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all along the border one. manual mcclung faces backlash at the new parliament as the french president tries to justify saturday's bombing of syria british m.p.'s also by their fury has not been consulted over the u.k. french u.s. military strikes in the wake of syria's alleged chemical attack and. members of this house seem top of the same foreign policy of this country the president trump . and raising questions on the reported chemical attack in syria it is muddying the waters and spreading the russian conspiracy theories just some of the claims as british media launched savage attacks on voices of dissent. and also this hour should robots have rights while as experts called the e.u. not to grant machines legal status we debate the issue with lost first.
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this is our to international coming to you live from moscow with me thanks for tuning in this hour. to resume a and a manual mccrone have come under heavy criticism from british and the e.u. lawmakers the u.k. and french leaders were defending their decision not to consult their national parliaments before bombing syria on saturday. these are members of the european parliament during president mccrone speech there a large group called signs calling to stop the military strikes on syria the director has been following the key development provinces in mali on micron qasr theresa may a facing a pretty tough time retrospectively in trying to justify the airstrikes that they carried out in syria over the weekend here's how the european parliament members met with macross and you can see that they were protesting against the action taken
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in syria. three countries have been to be for the honor of the international community in a legitimate multilateral framework you know. determining. speech was a monumental political cynicism. that without any approval. of the polls a. chemical attack took place is controlled by radical islamists not jewish shop or you'd be this has been done already in iraq and libya why should we be serious to release and he has faced a major backlash domestically as well when he was grilled on monday by parliamentarians for not consulting them before those airstrikes were carried out these strikes demonstrate the irresponsible behavior of the three global powers that yet again gave into the temptation to play the role of world's policeman. the
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u.k.'s prime minister has also faced a greater parliamentary is led by the opposition leader jeremy corbyn that was a bit of table tennis it went on for over eight hours on day one and pretty similar day to parliament should have an absolute minimum in trying to in law the opportunity to ask questions with full the government can order planned military action but that does not mean. it is always appropriate the executive must be the servant of parliament not all the members of this house seem to have less say in foreign policy of this country than president. in this house any. government take instructions for any president. the u.k. the u.s. and france decided to carry out as strikes in duma in syria based on the alleged
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chemical weapons attack that they did this before an investigation was completed the any known official sources that we've seen circulating around as video footage taken by the white helmets. and syria have said that inspection they have not so fall found any evidence of chemical weapons that. a fact finding mission in syria's duma by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons is to start work on wednesday that's according to a russian defense ministry official the watchdog says there are security issues that need to be addressed before its experts can head to the site of the alleged attack meanwhile many britons also oppose the rush to military action a poll by the mail on sunday newspaper found most condemn me for her decision to bypass the house of commons vote we went on the streets of london to find out if people think parliament is being undermined. it was an emergency situation where there was no room for maneuver one hundred meters but this is not an urgent it
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could have waited one two days more at least i don't think it's something she should have made a decision based on how general principle going into war. i think in this particular instance it was in a war situation undermines rather than page you discuss it and now you're coming. back anyway are you doing much more consideration than anyone else know when it's important decisions like this everyone should have a say like how do you think parliament represent everybody they know that you actually discussing doing it then you just immediately this is not a constitutional. democracy as it used to stand on so everyone in power and yet i think she has experience to be on. the information war over syria has taken a vicious turn with dissenting voices now facing furious attacks from u.k. mainstream media. has the details there have been some in the u.k.
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who have said that the discussion around the u.k. has policy to syria in particularly in particular with regard to the recent strikes over the weekend how resembled something of a mccarthyite witch hunt in the mainstream media and the most prominent example there's been an article written in the times newspaper which has targeted a number of leading academics in the u.k. and accuse them of being apologists and other unfavorable epithets and one of the people pointed out or singled out in the times article is all day he works out so us university and during the course of article the times said that he had written a tweet calling you to question the account of previous chemical attacks this has since gone into it and shown that you never sent that the. and has demanded an apology from the times another example is tim hayward he's another academic here in
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the u.k. and he's been seen as being guilty of association because he's written for non line publication called twenty first century wire whose deputy editor has also come in for criticism by the times her name is vanessa beatty so all of these kind of examples showing that to stray from the dominant narrative all of the war in syria will lead you to being accused of being an ass that apology apologise that's been the criticism of some here in the u.k. and it's not just the print media we've seen an interview on the b.b.c. with. west nile he's an individual who is part of the military establishment not somebody who could have easily been dismissed as an asset apologist and he went on the b.b.c. and we can have a look now at that clip obvious interview which has been added to a bias here at r.t.
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to shorten it down but we can see the kind of tone of the discussion which has been going on what benefit is there for his military most of the rebel fighters this disparate group of islam has. withdrawn given that we're in an information war. with russia on so many fronts isn't there a danger that you're muddying the waters and there are those who say that this current environment again resembling somewhat of a witch hunt isn't conducive to free speech and to free investigation an inquiry over the events of not just the weekend but the past seven years of the u.k.'s policy towards syria and its support of the opposition groups there and that is leading many to question whether the u.k. will continue to make the same mistakes in the future. dr tara mccormick a lecturer in international politics at the u.k.'s leicester university told us
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what it was like to be one of the academics on the receiving end of the times attack. well i mean it's not ridiculous you know within the working group we have a range of different opinions. on international relations and so you know so. clearly i have tweeted very sayings about the alleged chemical attack and really the. fact that. actually. you know that sort of bizarre all attempts to. kill by association you know. it was so ridiculous that the day that britain american drone. strikes on syria. he went without them. in the face of popular opposition in the. back of the times front page double write page spread inside and the latest for you was
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attacking sort of four or five by the bunch of i mean. i think i think actually the time to finish this stuff in the front of it that it's just so proposed for the u.s. military action in syria has left many analysts questioning whether an early exit of american troops from the country is still on the table the white house insists its policy has not changed but as it goes down the explains it seems there's still room for maneuvering. mission accomplished more than a hundred missiles rained down on syria on donald trump's orders and now his message is clear a job well done except syria is in a reno where the world's major powers including the u.s. are pitched against each other wrestling for influence so what mission exactly strumpet talking about well the pentagon translated simply accuracy isn't actually impossible at this stage militarily to know whether that mission as described was
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accomplished last night's. operations were successful we met all of our objectives we hit all of our targets successfully russia says syria's soviet era air defense systems should down roughly seventy percent of the missiles fired while the us military stress their success but obliterating a few sites barely touches on washington's greater game plan and syria and when tasked with spelling out what does its overwhelmingly unclear american troops entered and gained a foothold in syria under the pretext of fighting eisel and now it is indeed difficult to see where exactly the us stands on that i am proud to report that the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory just recently held by these killers in iraq and in syria and in other locations as well we are in syria fight isis and that is our
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mission in the mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission so in a matter of a few months islamic state went from almost extinguished from the face of the earth back to a plausible threat and defeating isaw is one of america's more concrete missions the countries you and who for example indicated that cleansing syria of terrorists per se is a start but not the only thing being pursued we want to make sure that the end. fluence of iran doesn't take over the area and they continue to cause problems throughout the region and we want to make sure that there is a hold where the nikki haley likes it or not iran is a regional powerhouse and it won't go down easily if that is what america is off to here here syria is apparently adding to the list of conflicts the us has troops bogged down in but possibly the most ironic parts the above couldn't be further away from trump's own mission statement for syria just weeks ago i want to get out
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i want to bring the troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation critics have been on trump's back for a lack of a coherent plan on syria but it's a strategy that works wonders for keeping their food in the door indefinitely there's also been public condemnation in the u.s. with thousands riling across the country on sunday in protest against the syria bombings we spoke to two political commentators who are usually on the opposite sides of the debate about their thoughts on u.s. military action some from supporters are disappointed i have one of them i like the trumps position during the election but i think a lot of people on our political left and people like me on the right think we should not be the world's police any longer that was one of the issues and main points the trap made during the campaign you know nobody likes to ascribe to any president whatever their political party killing people using munitions like this just it's
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a distraction that's said i mean you can't deny that the walls are closing in on donald trump legally from the special prosecutor moeller from the united states attorney in new york with his lawyer cohen so do i think that down trump is that craven as to launch strikes to distract attention. no but the mere fact that it's a question that's troubling i would diminish that he has major issues as just described as a higher approval rating than did obama at this time in his presidency in some polls the economy that is not credible jobs are coming back in the economy's growing great yeah well that is it is true in america right now small businesses for the first time look at the decade are excited if you look at the average of all the polls there's one poll that's been consistently in donald trump's rescues and in his camp every other poll if you average them out he is at historic lows for any president since the advent of polling in the united states of america democrats their complaint is what's the broader plan you say mission accomplished mr
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president what's the mission they see this as not pursuant to any particular plan and on the right it seems inconsistent with the the promises the president made during the campaign to withdraw so as a result there's just not a big constituency in favor of what he's done mission accomplished was a popular phrase that turned very notorious with iraq and look at where we are now listen i i i find it interesting you have someone on the left and someone on the right politically in america here on r.t. and we sort of agree the worst case scenario is is assad gets toppled or killed and then we have another iraq for the next decade and then we really get engaged in a war because isis then overwhelms and takes over the country. let's not go live and discuss the us reasoning behind the raids with author and journalist max blumenthal blumenthal now max international investigators have arrived in duma to probe the alleged site of the chemical attack yet washington officials say they
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don't need to wait for the results at least according to the u.s. state department let's listen to a quick video here but we have our own intelligence and we have our own talents the o.p.c. of you is something that we back strongly but it can also take quite a bit of time for the o.p.c. tough you to gather its information and compile a report so i would ask. q should the united states and her allies wait around for bashar al assad to use more chemical substances honest people should we wait around for that formal investigation that could take months and months so there you have it we have our own intelligence what do you make of such a stance. well this is exactly what defense secretary jim matta said at a briefing several days ago where he didn't have solid intelligence on any chemical attack in duma what he did have were social media reports people saying stuff on the internet and who were those people the same people that state department spokes
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person heather now what's referring to there the syrian white helmets which has been funded to the tune of at least twenty three million dollars by the state department along with fifty five million dollars from the british foreign office along with the syrian american medical society also funded by the state department to the tune of about six million dollars a year so basically the state department's intelligence and the trump administration's intelligence is coming from sources that it funds sources who happen to function as to civil society arm of jaish al islam the sellafield jihadi insurgent group that was operating in doing. so this is you know actually scandalous that the u.s. has launched a strike based on insurgent tide social media sources that it funds rather than actual concrete evidence of course congress isn't going to debate this but it should be the stuff of a national scandal at the same time o.p.c. w.
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inspectors have already examined to suppose that chemical sites bombed by the coalition and they failed to find any point in the substance is there what do you make of that. yes seventy eight of the one hundred five missiles launched by the u.s. and its miniature coalition were launched at the bars a research facility on february twenty third of this year the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons issued a report based on its inspection of that site in november of last year and it determined that no chemical samples were found at the site in other words no sara no nerve gas no chlorine nothing it was determined to be a legitimate research scientific research facility under o.p.c. w. auspices and you know this really reminds me of the march one thousand nine hundred eight strike that president bill clinton carried out against al schieffer a pharmaceutical facility in sudan which he claimed falsely was
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a production center of nerve gas for osama bin laden it turned out it was making veterinary medicine which serviced over fifty percent of sudan and the destruction of that medicine supply lead to the spread of parasites to the rural population particularly children i suspect we could be finding something out similar in this case now the u.s. envoy to the u.n. warns that the pentagon is quote locked and loaded to strike syria again in case of chemical attacks do you think that we might see more reports of chemical attacks merging and do you think the u.s. will follow through with that threat. well you know there's enormous pressure here in washington on the trump administration to strike again to strike harder to strike assad's command and control facilities you know i hope this doesn't mean pressure to strike russian iranian installations because that would lead to a massive escalation that i think no one wants to see but the pressure is really there in washington in the beltway press corps in the think tank world and you know
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i'm not saying that this chemical attack or alleged attack in duma was a false flag but if it were the administration is sent a green light to the insurgents that any time they want to stage some sort of provocation the u.s. will follow suit and bomb and that's really the only way the insurgents can hope to find their way out of defeat so it's a very dangerous scenario in a dangerous signal that the u.s. is sending here quite a few questions still in there of what actually happened on saturday in syria journalist and author max blumenthal thank you so much for finding time to join us thanks for having me in the wake of the alleged chemical attack the trumpet ministration repeatedly promised to punish syria's ally russia with new sanctions however on monday it said they've been put on hold and he says that he has more in moscow's reaction to the latest developments. kremen spokesperson dimitri peskov has spoken out on the fresh set of sanctions set to be imposed on russia the
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president some bastard to the un nikki haley sent a strong message after the trumpet ministration repeatedly said it will play sanctions on russian companies thought to be assisting syria's chemical weapons program but president trump has shifted course and rejected for now the fresh set of sanctions dimitri peskov has said that he's not been surprised at such measures imposed on russia but this commented saying that these foreign policy practices russia simply can't agree with. the only legitimate sanctions implemented by the security council or in other words u.n. sanctions sanctions have been announced one hundred seventy four times and twentieth century amongst its own by the us this is the practice of u.s. foreign policy which we agree. these sanctions are a third option on their stuff to the u.s. led air strike in retaliation by the u.s. to this. attack in syria but it appears that tensions are now fair the mounting and
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the u.s. and the u.k. issued a joint warning on monday raised accusations that russian hackers are conducting cyber operations allegedly targeting governments and businesses as well as well as individuals homes and offices to be true prescott also responded to this saying that it was unclear what the basis of these accusations were in retaliation to this statement put out by the u.k. in the u.s. he says usually accusations are easily voiced but no one is willing to present real evidence here. all the protesters detained on the second day of government rallies in armenia have been freed by police the demonstrators were denouncing what they call a power grab by the former president who has just been appointed prime minister. was. sarkozy and became president in thousand two. stepping down this month at the end of his term however as the country recently switched from a presidential base system to
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a parliamentary one the opposition claims he is trying to cling to power by becoming prime minister the head of the opposition insists that people do not back parliament's domination of start seeing as pm a large rally against his appointment has ended but the opposition leader warns rallies will continue on wednesday. russia's security service has broken up a cell of suspected members who were said to be planning terrorist attacks in the rostov region a statement from the f.s.b. said the cell had been acting on instructions to carry out attacks from emissaries in syria three people were arrested at the scene of the group's leader blew himself up firearms improvised bombs and electronic devices were found at the scene. the rising problem of jihad is around the world are increasingly being blamed on prisons a report by the international center for the study of radicalization and political violence claims many terrorist plots have been drawn up behind bars it has tried to
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find find out whether this is the case also in russia. think.
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it's worth it bob shouts of the mail for you in the us who didn't like the phrase the genie didn't used up all the firsts any president said at least i'm fed up with what was good i'd eat more of the afloat and you think you're just a little because if you did. this last year the cause. of authentically the life of the phone calls. but smallman also include the goals of helpfulness from the focus of the team to get the food lost their job is to. evolve. and scale. has to. fit a little more. of the fear of god if somebody don't move on the screen will list on
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more commercial careful smoke it should be. cheaper in the coming months with this is no more. government was. supposed to research they. were. just told it was going. to. leave. the book for profit off of the books of the route that north. schools understood for the short. term of she's still remember the one so much a source for much more than. iraq might be but this will be let's you know.
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i guess it just feels like a regular small mosque doesn't feel like we're in prison and the people are very friendly oh you mean you deal with the problem most will there's a can is it that this is going to cause them to live with. the concept. of the history of the series from best moments that really didn't exist well thank you . in this prison mosque they've been trying to convince me that any radicalized muslim who ends up behind bars here gets rehabilitated very quickly. but if you win you money. will that you will. the colonial problem with states. when it. was well known. not to.
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be true to its. i don't know if it's i beseech with the thing with. to have me feeling. i mean the hoarseness i didn't. get a chance to go through with this is that i'm sure it's world i don't claim to danish name you can be sure that you need to click on talk to you did not she. shot over the twenty. most traditional progress not even in your day to day with any of those sometimes a few beers and some sort of we should fix this with you mr option just to use teacher unusual which with. a group of artificial intelligence experts has written an open letter to the
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european commission calling for robots never to be given legal status which would make them responsible for their own actions the rights issue sparked some concerns after a number of cases made headlines. thank you we've. at the best most fundamental way not just escape into these easy q my knees i'm
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almost like intelligent beings surely even then human that i might be but if they let him walk you know even i we have entered in. that we are entering a new good only zone and we can both seem like. you more when i last year european lawmakers passed a resolution to grant legal status to electronic persons that move is now being considered by the european commission politicians claim the change in status would make robots responsible for any damage they cause. again warns that in the robot error more attention needs to be given to the rights of humans. we should worry about. how we should evolve. the unique we interact with our own boat any day out of human beings or that it is ok but they don't know it terminated we know that they are not the.


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