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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 12, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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it was up. to the directors of that. i think that the brush of those militants torch to look for other choices one of these choices is the go out of the of the good that are some of that want to run down because there was and nested it could be but it is that present with those militants who want to stop fighting that state so this kind of disagreement and because of that not all raj of choices for a few hours made it dance at this point of the fighting began to. take. place between those militants. now a five year deadline to charge former u.s. intelligence chief james clapper expires on monday despite calls from both parties to prosecute him illegibly lied to congress under oath about mass domestic surveillance does the n.s.a. collect any type of data of a millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not.
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not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps worked but not not willingly or clapper statement there was revealed to be erroneous just months after the testimony with edward snowden's revelations about mass u.s. surveillance american lawmakers have criticized the justice department for failing to open clappers case he and others who have held administrative power must be held accountable to the same laws that govern the people of the united states he admitted to lying to congress and was an remorseful in flippant about it the integrity of our federal government is at stake because his behavior sets the standard for the entire intelligence community political analyst charles or tail says that clapper is case does fit into a larger pattern of failures to prosecute. it can be taken very seriously but to
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date it is seldom been prosecuted aggressively and depending on the facts of the case. prosecutors may make a determination that they only want to go forward with cases that are easily won when you look past the narrow issue of clapper and you look at the long period of president obama's tenure for eight years which is only now beginning to come out of the kind of scrutiny i felt it deserved a long time ago what you see been a longstanding pattern and practice of harnessing the machinery of the fearsome machinery of the us federal state against enemies of the obama administration and in favor of friends of the ministration and that's the larger story or not simply whether clapper should be prosecuted for the one instance the admitted we did lie under oath to congress. rush's defense ministry has released video of tests of its latest missile systems among the new weapons is the hypersonic qin jallow dagen
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missile which can go ten times the speed of sound and is said to be capable of outsmarting or existing defense systems and is the sonic rocket to an intercontinental ballistic missile which has a vast range and can carry multiple nuclear warheads artie's correspondent were against it was granted exclusive access to russia's latest nuclear deterrent. meet satan as natives come to cool this. thirty six and two hundred and nine tons of nuclear ged and it is a paradox if these things evolution. it likely mean the end of
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human civilization and yet. that very fact the guarantees that new same man will lead the press the red button. thirty six m. carries as many as ten nuclear warheads as well as decoys and counter-measures its beat in service for nigh on food see years now he's time for something new something a little more powerful. what
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a gas to have reporting there now as do in sweden is receiving death threats for their controversial practice of killing healthy animals the zoo's director says it is regrettable but necessary.
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do you think it's the best way all of the taking care of the animals you simply look the breed to. and sometimes they've got surplus and sometimes feed to the somalians lives. to survive until. the cost to animal the thing that animals shouldn't it kill it on the wrong hands it's the feel animals but i've been to that still several times it's a beautiful place and i take my kids to eat it's easy for the desert to move but this needs to kill and. there's no reason why a line sometimes has been destroyed on that is terrible but those people just don't
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understand how to run the soup. you washing out international still ahead feeding this out of tensions are high in catalonia at the moment where thousands of protesters have rallied to break away from spain we'll have a look at that and detail part of the stories just after the break. local blogs telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they are going. to do socks for the tell you that every gossip and tabloid by shall supporters. off the bad guys and tell you on the cool enough and let's not buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with our good walking.
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with no make this manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round the sun me the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. the real news is really. just under a week until the presidential election in russia and so you start saying it's special coverage.
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i was crazy. yes i was saying yes up jack top because i still mean that it's the. music that was your original making everybody in some way. what would you get when there was little risk the end of what you did after you did it but i. was sure. which. we got on the chin much. earlier saying you know that i'm sure you should just look at your. stupid look at each. problem cook little clique over the significance of the
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choices you want. we. would be. we spoke exclusively to one of the hopeful cruden in the candidate for the communist party he's a fifty seven year old director of a farm and his left wing prop form proposes nationalizing big industries and also banks critics though accuse him of keeping his own earnings in foreign banks something he denies asked him about some of the pressing issues facing russia and its society. there is terrorism it appears in places where people live in poverty and an environment for terror groups to develop first and foremost we must get rid of such environments people must be employed if a man has a job with a decent wage and cares for his family he won't become a terrorist if he has no job and has fallen for certain doctrines imposed on him he
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becomes easy prey for terror recruitment i'm talking about the domestic situation as for terror groups existing outside of the country we must fight them very hard the good guy should be strong and pull no punches. i think the european union pictures russia is a threat in order to consider data its internal policies i'm getting the impression that the e.u. of thora t's present russia as the enemy to consolidate themselves while doing so they're lobbying for defense spending why would you unleash an arms race if you already have a lot more weapons than we have and your military budget is bigger than ours i believe someone wants to escalate an arms race even more and for that reason it must be shown that there is some sort of threat in existence. what we can put this issue to a referendum but psyching tell you ninety nine percent of russia's population will
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be against same sex marriage it's certain so why raise the issue it's like asking muslims whether they're legal pork they won't although in many other states people eat pork and there's nothing wrong with it but muslims won't be doing it in russia people have certain moral norms and we must consider this fact so as of today we don't have any grounds even to propose the issue of same sex marriage to our nation and throughout the week we will be introducing you to russia's presidential hopefuls and how they view the future of the country and the world and then on sunday march the eighteenth to join us for our special coverage election night live here an r.t. international. independence movement in catalonia shows no sign of dying down in five months on from the referendum that was branded illegal by the spanish government. was.
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was. forty five thousand protesters attended a rally in barcelona on sunday calling for a new government that will work towards catalonia secession from spain people chanted their support for the former cattle and president carlist purge the mom he and four others for other separatist leaders are currently out of the country and could face prosecution if they returned home demonstrators also demanded the release of local politicians jailed for their role in last october's vote after the referendum madrid imposed direct rule in catalonia but jonathan shafi from the radical independence campaign says that the spanish government is failing to uphold democratic rights but i think what do you spanish government is attempting to do is to grown people and of course it's still not the number one week stock that is to send troops and. then the but always has been. to try and strangle the mood by cheering people by using b.d.s.
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administrate techniques to strangle the possibility of establishing an end and we have to look at this and actually start to question what democracy really means and the european context i have not seen and not internationally which i across your opinion when it comes to what's going on in past what it means not only by the situation on pitch and what you have in peace and you know you have championed us and joined the sanctuaries and in who's been actually to be annoying to those that we've got and that has won a parliament and even below to leave the jail on monday to attend the beat that's been ruled by the spanish supreme court so what democracy is under attack you know in theory or use were used and it's important that the international community the e.u. and protect your rights to stand up on the state of democratic reach and it's not doing so. now we are getting news that a passenger plane has crashed while landing at katmandu airport in the poor killing at least thirty eight people twenty three people were injured and ten people are still unaccounted for officials say the plane caught fire and skidded to a stop in
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a field next to the run by the plane was carrying sixty seven passengers including two children with four crew on board of course we'll keep you updated with any further developments as they come in. that's how the news is looking safe acid a here in our we're back with more in thirty five miles. i. was. was . was was was.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money killian erroneous and spending to do the twenty million and one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base it's going to. the art of the deal is being put to the task can trump the former reality television host broker a deal with the north koreans will the deep state allow him also is the world entering a new trade. time
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after time here we're going underground in the last week of campaigning for this week's presidential election in the largest country on earth russia coming up in the show was the saudi crown prince in london this week telling tereza made to go to war with iran the u.s. colonel who helped make colin powells case for war on iraq at the u.n. warns of a war that could kill even more than tony blair's shock and awe and. rise like lions after slumber we speak highly of young ridiculed by mainstream media for predicting the huge quake in british politics plus will tomorrow's u.k. spring financial statement do anything to make britain more equal we speak to
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grassroots activists fighting for equality and working class representation well there's more coming up in today's going underground and first it's not only post bricks in britain little need to look further afield for trade opportunities the trumpet ministration ascent former c.e.o. of exxon and current secretary of state rex tillerson on a tour of u.s. arguable proxies in africa firstly ethiopia infamous of our it was at war during the one nine hundred eighty s. live aid concerts national state of emergency has now been declared to me just one day after the i'm expected resignation of prime minister my real death and yes ethiopia after years of i.m.f. world bank policy and billions in u.s. military and civilian aid and weapons sales is in a state of flux tillerson destination the old british colony of kenya over which the u.k. still stands in the dark about mass killing and torture during the malmo uprising unprecedented times in kenya the only other kind of date expected to be on the ballot paper for the election rerun late in the month has pulled out. yes
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reverberations are kenya's most recent general election continuous parties alleged corruption of the vote this in a country crucial to u.s. military ambitions in the indian ocean world's longtime ally until this investigation oil rich nigeria continues to battle with oil shortages fuel shortages brought nigeria to a standstill that nigeria sold arms and given between four hundred and six hundred million dollars every year in so-called aid for at least the past decade by the us taxpayer that's for chad in central africa to listen will be visiting a country he knows well according to rachel maddow of m s n b c you referenced a book on the secretary of state's company steve cole points out in his book private empire that the total of u.s. aid in chad the total of american aid that we spend in that country foreign aid and military aid the total less than twenty million dollars while exxon is paying them more than five hundred million dollars
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a year in oil revenue and that whole exxon move that all happened in two thousand and six that happened right after this guy took over as the head of access. yes rex tillerson allegedly enabled weapon sales by a oiled contract in chad but there's no need for anything like that in his other destination of djibouti where a quarter of the population lives in extreme poverty they were doing a category three qualification which involves quite a deal of stress and quite a deal of what fundamental lot of weapons in the belief that you have to listen stop in djibouti no doubt referenced the u.s. top secret base at camp lejeune a from where drones fly to kill people all around the world there will have been some tough talking as a new superpower though has also moved that on the red sea to a nation known for high rates of illiteracy unemployment and childhood malnutrition the chinese navy is setting up a base in djibouti to support has scored peacekeeping and humanitarian missions and
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ships carrying chinese military personnel left in southern china province on tuesday to sell for the country located in the horn of africa the base to be set up will provide support for operations in africa and west asia and china's people's liberation army said the decision to the days was reached after friendly negotiations between the two countries and aligned with the interests of both sides whether to listens talks with african nations which end tomorrow or to the benefit of both sides of drug be little progress since the end of u.k. colonialism is another matter at least the former oil boss who says he felt helpless in the rush to tony blair's war on iraq now appears to realize it was a mistake the decision to go into iraq and change leadership in iraq upon reflection. bush perhaps not did not achieve those objectives we do not have
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a more stable region in the world and our national security is not million. well joining me now from falls church virginia in the united states is someone who made the case for that iraq war he's a retired u.s. army colonel and former chief of staff. state colin powell welcome again larry wilkinson colonel even rex tillerson fully recognizes the failures of the iraq war you made the case for why a goal and pile you believe a similar rush to war against iran is currently underway i do they could saw granted majorly by the fact that we have this almost obsequious sycophantic relationship with israel and particularly with its prime minister bibi netanyahu is willing to die to the last american to take on iran you know that repeatedly the united states says they are the only democracy in the middle east which is why the us has that alerts i'll quote to you gideon levy of ha'aretz along
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with me and several others made speeches about the us is your relationship in gideon said how can anyone call a state that has that code talent tarion brutal occupation going on in the west bank and he didn't even mention gaza of a democracy i say get into right how is it always former top officials like yourself out of power that come up with these appear phonies about israeli power was not present when you were in the state department. absolutely it was in fact in the conversations that go in and i had secretary powell and i had with regard to the u.s. is are all issues ship we're not too less a serb than the one i just gave you but the realities of power especially in a republican administration but let me not hesitate to say democrats too like bachmann indias and chuck schumer from new york and so forth are as guilty the
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realities of that power at the highest levels in the united states is that as one individual said policies made intel of live not washington and i know you've been addressing this recently way if it is indeed israel that is forcing the u.s. hand here why isn't israel just attack iran. well we lost the connection with colonel larry wilkerson that subsequently we retrieved it colonel thanks for coming back after that brief blip we were talking about the attack on iran why doesn't israel which is never confirmed by the way that it has two hundred nuclear warheads why doesn't it just attack iran why does it need the help of washington i think there's a two part answer to that question wanted is they need great power over flight if you will the united states doing jumping is quite different from israel doing something isolation and to add more concrete they also need the u.s.
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to do the real heavy war is your role has an extraordinary military capability but its capability that's pretty much confined to a very narrow range and it's been designed that way. it cannot project power to the extent that it would be able to eliminate the actual nuclear program and do other things that it would need to do in order to feel assured that it is it's attack it more that the only power really on the face of the earth that can do that is the united states multi carrier around the clock operations in terms of arab power massive strikes out of the huge air force base in gutter and so forth i know you age they know human erosion you need they're not an enemy iran there are not iraq and of course israel did lose the war in lebanon against as
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a bull and i got to tell you though in britain i don't know whether you've been reading the news crown prince moment in selma has been visiting the prime minister in the queen here i understand your knowledge and intelligence of. this region suggests that saudi arabia would also be part of a an alliance with israel and washington in this war on iran. and i think saudi arabia is in many respects a long pole in the tent especially with mohamed been so man as the heir apparent and really the king saudi arabia wants are on taken down and saudi arabia has an erstwhile alliance right now we are with riyadh in order to accomplish those and did i mean of course we would be speculation but obviously he's here in london you'd think that he'd be telling the british prime minister about these sorts of plans what do you think of the british just response straight from. requests from washington. i think it's
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a little bit of both but i also think prince bandar has demonstrated in the past how much billion dollar bribes impacting both washington and london so it's not much doesn't make much of a stretch of imagination for me to imagine theresa may having some incredible leverage exerted on her so that she is at least neutral or not supportive because explicitly saudi has never threatened military action on terror runit talks against iran all the time says it's a dangerous country but it's never ever well it's never even said it's a big ally of israel you know it's a it's an alliance of convenience and the saudis even more than israel would like the united states to do the dirty work in iran the saudis simply do not have the kind of power that would be necessary to invade iran invest it for some decades or so which is what it would really take if you wanted assuredness that the nuclear
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program was indeed stopped. and as to how we can stop this war as most people in the international community arguably would wish for. could beijing lower moscow or them together stop the war there has to be some remaining full conversation between moscow and washington moscow to bring power to bear on don't ask us and on terror on and washington on riyadh and israel and to a lesser extent turkey still a nato ally by the way and there has to be some good offices all for probably and some leverage offered by beijing has significant interest in your on its base road initiative has a whole segment that envisions pipelines running south and north south in the war in iran and on into europe and so forth china has a lot invested and
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a lot in prospect for investment so yes they have a great interest we forget that iran is in geographically speaking western asia the middle east nomenclature sort of throws us all western asia in other words china is more or less region of the world and so yes beijing washington moscow all need to be brought to bear on this to prevent the conflict in syria and potential conflict with iran from leaping widening or even happening and becoming a more region wide conflict and even a global conflict going to larry wilkerson thank you after the break a millennial is officially tuned out to me stream media parallels to explain the rise and rise of jeremy cool been ridiculed by every outlet of britain's and ahead of tomorrow's spring statement the drays amaze universal credit policies lead to a thirty percent worries in the use of food bags in the u.k.
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the list of all coming up about to have going on to grow. this baby and. this isn't much. eighteenth vote with your remote to zante for special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more. everybody i'm stephen ball. task hollywood guy suspects ever proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru where he's a little bit different. you can find in your windows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm hitting the road to have some fun every day americans more. closely start to bridge the gap this.


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