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tv   Keiser Report  RT  April 8, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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a driver rams a van into a crowd in the german city killing two people and injuring twenty before taking his own life. the jury a screwball the niece of poor a double agent so gay also has the british prime minister to let her see her poisoned relatives after being denied a visa. and journalists voiced concerns over a plan by the u.s. department of homeland security to monitor the work of news outlets. for the latest on the stories head to r.t. dot com at the top of the hour my colleague daniel hawkins will be here with a full news bulletin while coming up ukrainian american pianist valentino sits there is a special guest on the kinds of reforms. i
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am now skies are welcome to the kaiser report in this edition of the kaiser report the role of max kaiser well the ploy by a max kaiser but. yes i've become a bug. with. stacy well you know what we're downtown new york city and was in this famous wall street right down here when during the great depression those thousands of people outside the stock exchange when the whole thing they swooped down to the wall street area wondering what was going on with the crash yes they were waiting for the likes of j.p. morgan to rescue stock prices once again but stocks post were start to april since the great depression april is the cruelest month rumor t.s.
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eliot's diddy yes wow and they are all trumped up and tarted up on broadway with the fricken cats musical that i've seen twenty times because clients force me to look at this nona oh ok so stocks post worst start to april since the great depression with the s. and p. five hundred closing down more than two point two percent last monday the broad market index clinched its worst start to april since one thousand twenty nine based on a recent market action the bears clearly have control right now bespoke co-founder justin walters wrote the s. and p. five hundred fell back into correction monday's tech lead the market lower with names like amazon and netflix both down more than five percent of course it's been quite wild up and down since then people don't know whether or not to buy the dips or not buy that but. you know our friend mark hughes goes also saying that it looks like the smart money has been selling to the dumb money over and over at each opening over the last few weeks the bear is back quite possibly
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the background of rising interest rates and trade wars and heated up rhetoric and political kind of posturing with atomic weapon armed foes as got folks. office remember you know the tech sector that's leading this rally we've seen for the past five or six years requires a logistics on a global basis to work in perfect sync so if there's going to be a fallout if some countries are going to go to war with each other we're going to trade wars which can be cyber wars that means that platforms that require precision and sinking fall out and drop out and crashing in different areas and so their revenues have got to suffer as a result plus we've each reached the end of the line is asian and kind of defeated nation of platforms like facebook you know who came into the business of connecting people but it turns out that they're just connecting violence well
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a lot of things are going on you mentioned the trade wars and there's tit for tat sort of tariffs being applied between the u.s. and china you also have donald trump tweeting over and over attacks on jeff bezos and amazon and washington post and there's going to go after amazon then you have him declaring that he's going to send the u.s. military to the border with mexico and then you also have polls that show his favor ability ratings are now a fifty percent which are higher than what obama was at this point so the markets you know correlation doesn't necessarily equal causality but donald trump was making that argument while stock markets were rising at the fastest pace since post great depression in his first year in office and now that they're starting to tumble perhaps he's might say correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation very interesting about this really rivalry between donald trump and jeff bezos of amazon
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who i believe now is the richest guy in the world and of course he does own the washington post and donald trump has a thing about fake news coming from the likes of the new york times and washington post and he says it's fake news i said that's what he says about the news coming out of these outlets being fake news and so we've got now the president of the united states. you know odds with the richest guy in america richest guy in the world with the biggest e-commerce and commerce platform in the world i mean his point about the post office is well taken amazon uses the u.s. post office and the u.s. post office the u.s. taxpayer is subsidizing amazon's profits in an unhealthy way that's got to end i don't think makes any sense for the u.s. post office the american taxpayer to subsidize the delivery cost for. and their shareholders that's absolutely wrong i think we want trump on that well the u.s.p.s. is owned by the taxpayer and subsidized by the taxpayer and they have a natural monopoly on the last mile for mail delivery so amazon has
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a special deal which is by the way secret nobody knows what it is a special deal that they lose money on every package so it's not a deal that we do it needs to be revisited when we don't know because we were not allowed to see the contract but the fact is that if you if somebody has a fifty pound bag of dog food delivered it costs the same as if you have a like a little tube of lipstick delivered but i was talking about correlation doesn't equal causation and i want to show you like a little chart. on this because i tweeted correlation doesn't necessarily equal causality but max kaiser did leave new york city in one nine hundred ninety just saying i bring this up because there was a chart london versus new york murders it is the murder rate in new york declined precipitously from one nine hundred ninety right when you left i'm not saying that you're a murderer trying to suggest that you could have been the cause of the high murder rate in new york back in one nine hundred ninety but it did drop off once you left and you're also saying that while i was living in london the murder rate went up.
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so maybe you just drive people crazy and this is what is happening or you know actually this was in a response to a story that london murder rate did climb higher than new york for the first time in modern history due to all the stabbings that's worse than limerick which of course is noticed. city that's what some people in ireland told you when we went there for the cola they said so limerick was all about cute little upper cons and just you know limericks little poetry and everyone was like carrying around a you know a nice guinness and singing songs to the blarney stone but it turns out it's frickin stamp city so there's another correlation causality story and we have been claiming without any evidence for the last few years here in kaiser. sometimes i was and i was you know appear right away so we have been claiming without any evidence for the last few years right here in ca is a report that the new york fed does leak information to the big banks that they are
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supposed to regulate even though they're made up by executives from these big banks like the likes of jamie dimon for example so they why are these big banks so much more and how why do they have an equity premium over smaller banks well it turns out weak effed new study uses taxi ride data to show increased blackout lifted and around f o m c meetings this is a case of good data leaks showing fed leaks and this is a new study out of the universe of chicago but it's following up on a twenty sixteen study from select morris and visiting the targets and twenty sixteen they presented evidence that the equity premium of large banks has largely been earned in the weeks of federal reserve monetary policy meetings and drawing on a corpus of anecdotes hypothesize that unofficial federal reserve communication
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around these meeting times is responsible here's this guy collected data from yellow taxis here in new york city and gather that information and found out that yes there was an increase especially from midnight until four in the morning so they're like meeting at like two in the morning down at the fed taxi rides from like me. town where a lot of these big banks are down to the new york fed right well i would take exception with your characterization that we've made these claims without evidence because i new york fed is the place i over look for my office of paine webber and a place where i lived next to and i was living downtown unfold street is a place where the bankers go at lunch to harry's in hanover square on wall street where i work for many years and anecdotally my evidence suggests that my conversations inside information was being passed from the new york fed to bankers uptown that's what i said and now this data point proves it based on the taxi rides that congregate at the new york fed at these odd hours the day before information is released and i mean affect on banks it's inside information without inside
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information the banks would have to declare insolvency because they don't know how to run a basic business jamie diamond could run a lemonade stand jamie diamond couldn't be a shoeshine boy if he was required to because he's financially illiterate he only knows how to do is take inside information steal information nickel and dime people to death and to have outsized profits based on a serial criminality that's it other than that is worthless yet there's no way to prove what they spoke about but the data does show that there is definitely an increase in visits and lunches and unofficial lunches and meetings between the new york fed and these banks who tend to then have greater return on their capital than smaller banks regional banks and investors that don't get access to the fed here's one chart that shows around the dot frank act and this is the date dodd frank pass so you see there's a statistical anomaly that anybody could see just looking at it and again correlation doesn't necessarily equal causality why these big banks have continued
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to get bigger and bigger but we do know that the federal reserve the treasury and the u.s. department of justice have told us that they do stay awake at night worried about these big banks worried about jamie down. worried about lloyd blankfein worried about all these bankers and whether or not they'll get their christmas bonuses and whether or not they might have to incarcerate them should they be found to be guilty of all the crimes that we suggest they might that there might be a lot of evidence for but eric holder said that the banks couldn't be prosecuted because they were systemically important to the system it's like that old what yellen joke where he said doctor my brother thinks he's a chicken and the doctor says take these pills and he says no no we need the eggs so in other words the system runs on fraud with take away the fraud in american economy what a collapse jamie diamond is a serial financial murder that we need to keep banks solvent without him and inside
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information member to me geithner was down there the new york fed during the whole financial crisis just spilling out inside information lloyd blankfein of course got all that inside information that they would be bailed out before anyone else got that information that they would be bailed out they went ahead and bought their own stock which used to be illegal you know it was hank paulson did apparently allegedly allegedly allegedly is allegedly were in a group of goldman sachs bankers i think it was an moscow actually they were on and some sort of junk and he told them that they would be bailing out fannie mae and freddie but that came out in testimony in front of congress that's it so fact you know you know you can draw a conclusion based on facts empirical evidence that the thing about me in the murder rate in new york and london that's anecdotal that's your using data to paint that's propaganda i've got nothing to do with all that stuff and don't look at don't listen to stacey about i'm innocent i'm innocent well we have to take a break and when we come back more good stuff.
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it's the cradle of june. we. took those disk jazz feeling. a city of climatic contest trophies alligators on the loose of poverty and crime. by the least twelve members of mob family close most. of street racing in the heat of the night this is new orleans. the best place in the world. we try to deconstruct all these manipulated by cut series showing the world that
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islam is the religion and it's a peaceful religion and it's possible to be a practicing muslims who believe that the koran is the word of god and at the same time via a member of secular societies it is possible. welcome back to the geyser part imax guys are time now to turn to. your training in american valentino lisicki. the justin bieber of classical pianist so welcome valentino delighted to be here so the reason we refer to you in this manner is because you are the most veer classical pianist on live on you tube one hundred seventy million views and counting you're a phenomenon you're a sensation you're
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a classical pianist how did this happen it happened by accident because i was like so many likes i wasn't so if music classical musicians and i were greedy for music schools would have no idea how to find out her own audience and i was my videos first read your song you point to songs and say i won when there were no classical videos there but i also i had no concept so i was sitting at home with a little baby and i didn't know was that i should go to some like supermarkets were up. to something was my life something useful for society and i put those videos on and somehow it was equal with no white also and before them with no water to loose but it gets started kishan up with people stuck the truth in it and before a blink of my eye it became kind of in those the most famous unknown pianists because people asked where you are playing you are clean you know and wage of c.d.'s i said no i don't care when your concerts and my sure thing breaks through after you tube was actually on the station for a long for
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a cool just couple of years later and honestly told me why to not because how you play but you want to see how you produce a ship that inflates into people buying tickets and it was total success you know people when you people came out of course and over five thousand people capacity it was broadcast on you tube. we were old white so it was like the most in concept in classical music was a point and people you know people who first times they saw me walking chrome as a blue screen of computer to. see new play in life so that was what is special so when we need people who flew with me it was in the wind it was not just in those that concert in seems that the time you know i'm going and what do. you do provided a breakthrough mechanism for a you you are many piano players in the world and trained in ukraine is were you saying you know if you are willing when you are in three three years old
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so you are in kiev and you are and in kiev in ukraine of course education there is you are going to be playing chess at one point right you are going to be a chess player and a piano player and then you decided to go first of all i want to point something out now i've seen your videos on you tube and you know i comment on your fingers they look very long and now in person of course there are quite ordinary looking except for the fact that as you say you have arnold schwarzenegger a lot of muscle muffle ca in your fingers so yes i don't often get a shot of this but this is like arnold arnold's bicep is seen as. i don't even know what muscle that is that is that the muscle those things just in most people there is no muscle there you have it here too right so you know you attack that piano and you are like you get the feeling you could just lift it up and play it on that like behind your back like prince or something i could break some street and if i want to play a brace of strength all right so you are get back to the conversation or so you
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were. going to go to trust you or possibly piano and so and then you kind of went in to classical music you know it was just wasn't just who were in the way because in the us is the state for sport used to be a new society ukraine that russia what there were and people watched it on the. i wanted to play chess it was very interesting because it was where you were in my street for a black and white you know you beauty you were up when it was your brain so it's a game is a bit of violence but it's brain while and now in russia they have a sport called chess boxing where people play a round of chess and then they do a boxing round of boxing then they go and play chess serious yes so it was like a combination of brains and brawn i think i will think of bias law when people who i want. when i'm it sounds great what i'm going to share she said but it sounds exciting so your music it breaks through from this cluster of pianists and so your
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talent a question is did did you make you tube or to you tube make you in other words your talent was there the platform came around and you burst forth and now you've created this huge following with their music and but now you too of course this is two thousand and seven now two thousand and eighteen and the world's become very political and you tube has been very political and you tube is in the business of platforming people and the monetizing people and you yourself have run into really a political firestorm so tell us a little bit about that oh first of all you know was you put classical music at least it's not that in there we own you to promote it's very much three and four to play classical pieces you don't need to exert its fight but i already see even in classical music just like in order to know you think me i'm you know i'm a celebrity and you know people constantly comment on you know clueless celebrities
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who take some would our own people more can believe it's fine you know yes i don't understand when you since i was classical music i do know my skills i do know what they do but even forty something you tube before much more than. just recently by voting nice young i mean it can compose the. and you know i play music sort of new york a sort of new politics at a school millenium suite and then the music industry is there are some people who come up with kind of interview scenes or actually because you know his last name mostly by some kind of put away that was russian rush limbaugh. i don't even know what that elation chip but see use this composite beauty guilt by association and they accuse him of being you know the strong clique and when they believe they also say is that i support you know the strong clique or trumpet from yes yes but you
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know you go into arts you go into composed of of course you know no political correctness if we apply political correctness to all the arts course before we get that it of when you classical star fiesta you know when you call sickle star support if you care when their names are so and we still listen to their music we listen to carry on who was in this as some dogs or what wilder yes. or no no yes and some of us were some classical composers you don't want to meet some was people personally when you did their level of so long you're a musician so now the political climate changes you're ukrainian and ukraine is very much on the front line of a massive political confrontation between east and west i think it's fair to say and you know you make comments that are merely politicized in a way. that is enormous and i want to make a point here so because you tube is there any of direct access to your audience is
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very different and you know i did a little research yourself going back in history there was a woman named ray levs who is a brilliant pianist you played many con concerts at carnegie hall sold out performances brilliant pianist she signed a petition on one of many against a war especially as i war petition she was immediately ostracize. blacklisted her career when it was during the mccarthy period you have a party you know include the american inquisition which was debunked thank goodness some point but were you i've been similarly painted with the brush of politicization for making such obvious and innocent statements about your country of your birth ukraine but unlike the experience of ray love you've been able to punch through and to speak directly to the audience through you tube is that how does that make you feel is that going to do you think there'll you could
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be only continued to do that again you tube or social me because on you tube i was not talking on the ticker now i was doing what he tickles things and with that but of course all of this combines you know facebook twitter but because of knows who. were never in the furious cold war the people who were on. site or was it was it abuse they were not in the really of is amazing musician the she was she was still a note carnegie hall concert but she was also political and social activists should plead for american troops what is your use to stand watchman shut her down and she disappear and i think you know this really gatekeeper for classical music so you busted through those gatekeepers you posted through the establishment you were enough of her of beethoven was alive today he'd be saying. valentyn is doing the right things does a musical for the people yes you know i'm that's why i'm lucky because this woman ended up she committed suicide because she could no concerts with this time this is
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twenty first century the work of social media i broke through i was able to get sort of what also you know since for globalization i'm able to play yes i was bombed from concept in toronto you know if they didn't let me play a minute of concerto i was not going on stage to speak about politics i was going to have to play a mine in the second can. for goodness sake they didn't allow me to do it but i can plant when the contents are not everywhere on the globe yes i can go to what is ely can go where i can go to pretty can go to any country and plea so i have this outlet and this one did not just not just huge of i mean if. you know hotel booking services online you've got you've got the ability to you know all all social media apps you can get on a plane to go to any country you can take cheap flights i mean your so you are a global presence but so toronto banned you from playing and they.
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stance of play were doing so because for purely political reasons and what was your response what it is do i wasn't gauges that as i realized that little because i was ukrainian not because. in a way and that's always at them forth because when i went to new to play windsor not to become you know to be in the us have commodity musicians which have songs and you know when i was a blonde pretty to be in a squeeze play in piano i was there to be myself and i would go to toronto to be myself this people first hired me because it was good you know because they hired like two years in advance because it's pretty korean community when somebody told the people you know she's no that kind correct kind of ukrainian i was a tourist offered to see it and they would do is they would cry for somebody else i said no i'm not going to do that because they sold out completely as a whole and they were selling out under my name because people assume that people bought tickets they saw they're going to see me i said no i'm going to do it so
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they said no we'll use police to prevent you from come to zurich yourself and i went to him for his book on the route to my friends and to everybody's basically suppose that they went why i don't know told them that i'm being but it went from playing their mind you know because what they said in the police about my own country about what they feel about my gun. we're going to because i'm ukrainian in a minute can see it doesn't know where do you yet to go away my ukrainian since it's all right and so what did you play instead it were else what actually huffy of late that i do you go and pulling in toronto you do put in cool and be good while a plebiscite thought you know what this was one of only two times in my life when they got stand in the way should be forty please because all those people in support of free speech even if some of them did north agree was what they said it was a vote of given the binion and think came to support me and not only musician but right is this isn't is what i would do absent to say my opinion you know if you're
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performing at your level and you're expressing yourself at this level to try to have you censor yourself is would also cut into your ability to express yourself musically in other words you cannot explain your being into two people and you are expressing yourself as an artist and that that waterfall that torrent of expression cannot be managed because you know it's there is always a sense when art is on this level that is coming from mr very spiritual place and so the ear just channeling yes that's the spirit yes you know you're saying censor me and john the spirit either you're going to have a political spokesman or you can have a musician you can have a great musician and they can stay for another segment because you know i'm really getting into this. stay right there thanks for being on the kaiser report. all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser at par with me max
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geyser and stacey everett like to thank our guests valentino let's. if you want to raise us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time by all. the war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles are going to. produce offspring to tell you that the because of the public bus files of the most important news today . on the pocket of advertising tell me you are not cool enough to buy products. all the hawks that we along the border will watch. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. too going to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of. course should. join me every thursday on the elec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. on the shores of the mississippi river new orleans louisiana.
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the city is known around the world for its jazz. the famous musician louis armstrong and sidney bishop the born here. in treme an african-american neighborhood. the bethel church is packed this morning . if you're a. get. thirty five was shot and killed during what appears to be a revenge that. they're fairly common in the area. the mother of the victim has already lost a relative in a shoot out pete. show guns kill almost one person every day.


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