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the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who are in the world under the vision to look at us . and the knowledge to how to display. animal difficulty in the doesn't seem to do more camillus also don't put result. a new friendship blossoms in international politics as the french and american presidents bond over a mutual dislike of syria's leader. claims of a chemical attack in the syrian city of duma earlier this month called into question where the number of journalists who visited the site struggling to find any evidence to back the people and the people there telling us very piers raises this whole story from a group with state and local cameramen claims israeli soldiers shot dead an unarmed
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palestinian teenager on the gaza border having as a video evidence to prove it. when i killed him it wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot or a knife he was acting like everyone i was in march. that monday the twenty third of april it's two pm here in moscow my name's colleen bright welcome to the world news from the international this hour first off for you the french president says he wants washington and paris and their allies to play a key role in creating a new syria and a statement ahead of his visit to the united states emanuel mccraw also said that it would not be wise for their forces to leave the country even after the defeat of i so we were left to build the new syria after what the day we were finished this war against isis if we leave we will leave the floor to the iranian regime. and these guys and they are. we'll prepare as
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a new war i had to visit mccrone infused over a special bond he shares with the u.s. president donald trump is expected to reciprocate with a dazzling private dinner at mount vernon virginia mansion was the home of america's first president george washington and is considered to be the cradle of american french relations the presidents are also expected to exchange gifts and the looks of why emanuel mccollum's visit to the u.s. promises to be so significant. donald trump is the first u.s. president in nearly a century to end his face chair without holding a state dinner but he's wasting little time in his second his first in a date at the white house french president emanuel but the tyranny this initial encounters have been slightly shaky. maicon even went as far as trolling trump on his favorite platform off to washington pulled out of the paris climate deal but paris this child seems to have done the trick i remounted dinner atop the eiffel tower with first ladies last july
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may have been enough to figure if to get the bilateral tensions since then we've seen the best of the new with political bromance. the friendship between our two nations. and ourselves. is on break that. nothing will ever separate i was. deep rooted in that blossoming relationship that lies the military foundation president micron was the first to back donald trump in his decision to strike syria even boasting that he convinced trump said to be a notoriously bad listener not to withdraw troops if you will ten days ago president trump was saying the united states of america had a duty to disengage from syria i assure you we have convinced them that it is necessary. to stay for the long term the relationship between the two leaders has
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drawn comparisons with former playschool best george w. bush and tony blair once dubbed the couple their friendship was not it will be a full invasion of iraq and the british government inquiry called the bad bush relationship its attending factor in shaping it their relationship went from clean and healthy on toothpaste to a mutual hatred of saddam hussein some familiar syrian dictator bashar assad the best of it asserted bashar al assad is at war against his own people micron and trumps common grounds can be found in good old fashioned ego a self-proclaimed stable genius and the strong of the roman gods jupiter all good leaders make another as we can assess strength and the money thief this chance for front his own special relationship with the us at a time when the u.k.'s was beginning to flounder not to mention ties with other european leaders as well but it can always be smiles and handshakes take the iran
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nuclear deal currently trying a wedge between their new found friendship and the worst deals i've ever seen disasters deal one of the dumbest deals one of the worst deals ever was the around deal i'm all for agreements but that was a bad one we cannot and will not make this certification. a solid robust verifiable agreements that guarantees that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons to denounce it without proposing anything else would be a serious mistake not respecting it would be irresponsible as the deadline approaches to fix or nick the iran agreement is thought to my car might be the only your opinion to try to talk trump out of breaking the deal but with the white house back on the diplomatic dating scene for the first time in two years there's plenty of things for the media and world leaders to. the iran nuclear deal mentioned that was struck by can twenty fifteen. and obliged to iran to stop its nuclear program
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if the u.s. dropped sanctions against iran but president trump cast doubt on the agreements and sent a may the twelfth deadline for participants to improve its terms otherwise washington withdraw from the accord iran's foreign minister warned that his country would resume nuclear enrichment if the us walks away a tear on based politics professor we talked to says the tearing of the iran nuclear agreement will hurt the u.s. the united states is in a weaker position today than they were six seven years ago the iranians are the iranians are used to sanctions i don't think that the united states will be able to put the sort of pressure on iran that it was able to do so before so personally i think that if the americans go down the road. tearing up the agreement they would. face more harm then the iranians the americans would be isolated and they will be seen as violating the agreement and unreliable whereas the iranians will be seen as
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the victim. he claims to have this sort of influence so he could use this influence in a constructive way that is possible but we still will still have to see trump is from looking at him from tehran is very unpredictable. continuing to grow over claims of a chemical weapons attack in the syrian city of duma earlier this month a number of western journalists to travel to the city say they're struggling to find eyewitnesses to confirm the report you know neil got more details earlier from our senior correspondent. if you were expecting any concrete evidence of assad's culpability or even any set suggestion well you're in for a disappointment because we're just coming back from in town about five kilometers from here and it has approximately twenty thousand people who have fled from eastern guta and above all do the people very telling us very persuasively this whole story from april seventh was. there are many people i talked to amid the
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ruins of the town who said that they never believed in gas stories which they usually put the boat they claim by the army is the most groups these are serious journalists that we're talking about robert fisk a reporter from the independent he has decades of experience in the middle east he went to east ghouta to duma spoke to locals and witnesses and doctors working at the medical facility all of them told him they didn't know anyone who would suffered in this attack who had been a victim all they know is the someone said something about chemical attacks as a reporter german reporter from the dia if there's this trend of people journalists coming out and say hold on maybe we got this wrong and invariably they face a backlash if they go against what the media has been saying for weeks and weeks now trumpeting that assad did this suddenly if you say hold on
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a second they come right up to you there was a retired british general who was in sky news i believe and he said you know it doesn't make sense for asset to have done this well look what happened to him what possible motive might trigger that syria launch a chemical attack this time and place. the syrians winning and then suddenly ok i'm under i'm very sorry if i'm never pay. the waiting for us that we don't need to give it that i'm very sorry thank you very much indeed it just seems like many in western media in western governments already have their minds made up they've decided they know what is what has happened look at the united states backed by britain and france they launched an attack on syria mere hours before w. specialists would do to arrive on the scene on the point the o.p.c. w.
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organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there had been criticism that why weren't they intimate there they're now right here they arrived on saturday they've collected samples put through the jugular how they work their procedures they're all very hush hush so there isn't a lot of information where do the claims originate from where is this story coming from we're all pro-rebel sources the first one was the white helmets which are largely financed by western governments pro-rebel actors rescue is for rebel fighters and they released reduce from a hospital showing them downs in people with legibly the victims of a chemical attack then there was the syrian american medical society which is financed again by the united states to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and they claim that they treated five hundred people with symptoms of exposure to chemical agents it's these two sources that was cited by almost the entirety of the
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media and governments was their reports and their videos that went out nevertheless with growing opinion growing views witnesses testimony that nothing such happened you know you've got to question where they got this from world where this information and why this information appeared in the first place nevertheless the russian position is that we shouldn't jump to conclusions we should wait until there's a hard facts with which we. can you know come to a judgment as more i've mentioned the white house made to the self-styled emergency response group behind the reports of the chemical attack has long been embroiled in controversy they've been frequently accused of links to jihadi groups in syria including terrorists affiliated with al qaida the activists enjoy wide support from western governments disclosing that they've received twelve million dollars in overseas donations this year the u.s. which is thought to be the white helmet the largest contributor is reviewing its funding for rebuilding war ravaged syria but the state department assured that the
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group won't be affected by any come backs. is that funding any funding that the us was providing to to this group and because of that. as far as i'm aware all of the work still continues people's bills are still being paid if there's anything that's a change that also unlike you know less contributions are still for as far as i know that was all still is all still in play and there's no rationale for supporting these groups so why tell me it's don't work in any government territory and they have a very political agenda one might argue that the white helmeted doing some humanitarian work as well but because of all the political linkages one can easily say that they are compromised because as a humanitarian we shouldn't be taking part rebel groups and calling for regime change that defeats the object if that's why they're so many question marks against the white house a lot of people who say we should start supporting these groups that are questioning their motives of western involvement in syria because over the last
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seven years it's now evident that all these groups had linked with terrorism. the fatal shooting of a palestinian teenager during ongoing clashes on the gaza border have been caught on camera the boy was allegedly shot by israeli defense forces and please be aware that the following video does contain distressing scenes. was. was. you boys shot in the head and died instantly he was fifteen years old comics pride following the shooting the freelance cameraman who filmed the incident told r.t. that mohammed posed no threat to the soldiers and. participating in the marsh like everyone else not so people were participating and he was among them he was not a threat he was not a manager that could be construed if he was a fifteen year old child no matter what he was there could be posing
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a threat to the soldiers given the distance between. him the friend as well as the five of the soldiers who stood one hundred to two hundred meters back from the friends on the side when i filmed him he wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot or a knife he was acting like everyone else and mark. the shooting happened on the gaza israeli border where palestinians have been holding anti occupation protests for almost a month now they're demanding the return of territory they believe israel has seized r.t. also managed to speak to his family they say he was at a peaceful protest and was standing far from the border fence let me let me assure you. the low i said mohammed was three hundred meters away from the fence and even if he was right next to it he was a peaceful demonstration he was just a child carrying a missile launcher was he shooting at the soldier who killed him why did they kill him i'll tell you what mohammed did wrong mohammed's fault was that he was demanding his rights the other just that he asked to go to the demonstrations and i
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said i didn't want him to because these railways threaten and target people each friday threats from the israelis increased then he asked to go and play outside but he's caved and ran off to the demonstration so as soon as he got there they targeted and killed him it happened in less than an hour. mohammed knew that his uncle was going to the demonstration and said i want to go with you he said no as he was afraid that something might happen to the boy i thought i'd convinced my hamad to stay at home but he left asking his aunt to tell me and my wife he was just going to the fence for an hour he was returned to us as a martyr the israeli defense forces has reacted to the incident posting a picture on twitter showing palestinians close to the border fence claiming that hamas is using youngsters for terror act israel's defense minister also stood by the i.d.f. assertion calling for people not to approach the border. the only culprits in the death of the fifteen year old boy in gaza are the leaders of hamas those cowards
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hide behind women and children and use them as human shields so that they can continue to dig attack tunnels and carry out terrorist actions against the state of israel i say to the residents of gaza for a long life do not approach the fence. it is outrageous to shoot at children how does the killing of a child in gaza today help peace this tragic incident must be investigated a full investigation is needed the e.u. calls on the israel defense forces to refrain from using lethal force against unarmed protesters now israel has launched an investigation following worldwide criticism of the shooting the demonstrations have left dozens of palestinians dead and injured in the past three weeks.
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after the break the latest from the u.k. on the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so one more chance with. the case it's going to.
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cut off. i'm back monday is the deadline for the u.k. to respond to questions from russia on the case of a former spy poisoned in britain last month the international chemical watch dog the o.p.c. w set the clock to reply ten days ago so i scrap our and his daughter yulia were poisoned in salisbury on march the fourth the u.k. mediately stated that moscow was highly likely to have been behind the incident but the o.p.c. w. and u.k. military lab been unable to determine the origin of the poison which was used and today sophie and co sophie shevardnadze meets
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a former eastern bloc spy who successfully infiltrated the cia during the cold war he gave us his perspective on the scribal case. i. most definitely wasn't a victim of any kind of operation or at that from the russian side because that would totally destroy the russian credibility as far as exchanges are concerned and they are dependent on it because they certainly have to get their people dake if they get into trouble union. there is certainly is some kind of scenario of. russian operations and. just became a good opportunity. i believe that if you really want to get out. you know how to do it till you move to
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a different continent you change identity if you really are very good access to very sensitive information is this what i would advise. such an agent to. to but otherwise say i don't think it's really all that. the dangerous or if you want to leave you leave him in most cases they will let you go you know why because it doesn't make sense to force somebody to do something that he doesn't want to do but our intelligence agency is vengeful. yes the cia was certainly vengeful they did try to compromise me and they certainly spread false rumors they tried to. spread. ugly stories about me to. their eventual cia was certainly very well over orley f.b.i. i would say more the f.b.i.
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. or you officials are reportedly working behind the scenes to persuade washington to ease sanctions on russia imposed after the poisoning of the square pulse comes amid concerns of blowback to european businesses heading in particular blocks biggest economies france and germany some of the sanctions target the metal trade and europe's are many a market is already seeing disruptions under the latest sanctions european companies are effectively barred from doing business with their targeted russian counterpart means that automobile aerospace and also telecommunications powerhouses now face a shortage in crucial resources metal industry executives of one of layoffs and production disruptions germany is seeking to ease its concerns the german government are all working levels would point out where the interests of german companies have been affected and make it clear where there are concerns and where we see undesirable consequences previous sanctions have also taken a toll some estimates point to
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a near eighteen billion euro loss for european markets around four hundred thousand e.u. workers were also thought of lost their jobs as a result of the punitive measures. the sanctions are also likely to be addressed at the annual meeting of the world's major industrial democracies in june and ahead of the summit there have been calls for russia to have a seat at the negotiating table a german opposition lawmaker has owed to the g seven blocks to enter into constructive dialogue with moscow former british diplomat william mallinson says europe should be more pragmatic in its dealings with america and russia the actual businesses the companies themselves in france and germany in particular must be putting enormous pressure on their currently allegedly anti anti russian governments with such a key. product as aluminum and all its by products we have a very large economic multiplier effect going into a lot of other industries not just aircraft and motorcars but fridges furniture and let's not forget other countries let's remember that austria in particular is very
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much against any sanctions freeze of the russia europe separate from russia and germany especially away from russia is the traditional anglo american plan the only way you do that if europe learned through to to ignore ignore the more excesses. of the american instructions and be get closer to it to russia i mean business is business after all. when the going gets tough the tough get going and russia's defense industries and least some brand new hardware to do just that the following all terrain vehicles focus on getting troops and emergency services to remote inaccessible areas just take a closer look. i'll
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definitely get from a to b. and that's the news for now thanks very much for watching i'll have your next world update from the international in about thirty five minutes i'll see you to. join me every thursday on the alex island chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the local wal-mart the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks
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forcing you to fight the battles they're going. to do socks try to tell you that the beach gossip and helpless little corners. of the box of advertising telling you are not cool enough to buy their products. these are the hawks we along with all its worth watching. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but knowing signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people i've seen stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate
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every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the burn pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the waiting decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. call for help and get the military or the movies tomorrow is. delayed and i hope you don't. blow in welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle are the mainstream media playing out roles found in the great russian novel the possessed
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voicing dissent against media orthodoxies has never been more dangerous and is peace breaking out on the korean peninsula. across talking media madness i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst and we have dimitri bobbitt she is a political analyst we spoke nick international rules in effect. that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated i'm calling this program the possessed because the mainstream media corporate mainstream media are possessed because all of their narratives or virtually all of their narratives of the main stories that we've been covering on this program are in tatters falling apart i've never seen this kind of environment mark and we have a in example here with moon of alabama which will discuss it i think at length because i think it's a marvelous piece of investigative thoughtful intellectual journalism yeah. i
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think or really in a phase that i like to call shooting the messenger because the narratives of the western governments in both the the so-called scriptural incident at solidary in the u.k. and the incident in duma in syria which led to illegal us strikes u.s. u.k. and french strikes on syria both involve alleged use of chemical weapons with no evidence and the narratives in both cases are collapsing and this has led to me if you point that out yes if you point that out this is because the narratives are collapsing the the watchdogs of the regime it's the media that does the na griffy for them the establishment mainstream media has gone all out on the ad homonym on the alternative media anyone on social media with any type
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of influence or following who is daring to challenge their narrative of what has happened here and they are getting. they're getting personal and it coincides across a whole host of people. across of media but also with facebook and twitter selective a lot of music criticism well really quite sloppy is not based in fact always in the company. it's incompetence i think we should let you leverage a little bit for our viewers on which particular narrative cycle webster well in the russian drawn this fall and one of the boys who was on the b. dual tour that you know. well i mean he was on the video that was shown on the wall break people sprinkling each other with a war cry in chemical attack chemical attack well the boy didn't know anything about the chemical attack he was dragged by other people who promised him food was
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dragged into the course but though he was sprinkled with water he's quite alive you know despite the fact that you know the western media can say that these are going to die crisis actor that with a fairly we have been we have been told by the british now that there are there is evidence that russia was involved but it was a taken group and all its members are back and russian i think the next time they do something with right they should evacuate it all of the actress right to france or to the u.k. where international media is not be able it's remarkable it's remarkable the amount of information that's been revealed about the true for spawn in the white helmets it's common knowledge if you make any kind of effort but they continue to support them in the mainstream media as a powerful visual it's a ditch is it just a propaganda is the point is that in all of the.


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