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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 16, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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threaten your reputation but in times of means that always to divert attention then sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you on t.v. if the president and france and the u.k. decide to strike syria don't you think that story would be a bigger story than khomeini's book gets released on tuesday. a short time ago are you ordered to launch precision strikes or targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of syrian dictator for sure. it can be so effective few people will actually see through it but i want to say this raid is meant to distract from his other problems but it's called operation desert storm e. president trump ailed the missile strike in syria is perfectly executed but it could be argued this was instead perfectly timed and it's worked for him before the media branded trump as russia's puppet shaking off
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reputation calls for trusted measures and fifty nine tomahawk cruise missiles launched at a syrian air force base to just pass in the time he gave his popularity of boost but also a big pat on the back from the media we see these beautiful pictures at night i am tempted to quote the great leonard cohen i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons what changed last night i think. became president of the united states i think this was actually a big moment president trump isn't the fess to employ such tactics in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight bill clinton's decision to bomb iraq coincided with him facing impeachment at the time this sort of a shadow of him lying and oath in relation to the monica lewinsky affair. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. miss lewinsky to strike military and security targets in iraq they are joint. british forces their mission is to attack
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iraq's nuclear chemical and biological weapons programs saddam hussein must not be allowed to threaten this neighbors are the world with nuclear arms poison gas or biological weapons now any aircraft fire everywhere i remember. he can forget the actual operation desert storm north by president george h.w. bush when the economy in recession the gulf war based as his approval ratings i have therefore directed to reject the iraqi army from kuwait. which. is president i can report to the nation aggression is defeated the war is over. you don't have to know that to fall back in history to see world leaders employing distraction tactics so i ask us how this question what would dominate an international media narrative the possibility of
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a global war or the domestic troubles of a western country you want me to produce your war not a war it's a pageant we need to think. some visuals we need to know it's a pageant well to ask how the media affects trump's decisions as to how water affects of fish truck lives and breathes by media ratings approval there is a long tradition of the president's domestic political trouble using international crises to distract the public and certainly the minimum you have to be on the side of military action so in terms of the attack on the syria that we saw over the weekend it does seem to distract to give the president something to talk about other than stormy daniels and the other issues that he's contending with after the the rifling of his personal lawyers offices even veteran rock
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musicians are weighing in the strikes against syria have been condemned by the former lead singer of pink floyd roger waters doing a concert in boston. if we would this is the proper congress the boy and others we would be encouraged to encourage our government is to go on so something so serious . in the state of mark you think for. roger waters head out to the white house it's group calling it a fake organization he added that it exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists the white house mates were the first to report on the alleged chemical attack in eastern guta although it's been widely praised in the west for its rescue work its members have repeatedly been accused of having links to extremist groups. in. other news now italian journalist paolo baron mattie's says he fears for his life after receiving death threats from a number of mapi a clans in his country just last week italian investigators say they obtained
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a phone conversation between two crime bosses in it one of them allegedly tells the other to murder the reporter always. leave the. euro. but a mess he is now in the round the clock police protection from military police known as the cut of the neary the journalist says the crime boss is wanted dead because he runs a website detailing their activities he told us what it's like to be on the map he has had left. first i received warnings then letters containing bullets and then anonymous phone calls then one day i was attacked i was assaulted by two hooded men and since then i've had an injured shoulder so. i've now been living under the protection of a caribbean area for four years i have launched fourteen criminal cases against almost thirty mafia bosses these mafia bosses tried to kill me anyway and managed
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to save myself from an attack thanks to the skill of the carabineers. i know that at the moment there are five mafia clans the woman i live with five men five caribou near you follow me day and night i live far from my family for my loved ones these five carabineers the first people i see in the morning and the last i see at night before i'm left alone with my conscience. says his investigative work has revealed how mafia influence and activity is changing. many journalists do not publish names or photos of mafia bosses many of my colleagues do not do investigative journalism i do i publish names and surnames i publish photos and above all i try to follow their business schemes their money this is a business worth billions not millions we're talking about billions of euros the journalist has a fundamental role telling the truth talking to people and doing investigative journalism. i don't have all been saddled with all of the mafia was defeated the
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bombings were over because arrests were made we did not understand the mafia was radically changing it infiltrated the state and public bodies something of the matter is just an italian problem but unfortunately that's not true the mafia has spread from italy to europe in the world of political power play in a former soviet republic has led to furious protests and the attempt to storm parliament the details on that when we come back. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars.
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china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only. u.s. led attack on syria is a gross violation of international law furthermore western public still have not been presented with evidence the syrian government used any chemical weapons a new phase of the syrian proxy war is need go sleeping opened up another war of choice. welcome back clashes have broken out in the small former soviet republic of armenia where there have been four days of mass protests ahead of the longtime former president being sworn in as prime minister on tuesday police reportedly used tear
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gas and stun grenades against opposition activists as they marched on and tried to storm the parliament building several people are said to have been injured the rest has its roots in a twenty fifteen constitutional referendum which saw the country switch to a parliamentary system and reduce the position of president to an essential ceremonial role the former leader who held office for nearly a decade had promised that he would not seek the job the prime minister position campaigners though say that he's broken that value in order to secure his grip on power surges sarkozy and party dominate parliament and he is the only nominee for prime minister. is outrage in germany after two rappers known for using anti semitic lyrics in their songs want to talk music prize the controversial lyrics include comparisons to auschwitz prisoners and hints at another holocaust despite that though the rappers won the best hip hop album prize in germany's top music awards last week their latest release has sold more than two hundred thousand copies after initially defending their decision organizers have since backtracked
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on top of that germany's foreign ministers called the award repugnant while a group of holocaust survivors have voiced their outrage as well political commentator and they are and says artist should not use freedom of expression as a free pass to say anything before freedom of expression is a blessing think we shouldn't restrict the freedom of the artist or dick creator to break any mold because this is how men kind progresses but having said this there are a few sacra thinks we should be kept. and of course for israelis or. all over and for people of conscience regardless of their faith or national know that the holocaust should be broached in such. a cheap manner. and
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a little over eight weeks football showpiece told one gets underway here in russia and dissipate is growing in the eleven host cities readying for the fee for world cup with preparations entering the final stage also preparing for the tournament. he will be the first russian referee to officiate at the world cup in twelve years he's been speaking to us about the excitement of getting involved in the competition on home soil. those are pretty good i can't even describe my emotions because the shortlist process started four years ago and it's been a long wait for us so when we found out our brigade had been chosen it was just tiredness and relief how you would feel after finishing a very difficult task. as a rule at tournaments like this one your second wind kicks in and there are no thoughts that millions of people are watching and if you're thinking about it then you will definitely fail our work is to walk out and get into the zone.
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search this for years and it all starts when you get inside football like it was a referee or should players start to probe you especially young ones checking how you behave in certain moments if you position yourself in the right way you won't have any problems during the game and we've got our own star studded lineup for all things football this summer peter schmeichel stan collymore and to say marino on the r.t. team piece has already been checking out the host cities for you his latest stop is about seven hundred kilometers east of moscow and surrounds it. traveling around us or this one someone. slips in.
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this is worth a look. for. and my son plays for the birds so. this is where the world cup starts. check out more of peter's trips around the house it is for the world cup in russia online altie dot com is where you can find photos that's it from us for now your next global news updates from the international is in about thirty eight minutes i'll see about.
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that guys are financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert is it quite easily. to keep in mind no as if i'm into a place in a large geyser or. seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me. yet to say power. disdains you can stick to it and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the beach . and do a great game. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there let's go. along. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one i was also appreciated me to say the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger. look. i'm
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action or attention we're going underground as minority u.k. leader tereza made bombs targets just hours before the o.p.c. w. goes into syria did in fact to assess british culpability for the alleged chemical attack in duma we look at the wider issues coming up in the show. president assad victorious against the islamists who would wish to do nato capitals home under attack for alleged w m d can you gave minority government leader to raise them a really take britain to war and u.s. veteran and virginia state senator dick black tells us why a u.s. attack on syria is the wrong thing to do plus with the more threats of war from washington a variation on what einstein said about not knowing which weapons would be used in world war three but that world will fall will be fought with sticks and stones. we
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investigate lethal autonomous weapons all the support of other delays episode of going underground but first to more of the united nations security council receives a briefing on british backed fighting in the poorest country in the middle east yemen where the u.k. arms and trains war plane pilots allegedly threatening twenty million people in a conflict that has killed thousands of me recently lobby to sell even more killing machines to saudi arabia which is bombing the children of yemen the two countries have moved a step closer towards completing a multi billion euros arms deal they've signed a letter of intent to finalize talks on an order for forty eight typhoon planes. systems typhoons that are being vigorously marketed by the u.k. typhoon is the proven multiple aircraft in service the current generation of fighter aircraft in service with five air forces across europe and nato it really
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is the backbone of european and nato air power not that the use of nato air power always kills every child in airstrikes on yemen or any lot of. the. southerners one of the months i was one. and i would never going to penicillin. because. my level on it. was so bad it was always in of the but desirable and. it was some of that. but how many in britain will survive asymmetric warfare for british islam is returning from their failures in syria and if donald trump's reaction to a russian diplomat threatening to factor retaliation against u.k. and u.s.
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military assets in the mediterranean. now back to this. if you have taken the advice we've been giving you recently you will by now have chosen your fallout room and gathered your materials in a refuge. the time has now come to make everything ready for you and your family in case some air attack happens joining me now to talk about being prepared for the consequences of any usa russia war is when editor in chief of royal your thanks out of coming back on let's just start with whether chemical weapons allegations have become the political weapon of choice for western or to excuse western expansionism if you remember saddam hussein used chemical weapons he wasn't an american and the british side of that time nobody said a single word about him so it tells you it is a political weapon the use it against the people who are against them but if you
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are in their camp you are immune from this political weapon and that is what is happening in syria now look at they are accusing. of using this why should he use it for example he is actually he was winning the war there. all the armed militias are leaving because donald trump is very unpopular in a european nations but arguably could he actually be being very clever here trying to triangulate between his base that voted him in as a ardent peacenik who didn't want western interventions and people like john bolton there is national security advisor in the so-called deep states that is part of makes a lot of money out of wars i see it differently i believe he lost the plot in syria he is defeated completely this man actually talking. through his
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calculus. his calculator. and judging from you know the profit and losses so this is this is how he actually behave and how he runs his policies you remember he received that chinese president about three months ago or four months ago as a hero and he was praising him and praising his government praising his country for doing trades with the united states now you know he changed the whole thing he is he wants to impose about a hundred billion doxes on the jail in china made a degree of concession isn't this is big got of the deal making talk whether it be on trade whether it be on all out war in the middle east you know the chinese are very wise and they are very clever they know he is like a raging bull and they don't want actually to enter a trade war with the biggest customer. talking about chinese export it's
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the love of the american working class is arguably the would want to get back then maybe to britain and britain strange role in here do you think britain is stoking this conflict up in the u.k. of course being a key backer of the white helmet linked to islamists in syria we know those people are part of the armed groups in syria and there are financed by by the west in a way or another. for britain actually to go. bang the drums of war i think this is very serious but we haven't forgotten the laws of mass destruction in iraq we haven't forgotten also other lies about using chemical weapons in syria it is you know we need proof ok this country is supposed to be an actual country so almost literally in the us and the third world that look you have to be rational
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you have to look for proof you have to document. document your your evidence and before your issuing any judgment the same thing about the poisoning of this russian agent russian spike or decision agent. ok so look what happened in his daughter is she was actually cleared from any any problems health problems and she's safe and he's probably saying without even this man being killed by this poison you know they kicked out one hundred and fifty russian diplomats so this is this rational diplomatic boost for example without evidence even without listening to the british which said clearly that this this this nerves guys is not coming from russia there are sixteen countries and the word who produce these kind of poison so i don't know there is
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a me i believe i believe actually is committing a grave mistake she is a problem because of bricks that definitely she would like to the nation from her internal problems and she didn't go to the parliament actually to consult with them about her moves whether toward peace or war. this week but it is just i mean without getting too conspiratorial and i'm sure the government does deny this is a means to distract the public away from bragg's and there are british islam is the rebel groups in syria. many of whom may wish to do us harm here in this country what this at least stop them from coming to this country of the war is for devil in syria you know in the beginning of the crisis in syria who supported the table who encouraged the british to go and fight muslim british to go and fight in syria it was they did come in and it was sad to see you know they encouraged them to go there and actually they knew they were financed by you know. countries like saudi
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arabia like who are very close to with. in this crisis adopting the. aim of this you know. to topple bashar assad from his presidential palace so we know that so definitely those people now there is a mix if it did not actually disappear completely ok may be the or isis was defeated over the ground but now they are going underground and with the. american splitting in the middle east they could come back any time you could come back syria could come back in iraq come back they are already there in libya they are already in afghanistan so who created this crisis because the west actually they want to topple assad on the double qaddafi they want to topple ali abdullah saleh in yemen so they created failed states and instability in the whole of the middle east as british foreign policy become really
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a jug of saudi and israeli foreign policy i put if yes i believe you know the foreign policy of britain is many pleated by the israeli first by the money of the gulf states to be honest it's it is to create havoc instability in the middle east so they can actually milk these weaker or weak seats in the gulf region in particular who are fully dependent on the west for protection when president said we must actually be paid for the protection of those people we are protecting them they cannot survive for weeks without us. of course with syria as you said as of won the war no matter what happens even against the usa four hundred units or whatever is that the death throes of the these kinds of nato powers doing this in the middle east because they're getting
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some observers being seen as a critically. desperate as they cope with their own about relations obviously austerity and. their western economic crisis i believe even the american will lose and they will be in trouble there are two thousand american troops in syria and there are six thousand troops in iraq itself there are a lot of signs of a lot of reports that they will be work for or against these troops in syria and iraq. but who will lay at the foreign minister advisor of the ground. of iran the grand ayatollah he was in syria and he said clearly that we are going to fight the american troops on syria and iraq and also he said clearly we are going to actually recapture it clip which is the biggest city in the north west of syria we are going to capture it and bring it to the syrian sovereign
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government so this is this is how the situation is the even open now and i believe . prison time said we are supposed to pull out all our troops from syria i believe he was correct he was rational here for the first time because if they stay there they will face the guerrilla war the same thing be did when the occupied iraq. thank you after the break. we asked us veteran and virginia state senator dick black what has got into donald trump such a vocal opponent of war on syria before he became president and how easy would it be for peace activists to hack fully autonomous nato killing machines now being prepared for the battlefields all of the twenty first century old of them all coming over but two of going underground.
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four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done and there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. if
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. you. will.


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