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as for me you can't pass as a libya live without international pressure. thank you next on your screens you're seeing here video from the weekend of british and french fighter jets taking off and landing from their bases in the early hours of saturday as they joined the u.s. led attack on syria cruise missiles were also launched from the mediterranean. the military action is put french president emmanuel mccrone under pressure in the french parliament shall do bensky picks up that side of the story from paris. well the debate was called in the french national assembly following the decision by france to stand alongside the usa and the u.k. and all strikes in syria over the weekend well there were many voices heard in that debate many of them congratulating the military on their operation but they were fiercely critical that the operation had taken place at all and that much corn had approved it without any parliamentary approval here in france now there are also
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questions raised about the evidence that was presented by france as to the reasons that they believed that chemical weapons had been used by assad's people questioning whether it was right to use evidence based on social media there were also questions raised about the legality of the strike so many people saying that without a u.n. mandate how could they be legal others questioning why the european union community was not also involved in the decision to take part in those strikes let's take a flavor now of some of the other statements made in the national assembly. of france has acted without a little part as from the european union allow me to ask you prime minister did you are now ready why so we have an answer from the european union to take part in this is rice good morning chemical weapons facilities in syria. yes can you confirm that all the countries you contacted we refuse to take part in the operation carried out
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by france and its allies if the answer is now why did you think that it was better not to involve our european partners. intervene through without any particular goal and what happened after he has demonstrated that. these strikes demonstrate the irresponsible behavior of the three global powers that yet again gave into the temptation to play the role of world's policeman which is more than ever obsolete inefficient and hazardous that. to his friends want to ignore international law and blindly follow the united states bill clinton attacked yugoslavia by blindly violating international law george bush did the same in iraq and barack obama in libya and syria it seems the evidence that made france decide to carry out strikes against syria is partly based on information from social media. well that debate came after an interview. given to french television on sunday night in which he had
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touched on his relationship with donald trump and he said that he was able to persuade the president of the united states to remain in syria despite a statement from trump just a week ago saying that he wanted to pull out troops as soon as possible. ten days ago president trump was saying the united states of america had a duty to disengage from syria surely we have convinced them that it is necessary to stay for the long term. well that claim by president he's able to persuade donald trump to keep troops on the ground has been down played up by the white house spokesperson sara sanders he said that the u.s. operation in syria has not changed and that the president still wants troops to leave the country as soon as possible. ati pirates get a view on the french motives here why president mccrone did what he did maybe why shouldn't of nuclear america which is a political analyst hey there thank you for your time again like. trees and he went
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ahead without consulting parliament he was very confident or foolhardy which do you think. oh i think both i mean she doesn't have to go the french constitution doesn't make it an obligation to go in for the party even if though it's a good to protection of french democratic rules would have wanted him to do so i think he just wanted to follow trump and found in theresa may and especially in a man no matter off on that for this for this mission and he went he was one hundred percent go for it and then you can speak around speak with the french. parliament members about this mr soz and he thinks that he's the boss and don't forget that in france there are people his nickname is jupiter some sort of god who can do whatever he wants without referring to the french or the french population we just had all of the miles of for me come past as a libya on the program saying that anyway whatever despite what treason may and mr trump has done and the french president it was illegal anyway according to the u.n.
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charter. definitely you know you go this is i think this dangerous interpretation of the u.n. charter saying that a nation can go and attack a sovereign state just because it thinks that maybe it has not respected international law concerning chemical weapons how far can we go this is a pandemonium that the box of pandora has been opened once again and once again the west shows that it is above international law and as we've said just as they say this is what members of nato have already done in x. yugoslavia in kosovo in libya in afghanistan and with which results none of these countries today have i would say western type democracy there are and are unfortunately plagued with radical islam all these countries from playing with radical islam and it just shows that if any country has a lot of problems and not many can wish for so this means that international laws and international agreements and the un charter no longer stands for anything yeah
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and the public opinion doesn't seem to share either it seems for mr mccrone or to raise a million either had to take it to parliament they still went ahead with it but it seems certainly in britain at least according to the polls that the majority of the public were not for going in as she did at the weekend i think it's pretty similar in france as well don't these people want to listen to the electorate anymore do you think. well i mean this is quite scary because it seems they don't want to with the macro is heading toward some very difficult times now in france there isn't a major train worker strike going on tomorrow air france is going on strike universities are closed actually many universities because of student strikes and. this is something which is very unpopular don't forget that france traditionally at least until now closer because the on the that and the right did not knight too much nato did not want to be the need of washington in all the sentencing manual macro rushed into this war behind donald trump six trillion lou and his coming in
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very bad timing for him so either he does not realize how much he is away from the preoccupations of the french today or just shows that he thinks that he truly is jupiter sort of god and he can do whatever he wants and he's going to get away with it all he's letting them should. he's the one that said he had categoric proof of what's alleged to have happened in syria and his approval rating is indeed as you saying above fall in the below fifty percent of the moment that's low for him maybe shoney's the tough man to do this i was hoping to maybe a boost public opinion to think. well he's close trying to boost public opinion but it's backfiring i mean and i defy anybody watching the program now to look at the truth emanuel macro's talking about it's a joke but talking about. social media videos on specialized web sites have you ever heard of specialized websites on chemical assaults they're talking about can she couldn't and this is the syria already used chemical weapons cache when james
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mattis the u.s. secretary of defense said a couple months ago that the u.s. had no proof that syria would to catacomb so this is a joke i think he just wants to show that you have some sort of rule i do not internationals you know he doesn't he's playing a cowboy don't forget this person was eight months ago was a banker a russian banker now he's all of a sudden president of france he has no knowledge whatsoever of diplomacy no knowledge whatsoever of politics just too happy to be in the limelight acting as dark times dark and he's going to get away with it and i think it's going to backfire on him because the reality of french politics is much tougher i think that being a rock show backer all right well with that thought we'll leave it now from early on paris france nicholas mirka vigil political analyst thank you very much for your thoughts tonight well back on the ground in syria inspectors from the global chemical weapons watchdog p c w are there to investigate the alleged chemical attack can do and they haven't yet reached their destination in that city though because asians says there are still security issues as has been described that need
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to be addressed before as experts head to the site but even before any conclusions have been drawn the u.s. envoy to the o.p.c. w. says quote rush it might have tampered with the attack site that's according to a state detained by the reuters news agency russia's foreign ministry denied those allegations. and you can see russia has not tampered with them yes i can guarantee but before you before you're not it's like it's like. it's absolutely the same as was the logic of the resume on solsbury that's of course is it a lover of foreign minister for russia giving an in-depth interview to the b.b.c. which brought up a number of key issues. the reason channel existing between the russian and the united states military. both between the good patrols and on the ground in syria and i believe the military discussed and
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continue to discuss this and other things very professionally and they understand the charter and they understand maybe better than anyone else that the danger of this kind of adventure. i'm not in the guessing business what i know is that the way one sometime ago the three western countries who are leading this this crazy campaign said eve us of the uses chemical weapons then we would use force you know i believe that was a signal to the bad guys including about helmets to stage a provocation now after they struck on the fourteenth of april they say again if you do this again we would use force again this is another invitation to the opposition to the extremists those resume fighting which they did already. there would be consequences we lose basically the
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last remnants of trust the western friends who prefer to operate on the basis of very. weird logic. proof isn't the punishment they've punished first leg they didn't souls very then they wait for scotland yard to finalize the investigation they punish thirst in duma in syria and then they wait for the inspectors so for peace of w to visit the place and to inspect. do you feel you're in a new cold war well i think it's worse and worse because during the cold war there what channels of communication and there was not there as was not obsession that is a reason for beer which looks like you know genocide by sanctions. you have hard talk you know we want hard facts and highly likely it is really
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ridiculous and the policies of western france sorry when you say highly likely you mean the assessment that chemical weapons were used in duma by the assad government forces no i said i said highly likely as a new invention of the british diplomacy to describe why they punish people because these people are highly likely guilty like in the you know in the us and bungle and lewis carroll when he described the trial and when they discovered that the jury could be in gauged and the king said let's let's us the jury and the queen shouted no jury sentence sourced verdict afterwards that's that's the logical for highly likely sergey lavrov even veteran rock musicians to be weighing into same's the strikes against syria have been condemned now by the former lead singer
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of pink floyd roger waters during a concert at barcelona. if we would this is the proper congress the white commits and others we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to grow and stop dropping bombs on syria i pay haiti this be the state mark you meant for. roger waters hit out of the white helmets group calling it a fake organization he added that it exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists the white helmets for the first to report instantly on the alleged chemical attack in eastern guta although it's been widely praised for the work in the west that it does its rescue work its members have repeatedly been accused of having links to extremist groups or. elsewhere now your italian journalist paolo berra met says he fears for his life after receiving death threats from a number of math clans last week italian investigators say they obtained a phone conversation between two crime bosses in it one of them allegedly tells the
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other to murder the reporter. or with. the. local. bar met his no under round the clock protection from military police known as carbon ery the journalist says the crime bosses want him dead because he runs a website detailing their activities he told us what it's like to be on the mafia hit list. first i received warnings then letters containing bullets and then anonymous phone calls then one day i was attacked i was assaulted by two hooded man since then i've had an injured shoulder so. i have now been living under the protection of a car in the area where for years i have launched fourteen criminal cases against almost all to matthew bosses people since tried to kill me. i managed to save
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myself from an attack thanks to the skill of the carabineers. i know that there are five mafia clans on which i live with i believe that you will find caribbean here you follow me tonight you want to look after my family and my loved ones you describe carabineers me when i want to go and the last i see for him let alone my conscience. paolo says is a verse to give workers reveal how mafia influence and i to vittie is changing of late. many journalists do not publish names or photos of mafia bosses many of my colleagues do not do investigative journalism i do i publish names and surname i publish photos and above all i try to follow their business schemes money this is a business worth billions not millions we're talking about billions of euros religionist has a fundamental role in telling the truth talking to people and doing investigative journalism that. i don't have all been saddled with or the mafia was defeated
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we thought this because the bombings were over because arrests were made we did not understand the mafia that was radically changing that it infiltrated the state and public body is something of the matter is just an italian problem but unfortunately that's not true the mafia has spread from italy to europe and the world. track another news story for you clashes have broken out in the small former soviet republic of armenia where there's been four days of mass protests now ahead of a longtime former president being sworn in as prime minister on tuesday police reportedly used tear gas and stun grenades against opposition activists as they marched on and indeed tried to storm the parliament building several people are said to been injured the unrest has its roots back in a twenty fifteen constitutional referendum which saw the country switch to a parliamentary system and reduced the position of president to essentially a ceremonial role while the former leader who had held office for nearly a decade had promised he wouldn't seek the job of prime minister now but opposition
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campaigners say in fact he's broken that in order to secure his grip on power surge circassians party dominates parliament still and he's the only nominee for prime minister. in germany. outrage after two rappers known for using anti semitic lyrics in their songs won a top music prize there the controversial lyrics include comparisons to auschwitz prisoners and hence another holocaust despite that the rappers won the best hip hop album prize in germany's top music awards la. last week the latest release in fact sold more than two hundred thousand copies after initially defending the decision organizers now have backtracked germany's foreign minister has called this award repugnant while the group of holocaust survivors a voice that outrage political commentator oren told us artist should not use freedom of speech as a free pass to say anything. of course freedom of expression is a blessing i think we shouldn't restrict the freedom of
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the artist or dick creator to break any. law because this is how men kind of progress us but having said this there are a few sacra things we should be. and of course for israelis or for jews all over and for people of conscience regardless of their faith or nationality the holocaust shouldn't be broached in such. a cheap manner. in little over eight weeks football's showpiece told month finally gets underway here in russia anticipation is growing in the eleven host cities readying for that huge fifa world cup with preparations of course now entering the final stage and also preparing for the tournament is surrogate carrousel field be the first russian referee to officiate at the world
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cup in twelve years he spoke to us about the excitement of being involved in the competition on home soil. i can't even describe my emotions because the shortlist process started four years ago and it's been a long wait for us this year so when we found out our brigade had been chosen it was just tiredness and relief how you would feel after finishing a very difficult task. as a rule at tournaments like this one your second wind kicks in and there are no thoughts that millions of people are watching and if you are thinking about it then you will definitely fail you are for work is to walk out and get into the. trenches for years and it all starts when you get inside football referee players start to probe you especially young ones checking how you behave in certain. if you position yourself in the right way you won't have any. problem she is watching you
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and of course as you probably already know we've got our own star studded lineup for you for all things football this summer we've got peter schmeichel stan collymore shows a marine yo all on the r.t.t. peter's already been out checking on the host cities for you in fact his latest destinations about seven hundred kilometers east of moscow here it's a place called surrounds. traveling over. this farm and someone. says. this is where it. was for. us for the city. this is where the world cup starts.
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keep in touch with all the news and the big build up to the world cup on our site r.t. dot com and across all our social media for now in the newsroom q moscow is kevin owen saying thanks for watching this update i'm back with more in twenty nine minutes time. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending to get the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else
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not to be true so i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so will more chance with. and thinks it's going to. american sanctions would be damaging but i mean is this just us is a fair business all of us or would use a country like a dish you buy a book and when it thinks it doesn't need it anymore it just costs the way i think it's it's not immoral. this. is so you
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a was there do you think because steve was a you forgot was there it was no six was he said that was there. was or was it when it was out there was that was there was every week was she was. already was that but that was when view my answer was. that that she was. maybe. it was it. was but that was that was a few days a week and i was loose and lose a good some of the love. that was. when the us is
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a little tight with those other people voting for bush or for the high level buyable they are you mom way about it involved with you make a number and uplifting them look what i will fix for the week to move was illegal in the because when i said if i'm about to. throw the switch the message in the form of a asa get me behind me get my leg from my past so i mean looking you know boston where your future more on the civil and buckle that some of them are and they're all i mean to some of you of nothing more i mean. as if i don't love my fellow dr ablow plan i'm not. i'm loving dumping them myself or. working at the bar to be. like and when did i ask you something like but really i do think yes it was funny but i only know that
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over an hour maybe as. many as a journalist i don't know when i'm getting seen. writing it will i think working at the bar. when they meet me away so it helps me i'm you know when you get twenty pregnant to marry and you know pregnant. i stopped recording with them oh well as there was something that you know thing at the time before. that i was this well i'm going into this i was i being in a little money in five. you know and all have a nice time but when i signed you know. jennifer gave birth to marianne after sleeping with a german customer a year later she met a local filipino guy. they are married but have now lived together for nine years he was. a long time. mom the. president really.
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the only asian mom with. a month in the front and about i can ok let me. know. and i got hundreds of them all koreans. for like. you know i'm. looking up with no doubt it was awful it will go. well i'm going to go in. the month of the. united. i'm. not and you're. not in the band oh i know don. fat boy was made on long i mean from us some. of us in a scuffle and balance made sound i mean that was i mean you and i are doing almost
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a bow and i was lying i. will. then hand the. whole thing feed they then say what you have to do if. you are. very. close eleven forty eight. to get. a good feeling right you know try. here for further sleep and you know i'm exhausted we're young you see. or. it's inspiring for me which is later. in. the. pack but there it is there we all nighters this
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at seven am baby. or whatever or you never really very sweet art. your. thank you for the record right. now. i don't people here very. very. maybe but i have my own good view there may be. right. i have boyfriend his name is shine. but i don't think these i found us those because i would know you by name and a mob as those you know that i'm old. and i mean i was on the building and i was still out on my meet them on the lawn yeah i was up was at no guy. so i was.


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