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tv   News  RT  April 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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the french and american presidents make a show of their friendship as they meet in the oval office although major disagreements do remain between the two allies. also the saudi coalition air strike hits a wedding party in yemen killing at least twenty people. who human rights group releases a video from the west bank showing an israeli soldier cheering after shooting a palestinian protest.
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thanks for joining us here on r.t. international law and daniel hawkins wherever you are tonight you're very welcome with us on the program. praise on him and his guests the first foreign leader to play an official state visit to washington during the presidency the u.s. president called the relationship between america and france a special one and he had his own unique way of showing it. but the united states longleaf runs thank you. mr president the old saying what a great relationship we have and they're actually correct it's not fake news finally it's not fake news so it's a great honor they don't know that you're here but we do have a very special relationship in fact i get that piece of. peace we have to make room for years for it so it is really it is really great to be with
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you and your special friend now a lot of the basis of recent unity between donald trump and french president mccraw on has been the recent attack on syria france and the united states along with the u.k. cooperated in the recent airstrikes in syria now it seems pretty clear that mcclaren was hoping that this recent attack could kind of lay the basis for continued cooperation between the united states and france kron has been referring to the united states as kind of a gerund turf contemporary multilateralism however when he brought this rhetoric up at the white house donald trump didn't seem quite eager to go along with it in the long run we need to bring peace want to make sure that syria does not become an enemy in the region be we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east and we've got nothing for it nothing less than nothing so far as i'm concerned that difference and striking rebuff from trump is a little bit of
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a blow to mccraw especially when he himself bragged about the possibility that he had convinced donald trump to keep u.s. military forces in syria now donald trump says that that's not the case but micron has been insisting that it's him who is responsible for convincing trump to keep a military presence in syria trump later went on to underline the fact that the. united states will be leaving syria as soon as they can as far as syria's concerned i would love to get out i'd love to bring our incredible warriors back home when it came to the iran deal just an hour before the press conference donald trump and the french president they were both very adamant in their positions trump was at that point saying what he said for a long time which is opposition to the p five plus one conclusion in the nuclear deal whereas mcclellan was saying that there was no good plan b. that they needed to stick to the nuclear deal people know my views on the around it was a terrible being old should have never ever been made we could have made
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a good deal or a reasonable deal the original was a terrible deal we have to think he has a part of the road because your trip which is security in the oval room it's insane it's ridiculous it should have never been made but we will be talking about what we want to do it contains iranian residents and the bridges and d.c. view it's part of this role rather good not going to be restarting anything they restarted it they could have big problems bigger than they've ever had before and you could mark it down they restart the nuclear program they will have bigger problems than they have ever had before but after sitting down with the donald it seems the clown has changed his tune somewhat this is mccraw on after meeting with trump. the people. in the barnacle for a number of months i've been saying that this was not a sufficient deal but it will enable us at least until twenty twenty five to have some control over their nuclear activities if we def all wish to work on
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a new deal with iran's missile mr president you were saying that it was knew of it but. not in the. deal was to be preserved no you were talking about a new deal with the boundary why did you change your mind. but basically when i said there was no plan b. i usually refer to the fact there is no plan it be it was about climate change rather than around. what do you have a better option i don't see it what is a what if scenario all your plan b. i don't have any plan b. for nuclear are against against iran thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. let's go live now to where dave did all the founding editor of the online news site
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this can't be happening but that thanks for joining us tonight good to have you on as you have democrats calling for a new iran deal he earlier said that the current deal needs to be respected i mean is this really backtracking by the french president. i think he got a little ahead of himself and he tried to back off it again i mean he said that the deal is giving is working through twenty twenty five and then you know he's talking about a new deal i think he was talking about negotiating something for beyond that to continue it because it does have an end date kind of. so that's probably what he was referring to but i would say this whole thing is a farce and it looks like the crown has gotten out of this is a cleaner shoot with dandruff that's what you have looking at is that i mean the french support for that iran deal was one of the key foundations the key pillars of
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that agreement very long complex negotiations do you think it can survive now that the french government supporters on the question here. it seems to me as long as the rest of the countries besides the united states stay in it it pretty much stays in place it's not it doesn't require the u.s. to be in it unless the u.s. feels like it has a right to take you know some kind of military action to to undo it but they won't be able to do sanctions if the other five countries stick together and speaking of sanctions micron said that this current deal should be one step further towards other deals with iran perhaps limiting iran's influence in syria amongst other things do you think that's a realistic political geo political objective here. well let's say that there is no going to be any other deals if they cared of the nuclear deal and actually why iran
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would it would reach any agreement with the united states and. its you know. if you will in europe. backed out of a deal that already was struck so just in terms of broader consequences here for relations with iran indeed wider consequences for the middle east if this deal does collapse how do you see that developing for the middle east how do you see iran's influence another very complex relationships playing off well a kind of iran in one way i mean they are constrained and they won't be constrained it will be interesting to see what happens they they they wanted their deal and they wanted the lifting of sanctions that would come with it but they haven't really gotten all of the. paid back that he was supposed to get striking a deal. all right be interesting to see how that does develop dave lindorff there founding editor of the online news site that this can't be happening but now thanks
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for your take today here on r.t. thanks for having me. human rights groups are demanding answers over a saudi led air strike on a wedding party in gehman the bombing raid allegedly killed at least twenty people and injured dozens more that's according to local officials some reports suggest as many as fifty people were killed so we should warn you the footage you're about to see is distressing a seven year old boy can be seen clinging to his father's body they're said to have traveled from another part of the country to attend the wedding another man's body was reportedly the last to be taken away following the airstrike as the boy refused to let go of him many of the victims were women and children. i was the bridegroom on our friends gathered in our place and were hit by a near strike many and some people were killed and injured.
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more than this is my nephew who was injured last night by the airstrike he's two brothers who were killed. and we contacted a number of humanitarian groups for their response human rights watch said the saudi coalition continues to target civilians and refuses to conduct investigations or compensate victims oxfam condemned the attack and called for an investigation. all read in the meantime has said it is taking the report very seriously and will fully investigate as it has done in the past with similar incidents and the saudi bombing of yemen has been going on for three years now the intervention was launched to prop up the government against shia who think rebels the u.n. describe the conflict as the world's worst humanitarian crisis was joined by the
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former head of the red cross and given who explain just how much needs to be done in the country. why didn't the family in and there is a problem with a structural collapse of the system in yemen you have problems of water you have problems of sanitation we the international red cross we try to fix those problems otherwise there would have maybe not be any running water and so on anymore so there is no doubt that what is coming into the country at the moment is not enough and more should be done humanitarian aid is to some extent allowed in but the problem is that more is needed to ensure a decent level of life for the population otherwise the country goes downhill the problem is is one of a structural decay. yemen is not a country like you can find another come hell somewhere with village little infrastructure in yemen you have a lot of infrastructure and this particular infrastructure is falling to pieces and
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we international organization including the i.c.r.c. we try to do what we can to support the structures but of course we can only do so much so i do agree with you that bringing back the country on the back on its feet will be a long long lasting task that sounds like it's a technical problem that needs dealing with that aid is somehow just a front line is to do with water and food but it's not it's a there are few doctors the ones who are there are being paid the very structures of what the country needs in order to keep rolling and keep facilitating just avera the moment it's not only one of the most serious crisis that i have seen it's also as you point out one of the most complicated i have seen and i am afraid that this is becoming a feature of some of the conflicts you know some of the conflict where i work at the beginning of my career were very poor country there were poor before the war who are doing the war unfortunately poor after the war very little infrastructure so in a way very little two to reconstruct and to the problem was we logically should i
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say simple to deal with here you have something which is extremely complex you. infrastructures which are falling to pieces up to the point that on the whole system we have commissioned a study from well known british school that's going to carry out a full study of the health system in yemen to get to know where we are today in yemen you were very serious crisis there was a food crisis there was also a crisis that has led to one million suspected community cases of cholera last year in a matter of six months it went like bushfire in twenty two years in the i.c.r.c. had never seen something like that and feel like an almost impossible task though because you broke almost a year ago quite passionately about your experience in thai ease the difficulty of getting into certain places just what kind of uphill struggle is there for aid workers once they get again unfortunately we had a tragedy three days ago where one of the staff of the yemen delegation was killed
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in today's and and today i cannot help but think about him his family and and wife and this you know explain is a stark reminder that working in human remains extremely difficult we do it under extremely difficult circumstances and because of the extremely. tense hard fighting taking place doing this work documenting the cases is something that takes a toll and sometimes takes a toll on the lives of our colleagues. human rights group b'tselem has released a video showing an israeli soldier cheering after he allegedly shot a palestinian with a rubber bullet in the west bank. now
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we did ask the i.d.f. to comment on the video they replied saying the behavior seen in the footage isn't what is expected of an i.d.f. soldier but there you pointed out the commander was instructing the soldiers to act professionally the israeli military also said the appropriate action will be taken over the incident this comes as anger continues to mount over the israeli defense forces suppression of protests in the gaza strip in just over three weeks of protests there forty palestinians including four children have been shot dead that's led the un and the e.u. to call for independent investigations but despite that though an israeli general said that soldiers will continue to shoot everyone who approaches the border fence between gaza and israel including minors to migrate here and sometimes when shooters small body and you intend to hit his arm or shoulder it goes even higher
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and the picture is not a pretty picture if that's the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel and that's the price. israeli defense forces have responded to the criticism over their actions by releasing a picture that appears to show a group of palestinian boys attempting to damage the border fence the i.d.f. says hamas which governs gaza is using youngsters to carry out acts of terror israel's defense minister has also lent his support to the i.d.f. stressing that protesters should not be approaching the border i spoke to more stuff about a guzzi general secretary of the palestinian national initiative. well it's something that i have seen myself during peaceful demonstrations israeli army uses lethal weapons against peaceful demonstrators who would present north over to the soldiers and they are celebrating the fact that they are killing palestinians it's very clear the i.d.f. do you have a case to answer here because of those civilian casualties as the un have said you
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have said what would you say to those that have said hamas or the parents of those children are responsible as the i.d.f. of said for bringing these miners very small children to a protest where violence is likely to happen it's young people yes but mainly everybody is but it's with the men women and we've been advocating to hamas and to other groups to give to get will not to use military forms but to use peaceful nonviolent demonstrations for sixteen years we've been advocating nonviolence and today they accept our methods of nonviolent resistance all you want is for the world is to know the truth and exercise pressure on this country that which is israel that claims to be a democracy why using force in this manner. other headlines the u.s. appears to be preparing for the threat of space warfare and scrambling to secure off world dominance aaron has the details. military defense hollywood style
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united states air force has opened its high ground of space for day to other nations other air forces who dream of making such a claim but what if their dream became a reality never expects something trust to turn against you. millions feel the effects. airports infrastructure. slow. skilled immigration will compete and will when. the u.s. has unveiled its latest splurge in space with a plan to step up security on its satellites not just its own those of its allies to the concern is that potential adverse stories may be capable of hacking or disabling the satellites we were watching hardware as we know is crucial to communication navigation and intelligence gathering all things that would be crucial in the advent of war and it's hope that by sharing this information with
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its allies that would deter any potential attacks but is just the tip of the iceberg because space warfare is the big defense trend right now which the new black don't take my word for it ask the u.s. top brass of the air force i cannot think of a military mission there's not depend on space russia and china are developing capabilities to disable our satellites as the u.s. deems ahead with its space odyssey it's pouring in billions and roping in the likes of space x. is a long muskrats proven he can not only deliver but he brings the goods fast but will the channeling of satellites is one thing the question now is how long will it be before we see actual physical attacks in space where some think it's just a matter of time before american forces find themselves fighting from space were gone this of whether this is the case or not one thing's for sure the u.s. is determine. and to remain
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a leader in this field the curator of warfare has changed we invasion a constellation of nana satellites always the predator never the pre and one person on able to contain his excitement is the us president space is a war fighting domain name just like the air and sea we may even have a space force develop another one space course with the air force one of the space schools we have the army the navy now you might think there's no no war regulation on taking things a step too far in space but in fact there is almost a decade ago one hundred seventy eight countries voted on a u.n. resolution to prevent a space arms race only two countries abstained the u.s. and israel washington also blocked a joint russian chinese effort to ban all weapons in space so perhaps an inkling that the u.s. has long been planning on staking its claim to the stars were comments earlier from
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physicist and arms control research dr margaret he thinks the so-called space threat is being exaggerated. as to the specifics there are specific threats i think much of this is exaggerated actually. the notion that some other country is going to attack the united states sort of so you know scenario of attacks on civilian infrastructure via space i think is quite overblown are mostly some people in congress almost entirely republican and these are the people who have been pushing this idea i don't think the military really wants it lead to an expanded budget could lead to more money for the contractors and i could very well be some of the motivation for people in congress to be pushing this idea i think it's high time that americans woke up to that and realize that we need a different policy we need a policy that would seek to avoid war in space to who i rep is asian inspiration
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and our policy didn't gauges proposals for arms control in space. the problem of anti-semitism in europe is becoming more widespread with leaders expressing grave concerns over a rise in attacks against jewish communities the german chancellor is partially laying the blame on an influx of arab migrants. noire we have a new phenomenon as we have many refugees and on whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in the other form of anti-semitism into the country i fortunately anticipate isn't existed before that. now despite shots of michael's can son's germany still opening its doors to ten thousand more moderates from north africa and the middle east the leader of one of europe's anti semitism groups said more needs to be done to tackle the problem. saw i hope that worked on get a myth to say it will be followed by deeds. and not on new norcia repond to comment on the recent event it's not an issue for jews actually
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it's an issue for europe jews are the first target but when jews will fall the other will follow more and more people will think that they would be able to clear all the play which is islam. which is the far right they should keep in mind you dale's boss jewish communities are facing similar problems in neighboring france as well there are calls for parts of the qur'an to be rendered outdated and obsolete specifically passages that mention the murder and punishment of jews french politicians and prominent figures are pushing to change attitudes as part of a manifesto against in the seventy's and they signed a petition denouncing a quiet ethnic purging that's being driven by rising islamist radicalism among the signatories former french president nicolas sarkozy and his wife carla bruni as well as actor gerard depardieu and ex prime minister by well valves we demanded to
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fight against this democratic failure that is anti semitism becomes a national cause before it's too late france has the largest jewish community in europe with over half a million people analysis suggests there's a twenty six percent increase in violent incidents against them since twenty seventeen in many cases this is forcing people to leave france with anti semitism reportedly at its worse than immigrant neighborhoods again the president of the belgian league against anti semitism believes we're seeing a worrying trend. but is very new in this article is that they go to the core of the problem speaking about some verses some sort right in the koran calling for a game jews and christian again so nonbelievers. to change this to make it actually can make it obsolete that could be part of the solution
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it's not a fight between muslims and non muslims it's a fight between the open is between tolerance on one side and on the other side you have darkness you have a intolerance you have a. u.k. defense secretary has again hit out at moscow and said his country needs to reassess the threat from the russian government we have to be realistic about the challenges the challenges that are posed by russia are far greater than the challenges presented as an insurgency in terms of iraq and afghanistan. russia and the perceived threat coming from the kremlin was at the top of the agenda at the g seven meeting in toronto canada officials there described moscow's behavior as irresponsible and the stabilizing u.k. foreign secretary called for joint efforts against moscow what we decided was that we were going to set up a do certain group that would look at russian malign behavior in all its
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manifestations whether it's cyber war whether it's this information assassination attempts whatever it happens to be and collectively try and call it out we spoke to a u.k. veteran of the war in afghanistan what he made of the secretary's comments. greatest threat to britain security internal and external governments in london. my qualification to speak to one operational top with the british army in. standing twenty twelve there was only one thing that truly scared me two of my military service and that was a criminal incompetence of the british commanders now as a civilian the one thing that scares me most is the actions or my government the greatest threat to security prosperity. has just over fifty days now before the world cup kicks off here in russia artie's star
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studded team is traveling all over the country there checking out the preparations for the biggest sporting event of the year this time legendary goalkeeper peter schmeichel has been seven hundred kilometers east of the capital moscow to the city of you could see him borg his full report airs here on wednesday but here's a quick preview of what's to come. this is their arena and it's one of the most story mary venues to oppose world cup matches this. now i'm going to use my old gold. so i could perform as a little bit like a football player as a professional athlete.
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and set for myself on a team here at all to international so you're not thirty minutes for the latest global news updates.
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in july twenty second team also to a freelance journalist working with our team to militant shelling in syria. so only his sacrifice quality has established a holiday. such a. recognizable reporter is often risky to say because the truth comes through that . you can see your published works in a video form britain film to a. fellow imax guys or. cars or. this is the
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cars a report kaiser report kaiser you know sometimes i hear the doppler effect i don't know what that's all about we won't go there but we're going to talk about some good news first but that good news is actually leading alternately to bad news as a bad news on the back of the good news but we're going to start with the good news first and here's some good news for our gold bugs out there because i know they have been kind of sadder you know these last few years as gold has like traded within a tight range for four or five years doing nothing while bitcoins stolen all its glory well it could be back to bitcoin like days soon bond king jeff gold lock says gold could rally a thousand dollars of course bill gross is the bond king but this guy also now goes by the bell. but the c.e.o. of double line also known as the bond king is once again attracting the attention of gold investors as he sees a yellow metal at a critical juncture quote we see a massive base building in gold massive as a four year five.


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