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you cry and all of them must be told but i can't help asking why for u.s. officials or journalists these agonizing stories from mosul iraq or rocca in syria don't exist. no on some channels you'll never see their stories maybe because they're scars or how america's top military man puts it a fact of life civilian casualties are a fact of life civilians will get caught in the crossfire civilians will get hurt civilians will get killed if you want to liberate your towns and cities it comes at a price the responsibility for civilian casualties in iraq and syria lies with isis that is on them not on us we are the good guys and munitions people on the battlefield know the difference kids' lives in another arab country yemen have
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turned into a disaster that's a fact so say humanitarian groups and it is a fact of life in a sense that washington is pretty much at hand when saudi arabia is bombing civilians across the border the saudis have spent billions on what sam has to offer in terms of dollars three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars the spinach for you. besides in case someone forgot the americans themselves have for years been taken away innocent lives in afghanistan melissa when the explosions happened i was with my uncle and cousins american soldiers opened fire and a bullet flew by my face. this is my younger brother. he was killed by u.s. troops this is my brother shot a fatso. and this is my father's it grew he was killed as well i want the
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government to avenge my father and kill his killers arresting regime who are all covered in the blood of syrian children who are not being seemed. to have their good strict terms. for a movie about franco in moscow to discuss president trump's promise to attack syria with smart missiles we are now joined alive by joshua landis director of the center of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma now what do you make of terms rather contradictory tweets first coming out saying russia get ready then saying russia we need to work together and let's stop the arms race well i think that president trump. likes to use a lot of bombast he likes to scare people and that he likes to make a deal this is. you know having been able to read observe him now for some time this is the art. according to president trouble well there have been two tweets
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coming out from donald trump one threatening in imminent strike and another one calling to some would call prating with russia and saying that maybe we should stop the arms race what do you think happened in between of those tweets there were literally posted within like forty less than forty minutes between each other well those are two different issues one is deterring. president assad from using weapons chemical weapons and the other is trying to draw down weapons and save money on in their relationship with russia so it's possible that one could pursue these two different strategies in two different parts of the world so in that sense it's quite clear the united states is tried to deter assad from using chemical weapons is a very narrow. objective it has nothing to do with changing the balance of power in
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syria is about a thousand six seven hundred people have been killed with with chemical weapons according to the united states in syria since the beginning of seventy or so it's really about exact use and upholding the normally international norm of not using chemical weapons established by obama pursued by trump and i feel that you know trump doesn't really need doesn't want to abandon that one strategy in syria we had term saying that you know announce an announcement was going to be made on syria and saying that nothing was off the table and now we have this tweet essentially saying that missiles will be headed toward syria at some point do you think that's the end of the announcement do you think that will definitely happen or is there a possibility about getting back tracked. there's a possibility of it getting back tracked there's a lot of the close to going on now the international agency for looking over
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chemical weapons said they want to go into those and check this out and educate claims between russia and united states about whether they were used or not used also flag not false flag so there are there is a lot going on it's unclear what america wants to achieve out of this is it just going to try to deter weapons chemical weapons or are there larger agendas doesn't want to weaken us doesn't want to stay in syria america is very confused right now about its strategy in syria we've seen the last contradictory phrases and there is a new person bolton as a national security council who just came on several days ago so we really don't know what america's strategy is in syria and i think there's some confusion behind trump and he's probably listening to his is policy makers and trying to figure out where the missiles fit into this well. i just wanted to go back to your previous
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answer you mentioned the trump school of the first tweets is to still president assad from using the chemical weapons but does it bother you that the u.s. president is making assumptions and making conclusions out of something that the basically out of something that has only been corroborated by the accusations coming from the white helmet scroope not something that has been backed by the you'll be c w what i mean is that the o.p.c. w. the u.n. experts are only set to arrive on site by the end of the week and the u.s. president is already old really seems to broker the idea that assad perpetrated the attack so does it bother you. certainly it does we've seen mistakes made in the past for example the invasion of iraq. so of course it be great to have proof it's also. you know the problem is is that all this footage that came out showing
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the use of chemical weapons now if it's a false flag. clearly that will come out in the future and america will get a lot of space if it uses these weapons the problem is there is a long history of the use of. chlorine gas and this is a problem that started with obama he did not include chlorine gas in the original prescribed chemical weapons then it was included later on but america didn't do anything about it and it was used we believe or at least the u.s. believes multiple times in very small quantities. very few people were ultimately killed by it but it was used and it and this this. in a sense was the american mistake because they didn't do anything about it they didn't want to get sucked into syria and it became an issue and it's become an issue with these these videos coming out of the terrible suffering of young
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children which has affected trump and the american population and he feels compelled to do something about it and and there we go about of course that's an understandable idea one thing to do something in the face of this but the point is there's nothing been confirmed at this point there were also reports that some of the militants in the area were also stockpiling chemical weapons and of course when the finger of blame is often pointed out this thought it's easy to go ahead and get that blame put on him either way so should the point be that an investigation could should be carried out completely before any action is being taking place just like russia has been calling for for people to come to the site and go ahead and get evidence on site. yes you know you're absolutely correct there should be an investigation the problem is is that trust has collapsed between russia and the united states relations are very bad and we know that both democrats and
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republicans are calling for much more stringent sanctions and other methods of retribution against russia this is becoming it a very domestic issue but relations have become more contentious and and also there are many many people are worried that trump is ready to leave syria after all just two weeks ago he said it's time to get out of syria and this this upset were many elements in the foreign policy community who have who don't want to see the united states leave syria they wanted the united states to remain there for the for the long haul as it was called in order to roll back iran set up a kurdish quasi kurdish state letter autonomous state that to help israel to to help saudi arabia to deter turkey these are there are many different aims from different elements in the united states and outside the united states so so. this
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is this is in a sense all focusing now on chemical weapons because president trump acted before on chemical weapons and has pursued the obama doctrine which is the united states must uphold must uphold this norm and so many people are hoping that in doing that the united states will reverse its present policy of withdraw and stay along or. do show this is something just in we have yet another statement of the russian a foreign ministry spokesperson spokeswoman marie has a hard as she was talking about this when she was responding to the second tweet of donald trump and his question as to whether or not an arms race should be stopped and she's saying that the she believes that the arms race should be that the beginning to this process should be the united states getting rid of its own chemical stockpile do you think this is
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a valid statement. well obviously it underlines that ocracy and s. is always a problem and the united states after all. a demonstrated that weapons of mass destruction work when it used the atom bomb at the end of world war two it brought about the end of that and the surrender the japanese because as we were calling it in march forty five the us killed about one hundred forty thousand people the largest single day of deaths in tokyo with a fire bombing using napalm on tokyo a wooden city that killed lots of people made a million people refugees in one night the japanese call it the night of the black raid but the japanese refused to give up and hence the atom bomb was used on two cities killing one hundred thousand mostly women and children in both cities and it worked and this has set a precedent today because people try and want to win wars and if
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they believe that they can win them through using weapons of mass destruction such as chemical weapons they will try and now of course they don't always work the united states used about one hundred twenty million gallons or twenty million gallons scuse me of chemical weapons in vietnam and it didn't work for them they're so good they're not always the answer although they can kill lots of people and this is the problem you raise this problem hypocrisy and and america you know in large swathes of the world looks fairly hypocritical when it comes to using weapons of mass destruction because it has a long history of using them in its own wars now we've also seen a response from the u.s. senator tim kaine saying on twitter that you know we're fifteen months into the trump administration and says that there is no strategy to be seen yet when it comes to syria saying that threats tweets and one of strikes are not
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a strategy nor is baiting russia what do you make of his comments. well he's running to underline that confusion in america's foreign policy. establishment because both president obama and president trump have wanted to get out of syria basically they did not want to get sucked into a permanent position in syria the way they have in iraq and afghanistan and that's one policy but of course much of the foreign policy establishment wants america to set up shop in syria and to really change the course of the civil war to ease assad out roll back iran and and undo much of the failures that america has experienced since the invasion of iraq and and trump doesn't want to do that he's already called in his campaign these war stupid wars he's criticized both
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president bush and clinton secretary of state period or regime change which he said was stupid and had only brought more fundamentalism and chaos to the middle east so we have a an american establishment that is in deep disagreement about what his foreign policy should be should it double down in the middle east should it try to get out and that dad i think we're going to hear a lot about this in the coming weeks. yes i think much of the world is going to be watching and waiting to see if trump's tweets turn into action at this point joshua landis director of the center of mentally studies at the university of oklahoma thank you so much for your time today pleasure when the former prime minister tony blair who controversal it led his own country into a war has weighed in over syria and he still believes military interventions are a good idea. this would be action in support of of military intervention by the us
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if you don't respond to this too to the use of chemical weapons against civilians then obviously you know we're ignoring what the international community has said which is that this is unacceptable and those that use such measures methods should be held to account i gave the order for british forces to take part in military action in iraq this threat is real growing and of the entirely different nature to any conventional threat to our security that britain has faced before. the program in the form that we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought so i could apologize for that i could also apologized by the way for some of the mistakes in planning and certainly our mistake in that in our understanding of what would happen once you remove the regime. through all of this. express more. sort of regret. and apology
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that you may have no. welcome believe just to remind you of the iraq inquiry known as the chilcot report was published in two thousand and sixteen and uncovered quote mistakes in the u.k.'s six year long campaign in iraq it revealed there was no imminent threat to the u.k. from saddam hussein and it also highlighted that blair's certainty iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction including chemical and biological agents was unjustified. trump is willing to enlist support from his allies to carry out a military strike on syria however according to british media reports tourism may has said additional evidence is needed to prove the syrian government conducted the chemical attack on duma r.t. is an associate chair going to joins me with the latest on that so it doesn't exactly look like a united front here does it. well i mean that certainly seems to be the case at this point according to reports citing u.s.
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officials in fact the white house along with london and paris have been in some kind of consultations trying to figure out where to take the situation next and according to the a.p. citing u.s. officials there is no for or common decision that has been made quite yet and of course given the seriousness of what's at stake following this tweet from trump calling for action essentially it's clear to understand that of course he's going to want to see support from his allies in europe and according to reports so far we know that the french president and michael he has said that what they would like to see is a strong and joint response and that a decision would be made in the coming days now to be clear france is reportedly being discussed as a possible leader in this whole situation given trump's initiative that he has tweeted about and it's been said that france and five does not need parliamentary
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approval to go ahead with this kind of military action however here in london it's a slightly different situation we do know that again reportedly theresa may has despite wanting to support her allies has said that she would want to see more evidence proving assad's responsibility with what happened in this lead us to. these latest events are raveling that she is in new rush to get started on military action and in what's been detailed is a phone conversation between her and donald trump downing street have said that london boxen international response but wants to find out exactly what happened and this is certainly at least at this stage seems to be somewhat different from the approach the white house has taken again given donald trump's tweets into taking his tweet into account and also it has to be said that of course here in westminster. teresa mayes also seeing some pressure to have a vote in the house of commons were such military action to take place and this is
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something that is not likely to happen at least today or in the days to come given that for one m.p.'s would have to be recalled back into the house of commons since they're in recess until monday so these are some technicalities but it gives you an idea of what exactly is going on at this moment in terms of any potential unified action that the west could take in this scenario. is an associate check in a reporting live from london thank you for the update. well done in terms decision to lash out at syria last year saw his popularity surge at home and that's a pattern that seen history repeat itself. so i give thanks and increased popular support of the president during war accompanied by reduced criticism of governmental policies. any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states.
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progress is now being made towards the restoration of peace in the caribbean. the use of terrorism and its holding hostages. political. to continue along with. the resolution of the crisis. therefore directed to reject the iraqi army from kuwait. its president i can report to the nation aggression is defeated the war is over. american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger. united states and around. have prevailed.
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tonight i ordered. new jersey. airfield. i think from became president of the united states i think this was actually a big moment. just to remind you of our breaking news this hour donald trump has vowed to strike syria with smart missiles warning russia that it that if it wishes to protect syria it better get ready although in a follow up tweet he called for an end to the arms race and said russian relations with russia don't have to be this way the russian foreign ministry spokesperson responded on facebook to trump's message. smart me south must be striking the positions of terrorists not the legitimate government that has been fighting the international terrorism on its territory and by the way worthy of the c.w.
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experts warned that those missiles my destroy all the evidence of chemical weaponry used on the ground or they just want to quickly hide the evidence of the provocation by those smart missile strikes so the international experts want to have any proof to look for now in response to terms called also quote start the arms race is a horrible also offered that maybe that could start with america liquidating their chemical weapons stockpile so let's go back to the beginning and start with what was happening at the beginning of this whole incident surrounding the chemical weapons alleged chemical weapons attack in syria on saturday well this series of tweets is the latest in the war of words between russia and the united states just yesterday there would you can you doubt that the u.n. security council. both the united states and russia put forward their rivaling resolutions as to what they should believe should be done in syria over this over
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the situation and then they both just vetoed each other so that's about. the statements that the made about each other's approach were not really friendly have a listen. nic good clearly explains only what this alleged chemical attack was necessary for the massacres especially for most all militants were. because on today they vetoed for the sixth time a resolution condemning aside for chemical weapons attacks on his own people who have already a point to guilt in such cases bush in the wrong. way we are not able to support the text it would be like watching a fire and identifying that there's a fire and doing nothing to put it out fortunately american partners and colleagues the real investigation. so where we stand right now is u.s.
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president donald trump promising an imminent strike on syria and russia previously had promised to shoot down anything that's flying the syria way so there we have it a russian ambassador in lebanon said that in fact russia could be not just shooting down missiles but also targeting the firing positions of the united states meaning that the scud rather the u.s. or martyr in the mediterranean could be under threat if it is to participate in the military action against syria now the spokesperson for the russian president dmitry peskov. here we basically he's called for all sides to come down have a listen. thank you i don't want to discuss such questions whether this or that will happen or not we just hope the parties will avoid steps which can become a provocation and destabilize such a shaky situation so this alleged attack happened on saturday it's now wednesday but we still really don't have that much concrete information when it comes to what
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happened is that right yes just to quickly bring down the facts for you here the national allegation of a chemical attack came from a group known as the white helmets they themselves brand themselves as a civil defense a group an unofficial one in syria and they say that they actually help save lives they they work the debris sites the work the sites of strikes but they do it in exclusively rebel controlled areas and they themselves are saying that they are very much against the syrian government the share this anti assad stance so they are not an impartial group in the sense their critics in turn are saying that the white elements are in cahoots with some terrorist organizations so there you have it they have they have put forward this allegation of a chemical attack first then the russian military moved in in the syrian city of duma and they said. well they couldn't find any evidence any traces of chemicals being used in that they didn't see any victims but they didn't make any quick
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conclusions they just said ok we need some experts some actual international chemical experts on the ground and this has pretty much been russia's position on this all along washington and that stern is saying it's fine but we do have our own intelligence and we do know that the chemical attack took place although what they don't know as to what exactly what exactly the united states what exactly chemical was used in the situation. now we do know that some sort of a substance was used a chemical was use we're just not sure at this point today exactly what was what used so some sort of a chemical a while the real danger here is that there could be a military confrontation between two nuclear states while reading emotions overshadow facts and of course our breaking news this hour is the fact that president trump did vow to strike syria with smart missiles warning russia that if
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it wishes to protect syria and needs to go ahead and get ready we're going to take a short break and then our coverage of this breaking news will continue stay with us. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous expenditure to twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy was great so one more chance for. me it's going to.
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algorithms that guide the product of google also guide the actions of the employees within a google and they can't stop the algorithm isn't this just like fantasia that is the movie with mickey mouse worry it goes to war with the dancing groom that he tries to chop it down creates more depth than a craze a flood within the wizard house when these are algorithms that are out of fricken control and then ploys within the company can't stop the war driven by algorithm who's in charge of the algorithm or the head of google who's running the show. has strong pressure find a security company by the pentagon and by dimitri on don't donald trump to do something about c.b.s. probably at some stage he might get into this pressure but i don't think it is his
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intention what i consider more likely another us military attack on syria is that united states policy will be to wreck any effort by the russians to turks and iranians to find a political solution. through . they are. who they are through through. the. through on through.
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donald trump dares russia to try and shoot down u.s. missiles over syria and suggest that a strike is imminent the us president goes on to say that relations between the two powers are worse than during the cold war. the us is threatening military action against a mask over an alleged chemical attack at a probe into the incident has yet to take place with an international fact trying to mission not even due in syria to the end of the week. the u.s. has approved a grant for a media company started by a palestinian journalist killed last week while covering clashes at the israel gaza border. and facebook's boss is probed over election meddling and data leaks but it turns out those grilling the c.e.o. have been financially supported by him in the past meanwhile the social media giant faces a fiery battle from so.


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