points first the strategic interest we have by the russian and. the only interest.
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to. the wide goal which railroad coming as far as australia as far as we hear in. the last week we saw the meeting of the ministers for transportation we have a very. high level of appreciation when it comes to this project. and beneficial to both of us the day we talked about this project on board so i think also we're coming to the conclusion that we need to work. on the second point. encompasses not only austria but also germany and other states and north stream to the federal government supports that initiative that project but we still need to finalize many modalities and we still need to. discuss a need in the way that projects can influence the affairs of other states of the
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current areas of the e.u. but still we think it's good. that we were. we will have a very positive fado. us and germany and other countries. as of for the for north north rim to. our capacity to do it we are in favor of killing our this project of making trioli undoubtedly it is not a political project it is if you are the economically let's say commercial enterprise should the stakeholders of this project will you leave that there their profits or their economic revenue from this project they are sensing it and they believe that it does make sense to engage in this project and it's not even in the alterian if to the ukrainian route if ukraine were to present. it
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feasible. if his bill keys for using it siri to be for transit we would be happy to use it to keep using ukrainian territory for transit it's all a matter of the capacity but we need to develop the all these these other projects. such as north stream and others because they diversify. energy supplies they make it more stable more liable we know that. to conclude their energy in europe is not competitive. sales are decreasing in the in the decades to come it will not. be competitive and if our western partners support this project we will to like you said you can apply we as for other areas that mr chancellor touched upon. such as cooperation in the area of railway culture in that your corporation created we were just
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discussing that a number of industrial plants would be able to buy austrian investors in russia and the volume of russian investment in the western economy twenty three billion. we are all there is it also speaks speaks for itself and we intend to continue developing all these areas of cooperation including implementing the proposal as a voice for the social society dialogue. i think it's a good idea which will provide. an enabling environment for us to prefer the developing the relations between russia and austria one i don't want to. it's gone i knew something. was. going through the functional not the worst in the east but if a country would. look to work together of butter sandwich and
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a copper ration in certain. largely blocks and if we are in decline but still there is another way to deal with the situation. one after another and the good will could help us to move. sanctions on what do you think about. that so it was clear and can also help to mediate if we can see. some. sense as you all know russia did not impose a new users but it wasn't from russia we imposed sanctions were imposed against russia and clearly sanctions. the harvest are hurting the interests of member states and russia as well but it is an open question who is suffering more but it's obvious that everybody everybody is being being hurt by those sanctions.
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more important is that the objectives of those things are not being met. and harmful. we have what we have that this is reality there's not much to do about it but about it but of course that we should try to eliminate the root causes of for today's situation and try to resolve the crisis that lie at the heart of for today's situation. but of course the question with all those crisis including by merely the ukrainian crisis is how fast will be able to do. keeping in mind the degree ration of. government services the civil society of the economy in the ukraine or which of course doesn't enable its government today to implement the agreement. actively. we don't know how or how long this will go on and you
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kin blame russia you can put the blame on russia in many ways however you like but it is obvious to any independent observer that russia is not primarily responsible for queuing out for implementing the agreement if the other party does not wants to implement them well and you should go it is up to them so it's all a matter of those small steps. i guess. where possible we should be doing it but it should be a two way street about what it takes in mutual effort our trade with europe has. almost a two fold what does it mean. that means that you would be in goods are not being shipped to russia are not being marketed in russia that means that european jobs are suffering that means the negative social and economic consequences for you are like i said we are willing. to. commit to abandon those
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things we don't we don't want to play any blame game but like i said this should be a two way street we are prepared to take our partners our u.p.a. and partners interests into consideration that we also want our interests to be considered machine it's not it's more then a long history of a good relations that we have with you are including austria those relations that there is a deep relationship it goes back centuries it has the historic depth and making it a hostage to. sue a political momentum to the present political situation that would be a mistake russia is prepared to do all everything it can to improve the situation.
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here's. one final question from the russian media again the territories news agency you welcomed me now with arsenal yes you already mentioned syria and my question goes to the latest what is your assessment of the situation in eastern good after two solution we had a patient. like my adopted mr putin what's your take on the criticism directed at russia from any western capitals and what are the prospects for settling the i think african syria taking into account the recent clear perspective what has been just what you do with the prospects for a settlement in syria we discussed it with the chancellor george privately and also in a bigger in a bigger setting this took several hours in there i guess we could go on and on so i don't think i would be able to give you a comprehensive answer right away this is ration is very difficult and the
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prospects for a settlement event on the warring parties from how committed they are how do we determine the arc to reach peace but also how committed they are to preserving that territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the countries of course a lot also depends on the international stakeholders on the global powers of course they are there many various interests russia will be trying to assist a political dialogue in syria will be trying to launch a constitutional reform a constitutional process in syria to have a new constitution in this country and to be moving toward normalization based on this new constitution we would like these collation to turn into an area of corporation between damascus and the opposition forces as for east ghouta unfortunately there is still a lot of big. extremist fighters in that area to research her and who come from
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a number of terrorist organizations and terrorist groups who are blacklisted who have been blacklisted by the united nations i don't even want to anymore read them and as you know the most recent un security council resolution says that fighting those serious you obsess must be permanent it must or we must never sees our efforts the problem is that in eastern ghouta often there is shelling. some days there are up to fifty to eighty missile strikes or artillery strikes a day and we know that sometimes some of the project hours even heard the territory of the russian embassy and that the trade mission do you think we're supposed to. tolerate it in this way you of course not during one of my most recent conversations on the phone with the german chancellor and the president of france as you know i have already instructed the russian defense ministry we propose our
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syrian partners to organize some humanitarian corridors out of that area to be able to transport some of the children the elderly the wounded out of the air yet in the past we did it. in a agreement with the turkish president mr on and we managed to transport a large group of people out of there but a second group wasn't able to make it because the militants the fighters would not allow them to do that and we all. take efforts to normalize the situation in all of syria including eastern ghouta that it will succeed and if we try to split up the situation and try to score some short term political points in a separate areas then i don't think the overall effort will be a success but i hope for a positive solution and settlements. including its new. conflict in two thousand and five. suffers not only for civil with from what
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conflict and conflict will see a few also will make it is the kind of. somewhere we see many great power was. and it has certainly seen many other proxy taking part and the people are suffering they are living in unbearable conditions i've said it many times but we have the reason lucian now. this is cool to this is to look at your group. and what we want is to expand its scope or magnitude it's good to have it now we need to implement it to the full . up but if. we are speaking about a region we prefer. not us about the also of which is
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going to be experiencing the aftershocks for sure but there is a number of stages to come through and we need to be cautious the time we need to be cautious creating the corridos in order to somehow alleviate the suffering of people in these. conditions that we are happy. about and if what to see the talks growing that talks to us in austria switzerland and. the uk a player in the league you always don't know so also russia has its share of influence and responsibility russia is. certainly one of the greatest states as it has the influence to either change the situation in syria and our hopes are that everyone will get back to the. table for negotiations and as soon as possible they will be filed in there to be serious.
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well that was a press conference a joint press conference being held between the russian president vladimir putin and also the austrian chances s├ębastien the first meeting between the two since because it was elected last year a lot of things discussed there including increased business links between the countries but of course the focus was on ukraine and syria as we heard at the end of that press conference will stick with syria because a humanitarian pause in syria in eastern guta has been broken by terrorists for a second day according to the syrian reconciliation center that after safety curry daughter established by russia came under heavy shelling from militants preventing civilians from leaving the besieged district a correspondent from r.t. arabic is that the city. now how much any economics the second day of the troops they haven't seen any civilians walking through the corridor it is known that there are many civilians who want to leave their own place to leave it through the one
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and only korea they were open for civilians from. however militants prevent civilians from exiting and don't allow them to leave due to leave occupation route to which the road to damascus the militant positions are just three or four hundred meters from the current or near the campus are offered in the syrian government has distributed leaflets a monster billions on an altar controlled and placed this detailed information and a map on how to get into the area under government control look at you can see that everything is ready here to receive civilians and to deal with any difficulty my italian situation. while the damascus suburb which is under the control of rebel and terrorist groups has seen an uptick in violence this month the un security council unanimously adopted a month long cease fire resolution across the country on saturday additionally russia then also sponsored a five hour daily trees to help civilians escape the fighting in eastern going to just minutes though after the route was established terrorists attacked it despite
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all efforts the u.s. is aimed more accusations that moscow and the syrian government. diplomatically and militarily moscow plays both arsonist and firefighter fueling tensions among all parties in syria then serving as an arbiter to resolve disputes attempting to undermine and weaken each party's bargaining positions russia has placed this progress at risk with their activities which are not focused on defeating an isis russia's interests in syria are russia's interests of a shirtless governing body do most of its image will confirm this some human rights council members are not ready meaningfully to condemn international terrorism in all its forms it's all acceptable to separate terrorists into good and bad cats agrees especially when the divisions based on that because goals were in their financial backers. russia will continue to oppose double standards and will assist the syrian army in its final push to eliminate the terrorist threat. comparisons
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are now being drawn between the ongoing situation in eastern guta and the former militant district of aleppo in twenty sixteen you're done of takes a closer look at the tangle of violence in east ghouta is morphing into lippold two point zero watching the mainstream media's coverage is almost like traveling in a time machine back to twenty sixteen president and his russian are like a accused of unleashing all out war against the people of ghouta russia and the syrian government are launching an offensive actually examining this wired hundreds of missiles and mortars on civilian homes and hospitals hospitals are targets in syria and the regime has been bombing them ruthlessly among all things eased goatees one of the last jihadi bastions just like aleppo it's been a long time den of the nusra front and the likes here's the terrorists flag hanging off the wall of during a meeting you need to go to a few years ago and since then. have only been getting cozy of their militias a
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nice to have a record of forcing civilians to sit tight amid the fighting and the worse it is for them the better the evidence indicates that non-state armed groups in eastern guta and the particular islam are also responsible for inflating the price of food and other basic necessities there arbitrarily restricting the movement of civilians wishing to leave and abducting and arbitrarily detaining people. human shields is a tactic favored by all terrorists including those who were in aleppo hardly a surprise that minutes after russia and syria opened humanitarian corridors out of those paths to safety came under rebel shelling humanitarian corridors for the passage of civilians are still blocked by terrorists and being shelled militants continue to use mortars and rocket systems against residential neighborhoods including areas with humanitarian corridors in the western part of aleppo. and just
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like any still oppose there are no western reporters in rebel i'll go after all with those groups you never know what you're going to get a story or a price on your head instead reporters shoes are filled by young prodigies that. this what happens to the shame that our country see of damascus and. for serving is a goal by the thought of this regime. the white helmets a group marketing itself as a civil defense initiative for their volunteers work at bomb sites as diligently in scenes as they have the scenes of jihadist executives. from. wherever jihadi factions first
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they bring their white helmets in tow is like aleppo is no exception whether it's aleppo or any other hotbed of violence it's almost never just black or white but sticking a good versus bad label is so much easier especially when you have some stored away from the last time you've done of r.t. . in other news the seed in the russian olympic committee has now confirmed that the international olympic committee has reinstated russia as a full member. read the statement was tied to the doping check of russian athletes who participated in the winter olympics the letter we received today says the i.o.c. is able to confirm all remaining results of the olympic athletes from russia are negative. ok well and they did it two days in the studio with us now to discuss
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this a bit further good news then disappears for russia it is huge news for russia and certainly a step in the right direction as we all know russia has been involved in a long running doping scandal accused of state sponsored doping and there have been huge repercussions because of that one being russia being kicked out of the international and pick committee so this decision is absolutely key for the future of russia's future global sporting activities if we look at another result of the alleged doping scandal. state sponsored doping many of russia's experienced athletes in the winter olympics just gone by in china were unable to compete compete and those who were allowed to compete could only do so under the neutral flag and they weren't allowed to play the national anthem if they won medals so they were mainly newcomers and they didn't do too badly actually they were seventeen medals overall sure i mean this isn't just a short stories i mean this is a long journey that russia has been on trying to get reinstated. looking back at
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a lot of the big story the you know russians out to compete independence there so it's taken a long time hasn't it for this to finally happen yeah and there were expectations that russia actually was going to be reinstated during the games but actually what happened was two out of one hundred sixty nine of the competitors were found they tested positive actually for doping crucial netsky and so. this of course affected the closing ceremony as well the fact that those two did test positive originally they were going to be allowed to wear the flag during the closing ceremony but that was banned as well. but the decisions. they've ever come up and they have been reinstated into the international olympic committee it's not the end of the road because also is the ongoing problems with usada they were banned by water that's the russian anti doping agency and water is the anti doping agency that is at a stalemate at the moment there's
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a dispute going on we saw the lats it lost its accreditation because of this ongoing saga russia has disputed the mclaren report that's the report that basically states that there was this alleged systematic state sponsored doping russia denied water have insisted that russia basically accept those findings so that is ongoing but let's focus on the good news. it means athletes in the future from russia will be able to compete with with their flag and the national from a positive move nonetheless ok thanks and it was our season to achieve thank you. you're watching or so you will have more news at the top you.
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just don't. find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground. from north korea to syria's president donald trump's foreign policy is literally all over the map north korea says it is open to direct talks with washington only to be met with preconditions in syria peace is within view but this is not what the trumpet ministration wants. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to
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access educational loans higher education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good. at the following could mimic. what is the place of students in this business model before college was born now and running stream or higher education the new global economic war. i mention are times are we going underground within hours of a unanimous vote for a russian un security council resolution on the world's worst humanitarian crisis yemen it came after rejection of
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a british plan by both moscow and beijing coming on the show where's the money for grand fell we speak to one of corbin's key allies in the british parliamentary labor party chris williamson about storms and what the e.u. will do you know jeremy corbyn has thrown down the gauntlet on free trade and in the civil war we talk to those who support both sides of the afrin equation washington speak aka allies and then charisma pick a special forces a stories of continuous britain's defacto support for is the best insurgents in syria plus we'll look at the papers with my turn a senior editor at independent on my news site involved politics all the civil war coming up in today's going underground but first to our top story is the bookies favorite to replace tereza may as prime minister clarifies his position on the world's sixth largest economy leaving the neo liberal. object that is the european union jeremy corbin supporting transitional membership of a trade unionist stablished in one nine hundred fifty eight doggedly confirms his
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opposition to the e.u. is always been about sovereignty and accountability. powers of come from. the european. commission to some extent the council of ministers these are quite serious matters joining me now is jeremy corbin's for the shadow fire and emergency services minister chris williams and chris thanks for coming back on just before we talk about the bricks and customs union initiatives or declarations of the past forty eight hours storms e the brit award winning grammar just what do you make of the fact that this petition has gone past the amount where they're going to have to debate in parliament grant felt our budget has the strength of failing and clearly the government have not covered themselves in glory at all the response has been woeful and there are i think something like a hundred families still in temporary accommodation and i really do feel the local community there and the wider public do feel that the people the residents the survivors of the ground for tragedy i've been basically let down by this government
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and indeed the local authority in the area because it was one of the worst fires many dead to raise i'm a downing street saying that may will listen to anyone with concerns about funds but i mean you can i mean storm in glastonbury when she was sharing a stage with your leaders that we heard the authorities tell the truth we heard the government to be held accountable for the i mean is that the kind of anger that you recognise very much so people are livid about the way in which they've been treated i've spoken to some of the survivors both mark pasty is the shadow found emergency minister on the deed in a proper plastic too and the people do feel terribly let down i mean this is just appalling really even choir there's an inquiry but you know people want action immediately and the government promises that people are being let down i think that two things really warm a need and well we would need a quick action in the first instance i mean anything that happens now is still too late least something needs to happen swiftly now i think because people have been left on the scrapheap effectively so that needs to be addressed.


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