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hopeful that from these talks we could see the framework for a full peace treaty to finally end this conflict it seems both sides are ready and willing to do that if the south and north has to date the flames of their own steps and self-determination then the us as a as much smaller role to play if we can agree that and hold them to the notion that ending the hostile policy creating the peace treaty with the u.s. and south korea will lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i'll be back with the headlines in just about half an hour like. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest from the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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if you're going.
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there. which is leave it with this rule. it's about one hundred fifty eight questions. school. and let slip. that. i hold this view would help us if the accept us i think we would. change to get. what we want and if they don't.
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it was for me. to destroy me. you know this is. my big dream. he. came back he. shot me good luck this is it went on inside the. hall you think of. how i feel most with you wanting to make you feel some of the time you thought it was very nice of me to the first time for me here nice and at least you have multiple what i think oh yeah. yeah all. morning my mother said you know it's me hurt
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a little public and international relations i said i didn't mean to say but it was nice i wanted to have this one thing good full get full is sick of it and did the little jewels and as i came here as part of a team other than me to do a screen full yes i'd be huffy will be offered jewels of a movie off would be the delivery of the off yeah i don't care for. this him as cooper's babies in the movie. and now we've lost one which is basically . just full fingal full full ac d.c. the small is the most. yeah they can climb and they're easy to be. and this animal is at the moment it's hard to say because it was told off stress.
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because this animal cannot hide themselves if you talk about animal welfare yes. this is not a group that you and i should have to just do this and in the end in order. to take a stand it's tight these fancy high public displays up here you take simple locals i mean the sewage pipe. you try to hide within it to look to you this or that i pulled. ok ok this is just as i would have. this is the clinic. the clinic is. all your stuff is it difficult for you to get me to sense no no no you know it. just it all if you just look good but you almost. got. the guy
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i don't know. with never thought i would but the i think that he must hear it got to hear it i don't think i've. slowed down system. i care for them for three months when he was very young and never saw monkeys before if you make this fences for small and you can get your make. the last windows in the store just just just this one so you can make all the best bits here and then we'll be fishing teaching people. we want to be something. you know what i mean we want to be something so bold what you tell me now we have to accept and we have to change you know now just you don't do it because i love you and then you see all of you will just yeah i understand a little yeah what you want is the collection so we have to do to call it now i
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would think that the seventy two. he is alive because of you know. not because of that you want to live not because of nothing. he wants you and the game and the stuff to understand the. you know this possibility special you and you all the only people getting the worst day you're the only deluding poster. you are what people of palestine see is look they can't gold tool you live the kind of gold that they love you they can go to blogs or they go to i'm still down just a special. off what's this is all about going to be the. is what you're going to feed what you're going to live it. it's the usually supposed to be. hearing i don't hold off sickness believe me they will be and we're.
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not. bush is that he's as. you'll hear saying no. we don't. give the cutie the signal. he's going to something there are still two or three kids just sort of thinking nothing. because they're going to fill it with anything and sometimes they talk to bring some special kind of dogs do with the fear. you know the one told to or to get the animals from their phone is the one i make i never lost animal it's not. your right yeah.
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i love them you know you mean you were you married a woman i didn't know got along with a human. i don't i get bored of looking little pages. on a longer list immediately leap. a little elian. is going to lose the money. losing the. feeling that he. received. he doesn't go to those to say i don't believe that that was a good it. was most.
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loving you. that it. wasn't about it. for us of its own thought it was a feeling of if you don't wish to. share what i did. when i lose my life. but if. he's going.
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to take it it like. that little. fellow wants to. put themselves. here. what was said to me and i feel i'm on to something right you up with all my. fish looks as. if you know us and he runs the city or we don't talk to the committee i don't know how much going to. miss miss miss how do you know miss idea and it was made note of it at the end of a slam when i had a bit of a. similar to know that. and i thought it a focal. short of a lot of the. show it was
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a lie and as it is now nailed on the excess when a bun absoluteness had been a busy visit with mother with a child that will be an. unbiased news. you saw there in the sun looked into and there's a lot of soft. guy new to the market. with the i was sure of it. and me and you. should let the letters show a little look enough over the muzzle of the skull of the sleigh and. fix fifty. fifty
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. oh they. love her for. a smoke with the blood. from their pain this is awful but you know it's a low audio. cassette but. also about a publishing company and oh no oh no that wouldn't even know. you've been wound moment and i don't know how to get the mind of you know sort of the feeling i had an issue of who dropped out to do nothing to put. a little. back in a good job but it cannot be about the nasdaq or. the middle of.
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the night i love the fever when i'm on the good of them and the stupid well he does so when the people call the police kill me i'm a little bit muddled there would upload to the phone to look at it and you go how do you enjoy your million issues he has little. to show him. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold just not
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just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you're good at the regime. i mean if they could i mean. i want is the place of students in this business model for college i was born now in an extremely more high education the new global economic war. a little. bit of good going on ok good believe it and maybe the second is any kind of way of creating a man a man saving them out of the next month michel you know what i said you start with the moment we know that a salad is a lot on my behalf to mr black that i thought about. how we're going to leave. this stuff not as adults i want to see them haven't had a band i want to spend over nothing a lot of them on of i'm going to follow it doesn't mean that i look at symbol of
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the fellow that is kind of going to come up with that. because it took him without support i mean it's possible to. come here. go as a fellow. go as i'm just going to put this couldn't. he looked up. i'm going to see if the mode you want my love show you know they you know. i think i want to end his office today from a big. i wouldn't know what i'm kind of the heart in a bottle in my hands when i said i'm fed up with all of the hundred fifty of us and i got the muslims and the whole coming back here that's a fight i. thought so i mean that's what that is off and and that's does
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a lot that's not just you have to this lady is a muslim i don't want you to compete. doesn't seem to do on. this one if you don't win then i am in the end i'm the. few thousand feet the lawful can employ no i'm not aside from sleeves are you can be thin and is the law of either jacket on foot then he who can teach you something and not have a mathematical bidu is command over just command center send their method and if the f.e.c. see if i move out of a hit which was not in line i think i went out the things often i miss my pocket if the feeling of an early seven automatic was left with a little me time going in the book what if and. i mean the little baby. who was the first time for them to visit others or. soon be surprised how little
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things there might be nice to them i was in the. piece is we are still we have nothing now because we saw a lot of things. the sister was old like the old. the roof. good morning. good morning a. good crown the god is young and good deed yeah. well. very. here knowing english means.
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ok can you can direct me to the many general those who please. obama. announced that there. there was once again please can you connect me to the manager of this will. grab or. even knowing this english words. in english the. chart of vanished french or french you know french.
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to. the in. the at the. same. the a.
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now to. hear i don't know good morning doctor something you're going to say good morning this isn't think of calling from day as like tickets of office. i'm good thank you how are you trying thank you i have some good news for any. technical assistance committee approved your candidacy for membership of the. sorry you are officially a c.f.m. now. thank you very much congratulations thank you thank you thank you very much you're you're not really what sort of right. and i surprise i hope you are right you are my. yeah yeah it's been it's been quite a process and. i'm glad it all worked out and that we can officially work together . you're here to work around. well jerusalem's who is going to
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be your mentor institution so they will be working with you for the coming five years to work towards the standards vic couple good little we should believe you'll be able to see definition of the bit of gum so you'll. show nothing beyond yourself below lung modern machines will be going to say you won't usually must be a big ticket item i mean unless you're the man came in they said you know i think they want to sell market value not will cause a lot of this is i need gunless of emotion he don't need. the dub allocated but. she asked her eyes that i be. able to see them the.
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one with whom. for me to enter a plea as opposed to the i'm just the dream. no the tool. boys rule should grow up and be famous all in the world. that chance in their life come one thing. too for i have no use it but the best. i will not do is to get. inflammation workshop given the science museum.
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the science museum is one of the most of this is and ben's lead this to nick. i'm looking why it's difficult for me this one district the mystic. three distinct this thing this thing this thing three distinct. thing. three distinct three distinct three distinct three distinct this tanked. this this. is.
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what i wound up. sure of just what release your kind of. shoes would look like. but here sure. these are the i don't visit a lot of these and to have it. before the book and to hear. and to hear. and. look as. if you. know if you use it. to
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meet people just groups. pete. townshend lives in order to do a. lot of the sort of the police feeds he set out to. get that out. that he's paid that out. to eat. especially when i was a platform all of the troubles would be most of it for me the hard. right.
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thing to. eat. each day and i'm living shouldered has. the same. benefits in terms of. the. descendants of. one of the folks out of the. league. six just such just shades of the world. will go oh.
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beyond the mayor of coccidia and old. the sixteen member stuff we send a lot of good things to all if you did the best we are extremely happy to be bottle feed as a family and even if we could not but at this a bit we did not want to lose the chance to because in a lot of. my . you know. there. was. a. kid is.
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it was. the book that quote was told you guys are so decent. and it. was. more the general journalism the. children i'm talking about going oh no target children are told are you ok. it. was. was.
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no collusion says the u.s. house intelligence committee as it delivers its final report into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. three protesters are reported dead almost nine hundred injured during clashes ingalls are on friday in the latest great march of return as palestinians protest against israeli occupation . and it's revealed the key witness in the russian doping scandal could be could be road king called fail to confirm a number of his allegations during testimony at the court of arbitration for sport . you can find out more on those and other stories as r.t. dot com up next it's a new episode of u.s. political talk show the big picture.


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