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the french president now appears to open to compromise over the iran nuclear agreement after an hour. seems from war stricken yemen show the. saudi coalition air strike on a wedding party which killed at least twenty people. and outrage continues to grow over the. defense forces as video emerges showing a soldier cheering after shooting a protester in the west bank. thanks
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for joining us here on r.t. live from moscow and daniel hawkins wherever you are today you're very welcome with us this hour. praise on his guests in the first official state visit to washington the u.s. president called the relationship between america and france a special one. mr president the old saying what a great relationship we have and they're actually correct it's not big news finally it's not big news so it's a great honor great honor that you're here but we do have a very special relationship in fact i get that piece and therefore. that little piece we have to make them perfectly is perfect so it is really it is really great to be with you and your special right now a lot of the basis of recent unity between donald trump and french president mccraw on has been the recent attack on syria france and the united states along with the
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u.k. cooperated in the recent air strikes in syria now it seems pretty clear that mcclaren was hoping that this recent attack could kind of lay the basis for continued cooperation between the united states and france kron has been referring to the united states as kind of a guarantor of contemporary multi-lateralism however when he brought this rhetoric up at the white house donald trump didn't seem quite eager to go along with it in the long run we need to bring peace to make sure that syria does not become an enemy in the region we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east and we've got nothing for it nothing less than nothing so far as i'm concerned that difference and striking rebuff from trump is a little bit of a blow to mccraw and especially when he himself bragged about the possibility that he had convinced donald trump to keep u.s. military forces in syria now donald trump says that that's not the case but necron has been insisting that it's him who is responsible for convincing trump to keep
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a military presence in syria trump later went on to underline the fact that the united states will be leaving syria as soon as they can as far as syria's concerned i would love to get out i'd love to bring our incredible warriors back home when it came to the iran deal just in. hour before the press conference donald trump and the french president they were both very adamant in their positions trump was at that point saying what he said for a long time which is opposition to the p five plus one conclusion in the nuclear deal were as mcclaren was saying that there was no good plan b. that they needed to stick to the nuclear deal this is what they were saying prior to today's meeting that people know my views on the other end it was a terrible being old should have never ever been made we could have made a good deal or a reasonable deal the original was a terrible deal we have to take it as a part of the road because your trip which is security in the oval room it's insane
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it's ridiculous it should have never been made but we will be talking of what we want to do it contains iranian residents and the bridges and d.c. view it's part of this fraught role that because you cannot get to be restarting anything they restart it they could have big problems bigger than they've ever had before and you could mark it down they restart the nuclear program they will have bigger problems and they have ever had before but just an hour after sitting down with the donald it seems that mcclellan has changed his tune somewhat this is mccraw on after meeting with trump. for a number of months i've been saying that this was not a sufficient deal but it will enable us at least until twenty twenty five to have some control over the nuclear activities we therefore wish to work on a new deal with iran mr president you were saying that there was no plan b. . not in the. iran deal wish to be preserved no you were
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talking about a new deal with the boundary why did you change your mind. but when i said there was no plan b. i usually refer to the fact there is no plan it be it was about climate change rather than iran. what do you have a better option i don't see what is a what if scenario all your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear against against iran thank you. thank you. thank you very much. as i discussed this with a former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team cover after a c.r.b. thanks for joining us so good to have you with us today do you think mike ross called for this new wrong deal after just an hour of talks with president trump
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looks a bit like he's backtracking on his position for a renewal of the current one previously. obviously wouldn't you after hearing him on numerous occasions including you know his interview with the french and american media saying that the nuclear deal should be preserved and now singing trumps to long for a new nuclear agreement this mini reversal on the part i'm a crone makes a mockery of his presidency and his you know prefer stand to be an independent leader for europe and the world and terribly disappointed at this poor performance imagine you know what the twenty four hour white house charm offensive can do it. can do to a political leader in europe and anticipate a lot of backlash is against him mr mark wrong returned to france we
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just saw a letter signed by five hundred european parliamentarians from twenty eight countries in defense of c.p.o. away and mr murch wrong. you know has made a travesty of presidential ambitions and and prestige by caving in and appeasing mr trump on the iran nuclear deal and this completely self delusional to think that he can arrive at the new deal by linking it to non-nuclear regional issues it certainly because iran for its part can advance its counter argument that the man should be brought in and the us and french misbehavior their role you know that aggression against syria recently on complete hoax of chemical weapon
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a strike that the most people know it never happened and on and on and now you know it's very very disappointing. poor performance by mr crone today i want to ask mr for exactly what do you think might have persuaded macron who was such a staunch advocate of the current deal of renewal of the current deal into proposing this new broader agreement what could have caused that. i really think we are starting to see the seriousness structural limitations of a novice. president you know an ex bank attend into a president who likens him to jupiter and yet here in the air cause of tony blair and mr mock romney is now running the risk of being widely stigmatized as tramps boy in europe lose a lot of credibility at home and abroad if he continues on this very
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perilous journey of bandwagon ing with france and his irrational approach to our international issues mr trump has called the iran nuclear deal insane and so forth where the five hundred parliamentarians from europe insane hundreds of the us . experts military experts nuclear experts and former officials urging trying to stay with the nuclear deal are they insane it's mr trump himself who is showing signs of irrationality by a court. boxing in this very incendiary language and discourse against a nuclear deal that could then justify his exit from the deal. and fortunately we saw today this absolutely horrendous act by mr crone has absolutely no ground whatsoever for it it will be interesting to see where this
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does go from here with the leaders and those other countries involved in those negotiations for advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team cover for selby thanks for joining us today great to hear your take on this. oh he wanted terrorist organizations are demanding answers over an alleged saudi led coalition air strike on a wedding party in german the bombing killed at least twenty people injuring dozens more some reports suggest as many as fifty people were killed we must warn you now the video we're about to show you is distressing to watch a small seven year old boy can be seen in that video clinging to his father's body there set of travelled from another part of the country to attend the celebrations at the man's body was reportedly the last to be taken away following that airstrike as the boy wouldn't let go many of the victims were women and children.
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i was the bridegroom knows our friends gathered in our place and were hit by a strike many in some people were killed and injured. more than this is my nephew who was injured last night by the airstrike he's two brothers were killed. we contacted a number of humanitarian organizations for their response human rights watch said the coalition continues to target civilians and refuses to adequately investigate or compensate victims oxfam condemned the attack and called for an investigation meanwhile red says it's taking the report very seriously and will fully investigate as as done in the past with similar incidents the saudi led coalition intervened in the yemen almost three years ago to fight toothy rebels considers them terrorists
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who oppose the yemeni government the un's describe the conflict as the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history was joined by the full my head of the red cross in yemen to explain just how much needs to be done in the country. why didn't the family and there is a problem with a structural collapse of the system in yemen you have problems of water you have problems of sanitation we in the international red cross we try to fix those problems otherwise there would maybe not be any running water and so on anymore so there is no doubt that what is coming into the country at the moment is not enough and more should be done humanitarian aid is to some to a large extent allowed in but the problem is that more is needed when sure a decent level of life for the population otherwise the country goes downhill the problem is is one of a structural decay. yemen is not
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a country like you can find another come hell where with a little infrastructure in yemen you have a lot of infrastructure and this particular infrastructure is falling to pieces and we international organization including the i.c.r.c. we try to do what we can to support these structures but of course we can only do so much so i do agree with you that bringing back the country on the back on its feet will be a long long lasting task that sounds like it's a technical problem that needs dealing with that aid is somehow just a front line is to do with water and food but it's not it's a there are few doctors the ones who are there are being paid the very structures of what the country needs in order to keep rolling and keep facilitating just our very them and it's not only one of the most serious crisis that i've seen it's also as you point out one of the most complicated i have seen and i am afraid that this is becoming a feature of some of the conflicts you know some of the conflict where i work at the begin of my career were very poor country there were poor before the war who
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are doing the one unfortunately poor after the war very little infrastructure so in a way very little too to reconstruct and the problem was reluctantly should i say simple to deal with here you have something which is extremely complex you. infrastructures which are falling to pieces up to the point that on the whole system we have commissioned a study from a well known british school that's going to carry out a full study of the health system in yemen to to get to know where we are today in yemen you were very serious crisis there was a food crisis there was also a crisis that has led to one million suspected community of cases of cholera last year in a matter of six months it was like bushfire in twenty two years and the i.c.r.c. had never seen something like that and feel like an almost impossible task though because you broke almost a year ago compassionately about your experience in thai ease the difficulty of
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getting into certain places just what kind of uphill struggle is there for aid workers once they get again unfortunately we had a tragedy three days ago where one of the staff of the yemen delegation was killed in today's and and today i cannot help but think about him his family and and wife and this you know expense is a stark reminder that working in human remains extremely difficult and we do it under extremely difficult circumstances and because of today's. extremely. tense hard fighting taking place doing this work documenting the cases is something that takes a toll and sometimes takes a toll on the lives of our colleagues. but human rights group has released a video showing an israeli soldier cheering after he allegedly shot a palestinian with a rubber bullets in the west bank. we
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have reached out to the israeli defense forces we've asked them for comment on that footage they responded explaining some of the behaviors shown in the video is not what's expected of i.d.f. soldiers but they pointed out the commander was demanding the soldiers act professionally israeli forces have also promised to carry out the necessary relevant procedures over the incident this comes as anger continues to mount over the israeli defense forces suppression of protests in the gaza strip in just over three weeks of protests there forty eight palestinians including four children have been shot dead that's led the un and the e.u. to call for independent investigations but despite that though an israeli general
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has said that soldiers will continue to shoot anyone who pro-choice the border fence between gaza and israel that includes minus. the israeli defense force have responded to the criticism over their actions in gaza by releasing this picture you can see there are of a group of palestinian boys apparently attempting to damage the border fence the i.d.f. says hamas which should govern cigars or is using youngsters to carry out acts of terror israel's defense minister has also lent his support this is a tweet from him you can see stressed that protesters shouldn't be approaching the border at all or i spoke earlier to moustapha but a good general secretary of the palestinian national initiative. well it's something that i have seen myself during peaceful demonstrations israeli army uses lethal weapons against peaceful demands to be thought of the would present north over to the soldiers and they are celebrating the fact the killing palestinians is
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very clear the i.d.f. do you have a case to answer here because of those civilian casualties as the un have said you have said what would you say to those that have said hamas or the parents of those children are responsible as the i.d.f. of said for bringing these miners very small children to a protest where violence is likely to happen it's young people leaders but mainly everybody is but is it with men women and we've been advocating to hummus and to other groups to give to people not to use military forms but to use peaceful nonviolent demonstrations for sixteen years we've been advocating nonviolence and today they accept our methods of nonviolent resistance all you want is for the world is to know the truth and exercise pressure on this country which is israel that claims to be a democracy why use in force in this manner. the united states appears to be preparing for the threat of space warfare and
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scrambling to secure off world dominance and has the details. military defense hollywood style united states air force has opened its high ground of space for you to get other nations other air forces who dream of making such a claim but what if their dream became a reality never expects something trust to turn against you. with. millions knew the facts change their boards infrastructure. so. you're against will compete and will win. the u.s. has unveiled its latest splurge in space with a plan to step up security on its satellites but not just its own those of its allies to the concern is that potential adverse stories may be capable of hacking or disabling the satellites we were watching hardware as we know is crucial to
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communication navigation and intelligence gathering all things that would be crucial in the absence of war and it's hope that by sharing this information with its allies that would deter any potential attacks but is just the tip of the iceberg because space warfare is the big defense trend right now which the new black don't take my word for it ask the u.s. top brass of the air force i cannot think of a military mission that does not depend on space russia and china are developing capabilities to disable our satellites as the u.s. deems ahead with its space odyssey it's pouring in billions and roping in the likes of space x. is a long muskrats proven he can not only deliver but he brings the goods fast but with john king of satellites is one thing the question now is how long will it be before we see actual physical attacks in space or some think it's just a matter of time before american forces find themselves fighting from space were
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gone that's of whether this is the case or not one thing's for sure the u.s. is determine. and to remain a leader in this field the curator of warfare has changed in vision a constellation of nana satellites always the predator never the pre and one person on able to contain his excitement is the us president space is a war fighting domain name just like the air and sea we may even have a space force develop another one space force with the air force one of the space schools we have the army the navy now you might think there's no no war regulation on taking things a step too far in space but in fact there is almost a decade ago one hundred seventy eight countries voted on a un resolution to prevent a space arms race only two countries abstained the u.s. and israel washington also blocked a joint russian chinese effort to ban all weapons in space so perhaps an inkling
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that the u.s. has long been planning on staking its claim to the stars and we talked a physicist on arms control research for dr margo broad's he thinks the so-called space threat is being exaggerated. as to the specific stair the specific threats i think much of this is exaggerated actually. the notion that some other country is going to attack the united states sort of sit in a scenario of attack on civilians for stocks or via space i think is quite overblown are mostly some people in congress almost entirely republican and these are the people who have been pushing this idea i don't think the military really wants it lead to an expanded budget could lead to more money for the contractors and that could very well be some of the motivation for people in congress to be pushing this idea i think it's high time that americans woke up to that and realize that we need a different policy we need a policy that would seek to avoid war in space too who i rep is ation is based on
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a policy didn't gauges proposals for arms control and space. program of anti semitism in europe is becoming more widespread with leaders expressing grave concerns over a rise in attacks against jewish communities the german chancellor is partially laying the blame on an influx of arab months. noire we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges among whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in other form of anti-semitism into the country i fortunately anticipate isn't existed before that. despite charles and americans concerns germany still opening its doors to ten thousand more migrants from north africa and the middle east the leader of one european anti semitism group says more needs to be done to tackle the problem so i hope that works on get are met it will be followed by deeds. and not on the you know as
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a republic to comment on the recent event it's not an issue for jews actually it's an issue for europe jews are the first target but when jews will fall the other will follow more and more people will think that. they will be able to clear the play which is. which is the far right they should keep in mind that your day of boss and jewish communities are facing similar problems in neighboring france as well where there are calls for parts of the islamic holy book the koran to be rendered outdated and obsolete specifically passages that mention murder and punishment of jews french politicians as well as prominent figures are pushing for attitudes to change now as a part of a manifesto against anti semitism they signed a petition denouncing a quiet ethnic purging that's being driven by rising islam radicalism among the signatories former french president nicolas sarkozy his wife carla bruni as well as
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actor gerard depardieu and ex prime minister model belts we demanded to fight against this democratic failure that is anti semitism becomes a national cause before it's too late. france has the largest jewish community in europe with over half a million people analysis does suggest there's been a twenty six percent increase in violence incidents against them since last year in many cases this is forcing people to leave the country without the separatism reportedly at its worse than immigrant neighborhoods again the president of the belgian league against anti semitism believes we're seeing a worrying trend but is very new in this article is that they go to the core of the problem speaking about some verses some sort right in the koran calling for a game jews and christians and against the nonbelievers. to change
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this to make it actually can make it obsolete that could be part of the solution it's not a fight between muslims and the most teams it's a fire between the open is between tolerance on one side and on the other side you have darkness you are the intolerance you have a. ukase defense secretary has again last out at moscow and said his country is the reassess the threat from the russian government we have to be realistic about the challenges the challenges are posed by russia or are far greater than the challenges were presented as an insurgency in terms of iraq and afghanistan. or russia and the perceived threat from coming from the kremlin was at the top of the agenda they do seven meeting in toronto canada officials there described moscow's behavior as irresponsible and destabilizing and the u.k.'s foreign secretary also called for joint efforts against moscow. what we decided was that we were going to
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set up a jew seven group that would look at russian malign behavior in all this money for stations whether it's cyber war whether it's this information assassination attempts whatever it happens to be and collectively try and call this out we asked the u.k. veteran of the war in afghanistan what he thought about the defense secretary's comment greatest threat to britain security internal and external governments in london not my qualification to speak to one operational tour with british i mean how can a standing twenty twelve there was only one thing truly scabby just my military service and that was a criminal call it since the british command this now is a civilian branch and the one thing that scares me most is the actions or my government that out the great stretch of britain's security a huge prosperity. set for myself on the team here for the south you can not check
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out about any war stories or share your views with us as well on any of our social media do join us again in thirty minutes for the latest global news updates. still seems wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me world yet to see how this day comes after. and in detroit because betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. what holds an institution to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or something i want to.
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get it right to be for us that's what before three in the morning can people that i'm interested always in the waters of my college. question. name as i was summers and i build tiny houses for the homeless the. city is back and they are here why do these guys now for me a tiny house is not a solution get will be a free for all. this nice safe conditions to live in. says new students the front
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runner in the city of los angeles for the. always good terrorist and. nobody should be homeless anywhere but especially in one of the richest countries in the world. i mean there are things i make a lot of mistakes. and it's easy to back out your mistakes in compton south central l.a. a pint sized idea as over some as in a battle with city off already. when you have nothing in or go. you know having some like this may as well be a castle. the mayor of los angeles has to clear the city.


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