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you know worked with donald trump. well during the same event micron said france it would increase its support for the coalition in syria and reinforce the u.s. military presence in the north of the country also stated that he is unsatisfied with the peace process since he believes it has produced few results my call went on to express hope that efforts by smaller groups of nations would serve as a bridge between the geneva and. gauche ations. as the syrian military works to secure complete control of the battle scarred city of duma kilometers of rubble built tunnels have been discovered r.t. has exclusive images of the vast a sub training network that helps to sustain the islamist insurgents.
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while they starved this they harassed or so they moved around in our blood as you see these tunnels are massive they make out she's work on them as well as civilians and they wouldn't feed those who refused to work and you can see how great they are and how much they have in that it's like a city beneath a city. a lot of we would be taken to the spot where the fighting would be and they would give as a matter fifteen minutes before it started they showed us how to act and who to shoot the guy he told us what to do you would then disappear after that it all depended on luck before the fighting they used to tell us about you had these monsters of jihad and about heroic death on the battlefield but other times they treated us like dogs. the russian defense ministry has displayed fragments of several missiles recovered
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from syria it says the missiles have either malfunctioned or failed to reach their targets they were part of the barrage launched by america the u.k. and france earlier this month artie's mccarran has more. well as you know we've been bombarded with two different versions of events of those strikes that hit syria in mid april and today the russian defense ministry really upped the ante by providing some actual tangible evidence of those missiles that it says were either intercepted or simply malfunctioned and this is going to be the barras thing development for the u.s. side which has lauded the success of those one hundred five as strikes which it said was were precise and overwhelming also dismissing any suggestions by russia that any of those missiles even if it were insisting that the syrian air defense capabilities had been largely ineffective with their syrian missiles merely being fired into open air take a listen with way over one hundred missiles shoot one down the equipment in order
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to well there are. one you know you heard all the show forty and then they showed fifty and there were. no sure every single one of. the russian defense ministry also went into detail earlier about the targets of those one hundred five missiles twenty two only twenty two of those one hundred five missiles actually hit their intended targets and it's being revealed that they actually hit civilian objects rather than the alleged chemical supplies the u.s. has been so persistent upon take a listen just of. some of the missiles don't reach the targets apparently due to malfunction the real threat to civilians there in civilian buildings at the same time the logic of the u.s. u.k. and france in choosing the targets is unclear you see there were stockpiles of toxic agents there if they were hit by cruise missiles this could lead to widespread poisoning and if it was for damascus itself tens of thousands of people could have died so this latest development is probably going to deal or blow to the
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u.s. presidency ego as well he had boasted as so optimistically about the performance of his missiles and after those strikes even still his popularity on the upturn with his approval rating jumping a few percentage points so this turnabout is not something we could expect him to let lie. the top diplomat frederick greeny has warned against splitting syria and spoken in support of efforts to keep the country united she gave those remarks at an international conference on syria held in brussels me also added that the lack of cooperation could have a negative effect on the situation in the region with no meaningful un let. folks it's only a matter of time before the next made it to the escalation. but the position of the top diplomat seems to be far from consistent though calling on the world to stop splitting syria associates associates herself with u.s. policy saying that the e.u.
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will fund syria's reconstruction only in connection with a new government in syria according to a bill passed by the u.s. house of representatives american reconstruction support may not be provided to assad controlled territories in the war weary country the legislation says the united states may look at the prospect for assistance if the government of syria is no longer led by the bashar al assad regime and his proxies we spoke to defense analyst and author ivan eland who thinks e.u. and u.s. reluctance to provide humanitarian help evenly prevented from reaching those who really need it. it's probably contradictory claims she doesn't want to split up the country but of course you know if she's aiding only the rebel areas that you use only this is ending the rebel areas then that would be different from that but you don't know where the aid is going when you're putting it in there and i'm not sure you know the if and neediest people are getting it and the passages they don't like
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aside the u.s. government has never liked assad even under obama and trump so they're trying to aid the people that you know they they they that oppose the government which is probably a mistake since a lot of these people are islamicists but it's supposed to be humanitarian aid but of course. you know a lot of this can be used for politicized by the various groups and that sort of thing still not sure that any of this aid gets to the right people. the man who allegedly served as osama bin laden's body guard has been living on welfare in germany for more than twenty years with details here start his public. even though some of the lot and was killed in two thousand and eleven by u.s. special forces operation he was just the figurehead of the group and some of its members are still out there one of them it turns out has been living in germany for
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over twenty years now and has been getting welfare payments to boot he's been named in the media as sami a he's a tune is he a national and he's believed to have joined al qaeda in afghanistan back in two thousand and illegibly worked as one of osama bin laden's bodyguards because he was already a german resident by that point he dented germany three years prior a need on a student visa when he came back he filed an asylum request that was denied in two thousand and six and a court in germany described him as an acute and considerable danger to public security but a higher court subsequently overrode the deportation order and they cited concerns that this man sami a would be subjected to torture back home in tunisia now sami a was never actually charged with terrorist activities in germany but all sources deem him a security risk and he has to report to a police station on
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a daily basis he and this whole story has been unearthed again because it's caught the attention of the alternative for germany party they're the ones that put in a request with the regional authorities to find out the status of this man and how much money he's getting in benefits payments and it's triggered harsh criticism from both the f.d.a. party but also from senior voices within the angular merkel's own c.d.u. party german asylum laws being shamelessly exploited here do we have to give a cherished tax money because we cannot i have no understanding of these cool. now this situation where suspected terrorists used human rights laws to avoid deportation is by no. means that new here in the u.k. there have been similar cases last year a government report a home office report here revealed that over forty foreign born terrorists are devoid did deportation from the u.k.
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i think the reason this case with sami a in germany has caused so much concern is because it's very hard to stomach this idea that somebody who's a suspected terrorist is getting government money when it comes to asylum in germany a political scientist at one of the parts old told us the whole system needs a rethink. these shortcomings of the german legal system and the fact that we are not ready to handle these complicated issues of immigration of asylum seekers we have to deal with this person s. we deal with all other persons of this crime the thorny issue is there are states like tunisia that do not simply accept the return of their citizens to the contrary then do not make any formations that would not torture they when going back this is an open diplomatic problem we have a new wave of public discussion where the. law system is adequate and is well
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fitted for handling these problems and without any doubt that in the cause of these legislative term we would have further clarification. russia's consulate in the us city of seattle has now officially been shut down with police patrolling the perimeter after reportedly breaking the locks on the main gate to the premises earlier on wednesday two cars survived outside right before the deadline set for russian diplomats to leave one person stepped out wearing a police uniform while the others were in plain clothes though the building is now empty it is being patrolled by u.s. authorities the russian embassy called attempts to enter the property unfriendly and added that it will continue to monitor the situation the closure comes after president trans expulsion of sixty diplomats in march over allegations of russia was behind the poisoning of former double agent sergei screwball and his daughter in the u.k. . thousands of people across germany have been demonstrating over a recent attack against
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a person wearing traditional jewish headwear in the german capital while an incident has led to chancellor angela merkel admitting that she is worried by a spike in anti-semitism our europe correspondent peter oliver was at a rally in berlin. it was just last week when one thousand year old syrian asylum arkan's attacked two jewish men in the rather well to do friends allow of the area of a lane no no no susan was committed suicide is your message she says to me do you know you know that from jewish leaders in the city to say this jewish people should refrain from wearing the key part now that prompted well that prompted many people to come out here on to the streets of the german capital in order to say that they were going to wear the traditional jewish headdress the the yarmulke depending on how you want to call it they came out here today this evening and said no we will defy that we will wear it and we are proud of our jewish heritage i spoke to some
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of those and asked them exactly why they were here and what they wanted to say i think we we need solidarity with all or in it circles. within our addictions christians jews people and. muslim make us well every religion has this right to live here and to leave and it's a freedom to govern that's my opinion of my belief. to live here to give otherwise it's. you wouldn't to i'm actually a christian jewish people belong to the same group of religions as i do i'm here to show my support what's happening in germany right now is no good we've seen people beaten simply because they're wearing a kippah schools have to be protected at all times kindergartens as well this is an acceptable as we've seen from some of those people we just heard for this isn't just you jewish people that have come out wearing the yarmulke in support of the
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jewish community here in berlin people from all faiths have done the same thing now we have seen a recent rise in anti semitic attacks. we have seen a recent rise and understand that it is. events in germany in general some of those involving schools now we did hear from the german chancellor angela merkel who had this to say about recent arrivals and their contribution towards the on systematic problem in germany right now noir we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges among whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country a fortune they anticipate isn't existed before that. and it's not that strong to chosen people to come out here to the streets of the german capital to say you know the semitism in this city that you know to of the semitism in all its forms. it photojournalist from gaza has died of
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a bullet wound he sustained while documenting a demonstration close to the israeli border earlier this month twenty five year old . was shot in the stomach by an israeli defense forces sniper is the second journalist to have been killed while covering at the ongoing great march return protest campaign was reportedly working at a permissible distance from the border fence when he was hit. the i.d.f. has claimed it does not intentionally target journalists and investigates deaths in such circumstances however there has been a global backlash over the israeli military's brutal suppression of the rallies in gaza since the end of march its soldiers have killed forty palestinians including four children during that same time period.
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number of incidents involving african-americans being arrested or asked to leave public facilities in the u.s. has led to protests by anti-racism campaigners three such incidents have occurred in only the last two weeks the first one happened at a philadelphia starbucks where two black men were arrested after being told to leave because they had not placed an order another case took place at a golf club in york pennsylvania where five black women were asked to leave for playing the two slowly club later apologized then at a waffle house diner in alabama an african-american woman was wrestled to the floor and arrested for allegedly belligerent behavior the video of her arrest has gone viral. c.e.o. of starbucks ordered all restaurants to close for mandatory anti-racism training following a nationwide campaign against coffee earlier we asked economist and author david
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perkins and human rights activist randy short twain room on the controversy. racism of institutions is real and the prejudices real but we need to care about america as well as an entire society and look after everyone if we don't do this we're going to have worse problems two guys loitering and not purchasing products from a store while using their facilities how do you stop that from happening again i think there are a lot of cases where people are overboard in terms of responding to people of different races that they perhaps could dial it back but i don't think that's a little girl running the starbucks as best she can and reluctantly calling the police sighing saying loitering again he's thinking about using loitering laws against black people yes there are people that have a literate and businesses yes there are folks out of order some of them a black but i've worked with
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a lot of white drunks in my day and they don't get handled quite the same way this is a fact this is a problem that businesses are entitled to deal with especially those that serve the public in a way with limited space and a lot of turnover yes they're entitled to say you need to either order something or leave as along as people pretend that injustice and mistreatment of people is ok as long as it does not impact yeah that is the problem with the majority it they lack an understanding that it can be us today and it could be them tomorrow now this is where i asked myself the question at what point do you treat black people like ordinary people and subject them to ordinary rules of society at what point do you stop taking every incident as racism and start evaluating them as you. the beans another actor that's my question. the pursuit of beauty has contributed to a humiliating fall from grace of for the former leader of spain's madrid region.
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resigned earlier on wednesday after a video emerged showing her being caught red handed.
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businessmen social leaders and journalists have come together in moscow to discuss of the development of entrepreneurship in russia it is part of the run up to the annual st petersburg international economic forum which will take place later in may speaking with the press the leaders stressed the importance of involving young people in business speakers agreed that to achieve this aim a lot of work needs to be done to boost small and medium sized businesses and attract more young entrepreneurs the head of russia's agency for youth affairs alexander who said an international youth economic forum would be held as a part of the upcoming annual economic conference in russia's second city deputy director of the ross congress foundation are cut shot through and noted the forum will provide young people a unique opportunity to take part in
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a world class meeting of economic and business leaders from around the globe. right that does it for me i'll be back with headlines at the top the hour stay with us what your international. oil is a black hole and it is sucking folks from all walks of life and money from all points on the globe and as it expands it just the wharfs the size anything else trying to deal with it that includes various fat money regimes but also very high level bankers and economists so christine legarde is just the latest to get. to the big calling black hole.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you're going to walk into you never know who's going to be there and it's the excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin must comes from through. only going is a means by definition and extremes to all for your support because you're prepared to fight for the reputation and name of your football club.
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the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture like it's a part time gang culture where you can do all these things and behave like that. i. believe in islam is that the thief i mean evolves is constantly evolving. well. you know mickey rourke's or.
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despite owning three restaurants he still prefers to tenderize and grill me to himself it isn't just his stuff and clients who called him the shelf shelf is the nickname of the founder of the wise men from gothenburg one of the most violent gangs of football hooligans in europe. us back down much from lety into heaven anyways it was fun thing to do soccer to football he wanted a family and everything in stockholm about it and now it's all more violent supporters and for them yes it was kind of easy targets for the top team doing trips over there risking pubs you know just to rest people and a few us finally had enough and like ok the flight back. from vienna is more like self-defense most of my boot and sort of you kind of go to this is that it is more or fans started going to trips abroad got. i mean standing up i read
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stall or rick stuff i was stabbing was it started in a face or before is a small like old school fighting storming pogs closing each other you know rewards you know people who are using sticks and knives and bottles and everything would you ever going to get your hands on chairs now it's more violent but there roylance was more respect and you didn't have any reeds in action want to kill each other. and in the end i die well you know he's actually died now it's more sportsmanship well for this fight. i don't i don't. i. i. was. going to. get together on haunted posters both stated tykes for the throne sixty plus and. when
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a young you really have to show yourself you have to participate in all the fights and you have to go to games. all right or if i think it's really important if you and i will be along you can play can blame all my golf and don't want to go we had to go. i thank you thank you for the unfussy fight maybe six times a year i'm in shouldn't be too old to get away six times a year well. up these days you're going to have to train at least three times a week. and you won't see i got on my show you know i mean i've got to take out daughter twenty five the strongest try to sign me trying to foist on us by falling into the team so you don't want to have someone who's just hanging over. me. oh no. no oh well.
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almost everyone uses might show some training distanced. artists are able to base its targets in. an m.m.a. and i'm fine with the we tried to train together here. granted he did i think we see on monday for when they come whether we're doing you know they're going to try to get to a new number salute them move on with a piece and stuff like that so it's different every day. because sometimes we both are secluded gathering and sometimes we need it to be the central
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time we've been before and there may be a year later but there's they want to fart in tone and we miss the group but those . are the best ways to find them there so if we're stuck. or just filming them to do something not to let them know before today most of the game it depends. we think there is still. the pub so we don't have a team firefight we don't bless us with on third person so usually it's about the one two three minutes what's it into we. got them. on the ground or they run away they're going to save. and so technical it's more about type two going on but it's still some one on one end games yeah rayman bang and everything so if we stand out we will start till.
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you get into that because there was an interesting. because it's a whole club the on screen from scandinavia that probably the most crazy i think that any one of the most right wing fans. that's quite scary. extreme for. the wise men and badly boys such all of those guys it is all about the fight becomes about the confrontation clubs know every game but when you've got a local rivalry it will be if there is any violence it will be about who comes out on top.
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and. for the let's say a couple different came into the. yeah the greek capital is divided into zones of influence between the greens and the reds and i goes into libya because supporting hooligans. are just like every day something a bit different. but. you know about the long after the with lots become of the why don't the somebody if
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a comment so. that's what they want to. but i know my style a bit on the some of you have a limit on the government on this things going on a sexual scout summit and we sample moscow this is the world like you but i get it's a phenomenon mixing like it's one of the only. people who become a whole disk honestly don't know if you paid for your old one was an essential that's going to last them a speed down again when in doubt the long term is lost on them and. second i'm going to get them at the offer you might make it that way saying if get a loss you know it's a confluence of the bodies most. don't donate to the few others like i actually so think i'm one of the things you've got to psych. for the we don't have them we don't. all of the full thirty no one know if this is.


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