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do you agree that if somebody's speech crosses the line into hatred inciting hatred or harris meant or is racist or sexist or id semitic do you agree that these people should be do you agree that these people should be prosecuted to the absolute maximum extent of the law and as against british an english values i believe in free speech including yours even though i don't agree with your opinion so some of what you're willing. to leave is really very very. you know i think you cross the line yes i do i think you should be prosecuted because of your opinion now i don't death threats are never acceptable never excuse your and are far worse than any mean word it's because words don't kill actions day and deaf rates can be carried out. now there are now less than two months before the curtain is raised on the world cup here in russia the tournament's host cities are preparing to welcome guests from all around the world legendary danish goalkeeper and host of our
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coverage british michael has spent the winter visiting all of those places this week is the turn of the city of samarra. come to some arena it looks a bit like a u.f.o. from the outside so who's going to be flying high is it going to be hundreds of the case when he takes columbia here all very hungry i assume lose two hours who returns to world cup action what else is going on. on peter schmeichel and i'm here to find out. the walking on a frozen river walk and people are kite surfing not really kite surfing it's kites
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knowing some people are having a little bit of. this is the peak winter playground and it's difficult to imagine that only in a few months this is going to be a place where people are sunbathing swimming watching football drinking beer and just having a good time in. america big claim to fame is a role that it played in the space program it's where everything was produced including the rockets not this one but a similar one that good guy and went into space as the first man ever on but they also make good clear here and i'll come back to that a bit later. i could never be an astronaut i'm simply too big to fit into the seat this guy he's half my
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size and i understand why half my size because his food receding which is this. i could he survived. i'm not going into space just yet but i'm going to have a. very . very. good. go this guy will do that.
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my dad is a fabulous accordion player so i grew up with that and when i realized looking at the list for ambassadors at sac i had called this a world champion i said to myself this guy. i want to be taught something something
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. it just was released. with well. as i told you before they make good being here in some on this group is called does it really and you know that feeling when you have all day you've been dying to have a beer. when you find that empty but i'm an optimistic person and i'm going to continue my search. to.
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follow. me whereas a beer from you. know beer. or a little fish. i know this and i know it's a good beer follow me comes and goes that way with. those. it definitely smells like i'm getting close now you've. loads of i. am good.
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thousands of wives and children a former islamic state fighters in iraq are being sexually exploited and denied eight that's according to reports from amnesty international. because they consider me the same as an islamic state fighter they will rape and return me they want to show everyone what they can do to me to take away my own or i can feel comfortable in my tent i just wanted door to lock and walls around me each time i say to myself denied is the night i'm going to die the amnesty report was based on interviews with almost one hundred women staying at camps in iraq they claim to have been denied access to food water and health care and according to the organization militia groups running the camps are preventing the women and their children from returning home we are state work i met sarah karl and radio host john gold for
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their views on how the family members of extremists should be dealt with. people should be treated fairly we need to find out if these people are associated with cherish if they are associated with terrorism then to office far as i'm concerned we need said the strong message out we've got to be careful with this situation nothing iraqis are going to treat these people with respect but by the same token they've got to put the protection of the majority of citizens first we're talking about islamic state here. this is just an hour long for us to pay attention of what we can do in the post isis so if their ministry has this will be with us we ask for join we ask for the u.n. to to send transparent independent. organization to to look into making sure those towns regardless of the how the member of isis group you see on all of how we can make sure the cycle of violence to not continue because those ninety two women
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or the children though tomorrow they're going to take arms against the government that abuse them and become so it is not a matter of already known as the ayatollah as a tool to there he actually interviewed ninety six people for them said they had either been raped you'd seen rape you've got to be careful these people are desperate of course that i want to be in these camps i understand this but you've got to look at it in its totality and mark or say i'm not condoning the way by not condoning any way shape or form but the iraqi government have got to first and foremost protect the rest of the citizens these people are accused of being associated with that islamic state the report stated perceived those people associated with isis this is not this is not this is not the army this is an idea this is an internal displaced camp where people have lead from isis to be safe on the count this is not a month this is not being instigated or being questioned by the police this is how
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the been treated this is how they get treated and become and this kind of camps builds again to build another isis and this is we're concerned about. breaking news story today russia responds to the u.k. after its representatives to the o.p.c. w. they cannot definitively identify the country or the tree of origin of the nerve agent used in the script poisoning we're expecting russia's envoy to the organization to give a press conference any minute now as of now though here's the deal with a report on the latest. o.p.c. w. they conducted a closed door session at the headquarters in the hague and during that coastal session delegates were actually tweeting their statements inside and so we got a steady trickle of what was going on there including extracts from what the u.k. representative to the o.p.c. was saying now in response to that russia has responded by releasing
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a rather strong statement of the back of those comments that were leaked during that meeting which prepared which were patrolled by that u.k. representative and what he was actually saying about russia now two of those points which i've got here from the russian perspective that's come out of that russian statement is that russia has answered all the u.k.'s questions with regards to solve and secondly russia has provided proof that novacek was produced and painted to peyton did in the us as a chemical weapon back in twenty fifteen from the british side and their representative to the a.p.c. there be he repeated the government's line saying that it's highly likely that moscow was behind the attack and the reasoning behind that they said was that no one else has the means or the motive to do so so you can see what's happening there when we had a look at the full statement and from what we can decipher there appears to be confirmation from the british side that there was indeed no information about the source of where the nerve agent came from so let's have
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a quick listen to what was said. neither d.s.t.o. an analysis nor the b.c.w.s. report the dense fires to control lab of the origin of the agents used in this attack. the explanation for what happened in salisbury the russian state the sponsibility believe the only brush it had the technical means operational experience and the motive to target the scribbles. through a long time counter going on british colleagues to provide some proof in. sorts of facts for this strong statements the british side continues to spread absolutely all. over new and sometimes bizarre versions of what happened so you heard what with a little insight into what was said by both representatives the british and the russian representatives. the british are sticking to their line and they're saying that they have other sources that give them the evidence they need and that's their
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justification russia in this statement that i've been describing have retaliated with a very strong accusation and i'll just outline this quickly for you and has outlined is that in his statement what he effectively calls eight allies that have been circulated by the british authorities involved in estimating the case. so let's clarify to date there is no definitive independent evidence that categorically points of the fact that russia was the source of that nerve agent all
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that the attack was ordered by the kremlin so despite the lack of that definitive evidence from the russian perspective they feel that it's being widely ignored. we spoke to experts they told us they're not surprised that the. exact origin of the agent used my understanding under the chemical weapons convention it was indeed the job. to try and establish where these weapons come from but it's very difficult if they are claiming it came from some former soviet a bar or a tree then they do need to allow the russian government. had access to some of the thump of to try and test it see if they can find the strain that it might have come from but having said that as i mentioned before. it's been established that the formula if these agents have been out there they've been published in a book that was still available allison up until a couple of weeks ago it can only determine the look laudatory from which any near region in any given new region or substance was produced. but even if they can
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determine the true that does not mean that the border to the country the country and which the border tree is is responsible these nerve agents could be stolen but obviously in this case they have not been able to even determine the level of to which this particular new region was produced so this just adds wore off. to the narrative that's been spun. is also in the spotlight so on wednesday in syria it came under fire while trying to enter the town of duma forced the watchdogs mission to postpone a probe into the alleged chemical attack in the city on april the seventh so let's go live now to r.t.c. lipitor and co for more on this obviously very much a developing situation is that whether the o.p.c. can make it into the toilet or not what's happening on the ground right now well hi again de mille i can tell you that the story with this chemical watchdogs voyage to
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syria has been that in this specific case the all sides are united least in the sense that they're saying that they all want to get to the bottom of this case and they want the investigators to get to the bottom of this case but frankly no one expected the o.p.c. w. mission to be a piece of cake and there you have it the staff can't even get to the site of the alleged chemical attack i just want to break down how it works on the ground first it is the u.n. security squad that gets. to the area to make sure that everything is safe and you're actually allowed to work there without any kind of obstacles and it has been arranged that at a certain stage the syrian authorities are helping out with the security but then that mission is being passed on to russia's military police so the security staff who are on this so to say were her sole mission and according to the old p.c. w.
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official statement the group came under small arms fire plus an explosive device was set off and they had to retreat and go back to the mascot's it was only the longer this drags out the harder it will be to plain evidence on the ground to prove either that a chemical attack did happen or it was nothing of the sort what sort of reactions have we had to the so far well the russian military have confirmed that the incidents took place and we understand from their statement that the exchange of fire happened when the syrian authorities were in charge in helping the team out with security on the seventeenth of april was securing the u.n. reconnaissance mission in the city of duma a skirmish you could between the syrian security service and figures and the officer from the syrian security service was slightly wounded in an exchange of fire so it was actually the syrian government troops that were escorting the team
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and they repelled this type of took place within the town is that right so says moscow and after all it was a member of the syrian army who sustained injuries in that attack but i want to bring up something else here and point out that previously washington and london were pointing the finger at russia and their allies syria accusing them of hiding the facts as they put it and also hampering the o.p.c. w. mission. syrian regime has reportedly been attempting to conceal the evidence by searching evacuees from duma to ensure samples are not being smuggled from this area and the wider operation to conceal the facts of the attack is underway supported by the russians i think we've seen that the russian government and the syrian government their whole goal in this is to try to cover up their goal is to try to deflect attention so if they could put this back on us they would certainly like to do it so although mentally i believe right now it is worth asking the u.n.
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security team and also the o.p.c. w team on the ground whether you washings and the syrians are genuinely trying to help out there with that mission in syria and if the answer is yes that is going to perhaps put the brits and the americans in a somewhat awkward position the of course the sooner they get it the sooner they can shed some light on what really did take place there on the seventh of april or to. reports of a large incident emerged on the seventh of april meanwhile the more questions have been raised over why exactly this for tis sure was easy evidence it was filmed by the white helmets rescue group at a local hospital it allegedly shows the off some of the chemical attack since the shuttle r.t. arabic though visited that very hospital in the town of there where they spoke to the doctors the local residents as well they described what happened on the seventh of april claiming they saw no toxic agents used in the area.
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people from the white helmets told us about the use of chemical weapons but we saw no sign of that if chemical weapons were used against those people our medical staff would have also been affected. people poured water heads were getting that we had been attacked with chemical weapons and somebody from outside shouting about a chemical attack we don't know who that was we heard an explosion and somebody said it was a chemical weapon we ran to where the noise came from and started pouring water over the people but the seemed to be ok and then walked away without any help or not but little confused somebody started pouring water over people's heads saying
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they had been a chemical attack i was at the spot with my words from the daughter but none of us experienced any symptoms of chemical poisoning meanwhile even some western media are now calling into question the allegations of chemical attack soft a british journalist robert fisk visited duma wasn't able to find anyone who could confirm the use of chemical weapons however. washington and its allies still have very little doubt the u.s. france and britain chose not to wait for the official probe before launching in syria in the early hours of saturday. was the most of the publicly available information on the alleged attack coming from controversial activist groups such as the white helmets on the syrian american medical society both groups are thought to be funded by the west including by western government organizations which so far no group meant to be investigating the incident has visited the actual site of the
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alleged attack but as noted earlier the o.p.c. w a hospice spawned its probe for wednesday while the world health organization is also not on the ground so far there's a thing we have it's called intelligence gathering in the united states has excellent intelligence gathering other countries do as well so i would ask you should the united states and her allies wait around for bashar al assad to use more chemical substances honest people should we wait around for that formal investigation that could take months and months this is you know actually scandalous that the u.s. has launched a strike based on insurgent tied social media sources well this is exactly what defense secretary jim mad at said that a briefing several days ago where he didn't have solid intelligence on any chemical attack and do know what he did have were social media reports people saying stuff
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on the internet and who were those people the same people that state department spokesperson heather now what's referring to there the syrian white helmets which has been funded to the tune of at least twenty three million dollars by the state department. following the weekend bombing raids in syria a bipartisan group of u.s. senators has unveiled new didn't just nation aimed to limit the white house's power to continue its global war on terror. for too long congress has given presidents a blank check to wage war we've let the nine eleven and iraq war authorizations get stretched to justify wars against multiple terrorist groups in over a dozen countries from egypt to the philippines a proposal finally repeals those authorizations and makes congress do its job by weighing in on where when and with who we were at war now the proposed legislation would require the president to give congress forty eight hours notice ahead of any new military action congress would then have sixty days to review that mode move
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rather it doesn't set a particular limit for any military action however it does include a congressional review every four years the proposal will serve expands the president's authority to take action against al qaeda or the taliban but not against a state of the current war powers have been in place since lot of and they've been used around forty times in fourteen different countries we discussed the proposed overhaul with former u.s. congressman ron paul. it more or less is defining things slightly differently but in one slow up i think the effort to go to war i don't think it really repeals their war powers resolution but it does say congress gives the present the authority to go to war against radical violent groups like al qaida and isis and maybe taliban but they say not my country. i really don't think it's going to pass. we'll see i only welcome the debate but
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i think they'll wake up and find out it's not doing anything and that when they pass these resolutions most of the time things here worse this whole idea that you can fight radicals any place in the world that's what they're doing already it just gives more authority to the type of policy that we've been following and getting us into trouble. we're just going to a quick break though an anticipation all of that o.p.c. w. press conference there stay tuned here on all the international for the latest global news updates.
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four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done there's no possible way because the list do not share around a corner. of the plate for many flips over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each a billionaire owner has been spending to twenty million a one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so will transfer.
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and thinks it's going to. well the first two goals of the episode and then to plant the seeds in the other for. this. stuff i can. think. that will. want to stop a. little. to so females a ballet she says she's not. the next measure that same.
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kind of. los angeles the sony of luxury and freight but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in and it's been a struggle. to get this man from his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having some ideas may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution to tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution your craft to someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there are
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a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. breaking news here on the international moscow's envoy to chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. has said russia has provided evidence that the u.s. produced and painted the chemical said to have been used to poison. the news comes britain admits neither it nor the confirm the all region of the nerve agent despite the barrage of claims it was highly likely moscow. also the salary of missions. do but chemical attack in syria comes under fire as it enters the enclave. oh she's already situation we dish two men wearing jewish kid caps attacked by an arabic speed.


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