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orleans is. the best place in the world. van driver rams into a crowd in the german city of months there killing two people and injuring twenty before taking his own life. for a script the niece of former double agent gay's denied a visa to the u.k. she was hoping to visit her boys and relatives. from out of the global chemical weapons watchdog speaks to r.t. about the script case in describes how he was forced from office for opposing the iraq war. i got a phone call from john bolton from washington and said that i. should resign said your management style washington. post journalist voice concerns over
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a plan by the u.s. department of homeland security to monitor the work of news outlets. my name's neil harvey you're watching on t.v. and to national great to have you with us. first this hour a driver has crashed a van into a crowd in the german city of munster killing two people and injuring twenty others the suspect in his own life artie's peter oliver has been following developments. been confirmed three people including the driver have died after a vehicle plowed into people who were sat at a cafe in munster the driver we understand took his own life that's what we're hearing from the authorities at the scene that has been confirmed by the interior minister of the state of north rhine-westphalia where this took place another
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twenty people or so of been injured in this incident as well six of those are described as being in a critical condition the authorities have named the main suspect behind this the person that took their own life at the wheel of that vehicle is a forty eight year old man i say they've named him he has only been named locally as the yen's are that's a common practice here in germany of only given the first name and the first letter of the last name when there is an ongoing inquiry a forty eight year old german national who is described in the media as having a history of mental illness his place of residence his plath's currently being searched by authorities as they try to determine a motive for why this incident took place really terrifying scenes if you can imagine it's been a it was a glorious sunny day on a saturday afternoon this is a very popular place in munster very popular with with locals with tourists alike a popular restaurant cafe where people were sat outside there would have been
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a lot of people there it was really stressful day and was working had a loud bang and screens and then the police arrived and everyone who sent our sign i didn't see much the police report people running away screaming the official response from the german government has been as follows we heard from. the president of germany described this as they discussed sting act of violence while chancellor angela merkel said that everything imaginable was being done to clarify the facts as well as to provide support to the victims and their relatives she said that she was in close consultation with the interior minister course the offered as well as other cabinet members. to try to ascertain what led up to this tragic event that's taking place in the city of munster. former double agent circus is said to be recovering from last month's attack on him and his daughter in the pretty city of souls group of these makes victoria who's a russian citizen has been refused
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a visa to go and visit her sick relatives she says she's not surprised by that decision and has even questioned whether the british authorities might have something to hide r.t. to the bitter anger has more on the case imagine your cousin and uncle are hospitalized and in critical condition you'd likely freak out and rush to their sides this is victoria script all surrogate screwballs nice to do just that she as a russian citizen needs a u.k. visa but she was denied we have refused a visitor visa application from that tourist proposal on the grounds that replication did not comply with the immigration rules victoria says she saw it coming just before the no from the u.k. there was this phone conversation allegedly between the script our cousins or to you know us with us or you're not a minor. not of my list of potential users are. you yet you know we. live in the. newly.
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already. many of the book that you said the doctor told me in august the book is called almost. the. only other warning it took years to come to a yes no money and yes we don't know if this leak recording is real but it's been shown played and quoted by everyone what could victoria mean by i know perhaps something london doesn't want anyone else to know anyway forget feelings sympathy human things that toria was obviously on a kremlin mission to reach the u.k. that's what you read in the papers in britain croman pawn get it reports are now coming in setting and then sources in british organizations the foreign office there are various theories some even say she was denied an answer because london allegedly things that experience cripples because it is organized by the kremlin
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that's absurd as long as the british authorities are in top of the whole screwball case and they have the facts what the media says might be irrelevant but basically officials haven't shared any facts that will make you scream russia did this russia did that to now that visa thing the pawn so when did speculation like this become a new british tradition like talking about the weather. so it is compelling his daughter were found unconscious on a park bench in the city's sols prix on march the fourth british officials later revealed the pair had been poisoned with a military grade nerve agent named novacek a type which was said to be first developed in the soviet union at the time prime minister trees of a said those subjected to such a powerful nerve agent might never recover and as we've since seen both are out of a coma and now in a stable condition the former head of the global chemical weapons watchdog the
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o.p.c. w. told us that there is a strict protocol to follow when toxic agency used and according to jersey stanny the u.k.'s actions were surprising. from my point of view. after a distance of sixteen years of course i believe the decision by the u.k. was premature you can decide in twenty four hours what type of poison was used and where it comes from why didn't they call immediately do you see w and why didn't the opposite w volunteered to take action because this is the role of doing decision immediately to go and identify and allies the victims take the blood samples and allies and try to identify because they have the capability to do that there are experts from all countries it's committee of people that are very expert very capable of doing this work so i was surprised and to see that it was so premature decision to identify the poison idea to find the source of the poison
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without giving a chance to the specs is the international going to which is after all the the national organ with the mandate to do this type of job many questions related to the use of this poison for example how do you control and limit the use of disposing to only two people if it's know of a truck as the note it was it's not something that will not affect much many more people. even those who use the poison gas. josephus danny led the o.p.c. w. for five years from nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and two and there's been much speculation as to why he quit just as he was leaving his post it came to light he'd upset washington and courage in iraq to become a member of the o.p.c. which would have meant iraq having to destroy all of its chemical weapons that was
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apparently viewed as an obstacle to the us intention to engage in military action in iraq in an open letter supporting bustani many activists demanded to put world peace ahead of us unilateralism. account of what occurred when i became director general there were eighty seven members and when i left it was a hundred and fifty something countries so and in my last term to enlarge the membership of all of the organisation was convincing iraq in libya for example to join in and when i am no system member states it was a shock to the americans i believe. because the plans are ready to take some action military action against iraq accorded to fruition but i head it was obvious that. during the first iraq you war everything had been destroyed and there was nothing left for you dr to be accused of still possessing. chemical weapons the accusation
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was that my management style was not agreeable to the americans the managed to put together a conference that was illegal for the convention and that conference was the one that ousted me for the lack of support. there was one man who was particularly against me being obese e.w. chief john bolton at the time was the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security affairs he's now been appointed as the u.s. national security advisor and he'll surely take up that position as it was stanley says his intentions to make iraq a member of the o p c w stood in the way of u.s. ambitions i got a phone call from john bolton from washington the first time we had contact with him and said that i do structures to to tell me that i should resign from the organization and i asked him why he said your management style was not agreeable to washington to the vice president cetera said no way i don't accept that so he came
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to the hague and you keep to my office and he said you have to resign and i give you twenty four hours this is what we want and i said no way i don't have any reason to doubt it over to you he was elected by acclimation by all the member states of a good decision it's only you you've got to cease the challenged my management style and they said but then again i tell you we have already discussed with your government that you should resign or said i don't nor the in the agreement with my government and then they said ok so they will be retaliations and appear to to to to accept the consequences we know where your kids are and the moment two of my kids were in new york the studied united states one of them is american for that matter was born in new york is a brazilian american and i had another daughter in london. and i said i'm not at the pier my family's is my family is is a whale what's going on to spear to fix the course of this so go ahead and he was
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a little bit shocked with that and he left his not a man you can have a dialogue with. evacuation of civilians the militants from syria's eastern good to has. been suspended according to russia's defense ministry this is after one of the militant groups which had previously agreed to leave the enclave violated that agreement the district has been under an army blockade since twenty thirteen after it was captured by rebel groups the rebels of use the district as a launching point to shell residential areas of damascus causing numerous civilian deaths based journalist mohammed ali gave us the latest on the situation put into the russian ministry of defense militants obstructed the deal of their evacuation with their families from do many eastern will cut from northern syria they also according to syrian officials and military source. of the ins from exiting from
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duma via humanitarian corridors and open gunfire at demonstrators inside whom are who are calling on the militants to leave of course this comes after a sub for members and senior commanders are. turned against this evacuation deal reached last week over there inside duma and those senior commanders actually ousted the other commanders official who were negotiating with russia on this deal after of course such developments the syrian government forces stepped up their military actually attacks and started a new ground offensive against militants enjoyment in order to militarily get rid of those militants inside particularly of course islam. however before the deal was violated it proved fairly effective with thousands of people both civilians and militants in addition to militants family members using
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the code to leave the district. i. still don't know him enough. for. some reason. other. than the president gone has been forced to limit military cooperation with the united states up to mass protests that story and this after the break. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich . but you going to be press us like them before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you to own a spend spend be sure the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else want to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great so well paul chimes with. the thinks it's going to.
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welcome back the united states will not be offered a military base in ghana the president of the west african nation officially announced this on thursday. ghana has not offered a military base and will not offer a military base to the united states of america that statement comes after mass protests in garner's capital against the military deal with the us the demonstrators were worried that such an agreement would give washington too much influence over the country sovereignty. of looks at how the u.s. and some other nations have been trying to gain a stronger foothold on the continent. is wooing africa boasting about their strong historical bond a family tree washington's key argument is seven thousand strong. scattered all across the continent the impression this mouse makes is unambiguous africa is
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no one's playpen but america's this impression is wrong in fact many african nations prefer relations not secured by the u.s. dollar and ghana is the latest country on the u.s. troublemaker list and for washington it couldn't have come at a worse time the pentagon understands hearts and minds are there for the taking external actors may diminish u.s. influence by undermining our development and diplomatic efforts in africa nonetheless as the strategic environment becomes more crowded and competitive gauging with external actors like china and russia will continue with an open and clear discussion of intersecting interests and differences beijing's clearly stepping on americans tollways in africa chinese firms have invested billions of dollars into the continent's infrastructure their contribution has been the catalyst for a continental free trade area somewhat equivalent to the european union but much
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bigger soft power has got washington in a twist with sales pitches attempting to undermine china's expansion in africa partner with. good governance to meet long term security and development goals. this stands in stark contrast to trial as approach which encourages dependency using opaque contracts predatory loan practices and corrupt deals rex tillerson then washington's chief a mystery went on a charm offensive to africa back in march his trip coincided with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov his visit and a clear sign more school is steadfast to do business with africa to diplomatic marathon across the continent set off from this diplomatic marathon across the continent set off from the same hotel in. but there's no indication whether rex tillerson managed to tip the balance of power during the visit after all why would
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anyone listen to a man who was shown the door the day he returned to american shores if i were a betting man i would bet the united states would lose the competition not only with china but with russia turkey perhaps even with friends. because in part united states has a very arrogant attitude that it takes two people from africa and that's to set aside which is a states does not have the economic right nancy to compete with china in any case and then finally there is. nation on the african continent with regard to u.s. interference in the internal affairs of african continents all in all i would say that united states prospects in africa going forward are rather. the u.s. department of homeland security is recruiting staff to compile a database aimed monitoring journalists around the world under the un plan the government will track more than two hundred ninety thousand global news sources in
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more than one hundred languages including chinese arabic and russian it will also focus on so-called influences on social media it comes at a low point in relations between the media and the trumpet ministration president himself has gone so far as to call it a war. as you know i have a running war with the media take news media or press the crooked media is a failing pile of garbage it's fake fake they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth or the government's plan to monitor journalists has been met with widespread alarm maybe the trump homeland security forces would like dissidents we're monitoring bracelet and submit themselves to tatsu to coup the office of homeland security wants to docs all the journalists in the country this isn't bad at all when you have a president who has called the press the enemy of the american people i think in
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sunder stand a bill for people to be concerned when d.h. asked announces that they want to create a media monitoring platform meanwhile a spokesperson for homeland security has pushed back against suggestions the plan will compromise freedom of speech saying that media monitoring is standard practice for comparing critics to conspiracy theorists we spoke to political talk show host brian crabtree to get his take on the plan i'm a little puzzled why everyone can't look in their own mirror in the united states and realize we do have a media problem here our big think we've got to do something to this incentivize fake news which is basically lying or creating a disingenuous presentation to the american people which is ultimately misleading as to the facts i don't think that that should be outlawed but i think it should be frowned upon enough that society just doesn't tolerate it we've got to hold our media accountable to the truth whatever does that i'm for if we step one one bit
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over that line i'm really against it. modern day slavery is on the rise in the european union according to a report by the council of europe and some countries labor exploitation as overtaken sex trafficking we spoke to one of the authors of the report. there is an increase in the number of people who fall victim to this going off to not now there are a number of countries where labor trafficking emerges as the main farm in the u.k. or to girls cypress a few other countries there are more victims of labor trafficking now being in a defined and sexual so this is a new trend and the report is actually talking about this. the report covers the period starting from journey two thousand and seventeen and images forty seven countries migrant workers are mostly at risk with mo victims found in sectors like agriculture and hospitality and females in domestic work roma people and homeless
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children are also reportedly susceptible to being exploited goals for countries to improve the laws as well as to work with n.g.o.s and businesses. again so really these are people who they come from countries in europe countries where the canonic problems currently make a lot of people unemployed and the problem is often they have debts they have example accumulated debts in order to travel to another country. or dictate of fees to the agency which employ them their passport is taken the way they're not made the salary never promised or they're not and anything they're made to work very long working hours there are a lot of people who are from within the european union countries who moved out because of the same bulgarians going to spain or maine astutely but there are also people come from countries in africa and asia and latin america so to truly transnational phenomenon. is something for you that serve on a bit of
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a lighter note it's a story that's come other kinds of standards about the rescue of a baby squirrel. there's
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just a half an hour to go before orthodox easter sunday here in moscow and the symbolic holy fire has just been brought to the russian capital from jerusalem believers gathered at vnukovo to light candles on the flame the holy fire will be carried on three churches throughout russia for the services and the next hour we will be bringing you live coverage of the midnight service from the cathedral of christ the savior in moscow. always a spectacular scene from the cathedral and we as always will bring you expert commentary on what's going on there so you can fully appreciate events in the christ the savior cathedral in moscow to join us for that and the latest headlines i'll be back at the top of the.
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world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more good. and by the way he's going to be our coach . guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet the center of the beach with all we with you and we will show you all the great game the british you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going left go. alone i was just a warrior and i'm really happy to join that for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on top of. me to just read the review the artie team's latest edition to make up a bigger certainly better jersey look. the
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scriptural saga is far from over but after eighteen e.u. countries send russian diplomats home it's already taken its toll on russia's relations with europe can this rush to judgment pave the way for a more measured policy in the future.
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maybe dog will be. back bell blue. so you are going to melt. down. oh god oh my god look for when i go oh. my god. the fact we have. to return i got.
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a little. was . going i have a few moments. in here. that i've never been a coming of. that i. am a doberman and you are a few. more i do.


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