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price of having medical insurance would be a thousand dollars a year now thirty thousand dollars a year they're overcharging about forty thousand dollars we're going to oligarchs american oligarchs. these headlines this america and its allies over the strikes against syria saying they violated the un charter also calling for an emergency security council meeting over the aggression. president of the strikes and respond to an alleged chemical attack a week ago struck just hours before experts from the international chemical weapons due to arrive at the scene of. britain's prime minister justifies the attack on syria is limited targeted and effective but the opposition leader denounces the operation saying the bombing wouldn't save lives.
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life worldwide this is r.t. international column writes to an afternoon on saturday here's one story dominating our bullets in today russia has slammed america the u.k. and france over the strikes on syria calling their actions of violation of the u.n. charter president putin giving a statement on the attack for more on that now correspondent with me. mr putin had to say well first and foremost he condemned in the strongest terms the strike the strikes conducted by the u.s. the u.k. and france he said that they targeted not just to their military facilities but also to civilian infrastructure as well as saying that this goes against violation of all international norms and in fact it wasn't sanctioned by the u.n. security council is also. you said that as a pretext for the strike the u.s.
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and its allies are used and its allies used a fake used. chemical attack he said that in a statement he said that he did not believe that the chemical attack took place that in fact the russian military that entered the city of doom or the site of the chemical incident could not find any traces of the of any toxic agents or anything of the sort not even any eyewitnesses of the attack could be found apparently so here's what how vladimir putin described the situation right now. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has deployed its specialist on a fact finding mission but a group of western countries cynically ignored this launching a military attack without waiting for the results of the investigation russia emphatically condemns this attack on syria well russian servicemen are helping the
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legitimate government fight terrorists with its actions the united states only exacerbates the monetary and disaster in syria bringing suffering to civilians essentially abetting terrorists who have been tormenting the syrian people for seven years and provoking a new wave of refugees from this country and the region in general. it was supposed to mention the o.p.c. w. investigation any concerns that that might be in jeopardy now yes of course because the. u.n. body the u.n. chemical body the o.p.c. w was supposed to begin its mission in syria on the ground in syria its investigation on saturday the u.s. launched it strikes literally hours before with that investigation was supposed to kick off so obviously a lot of questions were raised by whether or not that mission is jeopardized whether or not any objects of infrastructure that were supposed to be examined by
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the experts over the o.p.c. w. were hit or damaged now the body has issued a statement it's a rather brief one literally just two sentences outlining the current state of events and they are saying that they will be going forward with their mission in syria no details as to whether or not the feel affected in any way by the strikes ok back to the reaction from moscow then anything more wider than the kremlin well yes the russia's foreign ministry has laid out its view of the situation right now they've said that basically the u.n. security council has to hold accountable the u.s. the u.k. and france for what they did in syria they promised to present its russia's facts what russia knows about the strikes to the u.n. security council and in fact they've said that the russians calling in emergency meeting of the council as early as later today also warned that these
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strikes that again were not sanctioned by the council they dilute the role of the whole body of this whole international organization and they've called it a dangerous tendency they've also addressed something that france had to say while justifying its participation in the strikes france had said the. basically it had intelligence information that since two thousand and thirteen the syrian government were pursuing the secret chemical weapons program despite the your p c w n twenty sixteen vouching that the stockpile had been destroyed something a process overseen by russia and the un as well as a however the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry she said that basically if france knew that all along for years why hold back the information why come forward with it only now so many years later ok it's reaction from moscow thanks very much for that igor to out of that. well here's how we got to this
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position american british and french forces pounded syria with missile and airstrikes in the early hours of saturday morning. president trump announced the military action in a t.v. address as he spoke explosions rocked the capital damascus it comes in response to an alleged chemical attack in the syrian town of duma we could go out of most reports but we heard an announcement from u.s. president donald trump about the pending strike against the syrian government in coordination with the u.k. and france now he used the phrase strong deterrence to describe his motivation said he wanted to deter the syrian government from carrying out future chemical attacks
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he called out iran and russia saying what kind of nation would want to be aligned with a mass murderer and from there he used some rather inflammatory language that's kind of almost trademark language of us president donald trump very terrible regime these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead so today the nations of britain france and the united states of america have marshaled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality now after that we got a military update our we heard from general joseph dunford as well as u.s. secretary of defense james mattis they spoke to the u.s. media and to the world basically giving the lowdown on what had happened now at that point the striking had already stopped they said it was fifteen minutes of sustained airstrikes against the syrian government furthermore it's important to
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note that when james mattis was speaking not only after the attacks but also earlier in the week he wasn't willing to go into detail about the attack and was rather vague about the kind of information that he actually had but i am confident the syrian regime conducted a chemical attack on innocent people. we are very confident that chlorine was used we are not ruling out sharon right now we have the intelligence level of competence that we needed to conduct the attack. i believe there was a chemical attack and we're looking for the actual evidence the o.p.c. w this you're going to station for the chemical weapons convention and we're trying to get those inspectors in if we get them in and we will not know who did it they can only say that they found evidence or did not broader in the international community there is simply not consensus about what actually happened in the syrian
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town of duma we've seen the u.n. security council meetings and we've seen a big disagreement between countries russia's representative has come forward before the u.n. security council and said that they have sent russian experts and russia chemical experts to do imma and in duma they have not found any traces of chemicals they have not found any. who have come forward and said they witnessed or that they themselves are victims of chemical attacks no one in hospitals being treated and we then heard nikki haley the representative of the united states before the u.n. security council we heard her coming out and saying in the aftermath of this this allegation of an attack without any investigation having been done saying what she believes had taken place did a chemical weapons attack happen yes the u.s. has analyzed he yes it has happened to you kay has analyzed yes it has happened france has analyzed yes it is that three separate analysis all coming back with the
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same thing there is proof that this happened so we're still waiting for a broader reaction to this this airstrike people are waiting to see what will happen next i know people were anticipating this strike because of donald trump's tweet saying telling russia to get ready for the missiles you know insulting the syrian president with certain language or as of now we understood that there were there was fifty minutes of airstrikes against the syrian arab republic by the united states we're waiting to see what the next move is and what will happen next in the international community british prime minister to resign may praise the assault on syria is limited targeted and effective she highlighted several key points that had convinced her that damascus had carried out a chemical attack in two most week i cannot tell you everything but let me give an example of some of the evidence that leads us to this conclusion open source accounts allege that a barrel poem was used to deliver the chemicals. multiple open source reports claim
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that a regime helicopter was observed above the city of duma on the evening of the seventh of april and reliable intelligence indicates that syrian military officials coordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine in duma on the seventh of april we judge it highly likely both that the syrian regime has continued to use chemical weapons since then and will continue to do so british and french fighter jets could be seen taking off and landing from their bases in the region french cruise missiles were also seen being launched from the mediterranean and initially paris stressed that it would not allow an escalation in the u.k. engaged in the operation without parliamentary approval our correspondent in paris and these are early in london have been following events for us. so the u.k. this morning announcing that they took part in those bombing raids in the attack against syria well we've heard from to reason made this morning she's been holding a press conference here in london at downing street and confirming that four jets
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took part in that they launched a series of air strikes the reason may not speaking to the success of them but very clear to make it to make the point that this is not an attempt at regime change but merely in her words trying to deter any future use of alleged chemical weapons we've also been hearing from the opposition the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn he's the labor party leader and he called into question how legally sound these asteroids. bombs won't save lives or bring about peace britain should be playing a leadership role to bring about a cease fire in the conflict not taken instructions from washington and putting british military personnel in harm's way to resume a should have sought parliamentary approval not trailed after donald trump as alluded to by jeremy corbyn to resign made launching those air strikes without
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parliamentary approval this was brought up to her during that press conference this morning and she said that she would be bringing the issue in front of the house of commons on monday two days after the attack took place perhaps she has the two thousand and thirteen vote in mind when david cameron wanted to also go to war with syria but lost the parliamentary vote and perhaps she was looking to avoid a similar embarrassing defeat there are a number of m.p.'s not just in the labor party but even in her own conservative party her own backbench m.p.'s who potentially were getting ready to rebel against about this attack on syria she has received support from the foreign secretary johnson however he's been on twitter saying that. he welcomes the news of u.k. military strikes and we've also however heard from before what foreign secretary david miliband has condemned this attack and said that diplomacy should be the way
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forward and also pointing out that humanitarian support is the main thing that the syrian people need in the polls in the country which show that a vast majority of people are not in support of this type of military action in syria so remains to be seen exactly how damaging politically this could be for two reasons we've actually been hearing from the french foreign ministry on saturday morning let's listen in directly to what he had to say about france taking part in this coordinated action by the u.s. france the u.k. acted in accordance with our responsibility the use of chemical weapons in syria is unacceptable because it's a violation of international law and basic human rights as well this morning france also released a document outlining its case for why it believes that a chemical attack took place and boy it believes that the assad government was behind that attack it says it. has had analysts of the
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testimonies and videos from do you know where the alleged attack took place and it says that after analyzing it has a high degree of confidence that this was not money fact should all recycled and it says that the symptoms they believe all characteristics of chemical weapons also in regards to assad being culpable front says it again has a high degree of confidence due to the particular situation in eastern guta around april eleventh when this alleged attack was said to take place and it's also accused syria saying that this evidence started been stockpiling chemical weapons just some years now and many people questioning some of that. evidence saying it's not evidence from the ground it is mainly evidence from social media and from videos posted on press websites and the russian foreign ministry also questioning that indication that assad has been stockpiling chemical weapons saying if france
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had that information for many years why is it taken until now to release that information there's also been criticism here in france from some opposition leaders including marine le pen she's the leader of the national front here in france she took to twitter on saturday morning to say this she said that this action in gauges france in unpredictable and potentially dramatic consequences and she said that france loses an opportunity to appear on the international stage as being an independent and balance of power also some reaction from neighboring country luxembourg this morning suggesting that the strikes can only be conducted based on a u.n. security council resolution which clearly they do not have. joining me now is joshua landis who's director of the center for middle east studies welcome back to our. the w.t.
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are yet to actually get going on looking at what might or might not have happened. anyway were these strikes therefore premature. that's a hard question to say clearly that european powers wanted to strike while the iron was hot and they didn't want to get into. questions about what the what the investigators would find as matter said even if they just discovered that there were chemical weapons used down there the question of who used them was this a false flag that wasn't assad will not be answered by the investigators so i think that they wanted to lay down the law and i think that the united states feels that it made a mistake in not including originally in two thousand and thirteen. chlorine gas in the prescribed chemicals weapons then they added in later but they didn't
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do anything to follow up on the u.s. and that in a sense today what you see is the united states trying to plug up some holes from that original original deal but of course this is very narrow bandwidth in the greater scheme of things chemical weapons have killed less than two thousand people in syria since the beginning of the civil war so this is deterring and probably will be successful in deterring further use if they were used but it's not going to change the course of the civil war. both donald trump and to reason may went ahead without seeking approval from their own palm until senate or congress or all will have you have a set up. donald trump even being blasted by his own republican party let's just take a quick listen to what's been said i haven't read france's britain's constitution but i wrote our was and no way in it is presidential authority to strike syria the
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president needs congressional authorization for military action as required by the constitution. there strikes are an act of war atrocities in syria cannot justify departure from constitution which vests in congress power to commence war so joshua with these legal constitutional moves that they've made on their own are you know that's going to be debated many of the same people who are accusing the trouble of going off half cocked also accused obama of going to congress and delaying it when it was his turn and they voted against him in many ways congress wants it both ways they want to have the authority to stop the president but in some situations they don't want to be asked because they don't want to have to vote on it so they're delighted to criticize but it is the authority in a sense of the u.s. president to carry out he has broad authority carry out foreign policy and this is
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certainly it issue which raises how much authority does he have a by the same token if this further down the line this means that the u.s. and the britain or any others go the little deeper into this and escalate this even further if they don't at some point seek approval from of an elected officials that does rather ride roughshod over their own democratic setup. it does but that's why i think this was just this operation was very carefully calibrated not just to kill many people and certainly not to kill russians i think that they bend over backwards to try not to escalate with russia that was a major concern and it seems like there been very few casualties in this operation so i think they were well aware that they didn't want to get into a war and be accused of breaking the constitution but they saw this as a deterrent action for very narrow for
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a very narrow aspect of the war which is chemical weapons and something that they get and in the middle of his speech did reaffirm that he hopes to bring the american troops home so there were there were some words that i think president assad will take some solace from if indeed president trump does decide to end american involvement in syria but isn't this where we were a year ago what allegedly happened in contract conan if either it's fifty tomahawks and took out that f. failed a year on syrian state embroiled in civil war very little progress there. that's true on the other hand you could say that conscious one was about sarin gas this was about chlorine something that america had not really taken action on and had slipped under the radar in this situation it came up because there were many deaths and there were many videos of it and that that in a sense of
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a boat the united states take action to plug up this hole where it had not taken action in the past they were in for an unpredictable weekend all the same for now there joshua landis from the center for middle east and he's thanks very much for joining us on our take like. meanwhile washington says its confidence that the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people according to a white house statement their confidence in that is based not on intelligence but on the media and n.-g. o. reports. this conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources the reported symptoms experienced by victims videos and images showing to assess to barrel bombs from the attack and reliable information indicating coordination between syrian military officials before the attack however questions hang over the west's narrative due to the dubious reputations of the groups behind the allegations right past you have explained. reports of
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a chemical attack first appeared strange enough it's almost the precise moment the battle had ended when the syrian government and rebels were negotiating on how to evacuate the latter reports first appeared on social media twitter facebook and spread like wildfire while my colleague kendall anian and i have learned today that the u.s. now has blood and here in samples from some of the victims of this attack in syria last weekend and that those samples according to u.s. officials tested positive for chemicals sources the usuals wide helmets who service rescuers islamists and syrian rebels also the somewhat less known syrian american medical society sounds together with the white helmets they were cited by the washington post the new york times and then virtually every western media outlets reporting on this chemical attack saturday april seventh amidst
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continuous bombardment of residential neighborhoods in the city of duma more than five hundred cases the majority of whom are women and children were brought to local medical centers with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical agent sams that self is funded by u.s. aid six million in two thousand and fifteen usaid is widely believed to be an arm of the state department and is banned in multiple countries accused of interfering in domestic policies and promoting regime change it even has an office of transition initiatives the management at sams also believe it or not former u.s. aid stuff was it was saddam's who reportedly provided the u.p.c. w. with samples of the alleged sarin gas that was used in hunchy houla site of a chemical attack last year after which. donald trump sent fifty seven cruise
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missiles at the syrian air base o.p.c. w. it's on its way to duma to investigate we've contacted the various groups including the world health organization they've cited sabs but have refused to go into any details well what's remarkable is that this group the syrian american medical society is cited by a who's who of western media organizations as a credible source when it's anything but this organization which is funded to the tune of some close to six million dollars or more by usa id a wing of the state department which actually emerged out of the cia to encourage regime change and what the u.s. considers enemy states this organization is directed by operatives name sahar so little is actually a lobbyist who's been lobbying the u.s. government since the obama administration for a war of regime change and this organization operates hospitals exclusively in
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territory controlled by al qaeda syrian affiliate and its allies so this is a you know to me to see it should be a national scandal that u.s. taxpayers are basically paying for the civil society wing of al qaeda and its soil if you just jihadi allies and we're simply talking in us media about this organization as if they're just a bunch of syrian feel doctors this is an international law being an influence organization dedicated to stimulating regime change and so we absolutely have to be skeptical when they make these allegations of a chemical attack because that advances their agenda and they have every motive to deceive the west about it. now let's just recap where we are this the u.s. france and the u.k. have bombed targets in syria president trump announced the military action in a white house address late on friday as he spoke explosions rocked damascus the air missile strikes were launched in response to an alleged chemical attack in syria's town of duma last saturday washington says it's confident the assad government used
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chemical weapons against civilians however in a white house statement it's that the evidence they have is based on media and geo reports russia's foreign ministry slammed the strikes saying they came when the wrong war ravaged country finally had a chance for a peaceful future the strikes also take place before investigators from the international chemical weapons watch dog the o.p.c. w. stop their probe into the alleged poison gas attack in duma within the past hour the o.p.c. confirmed it will go ahead with that mission starting on saturday. that's the way it looks so this thanks very much for watching i'll be back to update you with the latest on the syria and about half an hour or so you know. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the hand. of
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four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because they did not shoot around a corner. if you are competing like the auto insurance industry why four thousand dollars a year can i be protected against all these medical emergencies that take place in my car therefore we know that the price of having medical insurance will be a thousand dollars a year now thirty thousand dollars a year they're overcharging about forty thousand dollars where is that going is going to oligarchs american oligarchs. yes. yes the welcome wagon redacted announced the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents as you
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know all of congress them selves this week for the testimony of mark zucker berg little the no boy genius concerning concerning the cambridge analytic a scandal facebook is facing a fierce backlash after news broke that cambridge analytic a company that worked with the twenty sixteen trump campaign obtained information about tens of billions of users a company of pain info about tens of millions of users what what what why. well wait isn't facebook a company and don't they have all of the data of all of the billions of people and that's ok because they're the good guys right you know they're the good guys because facebook has donated to them most of the senators at that hearing so that makes them the good guys you know that. kind of data that but senator bill
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nelson is worried i think if we don't get our arms around this world none of us are going to have any privacy anymore have we don't get our arms around this none of us are going to have privacy in terms of what we have our arms around behind closed doors right. i got bad news for you senator nelson we gave away all of our privacy long ago obviously there is a lot of private data. is being utilized that people are willing to give up so if i happen to communicate with the friend on facebook i want some chocolate. and suddenly an advertisement for chocolate pops up now are we willing to give that up life is like a boxer chalk to add. some fire during this interview senator nelson has talked about having his.


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