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tv   Sophie Co  RT  April 27, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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conflict it seems both sides are ready willing to do that if the south and over the fray did their own steps in self-determination then the us as it's much smaller role to play if we can agree that and hold them to the notion that ending the hostile policy creating the peace treaty with the u.s. and south korea will lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. well for more on all of these stories plus plenty of other features think. otherwise i'll be back in just over half and with the headlines that. trumps foreign policy could be described as double speak the president doesn't have
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a defined policy approach even if goals are difficult to discern is this what the art of the deal means is trumps foreign policy making america great again the world safer. as i go. through the biggies but the big number one was an affair. blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad feel wolf and then picking a number two you got countries like india that are like one. household sector has all the gold their government asked exactly and then the big deal will often fall to the people the problem with the government was blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that it's. twenty four karat gold. and the big wall. and it didn't belong there else away.
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israeli air force strikes inside syria are growing bolder targeting iranian military installations in the country while israeli actions provoke an all out conflict in the middle east well my guest today is lieutenant general benjamin gats twenty of the israeli defense force. the syrian civil war keeps throwing in new players with israeli jets and syrian air space striking government military targets as well as damascus has iranian allies the risk of a serious response from tehran is growing israel continue gambling with the straits in the face of possible confrontation in syria is it ready for any possible escalation and can the middle east to get another all out conflict. lieutenant
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general benjamin downstate twentieth i.d.f. chief of staff welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us a lot's to talk about russia is planning to deliver at. three hundred missile defense systems to syria following the us coalition and israeli strikes earlier this month israel has always criticized the prospect of damascus having asked three hundred s. three hundred system are in essence defense weapon why do they make israel so nervous. well definitely three hundred system is a serious system that covers a lot of area to include the space of israel and once they're in the end of the syrians and north to the control of russia. end up using it the way things it is israel is operating in the move in a remote against russia of course nor even against syria itself but it's actually acting against what we believe to be negative elements of strategic capabilities
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because in the hands of the wrong people. in this system if it's there might challenge us a little bit but i believe we know how to do is everything. former out of israel's military intelligence yadlin thinks israeli air force is likely to strike the s three hundred safe those are deployed in syria since they view the missile system as a threat do you think it's a likely scenario will you know i cannot put myself in the hand heads or in the shoes as we say of formal acting general of prime minister in the ministry of defense. i'm sure when i'm confident that i was pretty g.q. the ship is not trying to operate against russia of course all the pleads to do all it wants to do is to ensure israel's security and i have full confidence in the
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discussion and. the way the thing things being done so we'll let the future speak but general i mean the things happen every day unexpected things happen every day so if that was a scenario that happened at a cli would take place with that set moscow in tel aviv on a dangerous path of confrontation israel ready for that and taking that both have enjoyed a really good relations recently. yeah definitely i think the relations between russia and israel are both good definitely important one and i don't see a collision between israel in russia is such once again sophie israel's interests in the north. of security interests. is. if you wish war you know by default because we want to but
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because we have to so i'm sure that if there is a way to bypass the need of confrontation people will definitely like it however we cannot jeopardize our security interests and whatever comes under those considerations comes under these considerations. israel's defense minister lieberman set that the israeli retaliation will come if and i quote anyone attacks us that the country will strike whatever system maybe it's to so far it's israel doing the attacking in syria so is it stops doing that and risking a counter strike should be worried about anything should it. will you see the point is very much everybody is trying to promote stability in the northern arena russia is trying to promote it is really different to support stability in the northern arena so we have this strategic trend of political stability that everybody respects. but underneath this canopy of stability if you wish we
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can see the positioning and the potential rise over radical elements capabilities in their hands this is something israel cannot stuck its head in the seven sede stuffy if somebody spit the can do it doesn't mean that it's raining so we have to look into reality is if you wish really to operate against what we believe that seriously in danger our security in the region . and therefore i think that's what minister of defense to the moment have right he said that we really have to operate against whatever we have to operate if you individuals us but. what exactly do you mean by dangerous elements because you've said israel is after stability in the north and there were enough striking syrian targets or iranian targets in syria doesn't really bring stability at all how does
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that arc so. iranians who operates form syria or from levanon against israel it's a radical outpost that doesn't just look to stabilize syria but it's like to be capabilities against israel in windows if abilities becomes potentially danger this is something very serious that we have to take in our consideration and i believe that i will it should be doing just that so since two thousand and twelve israelis believed to launch more than one hundred airstrikes on syrian territory aiming at suspected it on the link targets like if that is the reason for israel's opposition to ask for hundreds in syria when they're reinforcing of syrian missile defense shield want to allow israel to do what they did before on a regular basis. you know what i'm sure that there was in the official channels
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between ministry of defense and prime minister and president putin where respect very much trying to put the stability on the ground the discussions of being made over there and once again i think we should not ignore all the real facts on the surface stability it's on the upper layer underneath there are negative elements being pushed by a lot is the biggest terrorist organization operating from the old an arena it is being supported by syria it is being supported by due any and it is being equipped with high technologies between in danger israel security we cannot ignore that. and therefore we are very clear on what we are definitely clear because what we are doing this is exactly what you're seeing nobody's seeking for syrian society
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nobody is seeking for syrian territory nobody is seeking full level histories you are talking now to the man who was the last one to leave lebanon in two thousand you are talking to the man who ordered to be in the field hospital that already treated more than four thousand syrians in our israeli hospital so israel has nothing against those countries the only thing we care for in this is what we are doing exactly what we are doing we are defending ourselves on the day to day basis and we must be responsible enough strategically speaking looking into potential future threats for us this is exactly what we'll do and i understand the law of israel of friends and allies. and definitely i understand the logic behind what you're saying. and i understand your devotion to the cause that you've been citing all your life but as of today has balls and the iranian targets that you call
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dangerous are fighting to syrian civil war they're not fighting israel. let's not get too naive sophie. in rockets being delivered to the iranians with a higher level of distance with a higher level of accuracy is a high level of explosions and none of this has been used against israel against syria and i'm glad they didn't use it i'm just building pileups of an issue it has no other address than future israel started it we cannot ignore that fact and this is exactly what we are doing and i am sure that if you close the camera and speak to whoever you want the official intelligence element in russia will be no other places you will get pretty much the same message well i'll tell
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you what everyone else is worried about they ask awaiting strikes against iranian targets in syria are really making people nervous can a direct hit on israel a confrontation break out because of this. i'm just saying i mean there is a solution for that if your own doesn't push in strategic capabilities that we know what of the. target of them that big you see is different if you runs is not involved in this or if it's the position is for egypt it could be didn't syria if the rule of illusion illegal who operate is that we look to israel there is you know a problem but the reality is that. doing something against it even if you go back to the declaration of the iranians unfortunately they do talk about destroying israel etc etc etc so once we see all that around there's no way we can ignore it or should we ignore it so once again i'm most yadlin and i keep quoting because i just spoke to him recently he thinks that russia could play and mediating role
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between israel and iran to prevent an all out conflict moscow enjoys a good relationship with both sides while israel accept russia's help in preventing a big conflict. i respect russia's strategic a pivotal in syria in trying to stabilize the area once again i don't think we should sacrifice future threats for that stability i think it can come together push for stability push for human rights ensure everybody's interest make sure the no negative element let's put it this way is a call that you know this question being put on the ground i think that might change picture right general we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking weather tenent general benjamin katz twentieth i.d.f. chief of staff talking about the middle east pressing issue stay with us.
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in july twenty seventh on a freelance journalist working with a. militant in syria. sacrifice has established a solid memorial they will recognize war reporters who often risk for the sake of the truth and through that. you can submit your published works in a video form written form to a war. where
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bad was lieutenant general benjamin god twenty as idea of chief of staff discussing israel's view on the middle eastern affair so general a confrontation with iran remains a confrontation with hezbollah and the last time it happened it didn't go very smoothly for a slap is another costly war like that really worth the risk for the country. well definitely an escalation in the northern area by and large and eleven and specifically will not be a hike in the park as we say but and i hate to see it's happening overseas for me is really perspective but seriously speaking since i understand that in lebanon.
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so many houses so many buildings that possess both living room and missile room in the same house i would really recommend lebanon not to let this happen because i think the price of lebanon will end up paying now unfortunately price i must say would be by far. than what would be on these very decided we know it's not easy but we are capable of dealing with whatever threat that comes from the iran deal is once again in jeopardy as to trumpet ministration is weighing in new sanctions it's in jeopardy because once the trumpet ministration is weighing in new sanctions against iran by me mate tehran threatens to bigger asli resume their nuclear program if united states scraps the deal i know that israel didn't like the deal sends to very beginning but what i'd be happy if the deal collapsed all together.
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with i think that what you must bear in mind is the goal of the deal is it was was to keep it with the iranians form approaching the ability to create potentially military nuclear capability i think all the discussions of what used to be the or what might be to be grooming for future times we'll have to look at it does it serve. the goal of keeping the ring is from this ability it's something the americans need to put their think about it other people understood already said that supporting the deal but this is something that the bush countries will have to deal with but i mean it's obvious that if the deal collapses tehran will read new iranian enrichment it makes no secret of it it says it will and then israel wells than have to strike an iranian nuclear site how is
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that good for anyone i mean there will be retaliation strikes on the iranian the americans will stay in the region will be on every thing. is that's why i've said the thing that the means for t.g. good of everyone should be keep you around through nuclear capabilities the means could be so it is so different in so many of them the goal should be one keep them from being able to produce military nuclear capabilities and it's not an israeli interest it's a war the interest it's the region interest and yes it's an israeli interest as well if you would speak to someone from the arab countries in the gulf area and other places just a few would have who simply the same answer so the deal does precisely that it keeps. tehran from enriching uranium does that mean that israel is in favor of the deal. the prime minister of israel has said so many times and he's
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been doing it in his discussion with world leaders with the gaffes that he sees in that can it be improved to make sure that really at the end of the road does iran does not get the future proof. permission to produce this nuclear capability i think that's a few holes over there and of course all the inspections everything and everything of course so another topic that's been discussed very much lately the crown delegation is prepared by president trump to go to israel to mark the transfer of the embassy to jerusalem saying how his announcement of the transfer really made the palestinian issue heat up do you see this as a maybe a little over the top and unnecessary maybe even a provocative move. well you know i don't look at the provoke it is potentially the reason of it of the potential this collision of it definitely
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jerusalem is the capital of israel you've been in these are so many times you know it yourself. since the days of king david we didn't need to have a president trump is all due respect. saying it but these jews are he's our corporates and it's my opinion that most countries all countries who basically move their. assets into jerusalem just like the case in most of just the case in washington d.c. even though the new york city's dick let's put it in the financial capital of his of the united states you've been to tel aviv televisa definitely a financial capital of the state of israel but the capital of israel is drizzle and that's where all those and this is meant to be and sometimes it's up to get there what part of life yeah but i mean so far it's just americans read carpeting that you're a salon member say others aren't too prone and too quick to accept that. really i hope and believe that more countries would follow the. thing was the palestinian
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just another excuse form of doing it well i tell you how it looks from the outside because with so many politicians coming over to israel it seems that this is not just about these rallies it's more about the american voters and i mean it's great for trump to protect himself as a friend of israel to his voters at home but should he really be doing it at the expense of israel's security. where once again we believe the jerusalem is our capital for decades hundreds of years thousands of years and you stay saw the future plans israel is very results resilin is not israel is we understand it according to our jewish history and these are history of our country sometimes those principle come with a price i don't think it should come as price i think it has to do nothing with the palestinian issue all those places are talking about jerusalem as we know it and the locations are such it has no or really interaction and definitely in the few is
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nothing of the palestinians idea so seriously we would like to put political side for a second to be look at the essence itself. i don't see why should there be any major problems but once again jerusalem is essential for us and we will stand for it for . so generally not most of the time i want to talk to the about the palestinian issue they tell me that the palestinians do not want peace that israel is ready for concessions but palestinians aren't and you can't talk to them and then when i talk to the palestinians day say that exactly same thing about israel though you you are obviously very patchy otic man who served and serves his country are you able to take a step back and see this from a distance how unbending both sides are. that
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the palestinians and the israelis need. to give. in the illusionary dreams of getting read on the other we are staying here they're staying here and eventually we have to find ways of living side by side peacefully they already got historical political suggestion by prime minister or by prime minister barak in both cases they rejected them and we faced wave of violence as a ring is a result of it we didn't give up on our security and our existence nor should we do it in the future but i really hope it's on both sides we would find leaders this would understand that they need to sit with one another nobody's going. in for
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the over living side by side peacefully resolved is with securing its security and existence and i think that if people have serious enough ways we'll be found do you think it's wise to be so stern on the palestinian issue i tell you i'm asking because this is something that hits me personally me very closely if you shoot at people at gaza border and then a man wearing a kippah is attacked in broad daylight in berlin and in france where i grew up and most of my childhood friends friends are friends jewish people and it's getting dangerous for the jews. does and it's so interrelated don't tell me it's not related does being tough on the palestinians in danger the jewish communities in europe. well unfortunately we might see a negative linkage between things that happens here and seeing that might happen on the way evil and disabusing in different places in the world just like the examples that you have given and once again. let's be honest enough to say what we
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are seeing in gaza those are unfortunate events instead of hamas supporting its people and taking its budget and rebuilding them in education system or through the trees if you were ever they take them and use them as human shields in the front of the border trying to penetrate through damage to infrastructure over there this is something that obviously we cannot unfortunately just saying that the greeting is not enough we have to sometimes do things and those unfortunate events we continue to happen as long as hamas doesn't stop them on their side so do you think the current lineup of stayed steady or mediating the conflict working out well i mean the united states is israel's biggest ally about as a mediator in my not me the bass says the palestinians don't trust the white house do you think a change of format might help move this issue along. the way it's an
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israeli palestinian challenge it should be in israel for the stimmung issue was disappointed decides to give this support and i really think that for the benefit to the future. the future of the. general thank you very much for this very candid take on the issues that we've discussed we were talking to a lieutenant general benjamin down into the twenty's idea of chief of staff. view on the situation in syria and other pressing issues of the middle east that's it for this edition of.
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foreign policy could be described as double speak the president doesn't have a defined policy approach. or difficult to discern is this what the art of the deal is transform policy making america great again the world safer. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos the middle fiddlesticks mission to do it looking like a million little pieces and my complicity is something i'm going to have to study hall maybe a bit. old john no doubt just over there should be only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think it is of those who endure under the vision to know only because it is
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a. book and the earth is all of us not just the heart of this lady of the muslims do you have an image you can tedium of doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't put result. in washer buying gold. mine gold it's like a three don't think he's right to pay you know no one lives in a fiancee house to house is blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad feel wolf and then taking number two you got countries like india that are like one step in one step bad sector household second has all the gold their government asked exactly and then the big benefit will often fall to the people upon such a survivor the government was blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that said wow stay out of twenty four carat gold bullion and the big bad theo wall fell off the pot and it didn't blow their house away.
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you never know what's around the corner never know was in the. excitement is that now and that's where the adrenaline in much comes from. it is a moot point if an extreme school. violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. we. in the least leaving behind a bloodbath. i. don't want to be a whole host of all. of the awful talk with the last of. the missing man infirmed little man knocked out of war and didn't follow through with god. i will grow older we're not biber young really did a poll down now with. me in islam is the belief if you don't believe
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involved it's constantly evolving and. no collusion says the u.s. house intelligence committee as it delivers its final report into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. three protesters are reported dead to the west nine hundred injured during clashes in gaza or on friday in the latest great much of return as palestinians protest against israeli occupation. and is revealed the key witness in the russian doping scandal grik an eruption called fail to confirm a number of his allegations during testimony at the court of arbitration for sport .


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