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tv   News  RT  April 14, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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i. was. i the u.s. the u.k. and france carried strikes against the syrian government in response to the alleged chemical attack at least in ghouta intervention came just hours before international inspectors were due to arrive to investigate the claims. of nation security council holds no meeting on the attack and rejects the russian draft resolution calling for an end to aggression against syria. other developments ukraine's prime minister lourdes the joint military operation against assad's government is limited targeted and affect. other news now the breaking story russia's foreign minister claims the international chemical weapons watchdog may not and correctly identified the nerve agent used to poison the script polls in
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england last month. just to midnight in moscow and kevin zero in this is our international welcome to one story as maybe to expect dominating early saturday events in syria and the ramifications from it so american british and french forces pounded syria with missiles on airstrikes just a morning the attack took place in the very early hours of saturday morning and came in response to allegations that the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians claims which a u.n. watchdog is still yet to investigate.
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the u.n. security council projected a russian draft resolution meantime calling for an end to the aggression against syria it happened to an emergency meeting last evening which was called by moscow in the wake of the strikes so you wouldn't be cheered they did today is a said day it's a said day for the world for the u.n. for its charter that has been brutally violated before the security council that retreated from its duties. with three votes in favor eight nose and four abstentions the security council shot down russia's draft resolution now the draft resolution would have condemned the coalition's aggression as a violation of international law and it would have demanded that the west stop attacking syria it also would have urged the council to provide conditions for the work on the ground now that's the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons which is in syria right now the russian ambassador slammed the u.s.
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for violating international law and using the security council to further its own interests saying that western countries don't need any investigations to carry out their own will. but with their stupid results we're already used to the fact that when doubtful geopolitical policies conducted countries or aggressors blame acid lately they tried to shift responsibility onto russia because according to their interpretation it cannot control the dictator all of this has been based on the scheme of what's been tried and tested provocation deceitful accuse ations verdict and punishment is this how you want international affairs to be conducted now this is wholly can is an international relations. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley deflected all criticism and defended the coalition's airstrikes and altruistic so same rhetoric we've all heard before let's take a look at exactly what haley had to say a large body of information indicates that the syrian regime used chemical weapons
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in duma on april seventh there is clear information demonstrating assad's culpability the pictures of dead children were not fake news they were the result of the syrian regime's barbaric inhumanity now haley dismissed russia's sentiments as part of a grand russian descent for mation campaign and then she moved on to the question of assad's culpability which she seemed sure of saying quote we are loaded if assad used chemical weapons once again which obviously hasn't been confirmed yet the british ambassador echoed halley statements adding that she will not take lessons in international law from russia so it looks like nothing has changed those who carried out an attack based on rumors of chemical weapons use claim to have evidence but never actually present that evidence. russia's military says the evacuation meantime of the syrian city of duma from militants is now complete the development means the area where saturday's alleged chemical attack took place is
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now under the control of government forces the evacuation was part of a deal brokered by russia and syria which guaranteed passage out of the city for the rebels in exchange for safety for civilians there meantime people in to of syria's largest cities damascus and aleppo have rallied together against the u.s. led military action you can see the flags being waved in support of the syrian government and even some russian flags as well this is what some residents in the capital had to say. this strike to does not break you shall make you stronger we are standing steadfast the syrian people are full of well in our stad that. we condemn and denounce this assault on our country we say long leave aside the line of assad will not be shaken these people who were steadfast for seven years and north here astroid from an ignorant lie of drama as for donald trump in his first tweet after yesterday's attack he thing to u.s. allies and said the results couldn't have been better trump called the strikes
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perfectly executed despite the syrian and russian military saying that most of the missiles have been intercepted by defense systems well these are the three sites washington claims it targeted in syria and which it believes were capable of producing chemical weapons among them is a research facility located between the capital damascus and the city of duma where the alleged chemical instance said to have taken place a week ago now these next are pictures from a ruptly video agency reportedly showing the aftermath of the strike on the research facility the syrian government says it was nothing more than a civilian scientific sense it is a donald trump described the pretext of the attack itself on syria. very terrible regime these are not the actions of a man. they are crying of a monster instead so today. the nations of britain france and the united states of america have martial their righteous power against barbarism and brutality
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neither the u.s. president nor the british premiere sort approval from lawmakers before launching their combined assault on syria a number of republican senators have hit out at donald trump's decision over it saying he should have consulted congress first president trump announces the u.s. will pull out of syria and days later syrian government bombs women and children in an area of no strategic value so the whole world would bomb the hell out of syria doesn't make any sense praying this doesn't start world war three i haven't read france's or britain's constitution but i wrote ours and nowhere in it is presidential authority to strike syria the president needs congressional authorization for military action as required by the constitution here strikes are an act of war atrocities in syria cannot justify departure from constitution which vests in congress power to commence war daniel mcadams executive director of the
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wrong paul institute pleased to say joins us now live hey there i want to talk about the legality or not of what happened in the early hours of saturday morning just a minute but something to the back of my head so the pentagon claims at least one potential chemical store was was bombed out by there syria says it was a civilian place what i don't get that is why what was the logic of logic of actually sort of destroying evidence before the o.p.c. w. gets in there i.e. the pentagon saying there was something there that shouldn't have baby then they bomb the heck out of it before the o.p.c. could get in there and prove that they were right why would you do that. well it's really a matter of simple logic if if indeed that was the case why not wait for an investigative body to come if the u.s. has known it for a long time this was a chemical weapons facility why not notify the o.p.c. dove in the first place and most of all if this was a factory producing chemical weapons and you want to punish assad for allegedly using chemical weapons why would you hit a chemical weapons factory and disperse all of this air and gas or whatever they
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have manufactured there along to the civilian population are you not doing just the thought of doing in fairness it said the constituent chemicals could have possibly been there is there allegation and they say that they carried out precision strikes but yet totally how could they have known that they could have made a bigger problem there absolutely and you could say well of course the syrian government's going to claim it's a civilian pharmaceutical factory that's completely bogus but we know through history that the u.s. and other regimes do lie about this remember it actually was a baby in the factory in iraq that the u.s. bombed it actually was an aspirin factory in sudan that bill clinton bombed so they do lie about these things and there's no evidence to suggest that they're not lying once again so donald trump didn't get congressional approval in fact he labeled it last night. he said he has allies went to do what they did as marshalling their right just power against barbarism and brutality that was enough to go without
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congress' approval asbos. that sounds like the the rantings of an imperial overlord or something but in fact indeed it was it was illegal according to the us constitution article one is very clear on when the president is allowed to use force only with the astrogation of congress even if you believe that the war powers act is a good restriction of presidential power even that still demands that there be an immediate threat united states or the congress give some sort of authorization so on those two measures it's an absolutely illegal act but even more important that even of congress had voted for the u.s. to attack syria it would have been wrong so congressional authorization is not the only thing that this book is that this lynch is upon but it wasn't just of course american from sweden and a big time the u.k. as well they felt sufficiently strongly that something had to be done and very quickly in fact just a couple of hours before the o.p.c. w. would get on the ground there in duma to carry out their investigation just as you've got mr mattis the u.s.
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defense secretary saying only on thursday they were still looking for their evidence what was the rush and the fact social media and some of the evidence they have which is absurd completely absurd but again it's basic logic if the o.p.c. w. was coming the next day why the rush to bomb the day before maybe we get some answers from this was factory that we just found out is analyze some of the poison that's crippled case and found out that it's only something that can only come from the u.s. and the u.k. maybe that's what had the brits panicked they knew this was going to come out it's all speculation but again using basic logic something is very very funny in the official explanation of the u.s. and u.k. daniel believe it or not for dell of academies executive director ron paul institute good data well early macone colin bray discussed another side to this moscow's reaction with correspondent he goes down off. well president putin has condemned in the strongest words as to what happened to these strikes conducted by
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the u.s. the u.k. and france he said that they targeted not just to the military facilities but also to civilian infrastructure is world saying that this goes against and in violation of all international norms and in fact it wasn't sanctioned by the u.n. security council is also said that as pretext for the strikes the u.s. and its allies used a fake used a staged chemical attack he said that in a statement he said that he did not believe that the chemical attack took place that in fact the russian military that entered the city of duma the site of the chemical incident could not find any traces of the of any toxic agents or anything of the sort not even any eyewitnesses of the attack could be found apparently so here is what howard lederer putin described the situation right now the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has deployed its specialist on
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a fact finding mission. but a group of western countries cynically ignored this launching a military attack without waiting for the results of the investigation russia emphatically condemns this attack on syria where russian servicemen are helping de-legitimized government fight terrorists with its actions the united states only exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in syria bringing suffering to civilians essentially abetting terrorists who have been tormenting the syrian people for seven years and provoking a new wave of refugees from this country and the region in general mr putin mention the o.p.c. w. investigation there any concerns that that might be in jeopardy now yes of course because the o.p.c. w was supposed to begin its mission in syria on the ground in syria its investigation on saturday at the us launched its strikes literally hours before the that investigation was supposed to kick off so obviously
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a lot of questions were raised by whether or not that mission is jeopardized whether or not any objects of infrastructure that were supposed to be examined by the experts over your p c w were hit or damaged now the body has issued a statement it's rather brief one literally just two sentences outlining the current state of events and they are saying that they will be going forward with their mission in syria no details as to whether or not they feel affected in any way by the strikes the white house meantime says it's confident the syrian government did use chemical weapons against its own people that believe appears to be based however largely on media and n.-g. o. reports. this conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources the reported symptoms experienced by victims videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack and reliable information indicating
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coordination between syrian military officials before the attack some of the groups that originally made the claims and which first circulated the images show in the aftermath of the supposed attack of the abuse reputations one of them the self-styled civil defense group the white helmets often in the headlines or the other been widely praised in the west for the rescue work it's members of repeatedly been accused of having links to extremist groups and there's another source of the claims that's the lesser known syrian american medical society or sams it's funded by u.s. aid which works closely with the state department sams is banned whoever of multiple countries and has been accused of interfering in domestic politics and promoting regime change the russian defense ministry analyzed one of the videos purporting to show the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in duma it says it managed to identify some of the people who were actually filmed in it one of them claims to be a medical student who was working in the hospital he says where the victims he
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states were brought to and this is what he said he saw blood in my name is. i am a medical student i work in the e.r. department of dumas central hospital on april eighth a building in the city was bombed the upper floors were destroyed and the bottom floors caught fire all the injured from that building were brought to our hospital . the residents from the upper floors were suffering from smoke inhalation. and that is what we treated them for based on the symptoms they exhibited during treatment some person came in i don't know who that was and said that it was a chemical attack people got scared a fight broke out relatives of the victims started pouring water on one another others began to give inhalers for asthma the children even though these people were not medical professionals we did not see any patients exhibiting symptoms of chemical poisoning as for the u.k.'s prime minister to resign may she praised the
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joint military action she called the strikes a limited targeted and effective measure and outlined why britain believes assad's government used chemical weapons i cannot tell you everything but let me give an example of some of the evidence that leads us to this conclusion open source accounts allege that a barrel bomb was used to deliver the chemicals multiple open source reports claim that a regime helicopter was observed above the city of duma on the evening of the seventh of april and reliable intelligence indicates that syrian military officials coordinated what appears to be the use of chlorine in duma on the seventh of april we judge it highly likely both that the syrian regime has continued to use chemical weapons since then and will continue to do so british and french jets could be seen taking off from a landing at their bases in the region in the early hours of the weekend with a view from europe next correspondent charlotte dubin ski in paris and these are early in london. we've heard from to reason made this morning she's been holding
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a press conference here in london at downing street and confirming that for jets to parts and that they launched a series of air strikes how successful those airstrikes have been remain to be seen we're seeing reports from the russian foreign ministry that the vast majority of those all of those strikes was shot down to reason may not speaking to the success of them but very clear to make it to make the point that this is not an attempt at regime change but merely in her words trying to deter any future use of alleged chemical weapon we've also been hearing from the opposition the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn he's the labor party leader and he called into question how legally sound these asteroids parliament should be consulted parliament should take a view on this but instead the strikes were launched last night parliament is in
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session on monday she could have come to parliament on monday to discuss the whole situation instead it wants the strikes haps she has about two thousand and thirteen vote in mind when david cameron wanted to also go to war with syria but lost the parliamentary vote and perhaps she was looking to avoid a similar embarrassing defeat there are a number of m.p.'s not just in the labor party but even in her own conservative policy her own backbench m.p.'s who potentially were getting ready to rebel against about this attack on syria in polls in the country which show that a vast majority of people are not in support of this type of military action in syria so remains to be seen exactly how damaging politically this could be for two reasons what we've actually been hearing from the french foreign ministry own saturday morning let's listen in directly to what he had to say about france taking
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part. in this coordinated action by the u.s. france the u.k. acted in accordance with our responsibility but the use of chemical weapons in syria is an acceptable because it's a violation of international law and basic human rights smalling france also released a document outlining its case for why it believes that a chemical attack took place and why it believes that the assad government was behind that attack it says it unless it has had analysts of the photos of testimonies and videos from do you know where the alleged attack took place and it says that after analyzing it has a high degree of confidence that this was not manufactured all recycled and it says that the symptoms they believe all characteristics of chemical weapons there's also been criticism here in france from some opposition leaders including marine le pen this is a major mistake for us and that is one of many mistakes were made to exist
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a thousand and eleven we never saw making mistakes and interfering in foreign countries that we see today the consequences of military action is in iraq where we were wise enough to avoid action and in libya the intervention without any u.n. they remain or is illusion seemed to me like something that might have serious consequences for the french and france itself to go on the french should have remained independent and act with caution and wisdom but we didn't why because i have this feeling that every french president wants to how he's on a smaller war also some reaction from neighboring country luxembourg this morning suggesting that the strikes can only be conducted based on a u.n. security council resolution which clearly they do not have. another big story tonight russia's foreign ministers claim the international chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w.
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may have misidentified the type of nerve agent used against the script poles and souls last month and the reports. key information may have been a metes by the u.n. chemical watchdog from its analysis on the agent used in the poison attack against the script of the house according to moscow findings from a designated laboratory used by the a.p.c. w. allegedly show another agent a toxin called bs that during the a.p.c. ws investigation samples were given to four labs for an independent study and it's now claimed one in switzerland found traces of the substance the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is questioning why the presence of base that wasn't mentioned eventually go to the border. is more consistent with the use of the poisonous substance be said none of these facts and nothing at all about these that was mentioned in the final report which was presented to its executive board we request that the a p c w explain why such information and the conclusion of this
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because laboratory was emitted from the final report the talks in bees has extremely harmful side effects include confusion led fission and the loss of motor function this can happen an hour after exposure with severe symptoms lasting up to forty eight hours the toxin was festival that by the us army back in the fifty's and official say it was never produced in russia or the safety at union instead of including these findings by the swiss up the u.n. chemical watchdog focused on confirming the u.k.'s analysis this tape has prompted many questions from russia with the foreign ministry stressing up to twenty other countries could have produced the notorious novacek chemists have also questioned the potency of now we talk saying the consequent his could have been much worse for the victims but having symptoms that for those in minutes if it gets in the skin symptoms and can take from minutes. to be very toxic highly toxic
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five to a dime's more toxic than the x. which is already very very toxic so small amounts. should have killed. for sure but again it's very difficult to assess and evaluate this kind of question before knowing exactly how the product was delivered script powell has since been discharged from hospital but a father still remains that now in a stable condition moscow has repeatedly are slanted for joint investigation and after a series of specific questions about the case they have been refused but with new findings beginning to surface and many questions still unanswered the case continues to unfold tonight i spoke to a former u.n. inspector in iraq chemicals weapons specialist dr king and he said the more details come to light about the scruple investigation the more questions are raised about the account i believe that the u.k.
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made a mistake. by releasing these detailed report to the other state parties to the convention why because the more information is released the more questions will be to i believe that russia so that detailed report lured from their report that swiss laboratory. identified. for a chemical agent in the samples brought from salisbury the death from bees that. is quite rare the lethal dose is very high but at the same time the bees it actually affects the nerve system of a human body not the state's. agents from nine hundred sixty two and one hundred sixty five because it russia didn't have busy. in its arsenals.
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that's the news bulletin so far i'm kevin now in thanks for watching this update just a quick reminder to keep all the overnight developments from syria if anything more comes in and reaction to it and rather cations to run the world. com the next live update for me here in moscow is in thirty four minutes time. world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the page but how would you and you'll see all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody
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gets passed to you we need you to get down going let's go. along. and i'm really happy to join the fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia needs the special one come on top of. me to just say the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger than a better jersey. i magine or times in his demonstrators march ten months to the day of a catastrophe when the poorest of one of the world's richest communities on earth burn to death in london we speak to hip hop artist low key who saw the grunfeld tower disaster firsthand but before that here is an excerpt from his song ghosts of
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grunfeld featuring michael he'll deny our eyes changed. loose the way love was me. in a flash. where memories drown the fumes of poison. in the imagination of children. in the sky. where both the extraordinary and the monday. become ever. oh you political. well joining me now is loki ok thanks for coming on going underground i got to say a lot of the world even mainstream media talking about the threat of world war three will get on to any imperialism in the second half of this show but why is today's march so important when it comes to addressing the political class and
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corporate power well i think the massively significant thing about the march is that it has spread to bristol it spread to liverpool you have people in manchester also doing it you have people in ireland now apparently doing it obviously the message today from some of the southampton where they will be doing it the point is is that there is a confluence of three issues which cause the grenfell fire and these three issues actually relate to why white sectors of society it's not simply something that can be atomizing place specific at the doorstep of one single thing it's kind of the prayer the end result the tangible end result of a kind of incremental and a traditional form of violence that was pursued following the eighty's when thatcher took what were three hundred plus pages of building regulations and replaced them with around twenty plus pages now it has been a kind of by bipartisan orthodoxy of neo liberal net politics and what we're seeing is you know in the silent march a form of peace for. resistance and rebellion against that war so when we look at
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that period in the thatcher era when you had this gradual weakening of building regulations what it led to is it led to the period where john prescott basically approached as deputy exactly in two thousand and three approach something called approved document b. which was in the building regulations at that time and that opened the space for something called desktop studies number one but also the ability for construction come. needs to interpret the rules and cladding to be of class oh rather than of limited combustibility which is the classification which the government following the grant for fire claimed you know you had philip hammond come out four days after with an andrew marr and say this is banned in this country you had in the twenty second of june the government come out and say all clothing should be limited combustibility rather than zero now let's take into account that in scotland following the gun fire you know in two thousand and ten.


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