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and what i found was this museum exhibits twelve thousand pieces of russian historical and among them this one and i really like this this is the kind in speech he was credited for being one of the pie in the is abstract. so nothing abstract about this i'm going to take you right back to the russian roots we all know this you know this is called oklahoma it's everywhere in russia guns he made it before and then she was seen it with this it's so common that even fisa are using it on their official motioned us and now i'm going to have
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a go at painting one of these and this is osama hello would you teach me how to paint you. officially challenge to. you see my name is not too bad but i think she needs a little bit of practice. just some three thirty in the afternoon here in moscow it's a full news out from the international back to our main breaking news this hour the british foreign office she's. now denying that boris johnson said that the military
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lab important down told him the russia was responsible for the nerve agent used in the poisoning of. his daughter the foreign office and also deleted the tweet attributing blame for the attack on russia with the details his honesty churkin westminster game of he said she said is unraveling in london this comes as the foreign office indeed has denied that u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson had confirmed that experts at porton down confirm to him that russia was behind this group paul incident now this comes following of course yesterday's huge developments where we saw the chief executive of porton down say that while they have determined that what was used was a military grade nerve agent however they were not able to determine the source of where this came from and afterwards a video of boris johnson giving an interview prior surface to that certainly garnered lots of attention where he says that there is no doubt left for him after
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talking to those same experts that russia was behind the incident let's take a look at that we know verify the for say source but we provided to the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish porton that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that i think defies forth the particular and their view is that it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured so typically you will not tell you to look cool down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that but when i look at the evidence i mean the people whom important they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy so i said are you sure and he said that well to this today the foreign office has released a statement where they say quote the foreign secretary was making clear that porton down were sure it was not rich. the point they have reinforced what the foreign
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secretary said then and what portadown have said recently is fully consistent with what we have said throughout it is russia that is putting forward multiple versions of events and obfuscating the truth and quote now the oratory itself has also tweeted saying it is not and has never been our responsibility to confirm the source of the agent now all of this would have been fine and well if there wasn't a tweet that was released by the foreign office on the twenty second of march and about this tweet the russian embassy here in london has tweeted just now asking why would the foreign office delete this tweet from march twenty second and the key here is that the message of this tweet reads quote analysis by world leading experts at the board toria porton down made clear that this was a military grade novacek nerve agent produced in russia and indeed we checked and double checked and triple checked that tweet is no longer around so certainly this is going to be continuing to raise
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a lot of questions in london because again of the seriousness of the allegations that have been made and now these. very contradictory statements that are being released and it has to be said that even the labor party have now said that they're basically challenging boris johnson to explain himself on this matter. the other big story we're across for you the started in the russian turkish and iranian leaders are talking to the media after the summit meeting let's join and see what they got to say. i was liberated almost four thousand square kilometers. security in the region. built infrastructure territories with liberated. this territory back to the people of syria. as you well know in syria there are over three point five million. living in these territories. now they come. barak already doing with thousand people have returned after
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we complete. the demining process. on these territories we will. build back the infrastructure for the sake of thousands of syrians. we cooperate with afghans from iran and russia together working on the building of this region. to building the infrastructure. that's a magnet. again i would like to say that. well we'll be. keeping under control these territories so until we wipe our the y.p. she. peoples protection you know as they sometimes are called. distinguished
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members of mass media. the fight against. fight against. it is not an obstacle on the way to fight isis. is just another track of that fight. these terrorist organizations y.p. g i c s or democratic union they are. working because hand in hand destabilizing the region and. that is not the factor which i'd like to turn your attention. to. first we have di and i see this. fight he will. then we have why p.g.d. . then we have a so-called democratic union they are fighting isis that's what they say but in
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fact. exactly. these groups opening up corridors for isis for care was. this a the fight them but they are just another terrorist organization themselves so. we have very good neighborly relations with the people of syria what is happening in syria is a special importance to. our continuing operation in syria. direct also minimizing. any damage dealt to the people. towns and sell them and we're liberating. the territory and if we compare our actions our work with the. work of
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some others some other activists you could see easily that we do our best to preserve it. infrastructure and people. lives as much as possible. while other territories controlled by terrorists we see nothing but chaos and devastation we've the guarantor. we must ensure tutorial integrity of syria put an end to bloodshed. we guarantee. we have. agreed on the actions we will be taking for the sake of the future of syria on this crisis is damaging to the people of syria to the region and we all know who is only winning from that chaos there is a long road to go. but we already see the light and the end of this path
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we cannot let. terrorists win is ation rule in that region or. in syria we are the guarantor free country so we. rigorously working on our plans guided by the shared principles. well for when no trap in the we will. be deceived by no provocation international community should pay attention to the situation in syria i call upon all countries to exert all possible applets student sure justice and political settlement of the crisis and in conclusion i would like again. i ask them to know that i am very much satisfied with the fact that i can welcome president. presidents of two countries here in turkey this meeting will contribute to this element of the crisis for the sake
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of the people of syria and the whole region again i would like to fake my friend. and brother rouhani and putin i give the floor to president rouhani. and the name of the law most merciful. first and foremost i'd like to thank most respected turkish president mr drew on and turkish government. as well as. the people of me. for welcoming us here. in the morning who such a warm welcome for that has patel weighted towards me. and my delegation with a shin from iran indication from russia as well yesterday and today we're being asked in these meetings. as you know our region in the last year is.
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this your for him we sure have been facing you know material or a number of crises the main one is. the terrorism that's. how to be actually with. terrorists some of them are being supported by so that in western countries they're being financed by certain states have been armed weaponized already for the past state of the art weapons systems these are the very first. extracted syrian oil and so dirt these are the cherries. devastated many museums of syria selling the items of historical importance and cultural importance some super powers including the u.s.
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. been willing to make such series groups. is in the news or for and. bad about the economy to be used as instruments. as instruments in the. kish. search of a way to rule the territory we. syria and the. allies have succeeded. in putting in their. plan there's no ice. as an eyes ation today we see only the remnants of the evil today. the terrorists are left after so many years and we have hope today we are sure that we can and this fight against terrorism and we are sure we can and this was
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a success more than ever today was lost touch to celebrate. fifteen months anniversary of the meeting. in. exactly fifteen months ago when we outlined the ways to end this crisis. our plans have resulted in ending large decreasing tensions and for zones and stalling these collation iran following through we. ran russia turkey have been playing an increasingly important. part of on that saturday quarter size regular consultations and the expert level at the un a stereo level. it was also the first summit of has of state. took place in sochi. i can make it down into several very important outcomes the syrian national
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congress between the most different groups and parties in syria the governmental. side and the side of the opposition that's is a most positive step forward which should be helped to become another step towards the saddle most of the crisis since then we've seen many other things happening which are also vital some of them are positive unfortunately some of them being quite negative in terms of a fact but still very much satisfied that today. people of syria has hope and that the hope is real stange of the people of syria hope for peace being installed. on and they hope that they will be coming back to the homes your homes will be safe. there on court or
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i'm happy to know that he has a free state conducting already the second. said john. these meetings we've been discussing many important things. we have been having a very frank open conversation which is seeing the future of syria. secure and i'm most pleased to know that we have agreed. as long as supplying humanitarian and medical support and aid to the people of syria. in this yard more than. we're confident that we can help the people of syria and we're ready to do that i. certainly hope that all our plans will be implemented. so.
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real. i do hope that we will be helping the people of syria to the extent they need their help. they need match so you need many things they need food supplies. are all from our point of view. as the syrian. crisis has no military solution we need to solve that problem only through political means we should all join our efforts to put an end to that war. only through peaceful means we can achieve that solution that we should do all we can in order to lead. the refugee. camp back but today the situation in syria is dire humanitarian situation is saws beyond description. and i want the people of syria
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to be at least a little bit sure that they can finally return home to say we are preserving of the integrity of the sovereignty of syria which is important the unity of syria and dependence of vital importance. and everyone should receive these principles that's what we want and that's what the people of syria want that terrorism has no place in our world a showman. we should eliminate the last remnants of terrorism. what we should do today is to help build the future of syria has not a single country has the right to decide on the future of syria in matter domus because the future of syria is only in the hands of the syrian people under the
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syrian people should. decide what kind of constitution they want they should vote for and it should. have a democratic. election. process and we are the guarantors the three countries. which guarantee the astronaut grocers' integrity and we will apply every effort we can to make that happen and. and the biggest. celebration will be happening when we will finally announce the end of that war when we will see no terrorism in syria when syria will be. opening. its embrace towards every people. who would like to come back to their homes to thing. you know before. this
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summit and mr putin. i will president of the russian federation asked for participating in this meeting. i'm happy to say we agreed on many things and for that i'd like to think about everyone involved we will do all we can to help syria. making peace and integrity happen and finally be reinstalled so. go to. rather than a joy to my knee thank you. its own person. she did. so mr attorney now give the floor to mr putin.
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i like to thank all the presidents. is a gentleman. my door counterparts our three lateral. talks have been very substantial been taken place in a very businesslike environment with discussed in every detail every aspect of situation in syria discussing our views in our opinions about the future of syria then our efforts on the way to install a long lasting peace as well as discussing our arrangements which have been adopted and presented in the final starting. we confirm our resolute. so position on supporting the sovereignty independency. and territorial integrity of the syrian arab republic which have been confirmed by my counterparts that position of principle is of special importance today when we see more and more
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attempts to undermine. him so the situation in syria between the ethnic groups between the parts of society preserving a potential for further conflict in the region many years to come we agreed to expand the scope of car peroration our efforts on the syrian track first and foremost regarding the us in a process which has already proved its active ness and efficiency we have succeeded. in lol rain down the level of violence in syria. by. really big margin we are demining the military capabilities of many. almost a minute it isis and now internally displaced people and with few jews are coming back to their homes we have been rebuilding this. we should infrastructure in syria
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. the top priority of the estyn approach. is and will be the political southall meant to the crisis but if you namely. facilitating inclusion in a syrian dialogue in compliance with the twenty to fifty four regional security council of the united nations. a key importance and that chantix is being attached to the congress of syrian national dialogue. which has no alternative to it the moment we discussed with our turkish colleagues the steps to be taken in order to implement the arrangements made at the social forum namely. a constitutional committee and the last piece of the geneva process where the syrians will decide on their own on the key modalities of their statehood. every modality of when you see we are very put in place. occupies the humanitarian
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aid and support we. would condemn any politicizing in that we should we must comply in the way we un security council resolution which they did alleviating the grieve and the plight of people of syria i have a brief to my colleagues and counterparts on the efforts we got operation apply in the eastern good which is unprecedented operation directed at saving the lives of thousands of people. removing the terrorists who do not want to lay down arms we have been supplying the people there with the military and eight on a regular basis including thanks to the donations russian people throwing stones seventy seven tons of goods a person assessed in food have been supplied to russia iran turkey will be even
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closer in coordinating our efforts to. the contrary and problems in syria we. have to the march a working group on the hostage. situation response the search for. the people who. cannot be found but their family says we have agreed to consolidate our efforts on the past conflict with building of syria first and foremost we mean the rebuilding of the infrastructure social facilities and we are actively engaged already will be implementing them and of projects in the on the territories where not so long ago there was raining. yes we are leaving no room for terrorism but still we still see some fighters who are trying to undermine the. peaceful process by. any means we've
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received verified information that they are looking for ways to stage. an incidence and we need to enhance our coordination on that track of fighting terrorism and changing the intel information like conclusion to fake my counter balance mr add on mr rouhani for an in-depth discussion is very fruitful meeting and i'm sure that summit will result in real practical steps which would facilitate our work to the benefit of syria in order to install peace and security as you know ladies and gentleman. we've been here for two days already we spend the first day. in bilateral talks. that official visit is about most successful though to thank our turkish mr advani
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personally for good lies in these meetings thank you very much for your attention. put in the. book to thank you mr putin for your statement. as you all know. in the city of english. we laid down the first brick building in the foundation of a future nuclear power plant you know we just made it in the opening ceremony. the construction side that project is amount to twenty two billion dollars you'll do new. hopefully the construction will have been completed by twenty twenty three when we'll celebrate what howard had a verse three of our country. that project lucifer that.
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has been enveloping all of the fast pace and to you on many i was bashfully is currently still the training in russia to be properly qualified for that kind of work. be done this nation is ready and the platters ready less summit has been a success. we all hope. that syria will see peace. and security as soon as possible other than syria will come back to normal life. to alert. your to up to. gether with many government organization would be investing. much money in order to alleviate the plight of refugees living rough. now with the wrecking our help of the region's. serious it is all about now the.
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overall territory which we do our best to provide to helen is over four thousand kilometers square kilometer is. coming back going our rebuilding social infrastructure for. the coming back and that is what is important to the e.u. you know they promised to finance the projects but unfortunately. as we all know. there being only promising and they promised as much as three billion euros but so far we've received nothing at all if we receive that money or. are determined to continue investing in this region because we must help the people of syria we must help the refugees because of the military operation.
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and if green. has received orders from iran from russia you know the more ministries hads of intelligence and military services have been actively engaged in making that operation a success. helping people. on the ground. we are laying down the foundation of peace. summit talks in sochi the second it's. been happening here and the first one will take place in teheran. i don't have. dates agreed upon but we will be preparing these are for that summit anyway take place sometimes in the future now to take your medicine than yours with your so it shows through.


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