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time time to sit down and talk. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all sucked but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star in months and the huge amount of pressure cameramen you have to go meet the center of the beach but i'll be with you and you'll see all the all the great gate the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down the best go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the thousand in the world cup in russia meet this special what i was also appreciate me to just take the reader beyond the team's latest edition to make up the bigger better just say look.
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you never know what's around the corner never know what's in the. excitement it's that knowing that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. you need to move by definition and the extremes to all. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. we can do these things and behave badly. important people of course qualify that all. the more social skills of almost. punishment and infirmed. more policy and start. of a broader where no really beautiful down down going to get.
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meaning in reason is that beneath if you don't let me evolve these constantly evolve in. los angeles the city of luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle to the earth or to use accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution your craft to have someone wanted touring the site otherwise it will be
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a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. welcome back mick mulvaney the head of the consumer financial protection bureau or c f p b told the american bankers association conference in washington that as a congressman he refused to meet with lobbyists who had not given money to his campaign with a slimy thing moving he told thirteen hundred bankers we had a hierarchy in my office and congress if you're a lobbyist who never gave us money i didn't talk to you if you're a lobbyist who gave us money i might talk to you move any represented south carolina in the u.s. house of representatives at least one congressional did district until he was picked to serve as the trumpet ministrations budget director a position he still holds as he tries and effectively to run the c.f.p.
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be as a second job comments about donations bringing better treatment but made to the very sector he is responsible for regulating struck many observers as inappropriate here especially after move and he stopped the c.f.p. rule opposed by high interest payday lenders who donated sixty three thousand dollars to his congressional campaigns will veiny also told the bankers that he will bar public access to c.f.p. be on line consumer complaint database veiny holding up a copy of the bill that's a dodd frank bill the wall street reform consumer protection act created see if p.b. told the bankers i don't see anything in here that says i have to run a yelp for financial services. in recent weeks including their effort to purchase tribune media sinclair media is now selling some of their nearly two hundred local television stations in order to gain approval from the federal
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communications commission in order to go forward with the tribune deal in full sinclair is expected to sell twenty three stations in eighteen different markets which include tribune own station. and cleveland dallas denver houston miami and sacramento sinclair previously announced that they would sell tribune stations including chicago's infamous w g n t.v. and newark new york w p.i.x. t.v. plus stations and several other markets. turning to n.d.l. wal-mart is closing in on a deal to acquire online retailer flipkart if successful wal-mart's acquisition would give the discount chain a means to compete with amazon for the indian market bloomberg reports that wal-mart is prepared to pay twelve billion dollars to buy flipkart india's most popular online retailer from major stockholders including among others tiger global management and soft bank who both own about twenty percent bloomberg also reports that flipkart board is considering amazon as
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a corporate suit or add considered them as a corporate leader but we're dissuaded from that option by the predictable and i trust challenges that if flip car were to be sold it would be a problem if it was sold to its biggest competitor and in other indians is the nation's largest cell phone service in india be hearty our tel was has posted an eighty two percent drop in earnings for q one pretext profits fell to the equivalent of eighteen million dollars down from close to one hundred million a year before air tel is reportedly under severe pressure from a new competitor reliance jiah low g.i. low made a big splash on entering the market with offers of seven month of free service and price points well below the previous industry norms after just a year and a half jai low is one hundred seventy five million customers competitors and other critics say gyros leavitt's support from parent company reliance industries to a twenty nine billion dollars in capital that was abused into jai low amounts to an
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i competitive practices b. hardy r. tel is owned by suniel be hardy mittal while reliance is owned by rival mukesh bonny india's richest man. and volvo and general motors are working with amazon to create a service that will deliver packages directly to your vehicle customers would use amazon's key app for deliveries in thirty seven u.s. cities the new business stream is not only one of the most recent but most impressive inventions that combine automakers with emerging technologies volvo is also reportedly in talks with amazon to be able to offer customers with a package return service which would have all the customers placing packages in the trunks of their cars for pickup and hear discuss is about the best person one could imagine none other than the car coach lauren fix who joins us from our new york studio lauren thank you as always for being with us this is really something i imagine that rather than having a package sitting on your front doorstep out where somebody could steal it folks
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might feel a lot better having the package delivered to their vehicles seems like a pretty innovative deal of what are your thoughts. well i think there's good and bad to that i mean if you've ever had a package stolen off your doorstep which i have not thank goodness you can be very you know it's very intrusive so. i had this key program where they could actually get in your house and put the parcel inside the door the problem is people that have animals they could get out whether they be birds cats or dogs and that created some concern for some people so that obviously didn't apply so what do you do what if you put it in the trunk of their vehicle maybe you're at work the only problem is if you're in a locked in area or parking garage they can access that has to be in a public area and then of course if you're carpooling that could be a problem too so there are a few little things or i see you put the parcel in my trunk and as you walk away the amazon guy walks away i could break your window and steal your parcel so i think there is some negatives to it but i think there are some very positive so those people who don't want to carry large containers of toilet paper homes. good
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point and as bizarre as this whole. lorne it is that the only sort of new fangled service idea for innovative business dream out there also read the toyota is partnering with pizza to actually deliver pizzas in autonomous vehicles and ford is doing the same thing with domino's i mean are we just about to see the all deliveries autonomous vielka grow bob going to be the next one we see. that may be true i think the big thing that you're thinking about these autonomous vehicles and everybody's going that direction i think it's really important for all of us to take a step back we've had a lot of hold on the programs for a ton of the vehicles when you look at some of the studies especially recently and after the death that happened in arizona you're seeing that sixty some percent of people won't even ride in an autonomous car then you want to be on the road with them or millenniums are more into potentially riding in one still those numbers are
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low the take rate is low and we still have the big hurdles of hacking that we have not addressed and of course the attorneys they're very excited for this to get on the road because they know they're going to be made. a lot of money for manufacturers and everyone else in the insurance companies are a little bit concerned so i don't think we're there yet i think we're just in the testing mode but hey you want to deliver a pizza to me had become interesting but you don't get a tip then do oh it's a good point also well speaking of autonomous vehicles d.d. the right feeling service in asia that we reported on yesterday's going to mexico and competing with a lift in america they're going to do so driving a service also and they may be doing a public offering it's reported today seventy eighty billion with a b dollars for those of us who don't know much about d.d. give us a little background on one who they are what they are and what the future holds for them right here in the u.s. you might say getting in that seems to be like thermos and band-aid and clean exits very standard conversation but in china the word is d.d.
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which translates as beep beep so that has become their mainstay their big app and as matter of fact we're gave up trying to compete with them and they own about seventeen point seven percent of d.d. and d.d. is now being regulated by the chinese government because the fact is they don't have a yellow cab scenario like we do here in new york city what they're using is this app service because they have high speed trains and when you get to your destination you still have that last mile issue which means you get your train station but i need a mile to get to a market or to my home they're going to try and work an autonomous car so they can pick you up at the train station so when you purchase your ticket for the train you'll get a notification on your phone saying hey you're autonomous vehicle is there they're still going to have problems with infrastructure charging which is a huge issue especially as they work toward going pure evie and large cities they are producing nuclear power plants as quick as they can they put up last year and they realize that there is an electricity shortage the same problem that we have
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here in the u.s. which is going to be a hold up for any city to go all electric or in state for that matter lauren fix the car coach thank you as always for being with us sure appreciate it lauren thank you. now we move to wells fargo a bank which actually helped build the united states but has had some really enduring problems being back to two thousand and sixteen in the last several days they agreed to a one million dollar one billion dollars settlement with the consumer financial protection bureau and the comptroller of the currency related to claims of misconduct on auto and mortgage loans and part of a settlement includes wells paying restitution to its customers and the requirement to improve their compliance and management practices and here discusses david merkel of l.f. investments david thank you so much for coming in and spending time with us about her appreciate it so how in the world did they get into this mess i mean it's
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a big deal it's been going on what would what was it instigated by wealthy in for profit margins that were too high than could really be afforded by the business and as such they entered into various types of marketing schemes and there is types of products that were aggressive complex could fool people they accepted in their management practices they would look past things that were deviations that were that were in their favor and they would then scrutinize heavily the things that cut against current profitability and so you ended up with small people who got consumer loans from them getting the short end of the stick and they originally you know when you go back twenty sixteen they created all these added accounts they created savings accounts with right now ask for exciter and on the auto loans that i was just talking about it in the introduction a lot of those wasn't that they opted consumers their customers rather in two auto insurance when they did now support things like that yeah they they force placed
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insurance on these customers saying that they didn't have adequate insurance and when they did frequently have adequate insurance and that forced them to basically it would work you they'd. the interest in the next part of the payment to insurance and then to principal that may force a number of them into noncompliance with their loans they would then go and foreclose on the loans and sometimes repeal the car and some of these people would then have difficulties getting to their work and so you know this ended up creating losses of one hundred eighty one hundred eighty million dollars on that and on the rate locks for the mortgages that was another hundred million dollars where they basically because of their delay not because of the consumer delay forced the people to pay more in order to keep their loans locked at the interest rate that they wanted to have that was one hundred million not it and so they got is a billion dollar fine but it's not over i know they just asked for an extension was it from o c c n n extension for additional compliance so they still don't have
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every everything right yet it was and i money laundering and these are still some there are still some things going on with them with wealth management and some things with their commercial lending that they are still being looked into so these things go on these are complex institutions and in one sense if it's going to be complex you've got to create either the complexity to do the compliance or face more things like this again and again earlier in the program we were talking with the hill reportage about how. facebook could handle their circumstance and how star book box dealt with it and i put wells probably in the facebook camp of not dealing with things appropriately and it brings to mind i know they just had a shareholders meeting out in iowa did that tim sloan the c.e.o. made seventeen point six million dollars last year that's two hundred ninety one times the average person i mean talk about bad optics do you think he's safe i know
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i know that's not an industry standards totally out of line but given the circumstances there and it seems like a pretty bad deal i'd say that he's not safe if another thing happens you know one . two three strikes you're out but you know the thing is often these things happen because boards are you know they take what's given to them by the consultants and they think that every c.e.o. is above average since they're above average they give them slightly more than what the market south salary surveys will say and as such the next year when it comes up again will the market averages move up because everyone's done this so often some of these things happen for innocent reasons personally for me i vote down every pass a on pay thing that for my clients i don't see the value in c.e.o.'s getting paid that much it seems pretty crazy to me i mean there's a value but boy i mean two hundred ninety one times what your employers make thank you so much david really appreciated merkle thank you they left investor it's good to have you here he said it thanks part.
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and before we go in the past we have covered some pretty big names in pop culture who are getting in on the block chain rush but now we even have some who are performing for it in may in new york city will see its own block chain week and the names that will come with it so who is on the bill snoop dog is going to be taking the stage next month they'll be singing for the v.i.p.'s vent which is being hosted by ripple snoop is even tweeted about the event saying that he and others are putting the crip back into krypto that's all for this time thanks for watching be sure to catch boom bust on you tube you tube dot com slash boom bust r.t. say next time. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on
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the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fiddlesticks mission to do it like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is going up nope the study hall maybe you know john without a doubt hoping they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is of those who in the world under the oak vision they're not going to give this. up and the earth is a lot at that age to have to display any of the most of which to have an identical t.v. in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't piss off. the
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warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't. produce socks for the tell you that the because of the public by file for one day. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along with our audience will walk.
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but now there are claims based company. across germany. jewish prejudice. of american police getting heavy handed with black customers in public. reaction protests nationwide. white men white. kill them. to stop taking every incident as racism and started valuating them as
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human beings in. moscow thanks for choosing us feel world news this hour first it's been revealed by based company hired a top level p.r. executive to produce a film linking with terrorism report from the bureau of investigative journalism also claims propaganda material was created for the pentagon breaking it all down now for. there's no propaganda quite like military propaganda psychological operations that these psyops serious stuff aside from mere unlimited money you also don't have to deal with all those annoying ethical restrictions on tissues newsgathering. having seen the process and worked
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in the process of them realize this is a big project so we would do the news items that would go out on the news and or on various channels locally and we were to make it. its best we could look as if it was made locally belled part to injure specialized didn't military grade propaganda the british p.r. firm was active in iraq for years into the us commander there they did crazy stuff faked local news reports smeared iran put together al qaida propaganda videos planted them in people's homes and tracked who viewed them i was asked by my boss. we need to make this style of video. and we've got to use ok it is footage and all their propaganda to it and we're going to track of our google analytics
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good times last year bellport injure lost its license after it emerged that it likely stalked racial tensions in south africa as part of its work their thing with having morals is once you lose them it's difficult to pick them up again but i digress guess what belled porton just former boss is up to the biggest diplomatic crisis in the middle east since the first gulf war a growing diplomatic crisis of qatar seems to be in crisis as more middle eastern countries sever diplomatic ties with saudi arabia bahrain egypt and the u.a.e. have all cut diplomatic ties with cut up you know the whole cats saudi arabia schism two u.s. allies almost came to blows here that was helped by charles and dreher the man who oversaw bellport injures operations in iraq propagandist extraordinary financial and logistical support for terrorists and terrorism groups like hamas the
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taliban and al qaida who operate freely out of doha and use business and financial institutions to support radical islam and global jihad. mr on dreher was paid handsomely by a dubai based company to smear qatar tire to terrorists to iran to tell everyone how bad the end see it is using the iraqi formula anyway where's the radical islamism is operational. is significant operation going to be fine with. these documentary it really isn't became available on netflix you tube it was shown to trump's former chief strategy. steve bannon former cia director david petraeus ex defense secretary leon panetta
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just to make it clear foreign money gulf arab money used to make a fake propaganda film by professionals and then shown to millions shown to some of america's most influential figures to promote international conflict on fake grounds this is psyops the big time league of propaganda. and we've asked for comment from andrea and associates which produced the film as well as the dubai based company lapis communications we haven't heard from them yet though the film was released last summer when gulf states cut diplomatic trade and transport type of account after accusing it of supporting terrorism something that has repeatedly denied back then the u.s. president sided with arab nations saying qatar had a history of funding terror at a very high level saudi arabia took the lead in the isolation campaign the kingdom's foreign minister is now warning the qatari government that it could collapse if it doesn't support washington's military presence in syria could start
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should finance the u.s. military's presence in syria and send its own military forces there before the u.s. president lifts american protection for qatar if the u.s. is to withdraw its protection represented by its military base in qatar then the regime there will fall within less than a week the saudi foreign minister was referring to the presence of more than eleven thousand u.s. troops in cata he made the remarks after donald trump called for money and ground support in syria from his wealthy allies in the middle east however security analyst and former british army officer charles bridge believes it's the saudis who should be concerned over their friendship with washington. is using this issue as a stick to beat qatar and of course qatar has used its considerable wealth to attack for example in propaganda term saudi arabia both countries have been uncomfortable allies for some time certainly that by backing the syrian rebellion
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of course in this particular instance saudi arabia knows that qatar is not in a position to physically provide troops on the ground simply because its armed forces are small but of course they would like to see qatar finances further trained it's interesting donald trump's remarks and self has said that without us in other words without the americans those countries would fall within hours or weeks or something like this instead this is a truce that is very rarely spoken publicly and they want to go deflect attention onto one another. thousands of people are making their voices heard across germany decrying a recent spike in anti semitism in the country a few days ago chancellor merkel admitted that germany is now facing a new form of hatred towards jewish people our correspondent peter oliver was at the rally in berlin. it was just last week when a nineteen year old syrian asylum applications attacked two jewish men in friends allow the area of
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a lane no no no susan was committed situation it is just so can we do you know you know that probably to jewish leaders in the city to say the jewish people should refrain from wearing the keep our well that prompted many people to come out here on to the streets of the german capital in order to say that they were going to wear the traditional jewish headdress they came out here today this evening and said we are proud of our jewish heritage i spoke to some of those and asked them exactly why they were here and what they wanted to say i think we we need solidarity. with all. with an aura difference christians jews people and. muslim make us well every religion has this right to live here and believe it's freedom to govern. i muchly christian jewish people belong to the same group of religions as i do i'm here to show my support
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what's happening in germany right now is no good we've seen people beaten simply because they're wearing a kippah schools have to be protected at all times kindergartens as well this is unacceptable as we've seen from some of those people we just heard for this isn't just the jewish people that have come out wearing the yarmulke in support of the jewish community here and people from all faiths have done the same thing now we have seen a recent rise in anti semitic attacks in some of those involving schools now we did hear from the german chancellor angela merkel who had this to say about recent arrivals and their contribution towards the un systematic problem in germany right now noir we have a new phenomenon as we have many refuges among whom there are for example people of arab origin who bring in another form of anti-semitism into the country and it's that that's prompted thousands of people to come out here to the streets of the
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german capital to say you know challenge the semitism in this city and you know and he said it is of in all of its forms and not. a public golf club in the u.s. state of pennsylvania has apologized to five black women for calling the police on them they were kicked off the grounds after the co owner of the club and his father complained that the women were playing too slowly which the latest in a series of incidents where african-americans have been arrested or asked to leave a public facility in the u.s. . why. on sunday a black woman was arrested at a waffle house in alabama for refusing to pay for plastic utensils the video of her arrest talk shows officers wrestling her to the floor was another case a couple of weeks ago in a starbucks in philadelphia's stuff called police on two black men because they not placed an order but still wanted to use the restroom that sparked a wave of anti racism protests.


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