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of the magnitude of life to welcome my counterpart and delegation of russia and i hope that this our meeting as many others as well yield more results and more benefit to our countries. thank you very much on the ball mr president of turkey ladies and gentleman. first and foremost would like to know that today's agenda. is very substantial if it is full of meetings and discussions suppressant and i discussed key issues pertaining to our bilateral relations as well as a number of issues of regional and international importance so later on during the high level cooperation council we together with pads of major companies and ministers discussed in every detail the whole gamut of car peroration in these fields of politics security konami ex military and ties have also been part of the discussion outline the plans for
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a further work to do what you do in these meetings what we signed a number of into go mantilla into ministerial documents with the relevant authorities and bodies are now to. create a platform for further cooperation we would like to say that our relations have been gradually growing and enhanced seen we have a very active political dialogue last year mr advani and i had eight full scale matings we are in very close carjackers well as our political and military bodies are also in a cart as well as a strategic and strategic group we have the ties between the ministries and parliaments who are current trees are also on the rise we discuss every detail the . cooperation between the business circles of countries today the close attention was paid to trade and economic and this meant copper a. sure you look at you in your very important coordinator always been played by
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the joy and governmental russian turkish commission would like to say with much satisfaction if you can twenty seventeen the trade increased as mr president. richard bush calculations are that we have. grown. much over forty percent of its reach in the figure of twenty two point two billion dollars we've started to import many products from turkey and turkey is now rated seven assists in the list of kadir partners of russia in terms of trade. we are determined to increase investment. that will be achieved through the creation of a joint to master new. form participation of the turkish russian direct us by the founders we also see that the tomic nuclear energy sector is another
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field and where we car parade successfully instead of we laid down the first. start in the construction of the first nuclear power plant. and we plan to commission by the year twenty twenty three which will commemorate the one hundred anniversary. also we are working on the turkish stream project we are constructing the two pipelines running. through the bottom lies of the sea that will make it. easier for us to pump the gas to europe with the countries of europe ranted. and recently which of the region every country are what we see much prospects in cooperation with our match also vehicle manufacturing agricultural goods production as well as well. we believe that more
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cooperation can come in the fields of scientific research and development than others we do cooperate in the field of military. we've agreed to dispatch the air defense system as four hundred triumph to turkey as well as delivering a number of russian. back to metric where hardware discussed many issues to take into that field we do pay special attention communitarian ties and people to people relations we see very dynamic development in the flow of tourists from russia to turkey last year four point seven million people and next year we hope that figure will rise to around six million people. that qantas will discuss. the go thing out the visa regime green on
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the certain documents which would allow for a non visa and we heard the reports from the heads of ministries and bodies while cantu is the syrian national dialogue just for a new congress and so share in the recent meeting sin asked and. have seen the discussion many steps to be taken to finally settle the syrian crisis to reinforce the ceasefire and create an environment for a syrian. political dialogue president said that already tomorrow we are to discuss these matters we will meeting with the had of iran mr rouhani. exchange of views opinions and other regional and international issues. crucial like to thank my friend to add one for such. substantive talks for a very warm welcome. geishas further development of our car parade that
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meets every interest of both russia and turkey it also serves the interests of stability and peace in this region and in other regions as well thank you for your attention. i i i. also to get your. sort of yes thank you very much are there any questions. the first question. russia two. i would like to ask both presidents but the main driver is for developing the bilateral the reps relations are the major projects such as the turkish stream and the. complexes. but still there is some conflict patient between russia and other countries do you see any factors that could negatively influence the bilateral of
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relations here thank you. you mentioned support a negative provocation all. factors international affairs well we see none in the line of corporations of turkey and the contras it has also been a bloated in the base for men to major projects such as the turkish stream. because such is the. construction. but as regards. gas deliveries to turkey and turkish steam a very big project indeed we've been working on that for many years and we've been in contact with our european partners to construct a second pipeline so-called turkey stream. i hope that will be followed through and it will. go well it will be happening so far we have
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talks only talks with them while with turkey we were a ready almost implemented this project. since we are about to complete the construction. so that's not a testimony to the quality of relations turkey is a priority partner for us a very important one that we comply with every big ation we have regarding a number of regional matters the issues we confront and fields where we caught our parade. i see no problems today which could impede further development of our relations with turkey. first of all i would. say that you mentioned the s forty
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military complexes. this decision was made by turkey. and we stand by it and our friends the russian federation. have responded positively in response to what we ask for so they slants to us strike in an agreement and we have reached an agreement. concerning the supplies of the forty four hundred. so that's a complete. and i would like to say that. we managed. russia delivered the missiles even before the deadline as for what you mentioned about the nuclear plant in you. while this is being implemented with some delay because to the operational issues.
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lost about ten percent of the world as a result. you. did make. them take some measures which led to. leave it in the problems so it helps streamline the process. and it also helps raising the necessary human resources to operate the plant so we're very happy with the process the way it is ongoing. so. today we had a ceremony. and we are hopeful for a better image of our country here on the international scene i have a question to president clinton did you discuss today during your meeting with mr gowan this creep palls case and the use case position on this
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case and what were you discussing and what is your assessment of this case especially in the view of the u.k.'s recent developments. disgusted. briefly. raise certain. questions i laid out the position of russia's you know. the mother heard about this incident from the mass media i imagine that many times i can only that according to the formation coming from international experts around twenty countries of the world can be developing search of nerve agents around twenty countries schools are capable of that scotland yard as you know. has officially publicly announced that it would need as much as a month to conduct a proper investigation. and just recently been informed the director general.
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of elaborate with the moratorium. eight kilometers away from the incident it's sad and he tweeted sky news that hayes employees his laboratory has failed to find out the country of origin of that agent and they cannot identify the country of origin of that agent and they cannot. resist if you say that that nerve agent was produced in russia that context first we are very much surprised by the speed. of that anti russian campaigning and you would like to inform you now that already it's just there that tomorrow we'll have a session of the exactly of committee of the opposite order to discuss
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and to sort this out. at least twenty questions are to be discussed tomorrow and i sincerely hope that that discussion well put that matter at rest finally. indeed we are very much interested in having a full scale transparent investigation we want to be part of that investigation and we expect that we'll receive the necessary documents and clearance because it has to do with the russian citizens and the russian investigative committee has opened a case in it merits a proper investigation. ok well that was a present put in there we're going to leave it at that presser there with the turkish president. president putin first visit abroad officially since of course he got reelected or much the eighteenth it would be constructive great relations with turkey he said turkey is a priority part of it on the s four hundred missile system the development of the
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stream pipeline. big construction that started at turkey first nuclear plant as well huge deal that went twenty billion overall russia will only about fifty one percent of it the other forty nine and up for sale he talked about scripture as well of course that's the main news that we're covering tonight the ongoing latest news in the script of the announcement from the port that i'm told now we can go back and listen a bit more. and. as for the fight against terrorism we have the following stance cooperate with syria other countries to the interest. and now and to listen in car for the first and foremost we to ensure territorial integrity of syria and sovereignty and after elimination of any routes of. honest terrorists. and their travel been cooperating and we will be
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a copper rating with turkey. as for the future. syria and the political dialogue we believe kurdish. people are part of the multinational. country of syria and they have the right to take part in every political process in syria and they have the right to find their place in the future of syria so certainly we believe that any. that. can't be taken place. but you know with out most call the nation of old state hold. if that is not happening then there will be no results. as for who is to participate in the political process and what place will be attributed. to every group of people that is up
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to the syrian people. some sort of. thing to do this only mr just a little and to the last question. i like to ask you president. you know. there was a decision in. the delivery of four hundred missiles to an earlier date what's your opinion and the joint production of four hundred missiles and i would like to ask president earlier gone whether you talked about our other possible supplies in addition to as for hundreds of other ready that we discussed many matters including the now aspect of our cooperation broadening the scope of the projects we implemented gather as for an early delivery
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of s four hundred here defense system we've done that upon the request. of turkey turkish france where. plus track the production the minute factual this is. we agreed on the price which is certainly important. for joy in manufacturing and well as you know giving v. tech knowledge is. not about trust or political cooperation there has to do with commercial interests and that can be settled at the level of well the relevant ministry is so there is no military or political agenda in that we see no limits on that track of corporation see no obstacles of that way. so. dear friends just like
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president put just sad in regards to the four hundred. systems. we have an agreement in place. and the relevant companies shall continue working on producing and we have agreement everything including the costs . there is no problem with concerning. three date. for any other projects. they are possible. russian companies are open to corp. the relevant agencies in the different complex will be conducted seemed relevant negotiations and holding meetings. and we'll keep you posted thank you very much.
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i will take this president. in ankara and president putin as well as i was saying his first official visit president putin abroad heading straight to turkey then talking about the extremely good relations with our country right now saying it was a premium partner the big news as was stated before you would dip back into that life again was the opening or the start of the build of a huge very expensive nuclear power station there russia is working very closely with an indian financing it and will be owning half of it right let's go back to our stop our top story president putin covered it in a question there from the one of the journalists but let's tell you if you're just joining us what the headline is that we're covering majorly tonight the head of a british military. says it has so far this is
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a logical porton down in wiltshire in the u.k. failed to determine the country of origin of the substance used to poison the former russian agent so gates cripple and his daughter a month ago that's despite the u.k. government of course having already laid the blame very firmly russia's doorstep we have not verified the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is but it's not our job to see where that actually was manufactured so to be clear you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that. this is a church that is on the line from london this news came in about three years ago so it kind of none the wiser than the question of what it was first the who is
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responsible for tracking where this nerve agent initially started are we going to get an answer to that. well or a cabin it seems reasonable to assume we will eventually somebody has to be responsible for being i do able to identify exactly what our rivals especially in light of these latest developments where we are seeing porton down which is a leading british defense science board tory saying that not only were they not able to find proof of russia having been behind the poisoning of sergei script pollen his daughter that has been shaking things up for a whole month now with accusations flying left and right with a major diplomatic scandal having unraveled between russia and the u.k. but also they just don't know where it could have come from and this is a major revelation given for how long and how vigorously we seen we have seen accusations flying a accusing russia of this poisoning let's take a look. it's highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia
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koku culpable culpable for the attempted murder case is culpable. likely to do with his decision. well over these kinds of accusations came from british prime minister to resume a u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson u.k. defense secretary gavin williams said russia should go away and shut up lots of m.p.'s had supported this kind of approach to what exactly had raveled we did hear also however from the leader of the opposition party jeremy corbyn who said why don't we take a pause maybe have some dialogue with russia have a conversation with russia or maybe provide them with some samples let's take a look to what he had to say. as the prime minister taking the necessary steps to the chemical weapons can. i'm to make a full request for evidence from the russian government under article nine point two. how has she responded to the russian government's request for asylum full of
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the agent used in the soles read time to run. as a resolution trace analysis been run on a song poll of the nerve agent and has not revealed any evidence as to the location of which production all the identity of its perpetrators and can the prime minister update the house on what conversations if any she's had with the russian government and while. and while suspending planned holly level contacts does the prime minister agree that it is essential to maintain a robust dialogue with russia. while love clearly there was not very much agreement when it came to those suggestions especially in light of these latest statements made by this scientific law again who said that they don't have proof of russia being behind this or they don't know the source of where this military grade nerve
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agent that was understood to poison sergei screwball and his daughter came from but we did already hear from the foreign office who have released a statement saying quote it is our assessment that russia was responsible for this brazen and reckless act and as the international community agrees there is no other plausible explanation so they're continuing to stay with the approach that they've taken literally almost from day one as soon as the identity of sergei screwball was revealed and while russia was asking for samples for products for evidence for cooperation none of that really happened and meanwhile of course the police investigation is continuing they said just recently that it's likely to take weeks if not months and we know that the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the opi c w r. conducting an investigation and some kind of examinations of their own which russia is still waiting to hear some details about all right well.
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let's get a policeman's mind on this know peter cook a former u.k. police officers with peter were you there high wastes we spoke about this on the very day it happened a month ago now and i on isn't it. further forward are we in this investigation with your policeman's exploits man's hat on here is it going as you would like to see it conducted bearing in mind this news we've gotten from porton today saying world have not been able to trace it wasn't their remit they say so when are we going to get that. i suspect that the investigation is significantly further forward and we know the police in this country don't provide a running commentary on what they're doing they release information as and when there's some investigative need to do that so i suspect they're quite a way down the road of identifying people in and around souls free on the day comings and goings to solve great things like that using a variety of the normal sort of investigative techniques that they use and then we
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work it through that information to try and mate. as for the information from portadown are so dry from the very start that the information about what the poison was what the substance was that will be reliable as for whether or not they'll be able to trace where it came from and that depends on other things the question that jeremy corbyn asked about the high resolution. investigations the high resolution analysis of cereal that would be going into indications that may be possible i don't know the ins and outs of it it is sometimes it isn't others in relation to the procession used that might give some indication or maybe impurities but that would only usually work if you had a sort of catalog database of library samples from different places and it doesn't appear that that that is the case or certain i haven't found enough details yet on this this nerve agent among the what we have to tell you were an
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expert chemist before all this is cool but this nerve agent this novacek that is a two three four have you got any idea at all whether you are actually physically able to trace back the the country of manufacture you can identify it but like i was sent to a correspondent earlier on you know a bottle of bleach for instance you know the chemicals in it but are you actually able to trace it back to a country of origin or not. i'm not i'm not an expert on nerve agents but we have similar issues similar issues that we've encountered a number. signs in relation to some pills or drugs or consignments of drugs and trying to link them to sources of origin and the way works i'll go a little bit of chemistry and i study chemistry of origin on the police. if you make something you use a technique in your use different religion solvent and whatever. vats and traces of that may be left in the substance there may or may not. now be some impurities very
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few things in this world are one hundred point not percent pure so there will be some impurities usually they come from other factors within the manufacturing process and that might give an indication what you make make of it though depends on whether you have got a library sample to compare it against or if you do the other way around if they found some impurities now that doesn't tell them very much if they can find samples from somewhere else and then compare them to work that way paid and so possible we've got less than a minute literally fifty seconds that have been really brief with a policeman's hat back on here now russia has requested to visit a russian citizen scrip will. obviously want to take her feelings into account she's on the road getting a little better now is that the right thing to do should russia be involved as you see it with your policeman's hat on. i would say that it's very much going to be led by by the victims themselves and what they want if she's
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a russian on russian national and then if she wishes to have consular access then that's a matter of her and i would have expected the police would then for so let's say that in some way if she doesn't stand perhaps not go to leave it just by the goal of the time the clock to see a peter kirkham former u.k. police officer appreciate it thank you for being with us so we're going to have really short break here back.
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british military. free we. verify the. scientific information with a couple of. weeks of. the blame. resulting in the current political stuff.


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